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I have been using tumeric for an arthritic condition that came about recently. The arthritis is settling in due to a bad car accident in the late 80's. After taking anti-inflamitories the doc prescribed I suffered extreme fatigue and stomach distress. A few people recommended tumeric as a well-known anti-inflamitory. So I stopped taking the prescription meds and now have great success with the tumeric. Has anyone else out there had success with this herb? How long have you taken it? Do you stop taking it for a while and then start again? What else do you use tumeric for?
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I haven't taken it myself other than in food, but it's a pretty cool multipurpose herb, isn't it? Here's an interesting link:

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I like Ginger for inflammation also-capsules are easier to take .

For arthritis-try Peanut Oil--rub in to joints that bother you (or all over!)1-2 times a day.Heritage has some with almond scent & others .
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