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oh Heidi- I love the pics! You all look happy!

Lisa- I hope your day is/has improved! and Lauren's mood too. fussy babies are no fun.

Annie anxiety=no fun. so sorry.

Andy- did someone answer abotu the pail? Anyhow, no need to rinse the poops until they start eating solids. breastfeeding poop just goes straight in the bucket. Helps to do a rinse when you get them in the wash (before washing)- just to get any ickies out.

Kathy- you and your girls are gorgeous. You all look so happy too! thanks for sharing!

We went looking at some real estate (dh is into that) and the adjacent property had an abandoned orchard. we made off with pounds and pounds of rambutan. i should post a pic of what they look like. YuMMM.
Luka has been very pleasant lately. He's just a happy baby. He has his moments, but I'd say it's getting better. woo hoo!!!
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my beautiful baby
rambutans!!! we have probably 10lbs!
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karen what is a rambutans? They look cool.

Annie sorry I didn't say anything before but I had maybe 2minutes before we ran out the door. I know having to take meds for the anxiety blows but its prob for the best. I've done it and I'm sure I'll have to do it again. I know all about anxiety and you're alot more likely to have another panic attack if you don't get you anxiety level down. Is it general anxiety or are you anxious about something? I've found that the anxious about something is easy because you can try to talk to fears away. General is a big bummer. Have you tried a therapist? I know thats what everyone says but I've found it helps me lots. Also I don't know if you do aromatherpy but thats helped me. Lavender is very relaxing or you could try scents that have good feeling associated with them for you (I love spiced scents, the remind me of good cookies and childhood happyness) or just generally uplifting scents.

Wow Kathy, Brynn is very fair. I thought she was bald until I noticd some whispys
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Thanks everyone for the hugs. I totally appreciate it. I finally pumped this afternoon. He went from 6:45am until 3:30pm without anything to eat, really. He tried to nurse a couple of times but probably only got 1/2 ounce if that. When I pumped, I got nearly 4 ounces, and that was after he nursed a tiny bit. He took some from a bottle, but I got really nervous since this has gone on so long. I called the ped, and while I know they don't have all the answers, he offered some good suggestions. Based on what I told him to answer his questions, it is likely that Will just has some sort of viral throat thing going on. The big key is to keep him hydrated, so I am going to offer water if he won't nurse. Of course I will try to nurse first. We are also going to try and nurse when he wakes up at night. We have been putting the paci back in and he has been going back to sleep, but I will actually get up and nurse now, to ensure that he will get enough and catch up with what he has missed I feel so bad for him. He can't catch a break!

Annie - I truly hope the meds help. They did wonders for DH. I am thinking about you.

Karen - Luka is a doll! I feel so bad, I can't figure out the picture thing. He is such a cutie! And such a boy, so much hair. I am so jealous. I had 2 baldies and while it is not bad to have a bald baby boy, Em was bald to, and mistaken for a boy all the time.

Az - it looks like rambutan is a fruit of some sort. The seeds are edible and the tallow in them is similar to cocoa butter. The fruit can also be used medicinally. I did a google search for it. Still kinda confused though. Karen - enlighten us!

Lisa - Congrats on the corn. It will be so much easier to find something to eat too. Also, congrats on the weight loss. I would love to lose that kind of weight, but not have to deal with the turkey diet. So, what's next, besides chocolate? Sorry about the fussy day. I really hope that she starts to feel better and become a totally happy and smiley baby all the time!
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Ugh - it's late and the kitchen is a wreck and the dog is crossing his legs... and I'm not sleeping but dh took ori back to bed (he DARED to wake during the final episode of Raymond...NOT cool. I brought him down 'cause I KNEW I'd resent having to stay in a dark quiet room nursing for another half an hour and miss the show, so dh brought him back up (that was what, 2 hrs. ago?)) SO...

Thanks for all the advice on the diaper pail. Until I get some kind of more permanent solution, I'm using the old empty laundry soap pail (which is about the size of a small garbage can) and a regular kitchen trash bag. I guess I'll use it till it's smelly, or just chuck it...one garbage bag every two or three days is STILL better than using sposies regularly, which I was considering doing when schlepping that darned wet pail down stairs. UGH!


He sleeps from 8 - 9:30 or 10 (ok, he nurses from 8 - 9 and sleeps another 30 - 60 minutes), then again from 12 - 1 or 1:30, then again from 3ish - 4 or 4:30, then, either we put him to sleep at 6:30 or 7, or he naps until about 7 and then goes to sleep around 8:30. He's a totally cranky bear if he doesn't get put down (nursed, almost always). I just don't remember dd taking so many naps...

Kathy - you girls are SO beautiful! Thanks for the pic. - I think ya'll look very happy! Your dd1 looks like real mischief!

Rambutans - COOL looking item! And cool that they were free! Can you juice the seeds? Like Pomegranet? (sp?) They are super weird fuzzy looking things!

Luka, looking VERY fine! Is drooling a lot yet? Ori is drooling big time...he went through 2 bibs today - soaked 'em! not to mention my shirt, dh's arm (during dinner), his shirt, and several spit rags. sheesh!

Ok, time for me to wrap this up and get motivated. at least get the poor dog out. Hope ya'll have good sleep!!! Andy
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Rabutans. They are yummy. They are a fruit- the consistency is something like a lychee if you've had one- or somewhat like a grape if you haven't. They are very sweet- cost $$ and are very popular here. I don't know about eating the seeds- doesn't sound yummy, and I've never heard of using them for medicinal purposes. we just eat em cuz they're good.

Andy- Luka sleeps a lot too. He's pretty good awake for about 2-2.5 hours and then he fusses adn wants to sleep. He was an excellent napper up until a few days ago when his naps suddenly went to like 30 minutes- enough to give him a littel rest, but make him cranky. hopefully it's a phase.

Nicole- sore throat for baby Will? so sorry! I would forego using that paci to keep him asleep and focus on getting liquids into the boy. poor baby. at least things like that are usually short lived. I can't imagine going that long w/o nursing.

Annie- looks like we're coming for sure. I'll pm you with details! I'm looking forward to seeing you!
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Thanks guys! I love seeing all of the babes, and sharing mine too

Brynn's another big snoozer. (TOUCH WOOD TOUCH WOOD TOUCH WOOD!! hee hee...) She'll often take 4-5 naps a day, good solid ones, and then still be asleep by 7. I am blessed most evenings with free time, which came as a most unexpected surprise after my first DD who slept only on laps or in slings for the first 8 months or so. Ya know, by mentioning this here, I'm totally going to screw it up... :LOL

Karen, those look so intriguing! I remember seeing those frequently in China Town in Toronto, but they were super pricey and I was chicken Love the pictures of Luka! What a sweet face.

Nicole, sorry that Will's battling a bug. Poor guy! No kidding about not catching a break! Ugh. I hope you guys have a bunch of easy times ahead. You all deserve it!

I should be sleeping (everyone else is!), but here I sit tapping away and poking around online. I've always been a night owl... and a morning person, too. An unlikely (and challenging!) combination, I tell ya! I love the quiet and solitude, and as we all know those things aren't exactly in abundance at this stage of life. Take it when you can, am I right?

Hmmm... not much else going on lately. Tess has a bit of a cold, and now DH has caught it. So far Brynn & I are doing ok ~ a bit sneezy, but no major symptoms. I'm really glad that I began taking GSE again last week! I think that's helped big time.

It's been pretty hot here lately ~ mid-80's to low 90's, which means that we have to head out early in the day for our walks. So far, so good! I'm doing the 1000 Minute challenge on the Fitness/Wellness board here, and I'm proud to say that I'm at 725/1000 for the month so far! Now, just have to remember my sunsreen when I head out or I'll be a wrinkled old coot before the summer's done.
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wow Kathy- I just looked at that thread abotu the exercise.... I'm interested in joining next month. I have been such a sloth since Luka was born. It's been so hot here and I've just become a lazy butt. it's not good. maybe I'll think of a goal for this month since there's still a lot of time left on it.

it's been a moody afternoon for me. the kids are just getting on my nerves. Dinner was lame. dh was working in his office (home, but unattached). he came down 20 minutes after wd had started- i.e. we were done. adn the meal I had with teh kids was full of them arguing about who was going to do which dishes. double lame. Luka fell asleep nursing while I ate adn I was going to put him down for the night when I realized he was in a sopping wet diaper. So I let him wake up (which it seemed like he'd do anyhow) and now he's wide awake adn makking a lot of noise. he talks a lot. he's got 4 chatty people to compete with.... no wonder!
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good morning! I'm finally posting after working last Friday and Saturday. It went really well. dh was GREAT!! He brought Torin to work for me each day. Torin was a little fussy the first day but ate just fine for dh and the 2nd day, he was in a great mood. dh took him everywhere! It even felt good to work a little bit. But, I sure was glad when the weekend was over and I could be with my little guy again. Oh...... I missed him.
I love the pics of the babes and also, Heidi and Jess and family! Do you live near each other?? How cool that you were able to meet. I live near an MDC mom who I met through MDC. It turns out her dh is a pilot and works with my dh. She is soooo great. she has 2 kids and really supported me when I had Torin. She also has many hours with LLL and is almost an LLL leader so she helped with my breastfeeding questions.
And, I'm sorry about the mamas having difficulties right now. I hope Will gets better soon. MIL problems can be tough. I mean, what do these grandmamas think sometimes?? Annie - hugs on the anxiety.
Jess - just got the diapers yesterday. Thank you!! Very organized!!
Torin has been doing great. He was cranky for about 3 weeks after he received some vaccinations. I am so relieved he seems back to his normal self. I am seriously considering the next set of vaxes and what to do. It broke my heart to see him so upset. He was fighting sleep EVERY night, staying up late but "wanting" to sleep and fussing between 7 and 11. He didn't even settle down with nursing. The past week, he seems to have changed - he loves nursing to sleep again. And, he is going to bed earlier and taking better naps.
I just pumped and my milk supply seems to be down a bit. I think the 2 days at work affected it although I did make a point of pumping/feeding 3 times in my 12-hour shift. Time to drink more water tomorrow. Been sooooooo busy. Bought a new car....... our old one was a "lemon". It was a 2002 but the engine was always really loud from the start and it sounded like it was going to die on us at any moment.
Well....... I missed connecting with everyone. I'll try to check in again soon. Back to bed. Its 04:08am!
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Oh Karen, I'd definitely say go for a goal this month! I've been exercising since Brynn's birth (and before), but I've found this monthly challenge to be super motivating. Why not see how many minutes you can rack up for the month? Everyone over there is at different #'s ~ some are under 100 for the month, some are at the 2-400 level, some are 800+! It's all good
Sorry about the lame dinner I *so* can relate to that "home but unattached" ~ that's been us lately too with DH cooped up and frantically revising his final thesis (hopefully final!) draft. I feel for you, Mama.

Mary, so glad to hear that everything's going well with work. And that Torin's back to his happy little self! We're still deciding on the whole vax issue ~ obviously delaying somewhat, and leaning towards a year (and then only selectivley vax'ing). Sigh... the whole issue is SO complicated, and it's terribly difficult to find good info sources that aren't possibly biased one way or the other.

Ok, I was up WAY too late last night and wouldn't you know it DH woke both girls and I with a snorting fit at 6:30 am!!! So who had to get up, you ask???? Yup, I won the boobie prize. Hey, wait... I *always* win THAT boobie prize. Not fair. Trying not to be grumpy and drinking coffee here... grumble, grumble...

Oh well, while I was up and enjoying some insomnia last night I looked through some more of the pictures from yesterday and wanted to share this one too ~ love it


here's a few more pics from the last few days for the picture-lovin' Mamas

Brynn in the Moby, forward facing & happy in it! Woo hooo!!!

Maya Baby

Just my cutie

and, to be a complete picture hog, her big Sis! (shameless, ain't I?)

See what happens when I'm at less than 5 hrs sleep? :LOL
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G'morning girls,

Well I fed Lauren at 7:30 (another bad night of no sleep) and left to make myself some breakfast. She has been sitting in bed, was cooing at dh, but he got up to take out the trash, she started whining but not crying a few minutes ago and I wasn't done eating, so I let her whine. She's dead asleep now. I'm shocked.

I'm getting ready to kill dh, the last week he's been coming to bed around 12-1 sometimes later, and it's waking me up one more time, after being awake every time she wakes. He's killing the longest stretch of sleep, which is only about 3 hrs at this point. ARGH.

Karen, what do your red furballs taste like?

Nicole, how'd the night go? Keep sneaking that boob in when he thinks he's getting paci, maybe half asleep he'll eat a lot more. My throat has been awful scratchy with the pollen the last 2 weeks, and Lauren is congested from it.

Hm, next.. chocolate, beef, eggs, wheat, are all high on my list. But I need to space them out with a few safer choices (peaches, melon, lettuce, some veggies) so maybe in a month I'll make it to those 4. I think watermellon might be on my list soon, and I'm going to have to look up cherries, it's getting to be summer fruit season and I'm going to suffer this year w/o my big fruit salads.

Andy, you were the one who told me that they needed to nap after being awake every 2 hrs. I wish Lauren would nap 4x day, I'm lucky to get an hour in the afternoon.

Oooh Kathy, go go exercise mama!

Hey Mary, glad work went well. Are you able to schedule your hours around dh's schedule? Or is he able to bid his schedule to fit yours?

Lauren is sleeping still. I'm amazed. I'm happy. I'm so sleepy. Going to take a shower and pick up the living room, a local mama has become the NINO contact for Cleveland and she owns like 30 carriers, she and 2 friends are coming over tomorrow afternoon for a playdate. Dressup for mamas with slings.

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Kathy- wow you look great and your girls are so beautiful, thxs for sharing!!

Same with Heidi and Jessi- thats so cool you 2 got to meet.
I've meet a few MDC mommas also, it's nice to meet up with mommas who have similar views.

That rambutan looks so funky, never seen such a thing. Luka is a prince. Hard to believe these babies are all growing up.

Mary- glad Torin did well for your dh. So nice of him to bring him in for you to see bet that helps a bunch.

Nicole- sorry to hear about Will. I hope he gets better. Poor guy been through enough.

Megan is sorta back to her old self again after a couple days of just not naping. She's been in a better mood the past few days, thankfully. She's wanting lots of attention though, I don't mind Normally she naps 2-3 naps a day with a few cat naps here and there. She's definitely starting to be awake more now. I finally got a decent pic of my 2 dd's together. I saw Kaitlyn go and lay down next to Megan so I ran for the camera, lol. It's been hard trying to get them in the same shot.

have to share this one, it just melts my heart
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Chickens: well they pecked a patch of daisies to death after decimating my veggie seedlings, but the daisies were directly under the songbird feeder and they were going after the bird seed that had fallen. We now have a fence up around the veggie patch and I restarted the seedlings. Some days we get 3 eggs, but it's usually 1 or 2, so we still have to buy eggs at the grocery store. All in all, it's fun, as long as you can step around the big piles of fertilizer they leave. PLus I feed them all the japanese beetle larvae and cutworms that would damage the garden.

Weather- lots of rain, some warm days. Black flies coming out :-( It's a lot warmer here than the last place we lived, since then we were by the ocean. I'd say 70-80 F for an average, though yesterday it was 45 and rainy.

So, we're putting Abby back in diapers, if she'll let us. She wore one to bed last night. I struggled with this for a while, but it might be best. It's been a year since she started being aware of her functions, and 6 months since she wore diapers, but it seems like she's actually lost awareness lately - she'll pee on the floor but it seems like she actually didn't know she needed to go. And she wets the bed more nights than not.

Rabutans - I thought they were a baby toy! They look like some fuzzy plaything!
My babe still naps frequently, but unless dd1 is alseep, she usually only naps on me. I don't think she feels safe anywhere else when her big sis is awake.
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Morning All,

Last night went pretty well. He woke up around 2:30am and I nursed then as well as at 10pm when we went to bed. Not too bad. He is still sleeping here, which makes getting ready for work easier. We'll see how the day goes.

I am so bummed. We are going to be without e-mail for a week while DH moves servers. Our current provider can't get it straight to fix our website, so DH can't update it. Too frustrating!

Megan - cute pics. Your girls are adorable together.

Well, gotta get ready for work.
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Nicole, yaay! Go Will, eat eat eat!

Pam, bummer on the dipes. Can you do training pants? She's probably about to learn something HUGE and it's taking all of her concentration.

Great pics mamas! I really need to get dh to dump out the camera. I really need a small camera that I can put in the diaper bag or something too, we only have the big Canon right now, and it's just a lot to carry around.

Now I'm going to clean up the living room.
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Morning mamas! Yea Will!!! That's a big improvement! Either he's feeling better or he's really hungry (hey - my dd will still go for more than a day w/ no food if she's not hungry- unless it's donuts or candy LOL!) or the STRIKE IS OVER??? I'm happy for you that it's starting to get better, anyway. Did you put him on an abx?

Awesome pics mamas! The girls on our site are the prettiest anywhere (and the boys too!). Ok - looking at clothes (which now ya'll got me doing - bad!) I can see that the one piece jumper type things are easier. I just don't love them. They're too...babyish? for me. I dunno. I have some for summer, so we'll see. I have a couple of pair of long overalls that I have always loved for my kids - I like them much better. Maybe I think they'll be cold in one piece??? oh well. live and learn.

So I set myself a goal today - get the kitchen clean (CLEAN not just put away), and get the laundry moved on, including washing out those nasty pails, before jumping on here. And I did it! Also feeling tingly and motivated about some exercise... how much effort do I have to actually put into walking the dog to consider it exercise??

I also wanted to make an offer to our hawaiian mamas - if you want, I can go and buy you your stroller and mail it to you, which would at least avoid the handling fees. You can send a check. IF that appeals to you, pm me and tell me what you want to buy. Or have something online sent here and then I can send it on...I don't know if that helps but I'm feeling like you aren't getting a stroller because it's so darned expensive to get it there. If I were in CA it'd be easier - I'd find an outbound freighter and book passage and box myself (and my baby) up w/ that stroller and off we'd float...LOL. But ok, let me know.

The nap thing - well, the book I was reading didn't really say when that ends. It does, eventually end. Eventually they have 2 naps, then just one, and then they're yours all day long. some kids it takes longer than others. I'm sure that by 3 mos dd was napping 2x a day, bigger naps, tho. Oh, yesterday was Ori's 4month b'day! Yea Ori!!! To celebrate we had a whole day of no spitting up! Wahoo!

Oop - he peeps. Well, I didn't get to say a lot of the stuff I wanted to - hmmm really quickly: Oam - sorry about th diapes. I think Lisa is right. If you can keep her out of them that's probably better. Do you have training pants she can wear at night? Uh oh, he's getting stirkier. Ummm Nicole - WE'RE GOING TO MISS YOU!!! Check in at the library or work or something...but we'll be here when you get back. Ok, crying. gotta go. andy
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Andy a plastic laundry soap bucket will work fine. Thats actually what I used for our wet pail with ds. I little tip to make the trash bags last longer, use two after you empty one flip it inside out to air and put the other in the bucket, then rotate. We do that with our pail liners and they only need to be washed every 4-5 cycles. We also do it with trash bags that we use for laundry.

Ugh I totally can't remember what else I read. I got no sleep last night, seriously maybe 30minutes was the most I gt in a row. Sleep seems to be getting worse and worse she's been up all night nursing for the last few months and still nursing all day. I feel like a zombie.

well be 20 nursing free minutes are over
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OMG Karen!
Evelyn has the same clown. She looooves it. She grabs the rings on his ankles and his yarn hair and gives him sloppy baby kisses. I was thinking, "I should send one of these to Luka. They don't have Gymboree on the island. But will she like it? It's such a good toy." I guess you like it, but it's good I didn't get you one!

And the rambutans! Wow, those are weird-looking. What do you do with them? They look oddly like the alien egg (that's what we called it) that grew on the evil cedar tree in the back of the Castle House (previous residence). Only, the alien egg was more orange.

Will read other posts now - had to respond to Karen's pictures immediately.
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Mary, what kind of car did you get? What kind was the lemon?

Az, ouch on the no sleep.

Lisa, can you tell DH to sleep on the couch if you don't happen to be awake when he comes to bed? Mine comes to bed at 1:30 too, but it doesn't wake me up.

Nicole, that's great that he's nursing some now. It makes sense about the sore throat; Evelyn quit nursing for an evening when she had a cut in her mouth. I'd worry too, after he went most of the day with no food. I hope his pain goes away and he becomes an enthusiastic nurser again soon.

Andy, good job getting your work done before coming here - and good job coming straight here after. Now I need to do some of that.
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Ugh Jessi, I wish. We don't have a couch, just a bunch of chairs and a loveseat. There is a bed in Lauren's room that I go to sometimes after the 2-3-4-5 am (pick one) feed, but it's not just him, it's the dog who scratches at the door if she can't get in and who makes all kinds of noises going in and out too. Maybe I can get him AND the dog to sleep in the other room.

Lunchtime. dh is at the corner (middle eastern restaurant) with his NASA buddies, I'm having turkey soup. Lauren is still super fussy, I'm going to call the pedi this afternoon about the pepcid. She's started the pain scream again too. UGH UGH UGH. Last time this happened (I kept it in my food journal) it was the same pattern, sleepless nights, constant nursing, then screeching, then new dose.
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