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Az- glad your boob is getting better!

Pam- congrats on the roll over sorry don't know nothing about diahrhea

Today was a loooonngg day! Megan normally naps several times during the day but nope not today. She had 1 hour long nap. She woke up at 7 am and just a few minutes ago fell asleep at 9:30 pm. She was so tired. She ended up falling asleep crying in my arms. It was so sad. She just couldn't nap all day. I was holding her a lot and trying to comfort her and trying all sorts of things. My shoulders are killing me and after I'm done with pumpin, you better believe I'm getting a good massage. Damn I deserve it!
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Hola once again! Cool about the diving, Karen, but not so cool about blowing out his eardrum. My dh is deaf in one ear, too. And then says he just couldn't hear me...lol! I say selective deafness is NOT the same thing

Az - forgot to mention - how was the concert?? Very cool that you got to go!

Laura - I'd give you a backrub myself, if I were closer. I know that wearing the baby ALL day feeling...where's that TIRED smilie!

Well, dh finally got the pics onto the computer, so here's a taste of where my little fellow is at. He's still only rolling front to back, but CONGRATS to all the babies who figure out both ways!!! Isn't it fun!!! :LOL

Ori Waving HI MAMAS!!!

Ori gets nursed by Beca - her dream come true!

Daddy tricks!

Big ole drooly smile!

Ok, enough fromme. Hopefully these won't be too gigantic or microscopic... let's see how it goes .
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Oh, and Az, Karen, and all others suffering from Thrush - I recently found Oreganol P73, a wild oregano extract. Totally tested, safe for bf'ing mamas (even kids as young as 2 directly), the only contraindication is for those on blood thinners. It is antibacterial, but significantly more selective than an antibiotic. It attacks candida in labs, although there is not yet anecdotal evidence of it working in humans for that purpose. It's typically used for lung/respiratory infections used topically on the feet or a few drops under the tongue. I'm giving it a try. It's kind of expensive, but if it works, hey - can't but try, right!? Are those pics still too big? I shrank them twice...
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Lisa, bummer about the OJ. At least you know something now.

Karen, do you guys drink guava juice? I dated a guy who grew up in HI and he was astounded that I'd never had guava juice. Mmm.

Andy, what kind of camera is it? You should be able to get the pictures to the computer with what Windows comes with. Hook it up and see. Or, when the camera's hooked up, you may be able to go to My Computer and see the memory card in the removable storage section. Then you can locate the pictures (in strange directories) and copy them to the hard drive.

Laura, how was that massage? You deserve it all right!

Andy, I'm glad you and DH are being nice to each other now. Did you ever have that talk?

Annie, sorry your DH is such a dork.

Aw, Ori is cute! Evelyn wears completely mismatched clothes often, too. DH makes fun of me. You got the size perfect. How did Becca feel about feeding him?

Evelyn is doing very well. Yesterday we put her in the Johnny Jump-up. She started to get the hang of it on the third try, and now she can turn herself, at least. Bouncing will be tricky because our doorframes are a little wild. She gave it the wildcat yell, once she figured it out, and she likes it. (Is there any contraindication to those things, other than overuse?)

What else is exciting? We're driving to Chattanooga (8 hrs) for a long Mem day weekend, eep. I'm trying to convince DH that we should get up before sunrise and get going, because she'll likely sleep for more of it. She sleeps well in the snuggly carseat. That is SO not his time of day.

I watched the video of the birth yesterday for the first time. man, that was a lot of pushing. She was almost out, too, but then the hospital's timer expired and I was sooo tired, and the vacuum came out. The video confirms that yes, all those people telling me what to do was annoying. Listening, DH's voice is the only one that sounds good. Next time, I'll tell everyone else to shut up.
When her head is coming out, you can hear a good loud cry, but no, that's me squealing in pain. Stupid vacuum extractor. Silly Evelyn with her hand up by her head.
Of course the whole thing is way too big to post, but does anyone want to see just the baby emerging, or something like that?
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Jessi I heard about hip displacement from the johnny-jump-up also because dc is hanging from the croth the same spine issues as the baby bjorn type carrier. Also I've seen them come off the dorrframe. Big ouch. That being said if she really likes it and you don't keep her in it for very long, it should be fine. Jessi actually I just looked at a couple of models and its for babies who can sit unassisted so maybe put it awayy for abit
we don't have any upright toys here. We don't really have much here, bouncy seat, swing, a couple of mobiles and a super soft small carebear with a rattle inside.

Annie I hope dh is being better today. Maybe a date would be good, a little time away from the kids, a chance to be adults.

Andy Ori is just such a cutie.

We've got the Christening today for both ds and dd. I hope everything goes ok
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Az - I'm sure it will be LOVELY! Happy Christening day to them both!

Beca just loved feeding Ori. She's done it twice now, and feels like she's really a part of his world. we do spend quite a bit of time no noing her activities with him, because 1) she's dangerous and 2) she's annoying. She makes him cry. Well, they'll spend a lifetime griping about how unfair it is to have a sib. that doesn't meet their needs, but meantime when we can find something that they both win at, we loooove it! I say it's well worth $1/day for that kind of satisfaction.

Jess - I'm a big fan of leaving really early, too. It gives you the whole day to be where you are getting to, instead of spending the day getting there. He can always take a nap later on (or let you do the first shift of driving while he sleeps :LOL )

Dh and I did have a talk, took a walk and chatted. I think we're back on target as far as being good to each other.

Well, dh just took dd off to have her dance photos taken - this involves a rather complex application of make-up (theatrical), pinning on flowers, hair stuff, and he has to pick up 5yo Harriet, who needs that attention too. Good thing there's always a lot of mamas at these events. I'm not sure why he wanted to take her; just get out of the house, maybe. but wish him luck! :LOL

oh, and fwiw, my dh says that any cloth can protect against UVA/B - doesn't need to be solarveil or whatever. he thinks it's a total rip off and they're selling it based on our fear and anxiety that is built up by the meidcal cmty.
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Oh yeah - one more thing. Noone in my family has any taste at all in clothes. probably dh has the best, and it's pretty atrocious. we love comfortable clothes, and we're usually clean, but we will dash the hopes of any and all who expect us to have matching tops and bottoms on at the same time (top one day, bottom another). Oh well.
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Good morning Ladies,

I find that I am having a frustrating morning. I live in a community with an HOA and I was on the board. We have a ton of petty petty people who live here and do nothing but b--ch and moan all the time (sorry for the language, but that is what it is). They started attacking board member and yesterday staged a coup on the board. I am so frustrated and seriously thinking about moving. Who wants to raise their kids with a bunch of mean people. :

On to better subjects. Will is doing well, but still not nursing like he normally would. I think he is still upset about spitting up the other day, and he did it again last night. Ugh. I hate being covered in baby juices.

We are getting ready to go and get some food, so I better go and get dressed.

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OMG mamas, I had such a night! dh took the kids (plus one extra) to go see Beauty and the Beast put on by the local hs. The play was supposed to start at 7:30 but dh called and said there was some problem with the orchestra adn they would start at 8:15. whatever. I had my friend here and we were chatting and stuff. She left, and i thought about waiting up for them, but went to sleep at 1o instead. Well Luka woke me up to nurse at 11:30 and I realized they weren't home!! I thought there was no way that they should be so late and even if the play went long, that dh would just bring those kids home- my kids don't do so great staying up late and he also had a 6yo with him. I wanted to get up and call him but Luka was nursing. So I laid there, bf and just getting all panicky that they were in an accident. I was hot adn sweaty and my stomach started hurting. Was horrible. FInally Luka was donee and I called him and he was on the way home, PHEW. Apparently they didn't start until 9pm..... so hawaii.
Meanwhile I had worked myself up into such a frenzy of worry that it took me an hour to go back to sleep. :

Andy- i LOOOOVE the pics of Ori. What an angel. He's really sweet
and re:clothing and spf. You can definitely get burned through your clothes. All has to do with weave- t-shirts are generally not tightly woven- but to burn throuigh them, you do have to be out for a long time. I haven't seen solarveil, but those spf shirts are super tightly woven fabrics (and soft too).

Jessica- watching your own birth video can be hard. BTDT. I used to watch Noam's birth- which was my most gentle and sweet, but w/o the sound. It was just too intense for me. Sound just brings back a lot of the intense memories of it.
Do we drink guava juice? on occasion. It's ultra sweet and always seems to proccessed for my taste- but then I'm a water drinker. it's also kinda thick. I like to eat guavas though occasionally.

Az- good luck with the christenings!

Nicole- ugh on the HOA- so common that kind of thing- so lame too

I suspect it's gonn a be a long day here with some tired kids. We're supposed to go to a party tonight too, sigh.
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hope your boys are snoozing today, Karen! Then you'll have them perky and full of life for the party tonight! You guys go to a lot of partys! I'm glad everyone was allright. I've gotten myself worked up like that before - except it was my 2 yo w/that SA nanny and she didn't have a cell phone and didn't come home until almost 9pm and didn't even understand why I'd be upset!? That still irks me :

I THOUGHT the clothing thing was too good to be true. Seems to me that the cloth that bedouins and other desert dwellers is very finely woven, like linen. Not just the sand that can't get through...the sun gets blocked too. so yeah, I guess it would take a while, but just a t-shirt would not be safe for a baby, imo. Not for an all day thing, anyway. I was debating whether to purchase a sun-block hat or just use what we have (reglar sun hats w/ neck shield). He has a hemangioma on the tippy top of his head, and I worry about it going precancerous w/a burn. The skin is totally translucent, right. so no protection there at all. I think as long as he doesn't have much hair, and has this showing through, he needs to be covered up. Question is with what... we got the rash suit and it's GREAT! Ithink it'll work perfectly all summer long. Very soft, as Karen said, and easy peasy to get into/out of. WORTH IT!

Nicole - this is what you need??? I don't THINK so! If you don't have to move that'd be good, but what a bunch of big ole babies. I really dislike the politics involved in stuff like that. happens now and again at dd's school. what a drag. just pretent it never happened for as long as possible :LOL

Nice and quiet here now...dd and dh at a softball game, baby and dog sleeping. I *could* be doing something productive, but the most productive I've been all day is looking at shorts for dd online. :LOL NOT ebay!

Hey - someone has decided to buy our carrier - cool, huh?! I hope it goes through...I really didn't want to ebay it.

Caio for now! andy
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Hiya peeoples. We're bored. It's cold and ugly here today, dh is hiding out in the basement working on his *toys* and nothing else is much new.

So last night dh goes off on this tangent about "are we going to baptize the baby" and just fyi, he's practically Mr. Anti-Religion so I wasn't sure where he was coming from. I asked him if he was serious, and he spouted some stuff about how religion gives structure and foundation and order and kids need some of that, blah blah blah. So I asked him if his mom had been giving him a hard time about getting her baptized - she's Irish Catholic, and her family does put the pressure on for things like that. My Italian Catholic grandma has been giving me grief about it recently.

So anyhow, he was serious, and no, mil didn't ask him about it, he just decided that it was ok to baptize her and that we need to do it. So I told him that if we were going to take the time and commitment to do that, we needed to go to church every week as well. So he said "Ok then, we're going to church tomorrow." and low and behold, we went to church this morning.

I like our church. Some weeks I just don't feel like going at all, but usually I enjoy the ritual and there is a sense of meditation I get. There were times in my life where the aspect of ritual felt cultish and scary to me, and times where I hid from it, not to mention the times when I ran from it, but I've made peace with it now. So we planned on 9:00 mass, being the good Catholic tradition that the earlier you go, the faster mass is, but Lauren and dh were still in bed sleeping at 9, so we went to 10:30, which was over an hour, noon mass is always guaranteed to be over an hour. Yikes. We also learned our lesson, 9am is the childrens mass, and WAY faster and lots more crying going on, so from now on we aim for 9. Lauren was exceptionally quiet though, she ate, watched the big stained glass windows, jumped a few times when people sang, and took a nap. Guess we're looking at baptism around 6 mos. - she def. won't fit in my gown that my mom slaved over for weeks, but that's ok.

Ut oh, her new thing is jamming her fingers as far back in her mouth as she can, making awful wretching gagging noises. She's sitting in the swing in the bathroom (had to put her down so I could pee) and she was content, so I left her there. Perhaps it's time to get her out of there before she pukes.

So the OJ rash is cleared up, given that the criteria for new foods is no symptoms, I've had a serving of corn for lunch. With some of Mary's soup and some chicken, yum. But I'm still hungry, so maybe I need fruit or rice cakes or something.

Nothing else exciting, Andy, Ori and Lauren would get along well together in fashion land. I keep finding cute parts of outfits (skirts tops and pants that don't match) on the clearance racks, so I get them, and then neglect to buy a matching anything. So we just make new fashion statements around here.

I need to do something that has visual results. Maybe the closet? We have a lot of stuff that needs to be purged and all of my sweaters need folded and put away, they are in a pile on the floor.

And wow, I knew my clothes were fitting, but I got on the scale and I was shocked. I must have lost 5# worth of hair too, with all the shedding, but I'm back in my pp clothes just fine, it was just a switch overnight that happened, last week my pants weren't fitting. Ok so I'm not wearing most of my tops right now, I was really small chested before, and I think I'm probably a C-D now, and I put on an older top today for church and dh was "wow, where'd you get THAT shirt?" and then I realized that I looked like a barbie doll on top and that my fitted tops might need a little longer in the closet. Wore the shirt anyway, mostly because I knew Lauren would spend 95% of the time in the sling and nobody would see me.

Gotta go, gagging continues,
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Andy, got your books yesterday. I read a whole one today, "How To Be Good." pretty depressing, really, but obviously interesting since I finished it in under 24 hrs. DD napped on my lap while DH napped in the bed and MIL went to the grocery store and who knows what else.

Johnny Jump Up says it's okay when they can hold up their head. She's been doing that for a month. For fifteen minutes here and there, it's a good deal.

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Hi all,

My mom has the boys for the day, while I'm supposed to be taking the day for myself as a birthday present. <Really, I'm supposed to be working on the school yearbook, but it is soooo boring. Just transfering image files from cd, to photoshop, then document, and then cropping. Blech. Very tedious. Then I have to do the photo collages, which I am NOT looking forward to. Its just alot of work, and Violet isn't napping, so of course, I'm getting very little done and this is all due in 2 weeks! Aahhhh!!!

Lisa- that's cool about church. I want to say more, but my brain is completely fried from all this photo file transfering.

Karen - Yeah!!! I'm so glad to get to meet you. Actually, I'm a bit nervous, as I'm a bit shy irl, but this is going to be so cool. We can do whatever you'd like. I have no real plans that weekend. Ds's grad stuff is on the 26 and 27th, but other than that I'm free You guys are always welcome at my house (its an embarassingly huge mess, and probably smells weird, but we would love to have you)
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Annie- I'm not too shy but though I;m all excited to meet you I was thinking... "what if she doesn't like me?" "what if Luka is having a bad day and cries", etc.... Lame, I know. So we both have some silly apprehensions. I'm sure we'll have fun. No need to stress about your house. We can meet someplace neutral. That way it can stay as messy as you'd like and you don't have to clean. K??? I'll let you know our plans when we actually get some. We haven't made plane reservations even yet.

oh, I read Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke- was interesting- easy to read a young adult book now because it's not as intellectual as others. perfect for my mommy brain. entertaining.
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Jess - I say use your own intuition on the jumper. we used one for dd, as she was quite strong, but we're holding off for ori because he's floppier. And still not rolling. Yelling, yes. rolling, no. Glad you're getting through the books. Yeah, how to be good has a dark side, but it's also kinda funny - that weird dude getting SO far into their lives, and the kids being the sane ones... there's some comedy in there...somewhere.

So what's up with me putting a picture of my waving, smiling, wonderful little fella up on here, and everyone picks on his clothes!? Ya'll slay me! I know, I should be a bit more conscientious about their clothes, but hey - they're clean! And some days even that is a feat!

Oh, and we were scrolling back through previously posted pics., and dh wanted to know if Lauren has any native in her - he sees it in the eyes. I said I really didn't know, but I didn't think so...thought ya'll were european descent pretty exclusively. : Well, your description of the whole catholic families both sides and baptism thing prettu much cleared that up, and I gotta say - I think kids bring it out in parents. All of a sudden, young adults and adults who aren't parents become moms and dads and start thinking about this stuff. Very normal. Even for genius-level nasa employees! :LOL

Oh jeeze - once again I started this AGES ago and it's still sitting here waiting for submission. I hope everyone is doing well! It musta been a busy weekend, a lot less posting than our normal 37 pages a day! :LOL
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Well, I noticed the wave and didn't mention Ori's mismatched clothing (though I did notice, lol!- actually more I noticed the socks pulled up high!). Funny, my friend said the other day to Luka, as he was fussing. "Are you fussing because you've been wearing the same outfit all day?" Now I guess that was sweet, but geesh! She's a mom of girls and I worry about the message she's sending to her daughters abotu looking good all the time with your clothes. Babies don't care what they're wearing and that's that. it's all abotu comfort..... and then my boys mismatch all the time. dh grew up with some serious neat and conservative parents and so he refuses to make them dress any way (except for a few times a year when necessary). SO let him go Andy! phew. where did THAT come from?

My usually good napper has had 2 days of poor naps (like 20 minutes). He's asleep now and I'm hoping he stays for awhile because he's fussy.

We have a b-bq to go to- starts now, but hey, this is HI and everyone will show an hour+ after it starts, so no rush. ANd I'm not waking up Luka for anythign!
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LOL Karen - I grew up in Yacht club land myself, and HATE having those expectations (and routinely crush them); generally dd dresses Ori in the a.m., thus the socks pulled up high and the random outfits - although I can't say I'm much better :-) Yah, that ole bbq will still be smoldering when you get there! Let that babe have his zzz's.

Lisa - funny it was so dark and gloomy there - we had a day that started seriously in jeopardy of being an ugly duckling, but turned into a SWAN! Big puffy clouds and lots of sunshine. What a nice surprise! I hope something (exciting, new, fun, unusual, thrilling???) happened! Oh, and you sure gave me an idea for losing some of this flab...nothing drastic, mind you, but maybe I can get into some of my old stuff soon. WELL DONE on Lauren's rash! She's a good fast healer! Now on to more good stuff for you...I'm dying to send you chocolate, but I think I'd best let you choose when...having it in the house probably wouldn't be playing fair. :LOL

Have you guys ever tried the game thread? I think some of them are pretty darned funny!

Booooring movie on, I got it from the library - Tim Roth, 1932, called the Invinceables what I wish is that something would HAPPEN...oh well!
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yeah- with dh's mom, it was really extreme- the clothing and neatness. His parents are soooo neat and clean and always look like they belong in a magazine- even when dressing casual. sometimes it's hard to imagine that dh came from them (and when he was a kid, he was sure he was an alien because he felt so UNlike them).

My babies are always pretty well dressed because they usually wear one piece. Luka is in onsies and those onesies that are like shorts more. Those just seem to be easy for me and the shirts don't ride up all the time. And since they only have 3 snaps, they're doable with a crying babe.

Oh, here's dh ready to go. Aloha!
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Ok, so I am a dork because I didn't think Ori was mis matched at all. All I was thinking was - cool tyedye, and hey those are Kai's old pants. He is such a cutie!!! He looks a lot bigger, musta had a growth spurt since you last posted pics.

I have no room to talk about clothing. I'm terrible when it comes to it. Dh is terrible and our kids our suffering because of it :LOL We pretty much let the boys pick out their own clothing. Which means,for Kobe, spiderman costume or 80's orange gecko hawaii t-shirt.
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Good Morning All,

Well, I think Will is on a strike. He won't nurse and I am suffering for it. I am engorged and hurting and he is slightly dehydrated and having pasty bright yellow poo. Very frustrating. I have tried letting him go longer between sessions, but right now, he will just keep going. I think that it really is related to that major spit up on Friday. He has done that 3 times since, too. An not just tiny amounts that look big, but great big amounts! Any suggestions? I starting to resent him not eating. We have such problems with Em about food, and I was just hoping to avoid them with him.

Andy - I didn't even notice Ori's cloths. I thought it was cool that he was standing and you caught him doing that!

Well, better go and pump a little. Starting to really hurt.
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