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We have a NINO around here but I've still yet to make it to a meeting They met at 10AM 1 1/2 hour from here and the one time I was able to make it. I got all pack up baby fed, chagned and happy and we about to head out the door and I looked at the clock 10:30 : I'm hoping to make the next meeting though

well we've got raspberries here. She did one last night and a couple today. She doesn't get one everyimte she tries but its too funny I'll sit there making some and then she'll pop in with one
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Lisa! That is so wrong! How unfair that in all this worry about the baby reacting, and it seems to be okay, and suddenly YOU break out! Gah! Maybe it was the stress, and not the chocolate brought on by the stress?

Karen! The coffee arrived yesterday. Thank you! I can't wait to drink some of it. Saturday will be a good day. DH is in charge of coffee-making, even though he does not drink it. Nana is excited about it too. We all like the part about it being hand-picked by middle-class white people. :rofl
Very cool about DH and the dolphins.

Seriously, is it legal to go topless in Ontario? Mmm, Toronto. Maybe that'd be a good vacation spot. I would love to be able to go outside without putting on a shirt.
And Ohio! Everywhere except the beaches? that is sooooo United States. It makes Cleveland sound like a good Mardi Gras spot, potentially.

Tiger, interesting story about Med school. I'd love to hear more sometime. (in your copious amounts of spare time, ha ha) How far into it were you? I'm glad you did not succumb and become like them.

Kathy, ooo, I want to see your album toooo.

Ann, sorry your grandmother is not doing well. That sounds very hard, out there in a deserted spot and suddenly more alone. Seeing that beeeautiful baby will cheer her up for sure! That is one delectable little girl. She does seem to be thinning out. Evelyn is too.

And in my world... Evelyn pulled her sock off in the night. There it was, by her head. That's her big accomplishment. It was a bit of a rough night, two feedings before 3, and then diaper changes frequently after that. She kept peeing and then squirming about it. We had fleece and suedecloth diapers on her for wicking, but the pee still bothered her a lot.
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Good Morning Ladies,

I am working from home today. I forgot how wonderful it is to be home in the mornings. We went for run, nursed and now he is sleeping and the house is quiet. Peaceful bliss. Ahhhhh.

We have a notary coming over today so that we can finalize the refinance paperwork. We found out that we gained about 140K in equity on the house, so we are combining some debt to lower payments and gain some tax benefit on it. Makes the money situation a bit better. Housing prices and values have just gone crazy here, so we are taking advantage of it before house prices drop here.

Will seems to have changed his schedule some. He is eating every 4 hours now, and seems to be content with that. We were doing every 2-3 hours, so this sudden switch has me confused. On the bright side, he is nursing again, so that's something in and of itself.

DH is going to the doc today. He thinks he might have a UTI. He has pain...uh... down there and it is progessively getting worse, so off to the doc he goes.

Annie - Violet is a darling little girl. She looks absolutely wonderful! I love the soaker.

Andy - great intro. Are we going to put it at teh beginning of each thread?

Lisa - What kind of chocolate did you try? Was it milk chocolate or dark? Also, you might try carob instead. It kinda tastes like chocolate, but isn't.

Tiger - I have so much admiration for you. I though doing this with one was hard, I can't even imagine what it would be like with 2.

We had some sad news last night. A good friend in the neighborhood was 12 weeks pregnant and they found out yesterday that the baby stopped growing at 10 weeks. I am so sad for them. They are remarkably upbeat about it. Of course they are sad that they lost the baby, but her thought is that at least they can get pregnant. So, please send healing vibes her way. She needs them.

Well, gotta go shower. I can smell myself from thhe run. :LOL :
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OMG the health reporter from the tv station wants to interview me to be on tv!!! I'm TOTALLY not wanting to do that. Super nervous. Yikes!!

Yah, it's not LEGAL in Ohio, but "indecent" is defined as genitals, and genitals does not include breasts, per the State Supreme Court.

AND it's discrimination if men can take off their shirts (case decided after a gay pride parade) and women can't. So whatever that means...

UGH gotta shower now, must actually dress like an adult and nurse my screaming kid on tv. YIKES

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woo hoo Lisa!!!!

I have pictures of us marching around Arcata, CA topless to make a statement about bf.... it was fun!!! Ra'am was a wee one on my back then!
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Wooooo, Lisa!!!

Give us the link when the story is out! Woo-hoo!

Karen, Arcata sounds like it's really something. Must visit sometime. Too bad plane fares are going to be so expensive from now on. Maybe I should make sure that DH takes lots of overseas assignments to rack up some miles for us.

And anyway, Karen, how much does it cost to hop from your island to Annie's? Hmm.

Andy, was it you who mentioned that Ori was pulling and tugging on your boob and doing all kinds of mean things to it? Carmen and David are, too. It's like my boob has become a new chew toy. I don't bother to tell them no (I mean, they don't get "no", right?), so I just break suction and distract them with something else (like their hand--chew on that!). They don't seem to mad about it, and I'm hoping that distracting them away from chomping on mama will prevent them from making a habit of it. I hope your boobies feel better soon, Nystatin or no.

Anyway, eager to hear more about your adventure, Lisa. I'm looking forward to the day when I get tackled by two hungry babies who are looking for a snack. That's going to be great, but I agree, talk about exposed!

Nap over. Time to switch computers and get on with the day.
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Well, whew! First minute I've really had that's longer than a minute. Ok, I'll go fix Az's role in our world - geek, not nurse. multipet Queen, ties w/Laura for lamest MIL in the group.

Annie - I'm glad dh even remembered your birthday. I got bupkis from my dh. not even a card. lame. Weeeel, he did make breakfast, but that's 'cause he likes breakfast, whether I do or not. I hope last night was a better sleep night for ya'll!

Karen - tired mama. you doing too much? Maybe you need a little angel on your shoulder saying '...sleep when the baby sleeps...' a very good mantra. If dh isn't 'on assignment', is he home? does he get to spend extra time w/family when he works from home? I'm sure there's always something to do - review, edit, cut/paste etc., but seems to me if he's AWAY when he's working then he should be able to make up for it by being PRESENT when he's home...kwim? Now that the nanny is gone, you could use an extra hand...not quite 4 mos. is still pretty darned little...

Yeah Tigermama, I wanna know - what kind of rubbish is it that they teach med/nursing students, because they are some of the smartest, kindest people in the world, but they lack emotional intelligence, and seem to be crippled by the 'system' that says you take newborns away from their mamas, you parade patients half naked through hallways, etc. so - is it all as much of a 'medical conspiracy' as my dh thinks it is? He (and I to some degree) think that the med. establishment gets us all freaked out and disempowers us and then sells us all this crap...both intellectually and materially (meds, vaccines, etc...)... I just don't get it. I really don't.

Not to put you on the spot or anything, and you certainly don't have to answer, but I wondered, are you vaxing your kids?

Kathy - I knew there were some wild Canucks in the bunch! You go Sista! Topless... Toronto ... we're probably going to head up to Quebec in the end of July for a couple of days. It's a few hrs. drive, but not too bad. Maybe a topless bfing babylicious party in July?!

Nicole - I'll add you in the dog lovers section. I knew I was majorly missing mamas on the pet thing. Sorry! In fact, I'm going to review the whole thing and mention your name a bit more, 'cause mama, you have really been an inspiration to a lot of us. Truly!

I guess if we use the Intro at the start (w/the links Heidi did, maybe, those are cool, too) I'll just keep updating it...

Lisa - Hey mama - how did it go? Can we all see the i-view? can you tape it if we can't see it? I sure hope it went well!!! And what did you wear on top to nurse on tv? Which sling/pouch/carrier?

I only meant about you and the NINO thing that someone who is truly passionate about carriers (not JUST carrying baby, but the carriers themselves!) is the right kind of candidate, kwim? I'd try that chocolate thing again, too...that's a really hard one to give up forever...funny that you didn't react to it before, but do now. maybe now that your system is 'clean' you can find the stuff that is causing your problems aside from the baby...is this a bonus???

And here...babysit went well, Ori never cried. Very cool. Haircut feels great! Just a bit shorter and neater. However, we got home and he nursed for 2 hrs. STRAIGHT with a bit of napping thrown in. Then I finally thought he was down and he TOTALLY woke up and SCREAMED for 20 min. while I changed him and got lunch (after 1pm and I was hungry!). Then I whacked his head closing the dishwasher door (I was holding his body in the sling, not his head, duh), so that inspired another round of ear-piercing howling. Wolfed lunch down in a most unpleasant way and then nursed him back down again. I guess those 45 minute babysits come with a price! double whew.

That's about it from here. Looking forward to getting OUTSIDE a bit - it's such a nice day and we have strawberry plants to put in. yea!

caio mamas, andy
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Jessi - just a quick q. - do you use hemp in the diaper? We use a hemp doubler with a fleece liner (the ones I cut out) over it, and he's really dry in the a.m., although the diape is soaked! It's a waffle weave fleece, maybe that's a difference. I'll cut you some, although the new fleece I have is baby blue, if that's ok.

Also want to know - who is out of small prefolds???
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Andy, I've been wondering if anybody was going to bring vaccines up. I would check on the vaccine board, but last time I was there it seemed a little too militant and misinformed for me to want to hang there.

I'm so far vaccinating C&D. My logic:
1) No one has been able to provide my left brain with any information why I should NOT vaccinate (outside of the mercury argument, which is not an issue in most current vaccines, according to my understanding of what C&D will be receiving).

2) Houston is a highly international city (especially the area where I live). Those diseases which are considered "eradicated" by some anti-vaxers may still be contracted here, and the risk from those diseases is usually not less than the risk from vaccines.

But, like I said, I haven't found any good peer-reviewed research. If you know of any, I'd definitely like to read it. I'm not stuck in my ways!

(From a public health perspective, I do think chickenpox vax is a bad idea, based on some population biology studies I did as an undergrad . . . it seems like it just pushes the age that some people get chicken pox BACK, so that it's actually more dangerous than when caught at a young age.)

I do agree with your culture of fear idea. Perhaps some people are doctors because they're desparate to feel important, and by scaring people and then "saving" them, they're able to go home happy at the end of the day?
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Hi mamas,
I can't remember if I posted today already I used to be such a sharp person too!

Andy- dh works tons at home. Just because he's here, doesn't mean he's free. This is his project he's working on. He has TONS to do- a week of full-time work equals seconds of animation- maybe like 15? Or maybe I'm undereggagerating? either way, it's a lot of work. He's very self-motivated and can amazingly push himself to get a lot done.
So eventhough he's physically here, I can't rely on him for childcare, just as if he was away- but we have the bonus of seeing him at mealtimes

Joyce- interisland tix are $$$ these days. Little competition means that right now a round trip is about $180. BUT, we have miles from our cc, so we often fly free.

Lisa- we need to hear all about your TV spot. don't forget us.

Oh, sure I have more to say, but I'm on my way to list some FB on ebay. they don't fit anymore.

oh, and I measured Luka since everyone was posting their measurements- he's 25.5"
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So I didn't get interviewed, we went to my friend's house because of the mess here, and the reporter had these new boby gadgets she wants to report on, so since Lauren is gadget age and friend's babe is older, I'm doing that story in 2 weeks and friend was tonight. But we did get on camera and they are coming back tonight to chat. Dh is tivo'ing it all.

I'm tired though. And now I get to test bling. Actually it's 3 blings, the swaddle-me blanket, a booby ice pack for engorgement or plugged ducts, and a vibrating boppy.

Going to dinner, cya!
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Andy, wer've been out of infant size for a loooooong time. dh tried to use one the other night, ha!
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Infant prefolds? Those were relegated to use as inserts over a month ago. The prefolds are still too big, but I have lots of fitteds now.

Andy, I'd love to try your fleece liners. I do have hemp in the nighttime diapers, all of them, I think. It's hard to be sure with all the variety! Little Fishy, LC, FB, Wonderoo, Snap-EZ, and Starbunz - so one organic velour, three microfleece, and two suedecloth lined - that's what she went through last night. All but the Little Fishy have hemp in the interior or the insert. The Little Fishy did a good job, though; it was a fitted with no cover and the outside was only damp.

Lisa, great job organizing the nurse-in! I hope it angers and then gets through to the target. Breastfeeding is good.

Speaking of which - the whole bottom half of one boob is tender today. Any ideas? She hasn't had a really good munch on that side since 3 am, but she's munched a little and I've pumped. It's been hurting all day. It feels like it's engorged even when it is note
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Hi guys-

Well, on the whole emotionless doctor thing...My whole take on it is that alot (though not all by any means) of the people who become doctors were/are kind of geeky anti social types, who don't have much interpersonal skills to begin with. Or else they are the emotionless, super acheiver type. Total stereotypes,I know- and there's always the in between, but I think you see that alot. And then they push emotional detachment so much in school...

I haven't seen many nurses who don't care. Most of them do, they really do. They just have no power to change anything within the system, and are majorly overworked. Of course, you always get a few nasty ones in there - like the witch that said "what do you want to do with the baby?" when I went into preterm labor at 20 weeks with Violet and they said they wouldn't try and revive her if she came out :

Tigerpurring - I know what you mean about trying to find non biased studies about vaccines. They are out there, just pretty hard to find. Aside from the mercury, I know there is some pretty good evidence supporting that measles from the vaccine can sometimes attach itself to the cells in the lining of the intestines, and cause something like leaky gut? I think they are beginning to suspect the autism thing really has more to do with the virus lying dormant in the brain cells, more than the mercury thing. Also, there have been quite a few case studies linking polio vaccine to some sort of cancer. Something about it being attached to the mito dna of whatever animal was used to culture the virus. Sounds weird, but there is actually a pretty good study on that one. I'll see if I can find it for you.

Whatever the case, there is no easy solution. I think there are real risks associated with both. My older son can't be vaxed fully, because he has life threatening egg allergies, so I got off easy making the decision with him. There are a few I'm going to slowly selectively vax for with my babies - like HIB. A friend of ours little one just had that and it was really scary.

Ok well, just to spice things up a little. What is everybody's sign? I'm a taurus (obviously). My rising is cancer, and so is my moon sign
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Jess- sounds like a plugged milk duct.

I think V grew out of ipf around 6 weeks or so? Anyways, its been a long time since she fit in them.
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Ahh I've got wet arms from the rasberry quess here.She thinks she's one cool mama now :LOL DS thinks it wicked cool "she's making fart soiunds"

Andy we're still in infant prefolds, she's still wearing some nb covers and diapers too, so I don'tthibnk we'll be out of them anytime soon

Lisa I think I missed where the nurse in was. Do you have to return the gadgets after you test them or are they yours? Is the bobby thing booby tubes? I've been thinking about getting something like that with the reoccuring plugged ducts, but I'm too cheap plus I keep thinking I won't get another one

Jessi that sounds like the beginings of a plugged duct, massage that baby so it doesn't get bad

Karen dh's stuff looks cool. You fly between the islands? I would have thought you'd take a boat
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Annie Miss E likes you siggy she was stearing and squeeling at it.

I think you're right about the drs. One of dh's sisters is going to school to be a dr and she's very bookish very little peopleish
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Oh, booby tubes, I have those. I wonder where they are. They were in the freezer for a while. Hot compresses, right, Az? You are our plugged-duct expert. I have been massaging it today.
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Annie, thanks for the info!!!

Taurus, but not sure what was rising and what that means. Would look up (4/20/77) but mouse fingrs are ow! :LOL
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Oh, I think Karen has the link where you can look up your whole astrological chart. Karen?
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