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Thanks Tiger! Adding you in someplace special...got you on the first time mama, but oh, there's more...MUCH more!
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Wow Andy thats impressive, good going

Happy Birthday Annie :

Az- sorry to hear of her passing
Cute pic, need to show more

Kathy-would love to see it

I started watching American Idol but my pump was calling me but I pretty sure Vonzell is going anyways, if not i'd be shocked.

I got my ppd Af 5 weeks after birth, talk about sucky : heck I got it back before any of you gave birth, now that just seems so wrong, blah!

Megan has got a really stuffy nose poor thing. Not sure if it's a cold or just from her teething. She seems a bit uncomfy at times but in general seems ok. Hoping for a good night sleep tonite. My dh has a nice 4 day weekend and we are both going to see the star wars movie my cousin offered to sit for us and she said make sure you guys get some lunch afterwords, you deserve some time alone. Aww she's so sweet
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Aaaaah, I think I had a reaction to the chocolate?!!!!
I am all flushed and hot like a sunburn and my face has red flaky patches on it. Aaaa!!!

Going to stop chocolate for a day and see what happens.

G'nite mamas, xoxoxo
I'm exhausted, and Lauren is still sleeping
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Andy a nurse I am not, no people skills here "what you need some more meds, can't you see I'm chatting babylicious right now" :LOL Oh no not for me, I work in dilbert land: a dark cublical with no public interactions.

I'm also a cat person, well a pet person. We have 2 dogs (emma and Louie) 2 cats (cat and dragon) 2 lizards (mr smiley, he bites and godzilla, well he's really a salamder is that a lizard?) 2 fish (piranah, we need the shiver smilie here) 2 guineapigs (#2 and cinamon) a trantula and one wondering turtle (mrs turtle/cha cha)
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Originally Posted by lisa2976
Aaaaah, I think I had a reaction to the chocolate?!!!!
I am all flushed and hot like a sunburn and my face has red flaky patches on it. Aaaa!!!

Going to stop chocolate for a day and see what happens.

G'nite mamas, xoxoxo
I'm exhausted, and Lauren is still sleeping
poor lisa
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Wow, Az, a real menagerie!

Annie, happy birthday!

Bunches, got out of medicine for a lot of reasons. But, I was in one of the top medical schools in the country ON SCHOLARSHIP, and you know, you couldn't have paid me to do another semester. Maybe if I was tougher, I would have been able to put up with the BS (sooooo hard to handle, especially because I really "felt" with the patients), but it was just tearing me up. I hope none of my classmates ever treat me, or see me naked.

Andy, you're so funny. Did you check the tension in your machine? Your sewing that fleece, right? That might be a little too thick for your machine to handle? Maybe you know this already. But my machine couldn't do it. (Not like I've used my machine often, but you know . .. .)

OK, baby #1 needs rocking and patting . . .
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Andy, I'll PM ya the password! Beware Mama, 80 some odd pictures! Settle in with a snack :LOL

Oh yeah, forgot to mention re: cosleeping that our mattresses are on the floor. Definitely like having less distance to fall, just in case.

Lisa ~ great going with the nurse-in! Can't wait to hear all about how it goes. I have the pleasure of living in one of the eleven States without any legislation for breastfeeding or protection for the rights of bf'ing Mamas & Babes. Joy.
How different from Ontario, where it is fully legal to go topless? We Canucks are a wild bunch (oooooch, them would be some c-c-c-cold nipples! )
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Laura, PM'd you too

I don't want it to seem like I'm only wanting to give it out to certain people ~ you are ALL really welcome to peek. I'm just more cautious because MDC is open to any joe-blow who may be popping in, and I don't want to share it with any joe's
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now, just rocking . . .

so I can get back to mousing.

Lisa, dasher is amazing. Need to spend some time practiing, though, and training it to my writing patterns. Can't use it and rock and think all at once right now. So sorry about the chocolate, ick! Hope the rxn goes away quick. Want to hear about the nurse-in . . . (Haveto admit once upon a time thought nip was gross . . . spare us pooooor, ignorant souls!)

Forgot to add, Bunches, that a lot of days wish I had stuck with it--such a shortage of respectful, holistically-minded people in traditional medicine--but like I said, I was a wreck, and the bad 'tudes ran me off. That's why you, Annie, & the midwives are real heroes in my book.

And Lisa and our premie moms. Those babies are so fortunate to have you.

Somebody commented that I was upbeat for twins. I am. I melt dwn pretty often, but it usually mostly passes. The problem --I so often feel worried that I'm not doing enough _(insert just about anything here)_. Not loving enough, interactive enough, successful enough, even nutritious enough! :LOL :LOL But I am so blessed, and dh, poor guy, is a big help, even when I'm not so nice, or when I'm a real wreck. He tries to nderstand, & sometimes does better than I do.

In June I'll post pix of our rollover accident--@ 4 weeks gestation! I can never forget that C & D are a gift.

Shes asleep.
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Andy you're awesome!!!!

I knew someone was from Arizona...

Az- I'm sorry for your family's loss and sorry I didn't read your post more carefully.

Lisa- I'm sorry about the chocolate! sounds like Lauren is doing better.

Thanks for all the advice on co-sleeping, ladies. We didn't really start cosleeping with Ruby until she was 8 mo so Iwasn't as worried about her falling so much, and I used pillows to keep her in bed, I didn't figure she would suffocate by that age. We were also in a much smaller house with a smaller, lower bed.

I need to go to bed now. Have a good night everyone... sending good sleepy vibes to all your babies!
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Just popping in to say hi. Not much going on, so much to read though. Andy you are a riot. The intro was great.

I am Nicole. I am married to Russ and mom to Emily and Will. Em is my too smart for her own good, almost completely potty trained almost 3 year old who hates to be wet for any reason unless she is naked or in a swim suit. (Seriously, she will take of any clothing thhat has even a drop of liquid on it!) Will is my precious son who reminded us not to take for granted that babies will be born healthy, and had surgery at 3 months old to fix his heart. We like to say he was had just a bit of warranty work to get done after he was born. We have 2 crazy dogs, and will only have cats of the stuffed animal kind.

Andy, I agree with whoever mentioned the tension. I had the same problem with the sewing machine. You might want to check that.

Getting tired. Going to bed now. See you in the am!
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Oh Az- I'm so sorry about grandma. I'll keep you all in my thoughts.

So...umm, I think there was something I was going to write, but now my mind is yet again a blank. Big surprise there. I'm taking a break from the dreaded photoshopping/yearbook making. I'm really over my head on this one. I have no idea how to use photoshop. So far my MOM has basiccally done all of the collages and I've done all the portraiting. That's what moms are for, I suppose. Thanks mom :LOL

Birthday was good. Dh decided to bbq me a "meat trifecta" (his words) for my birthday dinner - tri tip, hamburger and bratwurst. Now I am bloated and dying.

My grams has not been doing so well since my grandfather died in Jan.-- if anybody remembers that. I think I'm going to have to fly out there for June, since she has been asking for me lots. Bummer though, I will have no internet access - its on the outskirts of a soon to be abandonded rural Nevada military base/Indian reservation. <gasp> what will I do without you all??? On another note, if anyone is in Reno Tahoe area I'd love to meet up! Maybe Michelle?

Ewwww...my kitty just brought in a humongous flying cockroach and is eating it on the floor. Yuck!

Lisa, so sorry about the chocolate Have you ever thought you might be allergic to it before? Do you crave it? That's usually a sign that you're allergic to something. I'm tellin ya - cod liver oil. Its great for allergies

Az- I'll PM you my address tomorrow. I do want the bedwetter pants. Haha that sounded funny. I think its awesome that you have so many pets. I would love that, except I have been forbidden from bringing in anymore animals since the buy one get one free cat sale at the humane society.


and my funny girl

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I have to say, Violet's thighs look really fat in that first pic. She's NOT that fat. Hehe its just a poorly folded prefold. She's actually starting to thin out these days
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I know it's late, but : Annie!!! sorry you had such a bad night last night!!! I was absolutely exhausted all day.... in a bad way. but what can you do???

You all were BUSY chatting today!!
We had a nice beach day. We saw some spinner dolphins jumping offshore and dh quickly got ready and swam out there. Said he had a peak life experience, swimming with a pod of 60-70 dolphins. I, of course, hung out with the babe. sigh.... I'd have likely been freaked to be far out with such large and so many creatures. But it sounded cool!

Az- sorry to hear about ds's great-grandma.

Mary- I got my period back at 9 mos pp with both R and N. At 6 mos I would start to feel like I was gonna get it, but never happened. We'll see this time. It's an arbitrary thing. I've known women who nurse TONS and around the clock who get theirs at 3 mos pp, and then some who don't their whole nursing career.

OK, I'm reading all of your posts and responding at the same time
Andy- I your rundown of who we are!! You had me! You rock mama!

oh, our Lanai isn't screened or anything. I guess for you all it would be a porch. no one here has those big screened in ones like they have in Florida. Those are cool though.

Lisa- was so excited to read that chocolate was ok, and now you think you had a reaction? that's horrible news! I hope you're wrong!
and tell me, what is NINO? I talked to a mom today who has an ergo carrier. she loves it- looked comfy too.

Kathy- I understand not wanting the pics to be out there like that. I actually got a little weirded out the other day. i got a pm the other day from a new member, no posts who read Luka's birth story. I was a mesage that said cool story. Well I wrote back thanks. Then I got another pm asking me some questions about it- stuff I just was not comfortable talking about with someone I don't know. And because she had no posts I couldn't look her up. I almost thought about pulling the story (and it's on the due date board- not even with the rest of the stories), but decided in the end to just leave it and not be paranoid- I mean this is the only time in almost 4 months, right??

Hi to joyce, and jessica and anyone else i didn't mention. I'm just so tired that this is all my brain can handle right now! pathetic.
anyhow, baby is alseep and I will soon also be.
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OMG Annie- she is sooooo cute! I love those up close and personal pics!

Glad your bday got better- and meatier.
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A quick good morning..... want to go back to bed. Up at 0400am to pump. It completely light out - weird!
Jess - if you'd like me to mail you the diapers Jessi kindly sent me that don't fit Torin, pm or email me with your address and I'll gladly do so!!
Jessi - I'll keep 4 of the medium size. I used the Cherry Bomb yesterday and liked it. Nice and soft! Thanks!
Back to bed.................
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Annie its a good thing you mentioned the prefold I was thinking that baby had some giant thighs. I like trhe second one it look like she's rying to figure out what the camera is. I remeber when your grandfather died. Its so saad all these deaths around all this new life. Is your grandmother sick or is it grief?

Karen sorry you were tired I hope you're getting some good sleep right now. I had to kick dh out of the bed the last couple of nights so I could get some good sleep. I'm functioning now. I'm thinking I'm going to kick him out another night though.

tigerpurring I'm sure you're doing more enough. One of our old neighbors had twins and she felt the same way. I imagine its because you think you could do more if you only had one dc? You twins looked healthy and happy in those cute pics you shared. I have to say that I loved the 2 of you and dh getting ready for a walk, each of you with a twin in a wrap.

I had a flat tied on to Miss Elizabeth last night and when I put it on, I knew it wasn't folded well but I figured it would be fine. Well I was sitting down nursing her then I brought her over to the couch and stood her up and she was all smiles. I looked down and there was no diaper except fot a bit tied around her hips, my knot was the only thing that stayed. The little streaker thought it was great :LOL
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Originally Posted by 3_opihi
I have to say, Violet's thighs look really fat in that first pic. She's NOT that fat. Hehe its just a poorly folded prefold. She's actually starting to thin out these days
:LOL :LOL :LOL : : : : : :LOL :LOL :LOL

just popping in - baby's crying and I've GOT to take a shower to wash and wet my hair. haircut in t minus 1 hr.

xxx andy

ps - I'm not not responding to all the rest, I haven't even READ them yet~!~
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2 more secs here - got to get diaper bag ready - t minus 15 min.

Annie - she's so beautiful. Really...

Karen - NINO stands for Nine In Nine Out (meaning months) - allusion to wearing baby instead of plonking into stroller (which I'm about to pack for the sitter LOL!). It's a loose organization that has branches all over the world. Cleveland has one, but Albany doesn't (actually there isn't one in the entire NY State (some kind of Empire, huh?). They share info, and the person running is usually a Lisa type person with a TON of baby carriers of all shorts and sizes for people new to babywearing to try out. Very cool, IMO.

Hi to everyone - Hope Karen and Mary and whoever else needs some is sleeping! Hugs, andy
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Joyce, glad you like dasher. I stumbled across it while I worked for kids who can't move. Just wait until your babes are bigger, you might find yourself on your back with a babe on each side when they are sitting up Talk about exposing yourself to the masses!

Kathy, yah, makes me so thrilled to be in Ohio. Backassward state. Anyhow, at least in Ohio "indecent exposure" laws are very narrowly defined as "reproductive organs" which means breasts are ok. I can walk topless down the street and sure, some jerk will arrest me, but I'll have it overturned. Not that I'm going to walk topless anywhere, but hey, it's good to know. Then the old farts passed a new law saying Ohio beaches are not part of that rule, you can't go topless there. Oh well.

Gotta go shower, we have a chiro appt in 35 min. and I'm not ready.

Didn't shower, went to chiro, forgot to send this message, so I'm going to continue.

OMG Annie, are those Violet's fat rolls showing through the soaker on her thighs?!?!!? I and want to SQUEEZE them.

Karen, wow, what fun for dh.
NINO - "nine in nine out" - babywearing for the first 9 months - I think it's uhh.. nineinnineout.org - the gal I had over started a chapter here, and she has BOXES AND DRESSERS full of carriers and slings.

Andy, I hope you get a fab mood lifting mama lovin haircut that makes you smile!

Ah, deep breath for me. Lauren is napping (yahooo!), she seems to nap after we go to the chiro.

Andy, I don't have nearly enough carriers to be a NINO leader. I tell ya, this woman brought over 2 tubs yesterday of her "teaching" slings and wraps, nevermind that her "wearing" ones fill an entire dresser in her bedroom and she coordinates her shirts and slings to look cute.

Ok, I'm going to get some lunch and maybe shower. Honestly I don't want to shower. I want a big warm hot pack for my shoulders and a blankie to cuddle up with, and a nap.

Lisa - who is really really really hoping that she can have chocolate again. Going to try some more tomorrow, a different brand perhaps.
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