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you do need more.... nana wants to wash less

we're going on a grand journey. 1 week in the Bay Area- which will consist of sleeping in 3 different homes of friends (i.e crazy). 1 week in Nantucket with dh's parents (ie being taken care of and mellow), and 1 week in LA w/ my parents. gotta show off the baby!
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Hi Ya'll! Jess - the more diapers you have the more honest it is to say that each was part of a 'large rotation' which has trade value - it's INVESTMENT! Each diaper is worth more the more diapers you have!!! Cool, huh! You need more diapes How did you do your order? There's a thing on the website that says not to pay right away, but then there's no other way to build the cart...I finally sent her an email. The bubbles is so cute for a girl, but I didn't love it for a boy. I don't know why...my own social bias? Thinking of it, I do dress him in blue a lot (and green, and red, and whatever I've got in yellow). Anyway, I ordered the shorts in the batik #4 YEA!!!

Annie : :

Nicole- some people say babies can remember surgeries...I don't really think they can 'remember' it, but he may be having some of that...or gas :LOL

Laura - do you sign? Do your kids? We don't, but wish we did. I've been thining of doing it with Ori, but didn't w/Beca. Maybe she'd be into learning it too. I saw a kit w/cd's etc. on the tp for about $50. I thought about it but...

That's so sad about the hospital... It's such a sad world that doesn't trust mamas or babies. We are SO not out to rip off the world.

Ya know, my dh was sick a ton for like 4 yrs. He's just now getting better (in time for the move and a renewed allergy response to new env'tl stimuli), as in he's not sick \every month for a week (I swear it was menstrual sympathy ). drag. All I can say is DRAG! It's so not fun. at least the kids I can nurse and they pretty much HAVE to take whatever I want them to to boost immune or whatever. Dh is such a pain like that.

Karen - Yah - Ori does that delay howl too. and then it's such a HOWL like I've never heard from a well fed, well loved baby. Such a mashugana. He's having a sleepy day, which works well for me! It's gloomy and rainy here, so sleep is good. I'm going to go curl up w/ a tea and Funke's Thief Lord (thought I'd start at the beginning) and enjoy a moment of calm before the bus arrives, the baby wakes, and all hell breaks loose.

Just a quick note, before I split tho, I FINISHED THE POUCH!!! It's ok - I blew the french seam, did it backwards so it's not very pretty. sad. But I have another piece of this fabric I could use... I have yet to try it out, but I can just feeeeeel my carrier stash growing! YEA!!!

Returned the pump today. I have about 10 babysits worth of stash that will last until October - if the power doesn't cut out for too long...

Lisa - how's it going with Zoe? Pepcid? Diet? Sanity/sleep/nursing? You seem quite busy these days...
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Hi all,

Well, our visit is today. Thanks for the well wishes. I showed her to my mom and dh and they both agree with me that there is something going on. So, at least I'm not alone in my worry wartedness.

So, which prints did everybody get? I have it narrowed down to about 10, and I want to get about 5 :LOL

My grandma sent me a fairly large birthday check. Is it sad i want to use some of it to buy diapers?

Oh Laura, you've been through so much. I can not begin to understand how hard it all was for you. All I can give is mucho cyber hugs, and tell you what a HUGE inspiration you are to all of us. To keep strong with your (awesome) parenting ideals within the face of the medical community is a HUGE accomplishment and takes a very dedicated mama. You so rock!!! And so does Megan, of course. And dh and sis. You guys must be a really cool fam irl.

Lisa- how is Zoe? My sister's name is Zoe, btw, and so is our cat. Actually, our cat's name is Ginger Zoe Aiden Firecat thunderstorm. But we usually call her Zoe. The neighbors thought she was a (really nice and friendly, hmmm..)stray and started feeding her and letting her in, and they named her George. SO that's what they call her, hmph.

Jess -diapers are an investment. Makai had about 10 SOS. When I sold them off I got about 30, whereas if I had had a larger rotation, I could've gotten over a hundred. The more you have the better...of course, then it gets to a certain point, but you know what I mean!

Ok, well I don't know what else to write. We should all skype each other someday and talk irl, or would that be too weird and we'd all just be sitting there -HA!

Andy- Allright, you are on your way to crafty mamaness!!!! Show us pics ok!!! I keep meaning to tell ya - no knitting stuff yet, but if you sent it parcel post it sometimes takes quite a while to get here.

I'll keep you all updated Love and Alohas!
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Hey mamas, yah, it seems busy.

Poor Zoe, she's all sad and depressed. We're feeding her asprin and antibiotics and giving her as much supervised time w/o the big cone collar on as we can. But she still says it sucks to be her.

Lauren is yelling at her toys, she pulled one of the toys off the baby gym this morning and she's trying SO HARD to roll over with her big padded diaper butt.

This morning I went back to work and packed up about 1/2 of my stuff, at least the stuff that wasn't being used by the kids. I'm going back next week to get another load, and then the last week of school for some. Hopefully it won't be as hard as the first school I left, I needed an entire van to move that stuff.

Lauren is getting angry with the toys now, I think she needs a nap.

Pepcid dose was only adjusted a tiny bit but we got a new bottle, and I think it's really a stale vs fresh issue, not a dose issue now.

Took my parents to the airport today too, they are off to Florida for a week. Lucky them, it's COLD here this week, only in the 50's.

Today is dh's 31st bday. We had McDonalds for lunch to celebrate.

I sign, plan to start in the next few weeks with Lauren. I worked in special ed prek w/babes 6 mos-3 yrs in college, and we signed w/all those kids - amazing how much they understood and used before they talked.

Going to put Lauren down for a nap (I hope, I need to get groceries).

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I'm thikning of you and Violet today, Annie!! I hope the visit goes well. Maybe she has a buildup of wax in her ears or something like that. Or maybe y'all are just too loud for her!

At Lucy's I got 3 fitteds with the surfboard print, dophins and geckos. The batiks were nice, but I went for animals
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Because Cereal is Oh-So-Satisfying?

Mary, never worry about being behind. I'm always like a week behind in replying to the posts. Everybody is so gracious about it, though.

Just got back from the 4-mo well-baby with the twins. They turned four months yesterday. Carmen's 16 lbs, David's 15.1. They're both 24 and 3/4". The doc was looking them over (poor Carmen bawling as soon as we walked into the exam room . . . she wanted a nap, not a cold white room with an ugly green Martian cartoon wallpaper border!), and suggested that at some point the babies would start getting really hungry, like milk just wasn't enough, and they would be eating like every hour. Then, he said, they would need some cereal.

Now, I don't know about you, but rice cereal doesn't strike me as particularly filling. Nor does it seem like a typical baby just starting to eat would really eat enough cereal--or anything else--to feel suddenly full and satisfied. Does this kind of advice make sense to any of you? It just seems a little wrong for some reason. Hmm.

I'm eating lunch and David just woke up and is acting silly.

Nicole: We still swaddle Davey when he has a bad night. It really helps him get organized. We just use a small blanket of gauze fabric, since it's kind of hot to be using anything heavier. White noise while he sleeps helps a lot, too. And both kiddoes have the screamies like yours, for maybe like the past two weeks. In fact, I was rocking Carmen earlier this afternoon and she screamed directly into my right ear. It didn't wake her up, but I sure did start paying a lot more attention! Sometimes David wakes up really sad, like Old Yeller kind of sad. Then, once he's really awake, he's happy and fine, as if nothing ever happened. Guess those synapses are just busy.

Lisa, I guess they never put out the webcast for your story? I keep checking and I haven't seen it. (But now I know all about the kittens that got thrown out the window of a moving car!) Last night I had on the white noise for Carmen while I rocked her. I was piping it from my computer to the radio in the living room--the radio static sometimes picks up other stations at sunrise and sunset. So we're in the dark, rocking and shushing, and I take the mouse and oh-so-quiete-ly I visit the station's web page. Click, I go to the webcast page, and suddenly this SUPER LOUD streaming video comes on. In my surprise I couldn't think how to turn it OFF, and so I started fumbling for the remote for the stereo, which of course I couldn't find, so I wound up running and turning down the volume myself. Carmen's eyes were wide open, and her eyebrows were like, "what they hey, mama?!?" :LOL I never have the audio turned on when I use my computer so I didn't realize anything was really playing the last time I visited that page. Tonight when I'm playing my white noise from the computer I'll just read a book--anything that won't scare me half to death when it starts talking to me!

Does anybody know why my babies smell good enough to eat? Is it just my hormones making it seem that way, or do they really smell that good to other people, too? I mean, C&D smell downright DELICIOUS! I commented on their smell to DH, and he said oh, he didn't know, he thought they smelled kinda sweaty. Then he asked if I had been eating enough, lately? :LOL

Oh, well.

Alright, better go. Hope everyone is having a good day, that are babies are happy and well, and that poor Zoe is rapidly on the mend. I'm going to wrap up my lunch . . . and enjoy a yummy baby!
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Wow 3 weeks Karen, thats one whirlwind vacation.

Andy-I only know basic signs and all the insulting ones, lol. My brother reads lips well so thats what worked for us. I tought K some basic signs, thats about it.

Lisa- sorry about Zoe poor doggie celebrated w/Mcd's huh?

Annie- hope it is something like wax or fluids. Thxs actually i think we r kinda boring family irl

ok couldn't resist temptation I saw an unicorn print at LHC, me thinks i may need one
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LHC - I ordered with the cart, then waited for her email. She responded that night, and I need to re-choose one fabric because the woven won't work for the shirt/pants set. I suppose she'll send an invoice once it's all settled.
I picked fabrics from the yahoo group: knit roses (a dress and matching AIO), purpleblackbutterflies (fitted), misty butterflies woven and asian pink woven (bubbles). If I had a boy he'd get a bubbles suit in Blue Alien. It's an insta-join yahoo group, not one where the moderator has to approve you.
Laura, that unicorn print is be-a-utiful.

Andy, that's a good point about the rotation! Currently my rotation has dipes that get used 1-2 times a day and dipes that hardly ever get used. The little fishies and tykies are my faves, followed by Little Beetles.
Remembering surgeries - I wonder about the "conscious sedation" they use now on adults and whether some part of me remembers my little surgery and is traumatized by it. I don't feel traumatized, not now.
What is that about "just in time for the move?" Are you moving? Did I miss something?
Good job on the pouch!

Annie, no, it's perfectly cromulent to spend your birthday money on diapers. Anything that makes us enjoy changing diapers is money well spent!
Hilarious about the neighbors adopting your cat! Ginger Zoe Aiden Firecat Thunderstorm George.
What is skype? I agree that if we were all on webcam or something, it would be tough knowing when to talk.

Lisa, it's a sign that you're a good teacher, that you have so much stuff in the classroom.

DH is trying to teach Evelyn signs. He has this tiny little book that Nana found at a resale shop. He shows her signs for things like "elephant" and "dance." Not the most useful signs.

Tiger, great job feeding those nice big twins! Funny story about the radio.

Mmm, babies do smell delicious! I pretend to eat Evelyn and sometimes she laughs.

Az, I packed up some diapers to send. Why send out a few diapers when I could send... twenty-four? :LOL and a few bits of clothing as a bonus. And Karen, you're getting something funny for Luka.
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I lost my post (my mouse fell over and froze the comp)

I was saying something about cereal...

Oh yeah:
1. Watch out for cereals with formula or cow's milk added to them, Heinz is one of the better for additives. However, they've all been overprocessed to the point that they're barely even food.
2. The iron in iron fortified cereals is actually not as efficiently used as that available in breastmilk, and it interferes with the absorption of the better bm iron
3. With dd1, we didn't know a lot of this and went with cereals, but with dd2 we're planning on ripe bananas etc.

Thoughts with Violet

All this talk of diapers :-(
With dd1 I didn't have the money for a lot of fancy diapers, and now with dd2, I have enough so I can't justify buying more, esp when we're super broke.

I wrote a song:

I wish I were a cloth-diaper hyene
Fancy diapers for my sweet baby!
Oh I wish I were a cloth-diaper hyena
Everyone would be green with envy!"

(tune: oscar meyer weiner song)

Lisa: hope your pooch heals and good luck getting your stuff!
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Pam, you're a goofball! :LOL

Well, I was bad and I ordered nine LHC dipes. We have no fitteds right now, and the prefolds are way too tight on V with a snappy, so we actually NEED diapers really badly right now, (I've been using the wonderoos on both Kai and V) I figure why not make them super cute! I've never ordered custom diapers before, so I'm actually pretty excited!!! I got - pink surfer, giggles dolphin, purple blossom, blue ladybug daisy, lime sunflowers, blue multisuns, red hawaii, purple unicorn, giggles pink princess.

I liked those rompers too Jess. I was thinking about getting the aliens, but I've had so many boyish dipes, I thought it would be more fun to go all girly.

I still want to get a good butterfly dipe and a ballerina one. Any good recs?

Skype -is a free phone line. You just talk through the mic on the computer. I suppose you could set up a webcam too. http://www.skype.com/ My mama uses it for all her international conference calls, to Japan and New Zealand and such. Its pretty goofy to listen in on those calls, but its a really cool program.
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Joyce, I can personally attest to the fact that rice cereal is NOT filling and is NOT yummy. NO matter what it's mixed with, be it breastmilk, formula, rice milk, water, or real milk. It tastes like mush.

OK now I'm *almost* tempted to go to LHC and look at the dipes. Of course if I get there, I might have to order them.

Lauren is officially in 6-9 month sleepers, she can't straighten her legs anymore in the 3-6. She's also wearing 9-12 clothes today, honestly I just think they are longer, the pants are no wider on her big fluffy butt.

School stuff - my first classroom (different city) I spent so much $$$ and made stuff too, it literally took me a cargo van and a car to move out of there. I had younger kids too, so lots more toys and stuff. This room, I filled 1/2 the van today, and I'm going to have to go back at least one more time, probably twice, and I have no clue where I am going to put all of it here at home, we have no storage. The good news is that a lot of the toys I bought for my first room are very cool and traditional preschool toys (no batteries) so at least Lauren will get to use them.

Thursday I'm having lunch with a friend who has a 17 month old and is due in Aug. They are also building a house (planning to move in Nov) and selling theirs, which is just nutty. So I sweetly offered to store all the baby stuff they weren't using right now and wouldn't need before the move - which is pretty much everything from 3 mos to a year - she's got a jumper, exersaucer, and some other noisy stuff that I'm going to pick up this week. Woohoo I like borrowing free things and then giving them back when we have no need for them!

I love my baby, she's the sweetest thing ever. And I've been thinking about all the new foods I had this weekend that weren't in the diet that she's been ok with... green beans, asparagus, salads, vinegar, wheat, deli turkey (special kind w/o nitrates and dairy in it), regular bread, french fries, beer battered fish, and more... woohoo!!!

Honestly, I had a suspicion that she has issues with beef, pork, eggs, and ?? and those things I have yet to try. So I'm eating a lot more, and just watching carefully for reactions now. The 3 weeks of super strict nothing really helped clear up any reactions and symptoms and she's so much happier.

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Pam, that's hilarious!

Ann, ooo, pretty fabrics. What size did you order? I hope they fit her! I have a different kind of dipe in lime flowers. One of the dipes in Az's box is a blue sun print from LHC. I haven't seen any ballerina dipes but I'll keep my eyes out. If you get a cloth-ease, you could have it embroidered with one. On stalking - check her site first thing Friday morning and see what you can see. I probably won't be able to check it this week.
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Yay Lisa! That rules. Great job on the crazy diet.

We give Evelyn tastes of stuff on our fingers. Yesterday she got all excited about chicken soup. She smacked her lips and licked them with her cute little tongue. It was adorable. Later she made a stinky fart and we blamed it on the chicken soup. (Did I already post about the chicken soup? I don't remember.)
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Pam I love your song!

All this talk of diapers makes me want to buy some too. Izzy is 14.5lbs and her fuzzybunz are getting tight in thigh.

I came home early today and I'm working from home. I missed my baby...kinda tough to work only one hand.

Karen that sounds like quite the trip. I love san francisco.

Andy yay on finishing you sling!

We started Ruby with cereal. She wasn't impressed so she didn't really take to solids til we started veggies and fruits. With Isabelle we'll wait till 6 mo and maybe start with bananas or sweet potatoes. I am interested though in the iron part. Rubys dr made big deal about this.

Hey did someone say they had an article about vax and autism? My fp is really hounding us on this and I would like to have a few articles to show why I want to wait.
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Also LHC is way dangerous...too cute.

My post from last night got lost but this is all I can remember was in that post:
Laura -I planned to have Isabelle at home, but Isabelle chose to be born on the bathroom floor. I would have preferred the bed. My tailbone hurt for a week afterward from being on hard tile floor.
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Jess, search Mothering's site for "vaccination autism" and you'll get a whole list of their articles.
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Yea Jessi new diapers are fun Ann I had a custom diaper order once and I didn't know what to do with it I just said gn solid colors :LOL I feel bad if I want something special like I'm making someone work too hard, but I really do want the fancy stuff I'm just

I like hearing about everyone reading the Funke books I her work. I've read all three that the book store has. I have to check and see if she has anymore. Andy do let me know how you like thief lord.

Yeah Joyce (that my mum's name btw) rice cereal is yuck it look like grey paste and smells like something rotten. It certainly didn't fill ds up anymore, it did lessen his spit up though personally if I had to eat it I'd be puking. Lisa did you really taste it? Personally I'm planning on waiting until Miss E can sit for solids

Pam : great song

Miss E is doing a little better today, but that might also be becuase we've been home. Well dh is almost done cooking dinner
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Jess - here's the iron info. (this is an email from my ec list)

here we go
"Healthy, full-term infants who are breastfed exclusively for periods of 6-9 months have been shown to maintain normal hemoglobin values and normal iron stores. In one of these studies, done by Pisacane in 1995, the researchers concluded that babies who were exclusively breastfed for 7 months (and were not give iron supplements or iron-fortified cereals) had significantly higher hemoglobin levels at one year than breastfed babies who received solid foods earlier than seven months. The researchers found no cases of anemia within the first year in babies breastfed exclusively for seven months and concluded that breastfeeding exclusively for seven months reduces the risk of anemia. " from http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/vitamins/iron.html

iron levels in mom don't affect the iron in breastmilk http://tinyurl.com/cmuau
oh here's a better one from kellymom "Iron supplements taken by the mother will not increase iron levels in breastmilk, even if the mother is anemic. Anemia in the nursing mother has been associated with poor milk supply, however"
see here: http://tinyurl.com/9yzeu hope that helps
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Thanks for the info about the cereal, mamas! I also found this link: Kellymom Summary about Starting Solids . I needed your ammo in a big way. The Grandmas have been bugging me for weeks about starting these babes on solids, or at least cereal in a bottle.

I've never had the (dis)pleasure of tasting the cereal, but it sounds like fortified Cream of Wheat (made out of rice). So not appetizing. The thing that really got me, I think, and this is nothing against Cream of Wheat, but no way would I expect to find that stuff filling, why would it MAGICALLY satisfy my baby if it doesn't satisfy ME? If somebody wants baby to practice eating with something relatively harmless, then sure, whatever. But I have a hard time thinking it's some kind of wonderful 20th-century manna for babies. And I'm kinda bummed about my pedi--I thought he was more forward-thinking than to say such a blanket, counterintuitive statement. Bummer.

All I kept thinking about was Laura's MIL (or mom?), asking when Megan would start solids when she turned 6 mos. :LOL Well, their intentions are good.

Okay, gals, time to turn on the white noise and get Carmen ready for bed. I'll be checking in the morning so see how Violet's doing.
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trying to resize pics...

:LOL :LOL :LOL love the song Pam!! Now Beca is singing it over, and over, and over...

acc'd to LLL, if a baby continues to nurse on demand, they are getting sufficient iron in a FAR superior and more completely digestable form than any supplementation can offer. If nursing is no longer on demand, whether the baby is 7 mos or 12, they need to be getting sufficient iron in their food or by supplement (you can no longer guarantee how much they are getting via mm). Pretty simple . If we keep nursing, they don't need to deal with the awful supplement (say the word slowly, very slowly...constapation...

Jessi - I meant the move we did to NY from Vancouver. He was just starting to be healthy when we left (3 yrs in Aug). Now he has allergies 9 mos of the year.

Still resizing...

Annie...I'm glad you've got some more support for this hearing test. It's a good thing, to have some help. HUGS!

Jess - I'm glad you went home to be w/your girl (s?). I guess Ruby is somewhere else? I hope you got some work done, tho!

Lisa - should I get the pack as is or wait for the next prototype...have you been helping? Will it be worth the wait? Glad Zoe is cranky - that's usually a good sign the patient is recovering :LOL . We love your baby too!

Joyce - HYSTERICAL about the volume! I've done that w/ori, too. The white noise and the alarm are on the same volume (can't seem to finda way to change that reality), and once in a while the alarm will come on really loud, as loud as the white noise (which is LOUD because we use it at night when dd is stumping around and showering and such)...scares the bejezuz out of me EVERY time (and yup - wakes the boyo too. ). Glad to hear other mamas are falling for that one, too!

Rice cereal - bleh. We went straight to sweet pots and she took to them like crazy! If you do use cereal, use breast milk instead of water. Much yummier (tho still kind of bleh). Rice is actually kind of hard to digest, actually. Making the cereal co's a fortune, having all those doctors recommend it, but I'd rather support the organic farmers and get the organic sweet pots (better than yams, imo).

Karen - would you use taro as a starter food? Not that we could in NY, just curious...

puter baby!!

my sweet babies...

Don't love tummy time, mama! (note: lack of fluffy tushie)

I TOLD you, I DON'T love tummy time!!!

I hope these come out w/out being giGANtuan...anyway, that's enough from me. Time to go be useful around here, for a while (LOL!) Take care mamas! Andy
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