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Jan05 Babylicious Babes - May part 2

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~Jan '05 ~Babylicious babes~ MAY part 1


I am following a request to put abit of history on our thread...I'm thinking a more savvy person would know how to make this look better. I'm the one who still can't get photos in the text body! Next thread, whe nwe talk this one up- I invite someone to do that! Or cut and paste this and fix it, and I'll put it back here....If you want to add a link to your story or something, let me know!

To make the list, I just linked to the baby announcements on the preg. Jan list. I can change what you want content wise. I don't know how to embed links or anything fancy in the fromatting realm, so style of this page I am not wanting to fuss with. But I'll be glad to complile a more accurate link for birth stories or if theres something else appropriate, I'll gladly fuss with content....


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~Jan '05 ~Babylicious babes~ Feb thread
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Slygrrl (Kathy) - Brynn
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Rubysmomjess (Jess)- Isabelle
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Annie, how about opihi.net and an explanation that opihi are velcro babies and blah blah give the best to your baby with an opihi soaker for their cute little bum

Andy, do you have an interactive chart or are you just looking at the paper ones?

I had someone else to reply to as well. Hrm, not sure who.

Eggs, I duno about the allergies, but it's the whites not the yolks, and the yolks are most like chicken - where is a science mama to tell me why the whites aren't like chicken?

Allergies are awful.

Last night Lauren and I went to bed at 8;45, nursed to sleep, woke, nursed to sleep, woke, played, nursed to sleep (can you see me getting frustrated yet?), changed pjs, checked diaper, went potty, nursed to sleep, woke, nursed to sleep, woke for nearly 2 hours. Then she woke 2 hrs after that to eat/pee, 3 hrs after that to eat/pee, and 3 hrs after that. She was sleeping when I left the bed, but I can hear her talking in there, hopefully dh wakes before talking becomes crying. I need a shower.

Can't for the life of me remember what else I wanted to say. Oh well.

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Just copying this from part I

Karen I would love the flats. Is there something I could send you in return? I have some extra pul covers, they're size small though. That was me who was talking BOUT CORNELIA FUNKE oops. I haven't read dragon rider yet.

Annie - I'm still thinking. I'm leaning toward something hawaiian, but not Opihi, necessarily. Like aloha soakers or paluhulu (soft wool) soakers or something in that vein... just to talk up the hawaii aspect and make it special...more special, that is I like paluhulu it sounds nice

I read all the post and I can't remember what every one had to say. Now Elizabeth is waking up every 1 1/2 hours. Its killing me. This moring I dumped the oatmeal from the bottom of the container into the sink instead of the trash, but my cinimon sugar into the fridge and forgot what I was doing a dz times.

Mystical mama Lisa, I've got a poo question. Small chunks of yellow litle a hard boiled egg yolk? And very ruuny poo, almost like mustard colored water? We've had one of thse for 3 days in a row now.

I'm sorry I know I forgot lots of people, my brain is just toast
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http://www.oldmilltoronto.com/Pics/Fortune%20teller.gif..oO egg yolk chunks and runny. Is ok with me.

Is she still peeing/pooing on the same frequency? I'm pretty sure that's in the range of normal, just the curdy bits are bigger.

Going to shower. Lauren and dh just got up.
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Lisa - That should be your senior title. Mystical mama, reader of the poo. :LOL :LOL :LOL Seriously though, it is cool that there is someone who knows the answers to these qudestions, or we'd all be lost.

Annie - Will is 24 inches too. Not as wonderfully chubby though. We are at the opposit end of the spectrum in percentiles. He is in the 25th percentile for weight. Long and skinny kiddo. DH is the master of witty names so I will see if he can come up with anything. You have a built in test group here too! I think that I would try wool, if this wasn't our last and I wasn't determined to not buy anymore dipes if I can help it.

Az - I seriously think that there must be something in the air around our Dec/Jan/Feb babies. Will did the bad sleep thing too and has been for the past several days. I know what you mean when you say it is killing you. I am so tired right now that I really have a hard time concentrating at work.

Well, it finally happened. We were certain that one of our kids would fall off the bed at some point. Emily never did, but Will is more of a scooter than she is. He fell off the bed last night and landed on his forehead. DH was upstairs with them, and was helping Em do something. I was cleaning up the kitchen and we were all getting ready for baths. He felt so bad. He was so upset all night long. Will seems to be doing fine, but I was watching him like a hawk. He had a huge bump on his head and was terribly upset.

We tried to get him to take a bottle last night. I pumped at the time I would normally feed him, and dh tried to give it to him. Nothing doing. He wouldn't take it for anything. We have the uber expensive Avent bottles, so again, I don't want to buy new ones, but I think we will try the Ventaire playtex ones, or perhaps Dr. Browns. Any suuggestions? Oh, the reason for the bottles is that he is going to have to take one a daycare, and I don't want it to be foreign concept for him.

Karen - are we still on for the mei tai? Just curious? I hope you are feeling better and keeping more down. It sucks to be sick.

Better go and get ready for work. More this evening.

Oh - Lisa - thanks for starting the new thread!
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had to subscribe...
not much going on except the chickens totalled my broccoli transplants... time for a fence
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Hey Mary, I thought of you when I woke up Bing! wide awake at 3 a.m. this morning. I considered posting, but was a good chica and fed the baby and went back to sleep, instead. (I had to wake up the baby, but she was sucking her thumb, so she must have been hungry, right? Sure.)

Evelyn was a little more trouble than usual to get to sleep last night; twice she woke up and had to be rocked back to sleep. She let me read posts while rocking her, though. Then she was out, a little after 10, and besides me feeding her at 3:30, she slept until 7. go Evelyn!

I feel bad sometimes (briefly) for having it so easy. My baby sleeps, I get to come to work and chill, MIL plays with the baby and does all the laundry and all the yard work and half the dishes and cooks my breakfast in the morning! How do y'all do it without help?

readerofthepoo.com is not taken. Lisa, you're our "Messtical Mama." Speaking of which, Evelyn has rainbow poo. It ranges from yellow-brown to orange to brown-green. (Not in one poo, but in one day.) The consistency is good. She's happy and plump so I'm not worried, but it isn't mustard yellow often.

Bunches, with Torin 16 lb, he may not fit Evelyn's barely-too-small dipes. Is he long? Evelyn's pretty chunky, not very long, and that makes her bigger in diaper-sizes. How does he fit in the diapers you have? do you have a medium Fuzzi Bunz? Evelyn's on the last thigh-snap in those.
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Ouch on the broccoli, Pam! fence it is! I guess thus the name chicken wire!

My baby doesn't sleep either. Just one 3 hr, session last nite, the rest averaged about 1.5 hrs. My brain is so toasty it could warm up lapland in February!

Busy day here, so I'll probly see ya'll again tonite! those who can, nap. those who can't, take the bus!

xxx andy.
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Originally Posted by andy
Ouch on the broccoli, Pam! fence it is! I guess thus the name chicken wire!
Imagine you didn't read Pam's post, and then read this paragraph. Wow, that is mind-blowingly nonsensical out of context. it looks like a secret code.

Andy, I hope you get a nap today. Ouch on the broccoli!
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no naps for this mama - too busy surfing mdc and trying to sell off the carrier...LOL! Um, Lisa: interactive and mystical mama : get that turban on!: wanted to know... I figure Ori nurses about 9 or 10 times effeciently each day, getting about 4 oz of milk. I'm just guessing on that, of course, but when Jerry fed him the bottle, he didn't need to feed again for over an hour, and he took almost all four ounces. SO - this dude is getting like 36 oz of fluid every day. Now, according to previously mentioned statistics, he'd have to be 36 POUNDS to justify this intake!? How can this be??? I noticed today that he's drooling, peeing, sweating, crying bla bla bla, point is it's all liquid, so maybe he's letting out more than we do, we pee and sweat (haven't seen him sweat much but occasionally his hair is damp in the a.m.) and generally that's it. Not a ton of drooling over here, but more lately... anyway, what is UP with 36 oz??? This isn't including the extra sucks, nurses etc. that he does during the day, just the ones I can really hear him sucking and swallowing.

Thanks mystical mama! Turban off.
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Hola mamacitas,
Nicole- I swear, I keep meaning to post that I have NOT forgotten about you and your mei tai! It's actually all cut out with one for me all cut out too! I was making us both the same straps and when I sewed the straps I found that I was one short. It put me in a funk and I haven't gotten back to it yet! Lack of sleep makes me so moody! Anyhow, My whole sewing area is moving to our spare room from dh's office which is separate from the house, so I can sew while Luka sleeps. THe move is happening right now, so it won't be long, promise!!! you'll get it before Will goes to college

Lisa, readerofthepoo, o--=[ <- luka's contribution
I thibk you should insist on poo-photos so you can truly do your job. :LOL

Andy- he prolly took more from the bottle because it comes out faster than boob. and some feedings are more and some less.

Jessica- no need to feel bad for having an easy kid!!!! no way!!! revel in it! I have this friend who has 2 kids who are just SUPER active- early walkers, etc.... well my kids are just super easy compared to hers. She was over the other day after Luka had taken a 3 hour nap and he was pretty active for a 3 month old- sort of wiggling all over my lap. She was sooooo happy to see that I might have a baby more like hers were- but in a sick sort of way. weird.

Luka's feeling neglected. I better attend to him.
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oh Jessica, resident hyena- I was gonna ask you. Yesterday when we were talking abotu those Tykie diapers you said they might someday become hyena (or something like that). how does a diaper become hyena?? and does that mean that everyone goes crazy trying to get them and there are never any instock???
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eewwwww. went to the bathroom and found that one of my dear dear kitties (I know which one) discombobulated a rat in our hallway :Puke. I'm paying Noam $1.50 to dispose of it.
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Well I'm a buit more awake now. I had a couple of cups of tea and did some cleaning. I still have way more to do. The place has really gone to crap the last few months. The floors are always so dirty, and I think a lot of it is fomr dh's work boots. I've asked him to take them off when he comes home so many times but I think I'm going to lay down the law. He will not sweep or wash the floors. He does so much cleaning, al lthe dishes all the vacumming, most of the cooking a lot of the laundry etc, so I've never made an issue of it. But now that its muddy the mess on the floors is out of control. Between the cat hair and the dirt I filled two dustpans in just the dining room. And the kitchen floor the I scubbed last week looks like it hasn't been washed in months..

Karen I think you have the hynea thing down. At least that's how I understand it.

Pam bummer on the broccili

Jessi don't feel bad about having an easy baby and lots of help. There's always the second one to keep you up all night
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Originally Posted by Malama
eewwwww. went to the bathroom and found that one of my dear dear kitties (I know which one) discombobulated a rat in our hallway :Puke. I'm paying Noam $1.50 to dispose of it.
:LOL One time my sister cat left a mostly eaten very decomposed, decapitcaed squirel on my back porch (my sister and I lived next door to each other at the time) it was so gross. I paid my sister's friend $5 to fling it over the fence onto the tracks. My sisterand I both thought he got ripped off, it was super gross but he though he made out good
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Originally Posted by Azreial
:LOL One time my sister cat left a mostly eaten very decomposed, decapitcaed squirel on my back porch (my sister and I lived next door to each other at the time) it was so gross. I paid my sister's friend $5 to fling it over the fence onto the tracks. My sisterand I both thought he got ripped off, it was super gross but he though he made out good
Well Ra'am woke up and was upset that Noam got so much $$. He didn't wanna do it so I upped the $ to $2.... to be honest, I'd pay practically anything to get rid of it.
Unfortunately dh heard on the radio that we're having a rodent explosion on the island (island life, sigh....), so I suspect that this will continue :. It is the 3rd I've seen in 2 weeks, though the others were brought to us "fresh" while we were awake, and encouraged to be consumed or whatever OUTside.
gotta love those kitties!!!
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Karen, you got a bargain there! Yuck, but funny.

Yep, a diaper becomes hyena (I guess) when demand strongly exceeds supply. I think it's a momentum thing. When enough moms start wanting a particular diaper, then other moms think, "Ooh, I should try to get some of those too" and suddenly you can't get any of them and the used ones are selling above cost on the TP. Little Fishy has become hyena in the last few months, which sucks for me because they fit Evelyn perfectly.
The last few "Which diapers aren't hyena but should be?" threads in the diapering forum mentioned Tykie more than any other. When I got my first Tykie, I was very impressed with it, more even than the hyena dipes. It's all about attention to detail and fit. I have two more customs on order now.
Before it can be hyena, though, the WAHM (Ann) will have to get overwhelmed and stop taking custom orders regularly. Oh, and she'll probably need to put cute little identifying tags on them.

Az, okay, I won't feel bad. I will revel in my wonderful life while it lasts!
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Pam, you need to teach those chickens a lesson about property rights! :LOL

Jessi, send MIL here for a week, please! LOL messticalpooreader.com - Lauren has had all colors too, brown, green, neon, yellow, orange, we've seen it all. I think Jack Newman says you should wear sunglasses when looking at poo unless there are other symptoms.

Andy, he's not getting that much all day, I promise. Ok maybe he is, maybe you should start weighing diapers to see how much he pees. :LOL

Karen, kitty take out at your place.. I'd pay the boys too.

So dh came to the chiro with Lauren and I today, he got to do the mom part and lay on the table and I watched. Then I fed and changed Lauren and they went home (she went right to sleep for him) and I had my first visit with the chiro. Let me say wow, do I feel out of wack now. Not a bad wack, just not the way my body is used to being. I knew that between my scoliosis and bad posture I was pretty crooked, but it's so much more obvious to me now.

Lauren is sleeping, I'm going to get some chicken and potato chips and enjoy the weather. And I've decided what's next, oats. I want oatmeal. So tonight for dessert I'm going to have some!

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Hey Michelle (Karen too?) do you guys know of any crunchy groups near Oceanside or in SD county? I'm talking to a mom on the "mainstream" board who needs some crunchy support..
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Jess - wow! what a great MIL!! I'm glad your transition back to work went well. I am REALLY hoping Torin does okay on Friday and Saturday. As for the diaper size, Torin is 25-26 inches long.

Thanks for the definition of hyena!! I was wondering myself what that meant.

As for sleep, I guess I shouldn't feel so sorry for myself. Torin doesn't exactly sleep to much during the day unless I am around and he stays up until 10:30-11:00pm but the past 2 mornings, he woke up at 09:50am!!!! I couldn't believe it! He wakes to nurse, of course but usually the first sleeping interval is at least 4 hours long. So........ today while we're awake all day and I cannot clean or do anything else, I'll just remember this is not permanent and he is my little gift!!

Karen - I double the eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww on the cat and rat thing. Once while watching a friends cat and house, the cat brought me a present (mouse) in the middle of the night. He liked to bring them into the bedroom. I just got up and drove home.

Lisa - yum! oatmeal for dessert is a great idea!!

gotta run........ Torin is getting bored here!!
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