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Sorry your day is so UGH!
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oh mamas. my sweet baby is lying on the bed next to me making the sweetest sounds ever.... melting my heart and then when I imitate him he gets a huge grin on his face.
he's all about playing too- the boys have been doing peek-a-boo with him and most of the time it cracks him up. he's completely enamored with both of them. it's so sweet.

We have a zoo day today- our zoo is a free and local park. very easy adn mellow. our LLL group is meeting there. I'm looking forward to connecting with some other mamas.

Jessica- my mom sent Luka that clown. itsn't it cool? I especially like the hat. I love those crunchy sounding toys! It's good because it's too big to lose. Luka gets all frustrated with smaller things that he drops.

Lisa- on the rough time! reflux is something they grow out of, right? how long does it take? you are a saint mama for being so patient!

Andy- I fear we've made you all worried about Ori's clothes!!! don't worry- the boy's got a style all his own!!! he would seriously fit right in with my kids!!!! no worries!
thanks for the stroller offer. I can buy one online- the thing is they want to charge me like $70 shipping, but it's free to the mainland. We're going to the mainland at the end of June. SO my plan was to just have it sent there- with the savings I could buy a better one. BUT, if I could just pick one up in Oahu.... see? but maybe you should buy me one and just bring it here

Nicole- glad to hear Will nursed some last night. I hope it's an upward trend!

Pam- sorry about the Abi in diapers thing. I can imagine how frustrating that may be, but peeing the bed over and over can be worse. We lived with a boy who wet the bed at 5+ and it was a drama cleaning the sheets ALL the time. Finally the mom consented to him wearing some pull-ups type thing because he was being humiliated by his mom being mad about the wet bed. it was heartbreakking. I know your situation is completely different (Abi is still such a wee one!), it just made me think of the other. sometimes kids regress for whatever reason.

Laura- your girls are so sweet. Megan looks like a very happy little one!

Kathy-0 thanks for the encouragement on the exercise. I'm starting today. no more sitting around all day. I figure if I can at LEAST walk for 30 minutes each day then I'll be OK for now. that's not too hard at all to manage. I also got a pedometer because I need to know how slothful I really am on days I stay home and just do baby and housework.
your family is just beautiful. Brynn looks so much like you! what sweeties!

Mary- so glad to hear that work was alright!! you might wanna add in another pumping session if you can. esp if you work 2 days in a row.... don't wanna hamper the precious supply!

Luka needs me. the clown is getting on his nerves!
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check out todaysHathor comic :LOL
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Karen, yep, she'll outgrow it sometime around 6mos - 2 yrs. : but likely before a year.

We're going to do a drive-by to the pedi to weigh her, the nurse says it sounds like the dose is wrong, I checked my little notebook, she weighed 13.4 when she started, 14.7 at the first dose change, and she was 15.7 2 weeks ago, so I'm guessing she's at least 16.4 now, and it's pretty dependent on weight for the dose, even though the pedi always gives us the ultra conservative dose for her.

Clown is from Gymboree? I've never seen it. Cute though. Even if I don't like clowns.

Dh came home from lunch and I handed babe off, she was so loud while he was gone. He took her to the batlab and they watched Monsters,inc for a bit, now he's trying to get her to nap (Hahaha!)

Oooh and I've organized a nurse in for Thursday night. It's gonna be fun. At least I got *something* accomplished today.

Karen, Hathor today! You could make those and set up shop w/Annie
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funny- i Love that clown but so many people come over and say how much they hate clowns. I know clowns can be scary, but this one is sweet!
My mom bought it at gymboree right after Luka was born. maybe they don't ahve them annymore.

hopefully the reflux is closer to 6 months! poor baby!
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Morning all!

I really don't have much to say.

Kathy - Love those beautiful pics of you and your girls!!!

Megan is soooo cute!!!! I lvoe the one of her in her carseat. Precious!

Mary -glad work went well for you. My mom used to bring my second baby to work for me so I could nurse him. It worked out great. I keep meaning to tell you - I did the opposite of you. Started out in the holistic world doing massage therapy and then went off to nursing school. But now, I'm not so sure I want to be a nurse...

Andy- thanks for the offer on the stroller. I think I'm good over here. They're pretty easy to get on Oahu. We're just waiting until dh gets his quartlerly bonus.

Pam- my 5yo still wets the bed alot. Its pretty annoying. The doctor said its related to his allergies? And he won't wear a pullup either (has mild sensory issues) so its really a pita. I dunno, your daughter is a lot younger though, so its proabably more of a normal regression. Hugs to you
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Good for you Lisa! It looks like you may have figured out a bunch of crazy stuff that seems disconnected but are all indications! Well done! Serious mommy sleuthing :-)

Karen - can you pm or post that recipe to make a pouch? I bough the CUTEST no-pill fleece today - it has bugs on it...embroidered! And only 6.99/yd!

Lisa and Az - Ouch ouch ouch on the cranky no sleep babies (and dh's that WAKE US UP!!!) That stinks. One of the MAIN reasons we bought the new bed is that dh is so big he shakes and rattles the whole darned floor getting into/out of bed and even rolling over. Too bad I don't get to USE it... sometimes I sleep there for a few hrs. between like 10 and 12:30.

Mary - I'm guessing on the new car - let's all guess and see who can get it right. Mary, don't tell until like tomorrow night. Ok, so it a ... wait... um... Honda Odyssey? Or no. not a van... um ... ok, Subaru Forester. That's my guess. Dark green Forester.

Lotsa peeping, best go now before it escalates. Mamas - I hope you are napping!!!
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Andy- you're so funny! I'm guessing an outback, or maybe a saturn?
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Funny, I was picturing a red Ford Focus. Not a very practical guess, but there it is. (That's a guess on the lemon, not the new car.)

Clown It is a very good toy. Evelyn's grandmother bought hers, too. "Oh, the baby needs a clown," she said when she saw it. Maybe those who grew up before It and scary clown movies have more innocent associations with them. I like clowns. This one is well made with all kinds of useful features, like a hand that squeaks and velcro suspenders and cheeks that light up (didn't notice that for months) and most importantly, rattly rings around his ankles that are very easy to grab. Evelyn used to stick out her tongue at him all the time because he looks like his is out a bit.

Ann, have you worked as a nurse yet?
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*peeks in* Woohoo, I can see the pictures now! I see Luka and Brynn and Megan. Now I'll have to go back through the whole thread and the other ones and look at all the other cuties, lol. We have the same onesie Brynn does, the one with the pink, yellow, orange and green stripes, and I think there's a duckie on the front?

Hmm, when's the last time I posted? The wedding Thursday was nice, but Bea was a sleepy little girl by the time we got home. Here's the cake:
http://paquerette.merseine.nu:1832/shelli/cake1.jpg I'm so happy it didn't fall over! :LOL Saturday morning we went grocery shopping. I'm on a crusade to switch to organic, but I'm not trying to do it all at once. I got some of the Newmans O's (oreos), and they're pretty good, but have a funky aftertaste. I dunno, maybe I'll get used to it. I'm not crazy about oreos anyway. Anyone else have suggestions for healthy organic snacks? I was getting a little overwhelmed by the shelves and shelves of stuff, and the pages and pages of stuff in the coop book. I definately don't want to invest in $40 worth of chips or something only to find out that they suck.

Bea has similar sleeping patterns to Ori, on her good days. Today's been pretty good, except that it took me 2 hours to get her to sleep just now.

I think I can sympathise with Abi on regressing with skills... I was all confident and slingy, and now all of a sudden I cannot figure out how to get her on my left shoulder, just my right. I washed the sling, maybe I washed the magic out of it. I should have gone to LLL today, but I couldn't drag us out of bed at 6 to drop Mike off.

Today's primary day in PA, so I get to go out this evening and either vote for the guy who's been a crappy mayor, the guy who will probably be a crappy mayor, or the woman who no one's heard anything about. I'll probably just close my eyes and flip a lever. I really don't plan on being in this city much longer.

I am so craving meat today, but I can't get any hands free for cooking. Maybe I'll pop over to Lisa's for some turkey. I'll pick up Karen on the way and we can make some dressing out of the fuzzy fruits. :LOL

Sleep-fighting baby rubbing her face on my shirt. See you guys later.
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Hey Paq, whats with all the gay sigs around town? Did I totally miss some big thing around here? Come on, let me in on the secret!


I was in bed from 3-6 with Lauren. Nursed and she woke, so I made a few phone calls, then diaper, then nursed again for a while, and she laughed at me, so nursed again, gave up, snuggled her instead, she fell asleep. 6:00 I sneak out of bed, get to the bedroom door, open the door just a bit, and the dog comes running, her collar rattles, wakes Lauren just a teeny bit, she shuts her eyes, and the PHONE RINGS. LOUD. Eyes pop wide open. So I popped the paci in her mouth and left, sat on the couch and cried about how I want one hour to myself in my house and have it be quiet, and somehow she did fall asleep. But only for 30 min. She's wide awake and yelling now, I'm making dh take care of her for a bit.

Nevermind, she's screeching hysterically, gotta go.
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Oh, Lisa!
Turn that stupid phone off, or down to super-quiet-ring, or leave it with DH in his batcave. Tell your DH to take Lauren to Best Buy with him, and to stay gone for at least an hour. Give him the sling and the baby and send him away. I'm so sorry!
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Annie, I have a motherease nightwetter pants that you can have if Kobe will wear that. I got it for ds because he still wets the bed at almost 7 (15 days) but he only wants to wear goodnights.

Lisa I hope things get better with poor Lauren, that has to be hard on everyone.

Karen the clown is cute, but Luka is cuter

DS and DD are watching baby einstein : ds really like it. He's always asking if he can watch the baby movie. He's sitting there telling me how cool it is and that I should come look it :LOL Yeah ok that looks really cool He's looking at the ad that comes with it telling you of the other dvds and he keeps pointing saying "ooo this one looks good" :LOL Yesterday we were in babies r us getting a baby moniter (yeah!! the dogs are off contract) and ds was looking longingly at the baby einstein section. He keeps asking me for the dog one :LOL

DH is visting his friend who's in town for a bit then he's going over to talk to his mum. He's really serious this time too. One of his sister was having a breakdown kind of day and mil was out with her and I was just waiting for dh to say that he was'nt going to go over and talk to her becuase of her having to deal with sil

DS keeps pointing out all the baby toys he wants from the dvd. He now wants the soft stacking rings : Jeeze I think I found out why he wanted a baby so bad.

Well apprently Miss E doesn't enjoy the dvd as much as ds
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ok I'm officially ds wants some corn I was just standing there holding the can of corn under the running faucet to open it
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hmmm that would almost make a cute smiley if you could make it look clearly like a can of corn!
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Awww... Lisa. Sounds like you need a break (and probably some good food too) I agree with Jess, have dh take baby down to best buy - or wherever and take a hot bath or something. Or maybe just go for a drive by yourself.

We are having a pointless day over here. We tried to drive over to Pearl Harbor to go to a NINO baywearing group, but the directions were bad and we just ended up getting really lost. So, we went to to the mall for lunch - stopped in gymboree and WOW! have they got some cute clothes!! Is the hawaiiana theme popular everywhere right now, or do they specially make the hawaii clothes for us island folk? I noticed that in old navy the other day too.

So, now we're home and after Makai finishes napping I think we're going to go see HItchhiker's guide to the galaxy. I couldn't tell wether it was a kids movie or not from the previews- hopefully it is. We saw Kicking and screaming on Sat. It was very funny. Especially if your kids play soccer, or you have ever played soccer.

Jessi - no, I haven't worked as a nurse yet My mom used to bring Makai to the fru fru spa I worked at so I could nurse him between clients. I used to work with alot of terminal cancer patients, and breast cancer survivors doing lymphatic drainage and touch therapy, reiki and also massage- if they could take it. ((I also did the drainage on breast cancer augmentation and lipo patients :yuck)) The goal was to become a nurse so that I could actually get paid working for hospice.

Allrighty - I should go.

Sheri - the motherease would be great to try. If anybody see's any large Sandies for sale, could you lmk? I want to get some, but haven't had any luck finding gently used ones. I suppose I'll have to get them new. :LOL on ds and the einstein. Kobe loves to sit in the bouncer chair with a pacifier in his mouth

What is up with the gay thing? I was wondering about that too.
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Annie PM me you address.

I think they gay siggys are a bunch of diffrent things. There was a gay quiz yesterday or the day before, then I guess there was something about an article about how gay parents don't abuse their children, and also someone from the querr parenting group was "outed" to the rest of mdc and didn't want to be so its a sign of support. I'm really confused. Pretty much I think its just the cool thing to do right now
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Yah that's what I get for never leaving this thread to read other mdc stuff.. it's apparently very trendy to make a queer siggy, but I don't know the beginnings...

Anyhow, after I lost it, twice, things got a little more under control. Lauren made a big poo and felt better, and now she's parked in the baby bling bouncer sans toy bar watching the Monet/seasons baby Einstein. She's so totally glued to the tv, I have this little bit of mom guilt but it's SO WORTH IT RIGHT NOW. She LOVES the puppets. And for her at this time of night to be calm, aaah we might invest heavily in Einstein dvds. New one each night, eh?

I'm STARVING. In all the chaos I neglected to even think about thawing food or whatnot. And during the second breakdown of the evening I broke open a chocolate bar (no milk, I checked) and had 1/3 of it, so I guess the new food is chocolate!!! We'll know by Thursday if it's ok. I really really hope it is, because although this wasn't the best chocolate I've ever had, it was soooooo nice to eat some.

Oh and on a more positive note, for the first time in 4 months, Lauren has textbook baby poo. No curds, no strange colors or smells, just normal mushy gushy baby poo. When I was sobbing at dh about how I'm trying so hard with this stupid diet and why oh why can't my baby be a happy baby I realized that we have accomplished *something* albeit a shitty something.

Missed the LLL meeting tonight that I really wanted to go to, but that's ok, I got Lauren's room picked up and a lot of useless crap put into the donation box for next week when they come pick up. Especially the scary crochet lamb that my godmother made. I just HAD to get rid of it, it was scary. Scarier than a clown!

ROFL Ok I'm now watching Einstein too, and the little puppet just walked by with a hairdryer as a leaf blower. Enough from me, g'nite mamas, tomorrow is hopefully a better day.

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Hola - what IS up with the gay salute - is it gay awareness week or something? I saw all the gay dad's at dd's school yesterday, too....hmmm. coincidence?

Annie - if I see the big Sandies I'll let you know. Can you double up on undies w/a hemp liner between? Just thinking out loud - that's probably way to far out there for a big guy of 5. Um...what about a puddle pad, like for puppies, at least to protect the bed? I think if he's consistently peeing, that a wool pad would be a lot of extra work - you'd have to wash it a lot. Ok, if I see the sandies, I'll let you know. :-0 Too bad about the meeting. I hate it when I become Mr. Magoo and can't find stuff. oh well- at least you got to shop! I saw the Hitchikers guide - I doubt the boys will understand much of it, but there isn't a ton of killing or anything (other than the obliteration of the Earth, which btw is done from space so you don't see anything on earth except right before hand a bunch of people wearing bags over their heads). There is drinking in a bar and some weird looking aliens (some of whom are quite nasty) but not a lot of actual killing. I wouldn't rate it g by any means, but it's a solid pg, not pg 13.

Paq - NICE CAKE!!! I'm glad the wedding was a success. With a cake like that, it better be a once in a lifetime thing!!! You sure did a great job! Cool that you can see the pics now...please don't make fun of my beautiful baby's clothes...I'm feeling a little sensitive (LOL!!!). Um, is the natural food thing a coop, ahealth food store or a buying club? We do all three. Our fave snacks are: newman's own low fat fig newmans, Annies cheddar cheese popcorn (one of my really bad habits that I'm now breaking because Ori has had a rash last couple of days), tamari almonds (my personal fave), GenSoy crisps (ranch are the best), Green Mtn. Gringo Tortilla Chips (and the salsa is excellent too). So these are tried and tested on moms, dads and kids, and we all love them. Well, Jerry's not too big on the soy crisps but that's a matter of principle, not taste LOL!

We don't do clowns here. I don't HATE the clowns, but yeah, I must've seen one of those horror flicks and it freaked me, 'cause I NEVER buy them. I was looking for a rock 'em sock 'em clown tho...that one I'd buy!

Lisa - I gotta say, once when dd was about this age, maybe 3 months old, dh came home from work w/a buddy. Never told me he was going to be late (drinking w/said buddy) or that he was bringing someone home to sleep, eat etc., and Iwas SO wacked on lack of sleep and wacky hormones that I basically bundled beca up in blankets and shoved them all out the door. I told him if he came back in less than an hour I would fly out on the next plane. I was crying, but not sobbing, ya know that kind of dry cry, and he did. he came back about 2 hrs. later. I had slept and showered and cleaned up and I'll tell ya, it was like a miracle. Dd never took good naps. she really wore me out. they DO outgrow it... I promise!!! 4 years MAX. (but the reflux will be long gone by then LOL). Getting some time alone in your own home is really special, important and can make or break sanity on a tough day. Pump some milk and buy yourself 4 hours...it's SOOO worth it! Maybe your mom would like to take her for an afternoon? I gotta say, having family nearby is only worth it if they kick in their allotted baby spit-up time!

HA HA HA!!! LOL My dd is TOTALLY into the einstein vids. I have 3 and the library has them ALL. Beca chose the puppy one last time. geesh. She's kind of phasing out of them now that she's almost seven (as we remind her a lot). However, she is happy to sit there and watch them if it's a chance to get some tv time in. she's such a vidiot slut! poor kid.Pretty much anything that emits waves will entice her. She also takes baby toys into closets and crawley spaces and plays with them and hides them. I think she and Christopher would get along great!

So Ori has taken to using my nipple as chewing gum recently. He also pretends it's meat and tears his head up, down, and side to side. With the thrush, it's just KILLING ME! I take him off a lot, and say NO in that I'm The Mommy That's Why voice, tried the pleeeze sweetie, it hurts mama voice but THAT went nowhere fast. This sucks. Please let this phase end soon... I can still feel the soreness and it's been over 1/2 hr. since he stopped nursing. I'm going to go put compresses on them and a probiotic paste. big sigh. and get the laundry and maybe do a bit more sewing and try to figure out how to sew in a straight line!

Annie - you saw the quality of my hand stitching - pretty lame. Well, now it's equally lame but machine stitched... which is worse LOL!!!

Well aren't we all having our woes! It's so easy to say it's just part of the package, but I don't really think it always is...somehow we just each get something special to triumph over, and then we bring that knowledge with us into the greater universe... kwim? Lots hugs mamas! Have a great night...andy
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The siggy... I wasn't in on the original incident, but I gather that some gay folks were insulted, or thought they were insulted, not sure. I know there's some anti-gayness on MDC, but I think people who think that way don't talk about it much because we're mostly openminded hippies here, kwim? But yeah, it's a big solidarity/support thing now. And I am actually bi, although I think I'm asexual at the moment, and there's been this running joke for years that DH is a lesbian trapped in a man's body... so I jumped on the bandwagon.

Baby Einstein scares me. : Especially the Van Gogh one... a goat with his ear bandaged back on?! I read the book and there wasn't anything in it about absinthe or prostitutes or anything. Hey, let's not tell half the story here. :LOL

Az: You're so corny. I think I put tp in the fridge when I came home from the store the other day. I think Mike puts things in the right place and just doesn't tell me about it anymore.

HHGttG isn't a kid's movie, but I don't think it would be kid inappropriate, either. It's a grownup geeky scifi thing. I highly highly recommend the books, but you're probably better off seeing the movie first.

We went to vote tonight. Ugh, I hate dodging through all those desperate last-minute campaigners clogging the doorways. They're not supposed to be there but no one cares around here. I never vote for their stupid candidates, so they're having the opposite effect by annoying me.

Bea makes the cutest noises now, too. She grrrs while chewing the fist or toys, and she squeals when I raspberry her belly or bite her toes. Mike was all bewildered last night when I was doing that, like the concept of playing with the baby is foreign to him. He cuddles her and talks to her and stuff, but sometimes I think he's totally missing out on a huge range of baby interaction.

Hmm, she hasn't been sleeping good since I posted before. I don't think she's going to sleep until I go to bed, and I still need to make a cheesecake. My mom's neighbor has to have lumps removed from her breast and ovary next week, and she was raving about my cheesecake last week so I'm going to bring her one when I come up tomorrow. Keep her in your thoughts/prayers. She's a couple years younger than I am, and she's getting married in October.
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