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nak- nursing at keyboard

woohoo on haircut Karen! I haven't had one in 2 years, i'm way overdue. Haven any before and after shots?

Andy- I don't do prefolds just fuzzi's. Star wars was awesome!! I cried a bit near the end, it was definitely sad. Even though you alredy know what's gonna happen, it's still sad. I also will never understand circ. It was one reason I was so glad we had girls because my dh would have wanted to do a circ of course I told him over my dead body.

Michelle- welcome back

In my first birth I was 4 cm for 2 weeks then 5 cm for 3 weeks. I swear I called it a 5 week labor, it was miserable. Of course I was on bedrest but when they took me off I walked around for a week at 5 cm, they said walk walk walk, they wanted me to go naturally but contractions galore and nothing and finally they induced me.

Megan slept from 8 pm till 7 am this morning, Yikes talk about wonderful.
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Morning Ladies,
I have read all the posts, but there are too many to respond to, so if i forget anyone, I am sorry.

First, we slept through the night again! Yay! It's great when he does that, but since it is not consistent, sometimes all it does is remind me why I am tired the days when he doesn't sleep through.

We are on heat advisory here. We might have fabulous winters, but today it is supposed to be 111 and tomorrow 113. It got hot basically overnight. Makes it hard to be motivated to do anything. At least it is a dry heat. :LOL

Sweetpea - I am so jealous that you got to see Star Wars. We really wanted to go, but no babysitters, so we have to wait.

Hair - I have mine short right now. Before Will was born I chopped it chin length and learned why you don't color your hair yourself when pregnant. I turned it the color of a watermelon jolly rancher. : I got it fixed and it looked great, but I will likely never do my own coloring again.

Michele - Welcome back. Glad you had a good trip.

Jessi - I am glad that you had an impact on someone else's birth experience. I wish that the experience I had wit Emily was more like the one I had with Will. I was able to bond with him so much quicker because I wansn't in labor as long.

Annie - Good luck with the counseling. It really does help to talk to someone and to have them tell you that you aren't crazy!

Andy - I promise that I am going to ship the book soon. I am really sorry for the delay.

We are having a yard sale, so I have to go now. More later!
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Annie glad to hear therapy went well for you too. Its amazing how good having someone listing to you complain and not telling you to suck it up can, make you feel. I even slept better last night The bedwetter pants went out yesterday, and the postal lady was jelous of the package. She wanted to go to HI with it

Andy you've got another rescue remedy fan. My sister was over last night and tried the draps and now she wants me to pick her up some. They are a big hit over here. Thats funny about dh and Ori watching sports on tv together. I bought the longies from the bjmarket place lady on ebay. The woman whos realatives in china make them. I talked to my sister about it and she said that with an ebay store its really easy to have it add more of the item than you wanted. so who knows. I'm leaning towards just waiting becuase they are awefully cute, pink with a ruffle at the hem and a fish. We like fish things here

Karen I know we don't have heat like you do, but its kinda funny I'v always liked my hair longer in the summer so I can put it up. I've actually been going back and forth on getting a hair cut. I know my hair looks like ca-ca but I can just barely put it up. I'll prob go back and forth until its a non-issue liek the longies. I hate hot hair on my neck, it drive me crazy.

Jessi I'm glad you feel better about your birth. You really should try writting it out. That helped me tons. Before I wrote it I kept thinking about the blood loss and the hospital, all the meds to stopp the bleeding etc. Then when I was writing it. I realised that was just a very small part of it all. Ya know it hasn't bothered me since. Just beware that it does bring up alot of feelings. It was really intense for me just writing it, I could feel a lot of the same feeling and I swear my heart was racing and I was shaking. It ws a very healing experience for me. I wish I had done it for ds birth.

Andy I don't know how you can watch the circ video. DS is circ, but I honestly didn't know any better. I thought everyone was and it wasn't even presented to me as an option. The midwife never brought it up in pg. Then at he hospital them came in and said they were taking ds to get circ I don't know how anyone could do that to more than one child. When they brought him back he was sreaming hysterical (they didn't use anything for the pain then) and it was just aweful changing his diaper. I can remember standing there crying looking at his poor penis all raw and painful. Having to pick the gauze off everytime I had to change him and put it a new piece back on. And the way he would scream when he peed. I still feel really guilty about having it done
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G'mornin mamas! Just a quick peep from out of town, our hosts are sleeping and left the computer on for me.

Lauren is sleeping too. Amazing.

Az, when I dyed my dipes I did them in 2 batches, just mixed up the fixer and stuff in a smaller batch because I knew we needed clean dipes. I think I had to wash dipes every day though to keep up.

The front facing carrier thingy - I sent the link to Andy and Karen, so pm them if you want to see it. It's cool. I'm soooooo excited to go pick mine up.

Andy, yah, what you said on the social network thing. I was raised AP and my mom was in a "play group" of moms like her as well as LLL support, so I sought out these women when I was pregnant. Mostly I did it to find out about vax, and to see who was out there, and it's totally awesome. Then again there are 2 big yahoogroups that chat in our area, one that's a big mix of mamas, the other a more religious but still crunchy group. And they're mostly intelligent and willing to discuss/debate things.

Ok gotta go, the host is up and wandering around,
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Lisa- can't stay away, huh!!! I was thinking it would be a sad weekend around here without you!

On hair- I was pulling mine up a lot Az, but the thing is I have TONS of hair and when I wear it up too much, it pulls and I get a headache. It's very heavy and thick. No before and after pics yet. We had friends over last night and no one even noticed it was cut, because it basically looks the same but shorter in the back. I'm resolved to go back and have her do more. If I lived closer to town I'd go today, But I don't think I wanna get in the car again toda (though it's air conditioned.....).
oh, and Nicole- watermelon jolly ranchers are a pretty color

We complain about the heat, but it's nothing like Nicole's heat! Arizona is HOT! dh's grandma and great aunt live there and we used to visit plenty. it's very different from here. We haven't been there in awhile though. hi g'ma is 97 and not aware anymore , and a visit, while nice, is a little on the futile side.....

Luka just discovered rainbows all over our room. We have major direct sun in the ams (face east) and I have prisms hanging in the window. He's fascinated.

Az- those pants from bj's mkplce sound so cute. they have a lot of nice things. it took me a long time to decide on the ones I bought. I just need to learn to knit myself.... or have a lefty knitter just show me the ropes.

it's gonna be beautiful here today. dh is going diving on the other side of the island and will be gone all day.
we have a busy weekend of dinner plans adn parties. luckily, everything is close (like dinner next door and a kids' party the other next door). should be fun.... I like being Fed!
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Karen, I'm a lefty knitter. You really just knit the same way a righty does. I think I just cast on with my left hand instead of right. Its sort of an ambidextrous art.

Laura - Your first pregnancy sounds a lot like my pregnancy with Violet. I was like 3 centimeters dilated, 70 percent effaced from 20 weeks. Everytime I walked around I'd start having contractions. It sucked. Luckily she stayed in until 37 weeks. Makai was born at 36 weeks, but I never had any preterm labor stuff with him. I could've been dilating, I'm not sure though. Our midwife never checked me. One of the reasons I don't want to have any more kids is because I don't think I could go through another pregnancy like Violet's.

So, we're all brain dead over here. Makai was up ALL night again. This is day 4, I think. I think he must be getting his two year molars. Anyway, he's been sleeping with my mom, because I think its actually more upsetting for him to be with me at night when he's freaking out like this. Poor little guy. Kobe was up all night too, worried about his brother. He's sort of a sensitive soul, like Karen's little Ra'am.

Nicole - whoo! Not jealous about that heat!!! I'm from Nev. originally, and I remember it too well. Last year, I took the boys to visit, and having grown up in some sort of rainforest climate their whole lives (Arcata and Hawaii) they were freaking out from the dry air- bloody noses, saying they couldn't breath, dry throat, the whole bit. Of course, being at 6000 ft altitude didn't help They ended up having to sleep with a humidifier. Anywhoo. stay cool!!!

Allright, I'm going. I'm breaking my no coffee stint for today.
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Violet went to sleep at 8:45 last night, and here it is almost 11:00 AM and she's still sleeping!!!! Whew, this girl loves her sleepies. Must've just cruised right on through to her morning nap.

I think that's why she's starting to thin out so much. She sleeps all the time. That and all the pilates she does
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I've got a screamer here today. I've tried the baby tylenol, gas drops, bouncing, talking to her, nursing her like a hundred times. She won't nurse. We'll no she is nursing but once she's done eating she wants nothing to do with the boob. I keep offering to her and it seems to make her madder. We need a hair pulling smilies cause that's the point I'm at now. I just had to give up and put her down. She did the same thing yesterday. Except yesterday it was in early the afternoon (its a little after 5 here now)
This sucks
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Az- sounds like Miss E has got something going on! teeth? sick? I know how hard it can be....

Annie- go sleeper baby! wow! hopefully she continues to be such a good sleeper- and how awesome that Makai can sleep with grandma.... and poor Kobe for worrying about brother. that's very sweet! sending some sleep and healing vibes your way for Makai!!!
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Heya again mamas, yep I can't keep away!

Our hosts not only sleep late, they had to go to a dinner with the senior partner at the law firm my friend's dh works for, so they are out, they took their babe (she's 3 weeks younger than Lauren) to MIL and so we're here with Lauren and the dogs.

I don't know if Lauren is growing or if it's just a new place or what, but she slept last night from 9-11 on me, then we went to bed and she nursed, slept nursed slept until 8, I nursed her at breakfast, and then we went back up to bed and she slept until noon! Then dh put her down after I nursed her in the hammock (oh wow, hanging in a hammock in the yard aaaah) and she's been sleeping for 2.5 hrs already. Their bed is just like ours, so it must be the blackout curtains in the bedroom or something. I am SO getting some before we even go home.

Going to get that new carrier tonight, Andy I'll ask her to hurry and make you one!

Nothing else exciting, I've actually been eating "normal" food today that I know isn't exactly on my diet, but is reasonably safe (like I had bread that probably had milk in it at lunch, and I had ketchup), and a glass of wine last night and so far no reactions. I'll have to check her bum tonight and see how she's doing. If she's ok, then WOOHOO! Because I've had wheat and chocolate and wine and tomato products this weekend. No eggs yet, and I'm going to watch carefully because the wheat might take longer if it's what was giving her the flaky skin, but hey, I'm pleased!

And she's actually been better behaved than the kid we're visiting, who is a super mellow kid. :LOL


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: howdee doodee mamas! I'm in this super goofy mood - went to a fair all afternoon and my kids were so great, and we made a zillion crafts and bounced in the jumpers and really had a great time. Ran into my crunchy mama 'friend' who doesn't answer the phone or door, and she had the baby all tucked into the bjorn under her coat, so no peeps at the baby for anyone (she's about a month old now). They sure are funky weird people, which would be fine except they are just so... distant? Well, anyway, it was nice to see them and not have to have any expectations, just hang a bit. Also saw a bunch of other folks, who were all super fun all afternoon, and even a touch of drizzles, but the sun was still shining and we got rainbows here, too!

Karen - way cool about Luka and the prisms. I remember Beca used to get totally sucked into the prism rainbows in her room in Vancouver. Don't know what happened to the prisms we had... lost in the move, I guess. Better than a mobile anyday, huh!

Annie - I'm so sorry for Makai - does sleeping w/his grandma mean you actually get to sleep? What is the point of having a baby that sleeps through the night if YOU don't sleep through the night, I'd like to know (in which case, you wanna swap kids for a few weeks!? I'd just LOOOOVE some sleep!)

Az - how awful for everyone at your house that Miss E. is so sad. There must be something going on...you are doing such a great job offering what comfort another person can possibly offer (boob, love, touch) - she'll just have to work through whatever it is. Her poops are ok? And she's sleeping ok when she's sleeping? Poor thing... Hugs to you mama!!! How's the new moniter working? You inspired me to get batteries and get ours up and running too. Works GREAT! I can go all the way outside and it's perfectly clear. LOOOOOOVE it!

Kathy - I have an extra (EXTRA?! Well, not yet used) tube I will send you on monday. I'm sorry we didn't get to it today, but everytime I had a chance to go, dh was out w/the car. The of one car families who aren't organized . I have another package that didn't get sent either. I'll let you know what it cost to send - it can't be too much! Pretty weeny tube, for $6 (as dh would say it's a mini-rip off! I do love love love this stuff, tho.) I still have your address! What is the origin of your last name? We had wonderful neighbors who were Demsky's ...maybe from the same root?

Hi Lisa!!! That's so nice of you - I appreciate it. I'd really dig having a good carrier that works for us. The sling is great but diversity is better! What a relief it'll be to get him into a back carry that I can trust. Even the mamatoto torso carry just doesn't work for long enough for me. I keep having to readjust it and then he slips down... this will be SOOOO much better (I hope!). I actually shivered (in a good way) when you mentioned how many new food groups you dove into today - having to lose them all would be so sad... let's hope she doesn't have any new symptons. Oh, and I totally agree about the wheat and delayed reactions. That's very typical for wheat. It's more of a sensitivity (which I think about 20-30% of people in the US are sensitive to), but most people ignore it and rub on more cream.

So there were about 5 people babywearing at the fair today. One Dad w/a sling (this was heresay, I didn't actually see him), and several moms w/bjorns (exclusively). I saw one woman in the mall here once wearing that side carrier thing, what's it called...sutemi? Anyway, it was stroller city there. I kept getting my heels clipped (oh! Sorry! yeah, right, whatever) and to be honest, it was kinda - they ignored their kids for the most part (even forgetting about the stroller in dealing with older babes and walking away entirely, then rushing back to get the stroller/baby - saw that THREE times myself!), they bumped into everything and everyone, took up a ton of space, BUT I gotta say, they did have a place to store all the crafty stuff the kids pasted together. Mine is now all stuck to the wet diape bag in the diaperpack . I'm glad I wore him 'cause he nursed for 1/2 the time we were there, and noone even knew it, but it wasn't easier overall.

Ok, I'm going to go catch the end of The Wiz - we swapped friday night movie for tonight because of the brownie thing. But I hadn't checked in all day and wanted to read up and say hi!

Oh, Lisa - I've heard that blackout curtains work really well and am seriously thinking about some for ds's room 'cause the blinds we got are on the outside of the window frame, so sunlight streams in from both windows behind the blinds...fairly blinding : And yea!!! that she's sleeping so well! Did you get her pepcid script corrected??? could that be part of it?

Lots of hugs mama! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!! Andy.
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Az - CHAMOMILLA!!! Chamomilla 30x. I wish you could use mine! I love that stuff almost as much as I love rescue remedy (which I assume you tried already?). Rec'd is one tab every 15 min. for babies, but I give 3 tabs crushed for the first and if needed one tab after not more than 15 min. apart. Make sure that you get the dissolvable ones for babies (like Hyland's) not the pellets that are kind of solid and really round. They usually come in a 'dispenser' type plastic bottle - you can see the little hole they come out of through the top. Not good for babies (but great for mommies :LOL ). Good luck mama!!! I hope you all get some sleep tonight. Andy
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Yep Az- I would second the chamomila. I don't really like hylands stuff - I would get boiron brand, or else the liquid chamomila if they have it. Make sure you don't touch it when you give it to her, just pour the pellets directly into her mouth - they are really soft, dissolve almost immediatly. If she's very restless, you can also give coffee crudea. The same way, both of them up to every hour until she calms down.

Rescue remedy is awesome too. You can rub it directly onto her gums if she's teething. Same with tylenol, if it comes down to that.

Poor Az, poor E. s to you both!
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Karen - I got the mei tai! It is so gorgeous! We love it. I am going to try it out later today when we go out. I don't know what you are talking about it not being perfect. I can't tell. You should totally do this as a business. You could make a ton!

We are going to buy a treadmill today. We finally realized that we just have to suck it up and do it. Only one of us can go running at a time, so this way, we can both exercise in the am and just alternate who gets to run outside.

We slept throuugh the night again! This makes 2 days in a row. Another couple of days like this and I just might feel normal again. What would that be like?

A while back there was a question about when AF came back. With me, Will was only 2 months old, and it was only for a day. It was after he had RSV and was hospitalized for that. He wasn't eating well, and I was trying to deal with that. It hasn't come back since. Still, we assume that I am ovulating again, so we are uber careful. Speaking of which, DH has scheduled his vasectomy for the end of July. I am totally ready for it, but it is so final, it makes me sad a little too. Interesting conflicting feelings.

Well, gotta go make breakfast!
Talk to you this evening.
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Hey - how did everyone sleep? Quiet today. I'm off for some daughter mama time, while ds sleeps and then Jerry will take over for a little while. OFf to buy some new dishtowels, I think.

Az - how did it go at ton maison? I hope she slept well - sometimes with all that energy they get out crying they do sleep soundly... but sometimes they're SO upset they don't sleep wellat all. - caio mamas!
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fussy baby here. Az wrote yesterday about her fussy babe, while mine was sleeping. As soon as he woke up it was fuss fuss fuss for the majority of the day. I've seen worse, but he's just not generally been very happy. my arms are killing me.
he slept ok last night, but woke up unhappy, which isn't normal for him. it's probably teeth.
ya, must be teeth cuz he keeps clamping down on my nipple:

we had dinner at ouor neighbor's hoiuse last night. they used to be our closest friends but last night it felt a little strained. it's been years since we hung out like we used to, sigh..... it's funny how people move in and out of your life. this mama was at Noam's birth too.
today the little girl next door is turning 5 and has a party and then we also have a potluck to go to in the afternoon. should be fun w/a fussy butt, right???

i hope lisa's getting great sleep and andy's having fun w/dd.

nicole- glad you like the mei tai! send photos! i will not do a business cuz that will take all the fun out... btdt

hope everyone else is having an awesome day!
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Ugh looks like the fussy-ies are going to be visiting today. Thanks for the tips Andy and Ann. After I'm done here I'm going to make a trip to the hfs. Andy we have tried the rescue remedy. That was working but it hasn't seemed like enough. DH and MIL think its teeth. DH took Miss E over to mil's yesterday because he had to pick up their van so he figured he'd give me a little break. Thy think they can see teeth. There are two teethy looking spots on her bott0om gum but her gums haven't been red We'll see. Karen Elizabeth had bee biting onmy nipples for the past couple of weeks too : Plus she's always got at least a finger in her mouth chewing on it.

Andy we got ok sleep. I hope you have fun with dd. DS and I have been having more one on one or almost one on one time lately. Its been really nice. I was missing him but didn't know it, kwim?

Miss Elizabeth earlier today happy (thats an infant prefold on her btw)
my 10 moth old nephew
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Well, she might be fussy but she's darn cute Az!!! I love the pics. And you're nephew is a sweetie too. I love that my soakers are hanging in the background

SO, my brain has officially retired. 5 days of about 4 hours of sleep total and I'm zonked. I feel like I'm going to pass out. It must be hormones or something that make us survive all that nosleep in the newborn phase

Nicole -Karen's mei tai's are awesome. I keep meaning to post a pic of mine. That's my goal for today. That and going to kinkos and scanning in the remaining photos for the collages. Blech. Stupid collages. I'm at the point now, where I could be done -I'm just anal and want them to be perfect, and keep making little changes/additions. I really love photoshop now. Its amazing what you can do with that program. So far all I've done with it is lots of cropping and removed a few crotch shots of parents and such from the backgrounds of photos....but still....knowing that I could do oh so much more is cool. I think I'm going to take a class for it next fall.

Everybody have a great day!
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Az- Miss E is a doll! sorry about the return of the fussies. I wish it was certain that the teeth would just pop out and have this over with. but I know that it can go on a looooong time, unfortunately. It is easier as a seasoned parent though!

Annie- my dh is photoshop master. He teaches classes too.... maybe you should come over here for a class!

Thankfully Luka is sound asleep (shouldn't even say that, it might jinx his sleepies!). He spent a long time playing with the boys and that was a good distraction. I'm hoping he wakes up happy!
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Heya mamas, I'm home.

Long day. I'm tired. Will have to catch up tomorrow.

We spent the entire day in the doggie ER, my friend's dog bit Zoe and put a big hole in her side. Had to get her repaired. This dog has biting issues, so we won't be going back there to visit again, I'd hate for it to be Lauren.

My friend's babe is 3 weeks younger than L, if I were them the dog would be put down, no matter how attached I was, this is the 3rd dog that's been hurt and I guess the neighbor and mailman too.
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