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Ooh, you mamas have been talking alot! Three pages (and I read at 30 per page).

Reintroduction: I'm Jeni, in Scranton Pennsylvania (if you're a Harry Chapin fan, you already knew that from the location ). DH is Mike, he's in cubicle-land for a sign company, after having been in building repairing and installing signs for a few years. Big electrical and neon signs, up 80 ft cranes and stuff... yeah, we like him in cubicle land better. :LOL . Baby Beatrice was born in a hospital after tranfer from unassisted at home, but no major problems apart from staff attitude. I dabble in historical reenactment, was pretty heavily into medieval and now I'm getting back into early American. I make some carriers and diaper covers, but I don't get much sewing done lately, imagine that. What else... I have kitties, only two, but this is a small apartment. Don't tell Mike, but as soon as we get a house, we are so going to be the freaky cat people where all the strays go.

Vaxes: We're not. I guess I'm on the opposite end; I'm waiting to see a study that proves them safe. I believe in the power of the human body, good nutrition, sanitation, etc. And the ingredients are quite freaky, the animal cells and aborted human cells. I could go on, but that's the gist of how I feel about things. I do like reading on the vax board here, but I know what you mean about people coming on strong, even the ones that I agree with. But there are selective vaxers there too. It's not totally anti vax, they're just the loudest.

Were we comparing diapering systems? I use regular ol Gerber prefolds, some of the uberthick ones in plain white, which are pretty bulky but hold a mean amount of pee in bikini twist (great for her early morning pee fest), and the regular prefolds in kyooot prints, with some little flannel doublers that I kludged together, cause they don't hold anything without them. I make my own fleece covers. I just got some yummy purple fleece the other day so I can make one that matches one of her dresses and one of her shirts. I'm on a mission to make dipes that match everything.

I miss Toronto. I used to go up there all the time to visit friends (the SCA group there). And I did the tourist thing; the museums, the CN Tower, Eaton Centre, and Casa Loma. I never did go around topless, though. I'd like to take the baby up sometime, but it would be a major pain to travel 7 hours alone in a car with her, and dealing with the border, and getting a hotel, and my car sucks so I couldn't now... I wish I could, though. And we really need a Canadian smilie. I keep saying "I'm going to move up there in a few years!" but financially, it'd have to be more like 10 years. Have to see where Mike's career goes; hopefully someday he'll be valuable enough to get a job there that'll help with things.

Lisa, I hope it turns out to be something else and the chocolate works for you. Is it just your face? You probably already thought of this, but any new cosmetic products? Maybe even washign your hands in a restroom with unfamiliar soap, and then touching your face? My face is kinda blotchy and dry lately too, and I'm totally stumped, but who knows what I've gotten into.

Ooh, I went to LLL today. This one was a big group, like 6 mamas. Tons of kiddos of every age! Bea had fun smiling and cooing at the other babies and mamas, but then she had a teething fit for a while and it took 3 teething tablets and lots of pacing around in the sling to calm her down. I had to try so hard not to totally melt down myself, but I know everyone there knew exactly what it was like! She was the youngest one there, but she won't be by next month, since one of the coleaders is about to pop. I was kinda wistful looking at a big preggo belly again. Wth is wrong with me?! : But yeah, lots of fun crunchies. I think we talked more about homeschool and organic foods than breastfeeding.

Figures. I de-sheeted the bed this morning to force myself to change the sheets today, otherwise I get tired and say "forget it" until the next day. And I nursed the baby down at about 6 on a blanket on the sheetless bed, and of course, it looks like she's going to keep sleeping until I eventually break down and disturb her to make the bed. Oh, were we comparing sleeping arrangements too? She's usually in between us, but we have a serious slope in the mattress, so I put a pillow next to her on the downhill side when no one's there, and hope that she doesn't have the strength to roll up the other side. I mean, I can barely get off the bed on that side. Eventually, it's going to go on the floor, just as soon as I clean underneath it. It's only a full size, so we're pretty squished, but there's no room in there for anything bigger. I think the bedroom is only 10x12. Ugh, I hate this apartment.
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Hola! Aries, Mars rising. April 16th, so Joyce, you are cusp but I don't know the rising. Also you are young! I've got a decade on you...woah...

So ok, all them bigalicious babes were out of ipf's eons ago, but we JUST outgrew ours. Kind of sad, a parting of the way w/the tie dyed ones... I'm thinking of quilting up the lot of them for a blankie...what think you all? Project after the project after the project???

We haven't vaxed, mostly because my family has a lot of auto-immune problems (a LOT). If they didn't, I think I would selectively vax (probly DPT and maybe HiB). Mostly I'm afraid that sending that stuff into their immune systems could provoke an auto-immune response that would cascade. It's so hard to know... we spent a lot of time looking at the articles, and ended making this decision, although there's good argument both ways. I think Joyce summed it up well for us too, although our situations are so different, and so we ended up deciding differently. I asked because of your experience in medicine. I have some friends who are docs and very alternative (wood stove heat, organic food, far left politics) but who vax religiously... and other friends who are pretty mainstream but who don't vax (ok, 1 friend). So I guess the spectrum is wide, within and outside of the med. world.

I think I'm not making enough milk. I'm going to start being very consciencious of my water intake (like putting it on the counter in the morning and working my way through it all day), and taking my fenugreek, because I just gave Ori a bottle (from last night's pump) of about 4 oz and he gobbled it up, got all drunk and passed out right away. He did want to suckle while passing out, which was somewhat comforting to me, but I'm really feeling badly for the kid. I gotta get back up to lotsa milk. I'm stressing a bit over all this brownie CRAP which I'm starting to HATE (but I did set something else up for next year, where I can just participate a little, not be in charge, thank goodness!). We have about 5 more meetings, including a 'party'/campout on June 11-12 in our backyard (that's better than any of the alternatives, imo), and I'm not in charge of ANY of the meetings left...that's quite a relief. The last stress is getting Jerry home in time tomorrow to make it to the awards ceremony on time. If he isn't here by 5:30 we won't make it, and he's out of town, having to drive about 2 hrs. to get home. So it's kinda touchy...I would HATE to bring the little fella if I didn't have to (we won't be getting home till after 8pm, WAY past his weeny bedtime). BUT at least with my BABYWEARING SLING I can do it (my old one, new one is about 1/3 done, tho!).

Karen, your dh does the animation for films? That's fun hard work - gotta be motivated to do all that detail! But he also films, right - like the boat stuff he was working on at the end of pregnancy? It does look pretty weird and fun!

Booby tubes - cool! Jessi - get them booby tubes rolling!!! yes, hot compresses.
I hope your boob feels better right quick, mama!

Lisa - you did good today, getting out there and being part of something important (and fun!). Yeah, do you get to keep the bling!?

Vibrating boppy??? That's pretty weird. I've been thinking of a few things invention wise: ya know those harnesses they use to help a first time sky-diver? That would be cool at dinnertime (and if you did it right, you could wear the baby that way)! Just hook the baby on while you're sitting at the table, and they don't have to use up an arm, they can join in at the table. Unfortunately, it's only worth it for a few months, then they're sitting up on their own, so...

an inflateable boppy (no, no vibrating) - made from the same stuff as the inflateable neck pillow you can find in airports. Sort of fake suade like. That way you can just let the air out and take it with in the car or work or wherever, and still have it on hand when you need it. More useful, that one.

Then there's the swing/jumper. A hammock like device that seats a baby in a soft, sling-ey position, hangs from the ceiling, and lets them either stick their feet through and bounce/jump or you can just rock/swing them. Good for 1yr.+ from newborn up. My most useful device, actually. I like it because theoretically, it could be made to fit a grown up too - cool, huh!?

So if anyone wants to go into business, lmk! HA!!

Sad thing, this - I had Orin on his tummy yesterday and today for some tummy time and he wasn't unhappy (till the end) but he just wouldn't roll. I SWEAR he rolled, but now he won't roll. huh???

Ok, time to go drink more water and get my feet up - maybe read my new book - a Swedish mystery novel. Keep cool, mamas! andy
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Jeni - ho wdid you start making fleece covers? I want some fleece covers...will you make me some if I send you fleece and velcro or snaps or something? Or I can trade for something or I could pay pal you...lmk!
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Oh, and Kathy - I can get Weleda diaper cream for $6/tube (1 oz) or 1.14 for the trial size tubes (0.4 oz). Lmk if you want me to get some for you. I think it's the cheapest unless you are getting it at the hfs. - like way cheaper than paying for shipping (see - I did read it all!).
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Booby tubes - found 'em. These are niiiice. I nuked 'em, and they're warm and soft and even smell good!

Signs - I'm Virgo. That's all I know.

Simon's Custom Cloth opened for customs today, hurray. I ordered two diapers and a fleece cover with wildcat embroidery. Hopefully she'll give it the wildcat "Yay!"
and my Tykie custom order came today! oooo, pretty diapers. I got the organic cotton and wow, it's soooo soft when it's new. On our trip I'll take only my very favorite diapers, no snap-in soakers allowed. The Tykies are sewn in at special request.

Vax - no, or at least, not yet. From reading about it, there's not much difference in risk. Vax -> tiny chance of nasty side effects, some chance of irritating ones like allergies. No vax -> very small chance of nasty disease. My theory is, I'd rather risk the preventable disease than risk anything that I caused by allowing the vax. No logic there, just feeling. And: shots hurt. Evelyn was hurt enough at the hospital. No more shots for her for a long time, if I can help it.

Andy, I like your swing/jumper bit. Sounds like fun!

Paq, that apartment does sound really small.
Did you post your birth story?

Tomorrow morning we're going to the midwife for our six week visit. We're a little late. :LOL
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Free Chart
I'm a Libra sun AND moon, and my rising is Gemini

So my girlfriend visited all day, so it was fun, but got nothing done. I tried for hours to get the last of my FB listed on ebay. Took FOREVER. but that's done. Oh, and we had a funny thing.... remember I told you that dh was a sperm donor for our friends? well they didn't get pregnant last month, and so this month we got in the mail a mailing thing for sending canine sperm (because maybe nothing like it exists for sending human stuff?- or maybe it's the same but cheaper?) So it came with instructions for getting sperm from the "stallion". LOL! Jodi called and said, SEND IT NOW. So he rushed to, um, fill up the syringes and get it to FedEx before the plane left. Was a comical morning. Now it's on the way....

oh, and I got the most beautiful Tykie diapers in the mail that Jessica recommended. THey are so nice adn such attention to detail! I'll have to post some pics.

Az, no boats between most of these islands. The channel between here and Maui is crazy wavy. They're talking about making a ferry, but it'll be a long time. It's pretty far too- I think like hundreds of miles.

Andy- dh does animation for different things. He's really spent the last many years making videos in Hawaiian for the Hawaiian Language Immersion Program (little kids). But they are disorganized and he's sorta feeling a little done with working with them. So he's now doing his own project. We sold some property last year that had quadrupled in value and now we're living off of some of that money while he does his own thing. So he's not looking for work, but doing outside work when it comes to him. It's all working out well.
And just because the little man slept after the bottle doesn't mean you're not making enough, though paying attention to water intake is always a GOOD thing. There is so much more attached to bf- comfort and all kinds of emotional things, so if he stays longer at the breast, it can just be because it FEELS good, KWIM?

Jeni- your LLL meeting sounds a lot like ours are. We can't seem to stay on the topic of breastfeeding for very long for some reason. i guess it's cauze the moms who come are COOL! And kuddos to you for sewing your own covers! awesome! I haven't tried because I don't like velcro- only like those plastic snaps and will not buy a snap machine.

Jessica- also agree it sounds like a plug starting. Nurse that baby on that side lots. they are no fun

Well Luka was pretty fussy much of the day and now he's been asleep for 2+ hours. poor baby is teething. He, like Ra'am responds really well to those teething tabs. I guess they work with his constitution. He takes them and is usually out. He was so fussy.
Oh, I did take some pics earlier to share. Lemme go upload them and share.
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ooh, Jessica, we cross posted. Aren't those diapers NICE?? I got some hemp ones from her and an organic fleecy one. NICE. and she put organic velour in the soaker part. thanks for the recommendation. I might buy some more from her after I sell my FB
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Yes, the Tykies are great! And since my last order from her, she's added tags! I was just saying in here that she needs to add tags so she can be hyena. Maybe I can order more and pretend it's an investment. ha ha yeah right
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Here's my sleeping angel wearing a cute soaker I bought on ebayhttp://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y18...a/sleeping.jpg
and here's papa with Luka.
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[QUOTE=jessitron Maybe I can order more and pretend it's an investment. ha ha yeah right[/QUOTE]


sorry about the picture size. I'm playing with it and it's still gargantuan
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Wow Karen! Luka looks just like his papa! He's so cute (I mean Luka, but papa ain't half bad either, lol) I LOVE that soaker!!!! Who made it?

I'm jealous of the diaper talk. I shouldn't get anything right before our trip though. Oh, Karen - thanks sending the hilo wonderoos my way I got three more.

Violet is really miserable with the teething. I don't have any teething tablets. She was just biting down on my hand, and making this sad whimpering noise. Its weird to think she'll probably have teeth in three weeks or so. Ugh. I hope she sleeps well tonite. I got nada zzzzs last night either. Makai is just well, a nightmare lately. He wakes up constantly screaming, not because he's having bad dreams or anything, he just wants me to hold him and only him while he sleeps, and I can't do that all night. I have to feed Violet, plus it makes my arms fall asleep and it hurts. Blah. I'm starting to feel like I want to move him into his own bed and be DONE with nursing him - but he's so not ready and I think it would just make things worse in the meantime.

Oh well...boys are at a movie with dad. I'm almost done with the photo collages. I'm getting pretty good at it, if I do say so myself...I think the yearbook will turn out pretty cute.
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Annie- 2 year olds can be so hard to nurse sometimes. I know that with Noam I was dying to get him off me then, and I didn't have a little one also. I reread Mothering Your Nursing Toddler then and I felt better about him and our nursing relationship. So I can understand and send you

The soaker? There were a TON on ebay from the same people. Says they're all handknit http://stores.ebay.com/bjmarketplace...QQftidZ2QQtZkm
oh, read some info- they are handknit by the sellers relatives in china.... hmmmm
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Andy - i was/am paranoid that my milk level decreased as well!! I have been trying to take in lots of water! I also bought Mother's Milk and fenugreek. For the past 2 evenings, he has been nursing to the point that I feel "empty" but he still seems hungry. Then, dh fed him a bottle and he sucked it down. I'm was so depressed. I felt like I didn't have enough for him. But then...... he was still awake a hour later and really nursed himself to sleep. I could feel the letdown so I knew he was getting milk. Maybe its just a growth spurt. He still wants to nurse for his 0300am feeding and throughout the day. It just seems to be an evening thing. I was trying to nurse him exclusively during my 5 days off. How about you working mamas. Has your supply been affected????

Back to work tomorrow for 2 days. I'll keep pumping away. And, dh will bring ds to work to nurse in the middle of the day. Yay!

carriers - someone was asking about the Ergo carrier. (maybe Karen?) I have one - my best friend had one and loved it so I figured I'd try it out. I used it today as a matter of fact. He fell asleep in it while we were at Costco. It felt so nice, I had dh drive home while Torin and I walked home.
Never used another carrier or sling though. As for strollers, I pretty much have Torin in my arms all day/night but sometimes he seems to get great relief when I put him in the stroller and we go for a walk. I don't think it is bad for him. He spends VERY little time in there. Sometimes he just doesn't want to be held anymore.

astrology - I'm a gemini!!

Doctors and nurses - don't get me started!! I don't want to generalize. Nasty nurses DO exist. They are usually burnt out! We honestly don't get that much support. We are in over our heads most of the time running around just to "sort of" keep up. I don't know why they call it health care. Its anything but! We don't even take care of ourselves. (at work that is)
The docs - book smart, many don't believe in ANYTHING other than medical text. Don't always rely on intuition if ever. If you question them, they think you are a "control" freak. Very interesting. But..... on the other hand, there are some good ones out there. I love the ER docs I work with. I think they are the BEST in town. Some are open minded and that's key. We should be treating "people" not their diseases. Every individual is different. Doctors that know that make the best MDs.

My husband believes its a big medical conspiracy as well. The pharmaceuticals are making lots of money!!!!!!!

I'm really tired and drained tonight. Its only 0820 here but I think I am going to bed. My muscles are sore from being a new mother I think.

Karen - beautiful baby and husband. And, I loved the mountains in the background.

sleep well mamas...... I may be back at 0300am
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Karen - I have an Ergo. They are awesome! Violet is still too small for it, but I used to carry Makai in it until I was like six months preggo or so. They are sooo comfy. Also, they're made on Maui, she gives a kama' aina discount

Ok, those bjm soakers are too cute, even if they're made in china. I got 2 .

My milk was feeling really low too the past couple days. Now I'm all engorged. I think its just a natural growth spurt or something.

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I looked at that ergo site and there's a pic of a mama I know! I'll call them tomorrow and see if she'll give me a discount.

So you ordered 2 soakers? YOU!!! knitting mama? or do you give away or trade for al the soakers you make? I have to say that though the one i got is awesome, it is not NEARLY as soft as the one you made for Luka!
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Well, I like to try other people's stuff! I think that yarn I made Luka's soaker from is like the softest stuff in the world. Its hand dyed by a women's coop in Uruguay. I LOVE their yarn. They just went wholesale though, so now its really hard to get .
Hehe. Luckily I stocked up
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Morning Mamas ~ ugh, woke up with DH's nasty cold this morning. Sigh... and I thought I was going to escape this one. I *knew* it was coming on last night; I was all achy and a bit off. I hope we can just lie low today and get some R&R.

Karen, what a great picture! I love it. DH looks like such the proud Papa Cute, cute, cute!

Andy, ooooooooooh would you be able to send us a tube of the diaper care cream? I would really appreciate you & can PP you or send $ or whatever works for you. Thanks!! Do you have my address still from the bead exchange, or am I the only one that is so lazy about cleaning out my PM box? And I'm impressed that you read so carefully!

Annie, that wool you mention sounds heavenly! I am definitely experiencing wool-envy! Poor, poor Violet and her teeth. I grabbed a box of Hylands teething tablets last month when I saw some while out shopping, but we haven't broken them out yet. She's heavy into chomping and drooling, too, but not too upset yet. Have you used the Hylands before with your boys? I didn't use them with Tess, and have heard from some people that they're the magic cure-all for all teething woes, and from others that they do squat. I'm interested to see how they work out (although NOT eager to need to use them :LOL) Oh, I can commiserate on the toddler sleeping woes, to you! Last night I almost had to laugh at how it is Tessa who woke me up twice in the first two hours of going to bed, not Brynn! She isn't yelling out any more (but was for a while) and I'm hoping that we're on the road to better sleep for her. I had to do some problem solving with her during waking hours ~ explaining how it scared me when she would shriek out in the night, and practicing with her how to wake me quietly. That seemed to help quite a lot, and we've had better nights. Still waking, but thirsty for a sip of water. That I can deal with.

Paq, I miss Toronto sometimes too. We lived there for 6 years, and made some realliy fantastic friends there. I miss how there is always something neat going on to go see, I miss the markets, I miss the great Veg food! I don't miss the pollution (both noise & air!), I don't miss the traffic, I don't miss the frantic hustle. I don't miss the incredibly expensive housing costs, or our teeny 2nd floor apartment. I do miss my friends though, terribly. We had a fantastic babywearing playgroup that met 1-2 times a week, so there was always a good opportunity to sit and chat with like-minded Mamas. And I miss the culture and diversity. Did you live in Toronto for a while, or just visit?

We have an Ergo, and like Annie I used it almost exclusively the last part of my pregnancy with Brynn to carry Tess on my back. I the Ergo! Brynn is too tiny for it yet, but I'm crossing my fingers that she'll like it and that I can use it later on this summer when it's so incredibly hot here. I'm a bit uncertain about how our babywearing will go here this summer ~ I'm a pretty passionate slingin' Mama, and wore DD#1 exclusively the first year or more. Living in downtown Toronto where the subway system and walking is so great, it was wonderful to just pop her in the sling/moby/ergo and head out the door! But we haven't encountered HEAT like this before. I couldn't use the Moby when we moved here last year, and that was in the Fall! Annie, Karen or anyone else in hot climates, any ideas for super hot weather babywearing?

Astrology - I'm a Leo, but you probably wouldn't guess that if you met me. Not at all the "showy" Leo type, but a bit of a fiery temper I'll admit to
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Morning mamas! Things here are mellow. Tonight is the big Brownies Award ceremony, which is a minor stress thorn for me, but really, even if I bring Ori, it's not a big deal. Lisa - made it to the PO yesterday, so Mozart is winging his way to you now. Didn't make it to the library and now we owe big time for the overdue CD's. We'll go when the man wakes. Bunch of other errands to do, too.

Karen - LOVE the giant sleeping Luka and dh looks way different than I imagined. don't know why- different than the birthing pics (well, he was in a tub of water, most of those shots!). I still think Luka and Ra'am look like you, but Noam looks exactly like his papa. It's more than just the coloring, but of course that makes it seem even more that way. Their faces are longer, Noam's is wider, like dh's.

Annie, HUGS mama! I totally remember Beca at about that age - very demanding and not easy to nurse. Can dh sleep with him? I know it's not the same, but at least it would give you a break? It was around 20 mos that I got beca to sleep from about 9 - 4ish in her own bed. after that she'd come in, but I felt like at least I'd gotten some sleep, and I could manage. If dh slept with Makai in a different bed, then you and V. could have some quality sleep - even for a night or two. Noone ever said having kids was easy, and honestly, all the hard shouldn't fall on just you. kwim?

Did you get a box of knitting stuff? Just want to make sure it arrived ok.

Thanks for the kind words about the milk - and Mary - funny that your ds did the SAME thing! I guess they're growing! Torin is quite a bit bigger than Ori - although Ori may be bigger than I'm thinking, just not much. Beca hovered around 12 lbs forever too, as I recall. Just keep drinking water, the fenugreek helps a lot, and keep pumping at work. You should be ok.

We are having a new naptime dilemma - he keeps waking after one hour. Sleep for one hour, nurse again, sleep for another hour. I know I shouldn't complain, and actually it's not terrible or anything, but I think he NEEDS to be getting some solid sleep. He wakes so much at night, too, that I don't think he's getting that solid deep sleep that we ALL need (me too!, but that's a different story). Any ideas?

Jessi - I know this is really delayed reaction, but NINE OUNCES!!! OMG! It takes me 4 pumping sessions to get that much. Seriously! Where do you PUT nine ounces! Isn't that more than the bottle will hold! You are one seriously milky mama, hon! And poster child for little boobs do big work!!! In those pics with Heidi you didn't look like you are very big chested at ALL. Impressive!!!

Ok, I'm going to go have aread and a snooze while I can. Lots of hugs, mamas! Andy
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Aaak! All this talk about Ergo's is making me want to get one too... but I have big boobs and they say it isn't great for big breasted women, and he already likes to be worn facing out, so wearing him on the front wouldn't be great, and I'll bet he's too small still for wearing on the back... any ideas about that???

Punched the edit key and then went off surfing (not sleeping) and now I can't remember what I wanted to say... :LOL Maybe I need to sleep more than surf!
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Andy, I have a friend who is rather, um, "ample bosom'ed" and she loves their Ergo. I think she said she was a DD/F cup?

It doesn't face forward in the front carry position , and I think it is primarily designed as a back carrier that can go front carry, kwim? I used it front carry with DD#1 because she was constantly nursing, but I always loved it best as a back carrier.

I tried Brynn in it briefly last week (on the front, not the back), but she's still too wee for it. Her legs were too straddled for my comfort level, so I've put it back into the closet for a month or two more.
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