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Which Mei Tai??

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I decided to get a MT for the summertime. It seems to be the least amount of fabric.

Which one would you get? I love the Baby Fairies Pack Pack's fabrics (www.babyfairies.com). Does anyone have one of these?

I hear good things about the Freehand, but no fabric really grabs me. But she mentioned new ones were coming and she does do custom ones too!!

Also: http://www.mamabydesign.com/mama/ are the super cool applique ones.

Are there any others I should be considering? Thanks
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you'd look cute in anything
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It's true pam, she would.

I do not by any stretch of the imagination need another carrier, nor can I really afford one, but I am seriously considering selling some stuff so I can buy one of these:
(the site is obviously under construction -- I'm not even sure if she's putting it out there yet, but she gave me the link so I assume it's ok!)

That's MDC's own Hera. She is making me a totally kickass messenger bag, and I think maybe I shoudl get a MT to match...? I really like her design with the T on the bottom. The Kozy is not that comfy because the straps cut into T-bone's chunky legs a little bit. I think this design solves that.

Her applique work is so cool! And she is a design genius judging from her ideas on my bag.
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It is beautiful. No prices up yet.
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Here is her gallery http://www.unit13.net/coppermine/thu...s.php?album=14
Her prices are cheaper than Freehand.

ETA: she has one up for auction on wahmchicks, for a breast cancer charity.

isn't it gorgeous!
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I want that butterfly one!
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Those are gorgeous. When???
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I asked "when" on her auction.

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I have a pak-pack. Love it! Very soft. It's got a big body so it's great for sleepy babies. In fact we're up on her gallery now- with Savannah asleep on my back. I have several different Mei tais but this one was my first and I do really like it.

hope that helps!

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I know some people love their MTs equally and just go by fabric, but this is not the case for me. I my Kozy. I prefer the fabric choices from other places (though I do think my Kozy-- it's the Road Trip fabric-- looks trendy), but the Kozy is just so easy and comfy even in comparison to my other MTs.

I'm getting old. Now it's function over fashion!
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I really like the design of the Kolamo MT.
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If you love a design of a particular MT, but do not like their fabric choices, you could always have one done custom. Custom doesn't always necessarily mean more $. Many of them deduct some $ for sending in your own fabric. Contact the vendor and find out if you can have a custom MT done.

However, I love my Freehand, Sachi, and Kozy.

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I would stay away from brocades, personally, if heat is a concern.

There are many good Mei Teis with beautiful cottons.

I have to agree with Mizelenius, though.

I my Kozys.

Knowing what age baby would help, though.
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Babyfairies' fabrics are fairly lightweight, so it would probably work well for summer (I don't have one though).

But you could also get a Solarveil MT.
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I have a brocade baby faries pack-pack and it is so much lighter than dh's placid baby mei tai. My sister has a reg baby faries mei tai and that is even lighter than mine. I would definatly reccomed baby fries for a summer mei tai, dh has even been wearing my brocade one (gold with pink butterflies) when its been warmer
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Awww, thanks, Pam, but my analness insists I have something that matches my wardrobe :

I like a cotton fabric. I love brocade, but I want an everyday workhouse carrier. I only have and use a hemp pouch from Mom and Me and a Gauze wrap now, but I want an easy lightweight carrier. The hemp pouch might be too much. The Gauze wrap is great, but not always what I need.

My son is 2. 28 lbs or so. I am not going solely on fabric, but I have a need for some complementary action. I should ask about customs. The fabric on the Kozy and Freehand are just not my style. And if I do not love it, I won't use it. $60-70 is a lot to spend on something I am not madly in love with.

I have been told Solarviel is scratchy, and my son does not like scratchy stuff. So I was avoiding that because he spends a lot of time in a carrier. I would say at least 2-3 hours a day, sometimes a lot more.

Thanks, mamas! I am going to keep looking. I love the Mama by Designs. I saw her over at the BW. She does do beautiful work.
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I want to keep my baby in 2-3 hours a day..... I suck!
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Why can't you?

I have to. Anywhere I walk, he rides. Plus I consider it exercise
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I just am having problems getting a comfortable, secure feeling fit.

I did not wear my first two but am trying to wear him as much as possible. I want to wear him on my back but am having trouble feeling secure. The other holds he is in my way. Also he likes his feet out and he has chubby thights. Some holds I feel put pressure on his thighs.

I own a KKAFP, az new native pouch, a Ultimate Baby Wrap, a Wise Woman sling, and a Hot sling.....maybe just the wrong kinds for what I want to do.
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Sounds like you have alot of pouches! While they're great, I think of them for easy and quick in-and-out situations.

Not familiar with your wrap, but I think you'll be very happy with a Mei Tai - and there are some beautiful ones out there and in-stock, you just have to look.
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