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hrm I posted twice...
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The nurse-in thing... ah long story. In 1999 they intro a bf bill, shot down totally in a blink of an eye. Last year woman gets physically escorted out of Wal-Mart for nip. Her local senator (a bfing mom) introduces bill at end of session last year. It doesn't make it out of committee before the end of the session. Reintroduced this year, goes in and out of state senate fast, passed 100%. Moves to House in Feb. Sits in committee for EVER. Health cmte wants to add ammendments saying business owners can ask mom to move to a diff location (even bathrooms) if it's "appropriate" and adding "discreet" to the law, also removing liability if a patron is injured from bmilk (like if I squirt all over the salami in the deli and they have to throw it out, or while I'm squirting if grandma falls and breaks a hip, the business isn't responsible) uh so what about 3 yr old who pees or I spill my soda? whats the difference?

Ok so one of these old farts who introduced the ammendments OWNS A FREAKIN DELI in town. So last week while the bill is stuck in committee, some Columbus moms had a nurse-in on the state house lawn. Sounded like fun, once we learned about old fart who had the deli, so I sent out an email, and then spammed all the news media.

SO yesterday afternoon they interviewed us at one of the moms homes, that's how I got the baby bling, and then they came out live last night hoping we'd get asked to leave or somethiing. We all went in at once, which scared the employees because it was like 20 adults and 15 kids to feed in a moment, and then had dinner there. Of course nothing happened, my kid was latched on from before we went inside, and the camera man filmed me (and put me on tv) nursing and didn't realize it until the reporter told him. Funny.

SO turns out the old fart's son was the manager working last night, and when the reporter asked him about us being there, he called his dad, and his dad refused to comment on the story or us being in the store. When the reporter asked the kid, he said "oh my dad would probably say something rudely honest and get himself in trouble" which just cracks me up.

We had over 12 nursing moms, a LC, 2 LLL leaders, a bunch of kids, a few dads, one brand new little babe, some toddlers, a good bunch. And we were all over the tv. Well a "big fire" preempted us on the 6:00 news last night, but we were on a big segment at 11 and a big segment this morning. And pending "legal review" the bill should be signed to law next week.

So, I started that yesterday sometime, and I haven't read any of the new posts yet, but Lauren stared at herself when I paused the tv and it was hysterical, she was just so wide eyed at the baby in the box.

Going to Columbus for the weekend, it's 10, and I had intended to be in the car at 9 and on the road by now, but we slept in until 9 and I'm just eating breakfast and feeding Lauren and I haven't packed our clothes or her dipes or anything for the dog. Gosh it's going to be interesting getting out of here today. Ryan left at 6, so no help either. I need to shower, pack, pack the car, feed Lauren, blah blah all by myself! Supermom here I come! :LOL

So I've tabled chocolate for a few days, we're trying wheat this weekend. I made a loaf of bread last night in the machine (we'll see how it tastes) and I"m going to have a sandwich today!!!

xoxox mamas, see you Monday!
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Az, it's not a booby tube, it's more like one of those gel filled eye masks made for a boob, it can go hot/cold, maybe "bust buddy" or something?

Yah, I get to keep the bling. It's like $70 worth of bling, so I can't really complain! No link on the news yet, but it might show up this weekend. The station was wkyc.com and the newspaper that came only prints once a week, so we'll have to wait on that.

So I should be showering or packing or something, but Lauren is spinning herself around under the baby gym and tugging on the toys, I'm leaving her there for a minute and catching up on the 2 pages of posts I missed yesterday so I don't have to read 10 pages when I get home!!

Ok I'm caught up.I had more to respond to, but it will wait. I want an ergo. I can't afford an ergo. Andy, here is your skydiving harness. I'm going to link the pic because I honestly think this mama is going to make it big (big in a kozy way) with these and I'd feel bad putting her idea out in public for someone to steal. I get mine this weekend to use and help her work out the kinks, it ties on just like a mai tai but offers the right position for facing out. Ok I'm gonna pm the link to some of you, enjoy!

Lauren nursing again, I don't think we'll ever leave.
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4:30am and Luka and I are awake : . I've actually been awake for hours.... kinda like when I was pregnant- too hot, couldn't get comfy. After 2 hours Luka joined me in awakeness. Now he's being cute next to me on the bed. When he was getting wakefull and nursing wasn't doing it, I tried to get up and bounce him. We got up and sure enough he spit up all over me-- I'm naked and it went on my shoulder, down my back, over my butt, and then down my leg onto the floor. yum. Today should be fun after no sleep, sigh.....

sorry I sparked Ergo envy (not that I have one, or anything). Seems like everytime someone posts abotu some new gadget, diaper, or something, we all wanna go out and buy buy buy. Bad mamas!

Luka is fussing. Maybe we'll get back to sleep????
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Originally Posted by jessitron
Oh, booby tubes, I have those. I wonder where they are. They were in the freezer for a while. Hot compresses, right, Az? You are our plugged-duct expert. I have been massaging it today.
I haven't read beyond this byt I wanted to answer before I forget. Yes you'd want to do hot for plugged duct. Having them cold would be for engorement. Let me know how you like them
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Wheee, sleepy baby! She stirred a little bit last night to nurse, but didn't really wake up until about 7 this morning. Now she's gnawing on Nana's fingers so mine can have a break.

Aww, cutie Luka! Cute DH, too.

I really like the inflatable Boppy idea.

I'm not completely happy with my covers. I put flannel bias tape on, and a medium to big pee will soak the flannel, and the pants, and the blanket, and anything she's touching. Maybe they need to be bound in fleece, too. . So I need to experiment. I could send you some experimental ones, and if you like them, I dunno, send me something nice.

Why did I think it would be a good idea to get a 12 pack of jumbo candy bars from the coop?! Yikes, I'm going to end up eating them in like a week.

I'm a Gemini, Aquarius rising. I never knew the rising before. Typical Gemini, though. All or nothing, one extreme or the other, always waffling back and forth.

Wow, this baby is squirmy. And strong. She keeps trying to leap out of my arms, out of the boppy, etc. She was sitting semi-propped in the boppy without tipping over like she usually does! But then we looked at her too much and down she went. :LOL And when I went back in to get her up this morning, she was flipped onto her belly and awake. Yikes, mobile baby coming soon. So not ready.

I desperately need to see HHGttG and Star Wars. Maybe I'll try to see SW Monday afternoon, first show will be cheap so I won't be out a lot of money when she inevitably gets fussy and I hae to leave. Mike wants to see HHGttG too, so we'll have to try some evening.

Hmm, off to see if we can get a nap, too.
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Oh my lots of chatting

We have an ergo ,its sitting in the closet dh insisted that he needed one and wouldn't carry the baby any other way He took it out recently and said it looked too complicated to figure out then eh'd take a look later. He's a mei tai guy, especially my brocade mei tai. He says he likes his better but he's always leaving it in the car then he "has to" use mine. I think he just likes the pretty pink butterflies :LOL

Andy for fleece covers you can just buy some fleece pants like from old navy. Then you have fleece longies for I think $8.50. Though fleece pants maybe hard to find right now. We have a cute pink pair with little bows on the ankles that we use sometimews. She's actually wearing them right now, which is what reminded me. Then just wash them like you would a fleece cover.

Rolling, miss E has rollen a couple of times on the bed, but she's never down long enough to roll. She HATES being put down. She'll hang out in the swing now and again or the bouncy chair for a bit but other than that she wants to be held. The only other exception is when she's watching a mobile, but then she's entranced. When people ask if she can roll I always say yes : becuase I don't want to hear how bad it is to always be holding her. Though some days I swear we're going to have a 4year old that can't even stand.

Lisa thats funny about the old farts son good for you on the nurse in

I bought a soaker and a pair of longies from the bj's market place a couple of days ago. I am not really happy though. She sent me an e-mai saying that the longies weren't really instock and they should be mailed to her in 15days then she'd mail them to me : So now I'm kinda ghoing back and forth on weather I should just cance' the lomngies part of the order. There's just not an abundance of small longies around kwim?

I had a nb tykies diaper and oit was really nice, but really small. I was bummed when it didn't fit for very long. So is Miss E the only baby still in infant prefolds? I think we'll be in them for awhile yet. I actually just ordered a tie dye kit so I can dye them up. I firgued that if they come out crappy she shouldn't be in them for too much longer. So now I'm trying to figure out if I can dye all my infant prefolds at once. But not even 24hrs into no prefolds I've used all my fitted and she's in the last onesize diaper. Plus I've used a couple of premiums and some flats. But I have diaper laundry in the dryer so it might be doable we'll see

I had therapy today and I feel a lot better for it. I did a lot of venting about mil and it made me feel loads better. Plus the therapists says I'm really "in tune" with Miss E which make me feel good Things are getting better too the feeling like dd is a stranger come less and less now. Though they're not completely gone yet

My sign is capricon but I'm on the cusp, that I already knew I couldn;'t figure out the site from Karen, too much reading for me my b-day is December 22.

So can someone remind me of the teething signs : Everyone keeps telling me it looks like Elizabeth is starting to teeth. I can't remember for the life of me what the signs were excpet tons of crying and then teeth We've got crying on and off but who knows that can be from anything and I certainly don't see teeth. She is trying to chew on everything but I thought babies just do that

Ugh I've got a pee machine over here I've changed her 5times in the past hour
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Az- usually teething is fuzzy/crying, chewing on everything, and drooling. but then teething is a long process. just cuz Luka's teething now, I don't really expect to see the teeth soon, but I think they're movin uner those gums.
on the good therapy session!! And I know it's always validating to have someone praise us on our parenting skills. Esp- with a baby you're holding 24/7!

Jeni- I've found that any cottony fabric that touches the diaper will wick wetness.... so yeah, I think fleece all around would be better.

Kathy- I forgot to answer you about the HOT babywearing. I'm sure Annie is a better resource for this question, as it's been such a long time since Noam, so I can't remember, but I know that I had him in a frame backpack as soon as I could. They tend to keep the baby not RIGHT on you. I'm really finding it hot to have Luka on me all the time. We've had very little rain here and lots of SUN, so I've just been inside in the hottest part of the day, OR at the beach.
I definitely think about the heat though when I go out! Esp our farmer's market- it is HOT there, but what can you do??
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annie- your pm box is full!
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Ack! Wow, there's a lot to respond to.

Lisa - awesome job on the nurse-in! Sounds like you really helped that bill, too. Supermom is right!
Drew Carey should show up at a deli where a nurse-in is happening. That would be a good episode.

It is Booby Tubes. They're from Earth Mama Angel Baby. They have rice or something grainy in them, rather than gel, and some herbs so they smell good. They rock!

Karen! We have the same bedsheets! your pictures keep looking familiar...
Luka and DH look fantastic.

Sounds like we have an astrological variety here. Very cool.

Paq, the fleece covers I have are fleece all over.

Now I want an ergo too. The ABC will do a back carry but it looks soooo hard. DH liked the looks of the ergo. That would make a great Father's Day present! Lisa, that mei-tei for front-facing sounds cool.

The midwife suggested I read Losing the Mummy Tummy and do the exercises to help with the hinkiness down there. I ordered it from B&N. Any one ever seen it?

Andy, I finished While I Was Gone the other day. That was a really good one. Very realistic. Are all these books about difficult marriages and affairs?

Az, great about the therapy. Boy, talking about it can really help sometimes, esp to someone who does not form opinions about it all.

This morning's visit with the midwife was excellent. Of course Evelyn is doing wonderfully, nice and big and alert and cute. She drooled all over everybody. Midwife says one of her client's baby is 17 lb at 9 weeks. That's, like, Violet-size.

Anyway - the good part is: she had another client since Evelyn's birth with the same problem of being 9 1/2 cm for 22 hours. She said to herself, "I'm not letting this happen again." She called the one doctor in the area who does home birth, and he owed her a favor, so he came over and gave a tiny bit of pitocin, and ten minutes later the baby was there! (She had called him in my case too, but no response.) So because of my birth experience, this other couple got their home birth. Midwife said they'd not have handled the hospital as well as DH and I did.
I feel so validated by this news. It did have a purpose! It was good! She reassured me that the cyst problem won't stop another homebirth, and that next time if a cyst pops up in a similar spot, they'll know what it is and not worry.
She was very sorry that we wound up in the hospital like we did. I hugged her and told her how much better the birth was because she was with us. Really, she made a huge difference in how it went, even after we got there. I'm going to write up the birth story for the web soon. I'm much happier about it today.
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NAK with Mr. I'm-Not-Sleepy (yeah, right, little dude!)

Having issues with the heat, too. Have guaze homemade moby-style wraps that are working OK. When we're outside sometimes the heat of the baby bothers me more than the heat trapped by the fabric. Don't know any good fix for that except, like Karen said, putting the baby in the frame pack, and they aren't ready for that yet, I don't htink. (Kelty recommends 6 months?) Using your carrier for holding baby on the hip might be helpful, because there isn't as much skin-to-skin contact. Haven't tried that yet, but I should. Any other ideas?
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yikes so much to read! you gals just talk way too much, lol.

Lisa- I still can't believe some people still have that attitude about nip. Good for you gals for doing the nurse in. I hope that someday there won't be any issues w/nip and that it will be common to seeing all moms do it.

Jessi- glad Evelyn is doing well. Glad you feel better aboutyour birth experience.

Karen- love Luka's soaker how cute! and so isn't he might I add

Well I got to see star wars today! it was awesome and we went out to lunch afterwords. It was nice just to get out with the 2 of us for a change.
gotta run as Megan is getting fussy, again............. MTFBWY
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Hi. Haven't had a chance to catch up yet, but I'm back! Trip was good. Will post more later...
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Hola! Yup - it's sure a chatty group! I'm very pleased that there's so much good news out there! Az had a good release and confirming of her excellent mothering, Lisa got to be TV mom of the week! Jessi feeling better about the crazy birth - except for Karen who was wide awake when she shoulda been snoozing... it's all about the good stuff! My good news is the clothes I ordered I have to send back 'cause they're too BIG!

So my little poopaloopsticks stayed home with Dad while dd and I went to the ceremony, which went well (for me, mostly because I could get there on time and w/out the baby, which would not have made our lives easier, I'll tell ya THAT!). Instead of konking out around 7, which he ALWAYS does, he and dad were watching the NBA semi-finals ...glued to it. It's gross. Anyway, he was wide awake and when he saw me he totally smiled HUGE and laughed and launched himself off dh's knee - it was truly heartwarming for me.

I took him out to lunch at a local place and sat outside and he watched traffic in this rapturous way and squeeled at the busses and motorcycles (louder? smellier? ). I read Funke and enjoyed being OUT and the newfound lovliness of my baby (not infant) in public. I'm quite happy the infant stage is over and we've moved into the baby phase of life. He's delicious! People came from tables and tables away to goo and gaa with him... felt very special

Welcome back Michelle! I'm glad you had a good trip - I hope you don't spend precious time reading ALL the posts...it's a lot, already!

Laura: so...how was star wars!!! I think we're going to go to a matinee too... stuff it if people think it's bad for baby. There's one theater nearby that is smaller and doesn't have the massive surround sound speakers. we'll go there. he'll be fine.

Tiger - funny that Ihad a I'm-Not-Sleepy man today too. Maybe it was in the air... We haven't had to do too much in the heat yet, but we did use a backpack w/dd almost all summer long for adventures. Used the sling on hip for around house/town. But I didn't get the sling till she was about a year (10 mos I think) and she was already in the backpack by then (how I survived w/out anything for 10 mos...well, 8 mos is beyond me. We did use the stroller, but not all that much. I guess it was mostly carseat then...sigh).We have the Hawaiian gauze, the backpack for later in the summer when it gets good and hot, and the slings for whenever...I think it's catch as catch can. avoid the worst of the heat, and give them to dh as much as possible (oh, in Joyce's case, I suppose that's not too practical...I guess then you'll have to get one of those beanie hats with a built in fan!). That's my tactic!

Jessi - it sure sounds like your midwife really understands how traumatic your birth was for you guys! That's great, that you have that connection and have a good raport, so that she can help next time (am I presuming too much? Next time?)! Let us know how the mummy tummy goes - that's a cool idea, just getting rid of some of my fat would be awesome (oh, I know, get on the exercise ball! But what I want to do is hit the trail!!!). I don't think all the books are about relationships...I didn't pick them for that, anyway. I tried to keep them to p-backs that are easier to tote around and have in bed with baby, and ones that might fit into your interests... somehow w/all the zillions of books around here, I can never seem to find ones that are great for someone else... I'm glad you liked this one better.

Kathy - do you want the diaper cream or the baby calendula cream. they're different. the diaper cream has zinc in it, the calendula doesn't (and smells better, but doesn't work as quickly on a rash). lmk

Az - ask dh if he wants to sell the ergo - maybe we'll pick it up if he's not going to use it. I'd sure feel better spending a little less and getting one 'used' (doesn't sound like you've actually used it, tho) then buying another carrier new... The flece pants sound like EXCELLENT advice. Maybe I'll surf around and see if there are any sales on. Weird about JamTots. We've had EXCELLENT luck with them. If you tell her in a nice but firm way that 2 wks isn't ok and you'd rather have a refund for that item, she'll probably be ok with that. I called her once because I put in an online order and then changed my mind and opted for the blue strip star butt longies. She was really nice about it. I called at like 7:30am on a sat. too. oops! Forgot they're on the west coast... give it a shot - she's possibly somewhat harrassed by the delay in shipping. I found (find) their longies VERY long, but perfect in the rise and waist. go figure. On teething, dd always got circles under her eyes when she was teething. kind of purpley. Also she often (but not always) had a drippy nose to match her drippy mouth and drippy eyes. It wasn't pretty, even for a pretty little baby. You'll notice some changes that stick around for a while and then vanish - that's probably teething, because teeth will press up against the gum and then receed and then press up again a few times before they erupt. a lovely process. Oh, and my mom is the 23rd of Dec., and if she weren't my mom I'd probably like her, 'cause she's funny and smart and likes art and theater and music (some) and travels a lot...but she's my mom and so there's all this crazy baggage. Not sure where all that came from. need sleep... almost done here.

don't ask why, 'cause there is NO good reason, but once again I watched the circumcision video that's floating around this site. It absolutely disgusts me that they do this to babies for no darned good reason. People who have good reasons aside, because they have reasons, for a doctor to do this to a baby w/out consent and w/out a reason should be charged with criminal assault, imo. ugh (shiver in a bad way).

my pouch is half-way finished now! woohoo for the 50 yard line!!!

Jeni - sure thing on the trade! Don't make it a rush order, but maybe don't send any small sized ones...better to hang and grow into one than use it for all of 2 wks, right?

Oh yeah - Az - I got those Liz's Hemp diapes. and they were sort of too small very quickly too. Ok, WAAAAAAYYYYY cheaper than the tykie's but I know how you felt. The liz's are super stretchy, luckily, so I'm squeezing his teeny tiny butt into them, but if he had a butt one centimeter bigger, we'd have been out of them already. I think maybe Megan would still be in prefold size...Laura???

Karen - hope that you looooved your shower! That's been my excuse twice for dh to take Ori at a godforsaken hour - he spit up in my hair, and it dribbled right down my back and into every crease and crevice...yumm indeed!!! :LOL! I do feel like a bad mama wanting wanting wanting...it's all about making life as easy and simple as possible. KWIM? If there's something out there that could make life easier, pleeeeeeease let me have one!

Lisa - ya know, hearing about the nurse-in really made me wish we were living somewhere there were more than the 6 ap families that live here. It's just tough. The hfs co-op is 20 min. drive, and does have a large clientelle, but they come from ALL OVER the area. I know of only 2 families in this area that are crunchy and theyr'e both extremely insular. They are private, don't answer phones or doors (not always, but almost all the time), and don't come over to stuff when invited. It drives me nuts. Ive given up on them. too bad... I'm sure glad you've found a wonderful community of mamas and kids that relate to you and what you're going through. let me ask, before Lauren was born, did you anticipate this kind of involvement in these kinds of groups? I'm asking because with dd I was TOTALLY clueless and didn't get into groups until she was a lot older (thus no sling for 10 months). So I was curious...

Ok, time to hit the sack and catch up on the posts since I started this. I'm sorry if I left anyone out - never intentional, of course. I hope you all have a great Friday evening and weekend!!! Andy.
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despite my little sleep night, we braved going into town so I could get a haricut. Like many new moms- though I'm not really a new mom- I needed a change. got a lot cut off and it feels good but could be even shorter for my taste (and the heat!)
my sweet natured adn smiley baby was very fussy in town except for when he was sleeping in the sling and also while dh had him doing errands. oh well.

I did get an ergo- a new one that was used for display- got it off the TP. it wasn't cheap, but still a savings. always looking for wayus to make life easier with a babe!

Andy- awesome the clothes were too big! woo hoo!
And WHY watch a circ video? ick

Jessica- glad you're feeling so good about your birth! i'd love to hear the story..... 22 hoiurs at 9+cm does NOt sound fun!
oh.... nak and more fussiness. this baby needs me
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Hey Andy, I'd love a tube (or however it's packaged) of the diaper cream (the one with zinc) Thank you again for this! Let me know how I can settle up with you ~ PP, etc.

Welcome back Michelle! I hope your trip was good & that you're enjoying getting settled back in at home.

I read While I was Gone a few years back, and liked it quite a lot. I was a bit turned off at first because it had this huge "Oprah's book club" sticker on the front, but I enjoyed it!

Jessi ~ sounds like you had an awesome experience with your MW today. That's so amazing to hear how your birth experience has impacted someone else's birth, and given them an easier road. Wow.

Brain dead tonight, so sorry for those who I missed. I think a wee bit o' chocolate is in order for this Mama!
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Hi all

Karen, that's funny you got your haircut - I was going to see if my mom would watch the kids tonight so I could hack mine off. Maybe to chin length, I dunno. lMy hair is fairly long, and its almost back to its original length of when I cut, oh, 20" or so off when Makai was a baby...I'm so torn. I really want to have long, long hair again, and I sorta want a short funky do. Plus its falling out in the handfuls. Soooo gross. And a little freaky, I might add. I've never had it fall out THIS much. So...what to do, what to do?

I had my counseling appt. today too. She assured me that I'm in no way remotely crazy (little does she know, haha) and that the anxiety I've been feeling is probably just a big estrogen drop (hence the hair falling out). So, I'm feeling lots better Like Az said, just talking about stuff makes 100% difference sometimes.

I just found 10 Sandies on the TP! And they're tye dye! Whohoo! Dh is going to kill me.

More to post - gotta go right now!
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Ok, now I can finish....

Lisa- that's really cool that you got some advocating in, and were on the news. Please do make sure and post a link when and if you get one.

Andy- glad you got some mama/dd time, even if it was for brownies.

Michelle- welcome back, hope it was a fun trip

Az- glad the therapy was good.

Jessi - so glad you've found a little peace with your birth.

Hopefully, I got you all. If I didn't, I still love ya

Oh Kathy, here's a big chocolate for ya!!
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Annie- it's a big issue in my house- hair. when i met dh i had hair to my butt- apparently that'swhy he fell in love w/me. well hair like that here is knotty and hot. i've cut it real short before and he hated it. i wasnted mine chin length, but came home with it still too long- it's on my neck and I want it OFF. so i think i'm gonna go back next week for more chopping. i need some liberation!
i do miss my long hair and love how it looked, but have no patience anymore!

kathy- i avoid oprah books. i've read tons but they always have big tradgedy snd trauma. i'm over that.

i'm nursing luka to sleep in my room while my family and our friends eat the apple/pear crisp i made. waaah!
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what's nak?? too lazy to go look it up.

home from work........ went well. Torin is great! a bit fussy for dh but great! he brought him in to nurse. i LOVE seeing him!

I have the infant insert for the Ergo carrier. i like it but i do think it will be better when he is bigger.

I made an appointment yesterday for a haircut next week. Can't wait....... I'm in desperate need. no major changes now.

gotta go...... bed is calling after working 12.5 hours...... i want to go snuggle with my boy..............just nursed him to sleep but wanted to check in and say hi!!!! doubt i'll be here at 0300am since its now 12:35am........

enjoy your weekend mamas
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