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We have successfully nursed twice today while awake! So happy. He does better after having just woken up, but still I think he must have not felt well and is getting better now. I have also figured out how not to be frustrated. If he starts to fuss while nursing, we stop and try again later. Also, thanks for the suggestions on snuggle time. I think that has worked too.

Better go. Gotta make dinner.
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you mamas were busy chatting today!
we had a nice day at the zoo. Luka slept through most of our visit, but did wake up and see the ring tailed lemur, the tiger and the water buffalo. mostly I enjoyed talking with my fellow mamas- IRL.

I say toyota corolla for Mary- oh, forgot she's in Alaska.... maybe a subaru... I subarus

Annie- have you tried the Bummis (I think - the ones who make whisper wear covers) pull up things? My friend who sells them uses those at night for her kids- yeah, they're bummis training pants.

Lisa- at least the poo is good. So you're doing soemthing right! I hope the chocolate sits well too- you deserve some serious yummies!

Jeni- the cake is beautiful! I hope your friends appreciated it! awesome!
there are lots of yummy organic snacks. Right now I've been buying these corn cake things (like rice cakes) that are on sale. The sesame on es are awesome.

Az- : on the corn!
I have never seen a baby einstein video- sounds like I should avoid it at all costs. Luka is really into watching iTunes ont eh computer. for those who don't have a mac- it's basically psychedelic stuff that goes with music. If I had had this back in the day....

Who did I miss?? my mommy brain is fried.
gonna try and make some seafood enchiladas for dinner.... yummmmmm
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yay Nicole!!!! woo hoo!!
mama, your mei tai is 99% done. Hopefully I can get to it today and stick it in the mail tomorrow. Looks awesome! oops, better go amke sure s=I have your address in my pms.
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Andy here are the pouch sling instructions. Haven't tried it yet, but was going to make one soon for a swap. good luck! looks EASY
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I had a nice long post and I lost it!! d%&*! its hard to re-write at 0330am!
you mamas guessed it right! :LOL :LOL :LOL we bought a subaru. this time a navy legacy. had a forester in the past. the lemon was a fluke, i think. didn't want to post the name of the lemon due to slander. in AK, there are tons of Subaru cars. Either that or HUGE Dodge or Ford pick-ups.
yay to Will for nursing.
this has now become short. bummed i lost my post. will write again tomorrow!! I hear my little guy rolling around in his co-sleeper - gotta run! btw, i edited this at least 8 times now! i'll try to fix this HUGE picture later! sorry.
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Thanks Karen - I'm gunna try it today. Hi Mary! Navy, huh. That's a good color. I knew it wasn't white or red! But ok, I can't see the picture. Bummer. bummer bummer bummer. and my baby is crying. and our thrush has had a resurgence which is prompting me to want to actually call the pedi and get the freaking nystatin. sucks big time. caio!

Oh, just as soon as I posted I saw the picture (guess it took a moment to come up and by then I was on the posting screen :LOL ) but then Ori was needing to get put down for a nap and I jsut now slipped out and back down to say I CAN SEE IT!!!

And Jess - the CD's came y'day. Goodness gracious! It'll take ages to listen to all these!

And Mary - he's SO handsome ! But he only has four fingers ... :LOL
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Nicole- yeah! congrats on the nursing, glad things are getting better

Mary- huge pic alright, lol. So how do you like the fuzzi's?

Karen- thanks for posting that site, think I'll try to make one I got tons of fabric laying around waiting to be made into something. Hmm now only if I can find the time....

We have a few Einstein videos. kaitlyn loves the Old Mcdonald one. She is obsessed with cows lately and just loves the cow puppet. She even can spell cow. She just turned 2 and can spell cow, oiy! I think we should be living on a farm, she'd be in heaven. I was gonna get rid of the video cuz I hate the milk from cows song since we don't drink cow's milk but she likes it so it stays.
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Annie, a food sensitivity can make older kids wet, does he do it all the time or just randomly? I know one kid who every time he eats melon has an accident in the bed. Just something to think about.

Andy, ugh, if I could get the babe to take a bottle, heck, if I could get her to NOT eat every hour, I'd split.

Actually, after all the crying and drama yesterday (I really thought I was going to lose it) she slept from 10-4:30. Of course dh woke me at 11 (better 11 than 1, but still), and then I woke automatically at 1:30 since that's when she's been waking the last week, but she was just wiggling around a bit, sleeping, so I sat there until 2:30 waiting for her to wake (why can't I be an easy sleeper) and must have drifted off because next thing I knew she was rooting but still sleeping at 4:30. So in went boob, she was back to sleep and I changed her, she was barely wet, and wiggling (the "pee wiggle") so I put her on the pot and she went a big potty but woke up totally. Somehow I managed to dangle the diaper cover in the potty so I had to go find a new one (first time I've done that) and dumped the pot and let the dog out, etc. etc. and nursed her back to sleep by 5. Slept til 8, nursed and is sleeping again.

Yesterday really put all those crazy moms (baby shakers, baby killers, moms who walk away from their families) into perspective for me. I suppose the only difference between me and them is that I'm intentionally doing this crazy diet with a purpose and know my kid is hurting from the reflux. If I were a little more ignorant, I'd probably be one of the baby shakers. *shudder in a bad way*

Paq, thanks for the 411. Now it makes more sense. And *shudder in a bad way again* for the VanGogh with the ear taped on. That's scary. I think we'll skip that one. I want the one that does body parts and colors and maybe the water one.

Yaaay Will! Nurse baby, nurse!

Karen, oooh I never thought of the itunes graphics. That is total baby acid. Einstein is like that, it changes every 15 seconds to keep their attention and does some bright colors mixed with big bad sock puppets and such.

Hey Mary, this is a silly question, but waaaay up in N. Canada my friend's town - they all painted bright bright bright bands of color around their homes so you could see them in the storms - do y'all not get white cars in AK for the same reason?

Laura, hehehe, maybe you can teach her about all the kinds of milk, milk from rice, milk from goats, milk from beans, etc.

Ok gotta shower, I'm having company today and while the bathroom is clean and dh is in charge of the kitchen, I still need to shower and dress and clean the living room and get out the door in an hour. Yikes!

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it's 3am here and we're awake. grrrrrrrrr. I don't know how it happened but maybe I forgot to nurse him? and he woke up? i dunno, but I'm tired and the kid will not go back to sleep. Why? Why? Why?

Mary- I love the picture. Torin is so bright!
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Lisa - neither of my kids loved the bottle at first. And to be honest, I was ok with that for a while, but the doctor actually ordered me to give beca supplements (stupid!!!) anyway, so she HAD to take one eventually. It was always easier for other people to do it than for me, AND I couldn't be in the room, at first. Once she was ok with it, then I could be there. Eventually I could even give her one myself (that took a while, tho!).

Anyway, you MADE it through that awful day, and today is a new promise of hope (for naps and longer awake periods w/out nursing). I certainly promise to be hopeful! Amazing to think it, but in about 2 more months, we're all going to be starting a few bits of solid food (say good bye to those happy poopie diapes, and hello to those smelly ones!) and she'll probably be a LOT easier to feed then. Or not!!! I agree that those days put the weird crap that people pull w/their kids into perspective...a little. Still not justifiable, tho.

Ok, I'm going to go measure out the pouch...not sure exactly how much fabric I need, it doesn't talk much about that...

Karen - go back to sleep!

Anyone want a Baby Mozart einstein video tape? We have two LOL! No case, but works fine. LMK. andy
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Me me me Andy! Me! Einstein saved my sanity last night.

And today is Lauren's 4 monthday, yaay!

I was supposed to be at my bf group at 10, it's a 15 min. drive, and it's 10:20 and Lauren is still sleeping. Hrumph! I fear waking her at this point, maybe I'll just open the bedroom door and let nature in. Err the dog I mean.

Got most everything picked up enough amid the chaos to look presentable enough to have a little company. Funny how the construction justifies the huge mess we call home.

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Yay Subaru! Mary, how did the dealer handle your lemon? I'm curious about that.
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we didn't get the new car for free - that's for sure. as for the color, there were limited options!
Back to babies - much more interesting!!!
I am having a babysitter come over for a few hours to help me out this morning so I can clean and organize. She is also studying to be a doula and has been a nanny for years. She went to college in San Diego - I know a few of you mamas went there. I also want to be here so I can see how our dog handles having a sitter here. Our dog is a rotweiller and while she is a wimp, she can scare people with her bark.
Torin is still asleep and usually, I would be too but she is coming over from 0730-0930. That's when she could fit me in.
I have some Baby Einstein flash cards and I read them to Torin. He loves it when we read to him. My dh is a voracious reader. Before Torin, he would read 2-3 hours a night. He just realized the other day that he hasn't read a book in months! :LOL
Happy Birthday to Lauren!!! 4 months! yay!
Karen - hope you get some rest!! don't start a 0300am wake up like me!! I can usually get back to sleep if I don't pump but since I'm back to work, I like to give him the freshest milk possible! yes, Torin has been bright-eyed since he was born. He stayed awake the whole first day of his life and calmly looked at us. He was such a little ole man!
gotta run!! childcare is here!!
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Lisa thats interresting about the bed wetting. DS wets the bed but he does it 90% of the time. I think his is just that he sleep too heavy.

Mary I hope the nanny works out for you. Torin's a big guy huh? Miss E is on the second snap in her small fuzzbunz the mediums don't look like they'll fit her for years :LOL What do you think of them? We really like them, I knoe Karen had some repelling issues but so far so good :knock on wood: here My dh and my sister dp were hanging out for a bit last week and dp seemed like he was expressing some interest in cloth. He was complaining about the price of diapers and I guess asking some questions about the cloth. I picked up a couple of used fuzzibunz from the tp and I'm still thinking about bringing them over for them to try

Andy are you sure Becca will let you part with a dear baby einstein video :LOL I think you're right about becca and christopher they sound alot alike.

karen glad to hear the zoo went well.

I know I'm forgetting someone. I got more sleep last night but not enough apprently for the brain to return

DH talked to mil last night. Pretty much she admitted what she was doing but didn't give a reason why (I guess she said I was quite at one point, yeah ok that a good reason to totally ignore someone) and said she'd try a little hard to get to know me. I guess fil was there for part of it and he was agreeing with dh.

I'm going to go give the dog a bath (we need that shiver smilie)
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Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggg! My sewing machine sucks or I suck or BOTH. We are now doing the sling by hand. ugh. But I really do want it, and I really want to make it so it's just going to be the hard way. I'm sure the machine needs a tune-up, grease etc., but it's clumping up the thread something AWFUL! I've rethread the bobbin four times - now I'm giving up. I guess I'll let dh get his greasy hands on it (he's been itching to for a while now) and see what he can do. He's actually very handy and knows how to fix stuff, and he also knows sewing machines a little...

I will def. have to take the video out of circulation w/out her consent. LOL!!! I'll send it tomorrow Lisa. Today is brownies and library (overdue again )

Good luck with the baby sitter Mary! Mine is tomorrow (Ori to her house for about an hour at a MUCH more reasonable hour, gotta say )

Hard to know whether the dh/mil talk is good news, az. kinda feels like it might have been progress...maybe...that'd be cool if other family membs went cloth...although it's often hard to get people over that initial hurdle of spending to build the stash. Butmaybe...

Ok, gotta go. Ori's in his swing outside (he sits fine in that one, 'cause it's bigger and the seat holds him up a little). I did 10 min. jumping on the tramp and WHEW am I needing some serious long term exercise. Kathy - wasn't it you jumpropeing (sp?)? You still doing that???

Hugs mamas, andy
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We made it through the horrible night. Luka was awake from 2:30-4. ugh. I got him back to sleep by going out on the lanai and swinging him in the hammock. not fun. And then he only slept until 7:15. good thing I love him so much. I was thinking about Lisa's shaken baby comment yesterday. i understood it last night too as I was futilely trying to get Luka back to sleep and he was wide eyed.

re:bed wetting. THe boy I wrote abotu before who wet his bed was found to have food sensitivities. I think the wheat cured him- or taking it out of his diet. He was very sensitive to lots of different foods, and reacted stronger to sugar than any other kid I've seen.

Andy- does sound like your machine needs a tune-up. one thing I learned recently is that you should have the same exact thread in the bobbin and on top. they're all different weights and stuff, and even different dye lots can make it have problems.

Az- I hope that mil really understood how rude she's been and really tries to rectify it!

somehow, even with all of the nursing I did to try and get Luka back to sleep, I'm here with a gigantic right breast. He's, of course, having the time of his life with the boys and has no interest in nursing, sigh.... would be a good time for a breast pump.
we have a long family beach day today. Maybe I can nap there!
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Karen - i'm jealous about your family beach day!
Az - so far I like the fb's. no leakage problems. but, i'm not fully using cloth yet so there's time. the wonderoos arrived and they leaked but i read they need a few washings before they absorb well. Torin just recently got HUGE!! It amazes me. I think he is over 16 pounds. I don't know where my little guy went!!
Andy - I think its cool that you are even TRYING to sew something. Did i mention that I'm domestically challenged?? altho, i LOVE to cook!! cleaning and the rest, not me!!
The babysitter just left. She was WONDERFUL. A total sweetie. She came at 0730. of course, Torin slept until 0815 and then, fell asleep again at 0915am. She helped fold laundry and put dishes away for me tho. I may use her on days that DAvid and i are both working which will be VERY few days. Can you believe that even tho I was here the whole time, I actually MISSED Torin because I wasn't holding him and caring for him. I knew I could tell you mamas that and you'd understand. He looks so cute now sleeping. I am going to run and eat breakfast and drink lots of water. Need to keep this milk supply up!! Back to work on Friday. ugh.....
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Good luck with the nap, Karen! I will look into getting the machine serviced. sigh. Enjoy the beach!!! Andy
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Andy, good luck on the sewing machine. Yech, no fun.

Mary, do any of the diapers I sent fit him? He is a big, beautiful baby!

Karen, the hammock on the lakai? Is that a porch? doesn't sound so bad to me, but then again, at 3:something, maybe so. 3 is the worst hour to be up.

Lisa, that's a good point about the construction: no one expects your house to be neat.

Today I sent back some diapers that I bought on the TP. This is the first set I haven't been happy with, in about 25 separate purchases. Of course the mom was nice about it and will refund my money.

Today was a good-bye lunch for (yet another) friend moving to another job. So, no lunchtime munching for Evelyn. This morning I pumped almost 9 oz! In less than 30 min. Whoa. If I do that again this afternoon, I'll be way ahead for the week. I miss my daughter, though. It's fun to see her at lunch. Yet, it was niiice to talk to my geeky work friends too. Lots of video game talk - y'know, this is a benefit of DH playing these games, because I can still talk to my friends about them, without wasting my own time playing them. Don't tell him I said there was a benefit.
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Ugh! Add me to the list of people who got crappy sleep last night. I think I slept about 5 minutes. Violet would not sleep last night, Makai would not sleep. As soon as one would fall asleep, the other would get up and wake the other one up. :cursing Did that even make sense? See, I think I'm so tired I'm delirious. And on my birthday too! Hmmph!

Bedwetting - yes, Lisa in ds's case it has to do with food allergies. Basically there are only two foods that he's not at least slightly allergic t0 (of the major allergen foods, he can still eat most fruits and veggies). They would be chocolate and dairy. He actually has life threatening allergies so we have to be really careful. If he takes his zyrtec, he doesn't wet. But we don't give it to him all the time, because who wants to live their life on allergie meds? So, bedwetting is the tradeoff. Most of the foods - like chicken, soy, wheat, he can tolerate eating and doesn't need to avoid, it just makes him...you know, wet....or sometimes a have stomach problems Poor little guy.
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