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Andy, the pack AS IS is really cool. Did she write back to you yet? Ask her about it, I know the shape of the carrier won't change, but the how of attaching the blanket might.

Honestly, if you can sew on a hook and eye, you could make your own blanket. Heck, I'm going to make one out of fleece just to try, since I don't think it will offer any structural support. Maybe I'll figure it out and mail you one and you'll just have to put that hook and eye on for yerself!

If you don't wait, you can probably send it back for the extras later, I know as a "tester" I can upgrade mine when the final is out, but I think I have my own solution... see if this makes sense - make a blanket that hooks/snaps/fastens somehow. Then attach a hood to the top, like the ergo, and a strap behind the hood. SO, you take it off, fold the hood to the inside of the blanket, fold up the carrier, wrap the blanket around, snap/hook/fasten it top/bottom using the same hooks that you attach it to the carrier, and then you've got it folded into a little purse with a handle. I CAN do that! I will make millions! Muhahahaha! :LOL

Lauren is rolling around on the floor again, I have 10 min. left of ER to watch, why I got hooked on the show after years of not watching I'll never know, and then we're off to bed.

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Hey Lisa - thanks... I'm thinking snaps ('cause I bought some for something else and now I have them). I quite like snaps, generally. Hard for babies, but not too hard one handed adult (think nursing bra). She did write back, said I could have the current for $35 or the new for ??? when it's ready (to test). So it didn't sound like I'd be getting a prototype as such, and therefore might not beeligable for the upgrades (gosh, sounding more and more like a car!).
I love the wrap in a sac idea (esp. w/soft handle, LOVE that! I'd pay millions... ok, maybe not millions, but I'd pay! oh yeah, I was off being useful (signing up for ebay listings ha ha ha!). What do you do w/the hood/blanket when you aren't using them? Is there a pocket like the ergo, or ...
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Hi all. Too hot in my computer room to read stuff, but wanted you to know that Kaia was 13.2 ounces up from her last weigh in 12 days ago. That is over 7 ounces a week! Yeah!!! ANd she has been refusing the tail end of her supplements. This Goat's Rue stuff is working. Kaia is flipping back to side and front to back now, and has discovered her volume control (unfortunately while eating out at a nice restaurant with my aunt who had a bad headache)
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Andy, well I can't do snaps. Well I can do the sew on ones, but not the snap press variety. So if you get one now, and I figure out how to put the cover on, I'll make you one But it's up to you to attach it.

Lauren has officially mastered rolling in the diaper. I fear she'll be crawling sooner than I am ready.
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CONGRATS Michelle! That's TERRIFIC!!! You are doing SUCH a great job! Hey - did you get the Nora Roberts in time for your trip? We're wishing wishing wishing for too hot here. cold and rainy. feels like october
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Jess- Yeah I would think the bathroom floor would be less comfy than a bed or couch.

Andy- love that blankie! oh yeah and that little babe on top of it to

Oh yes my lovely MIL comments. The other weekend I told her Megan was starting to get a tooth in and she said "well it's a good thing you aren't nursing, then. You wouldn't want to nurse with a baby with teeth" : : : : gee thanks MIL so I had to say "I still wish I would be able to nurse, the teeth aren't an issue, jeepers!" yeah I'm still a bit peeved from that comment. Not to mention my mom was happy to see me give her formula one day like thats a good thing

well since I can access my sewing machine finally, I found this sling I want to make. The directions seem simple enough for me.
http://sewing.2ya.com/ it's under asian baby sling, hope to get time this weekend to make it
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Oh thats great Michelle!! good going
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Originally Posted by lisa2976
if you get one now, and I figure out how to put the cover on, I'll make you one But it's up to you to attach it.

Sounds like a deal! I'll email her tonight.

Lauren has officially mastered rolling in the diaper. I fear she'll be crawling sooner than I am ready.
That's exactly how dd was. Faster than a bullet and harder to stop! :LOL
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Hey Karen - and anyone else who is selling on ebay - did you do the seller's account thing or the $5 ID Verify thing...
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Laura - that's a great link! Good luck w/the sling!
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Hi all-

Andy- I'm not Karen, but I'll answer about the taro - yes, you can feed it to babies in mushed up form. Its called poi and everybody feeds it to their little critters as a first food. Its very nutritious and I'll gladly send you out a package of it if you'd like. Its somewhat of an aquired taste. Kinda sour, but you can add a bit of cinnamon or sugar, maple syrup whatever, and eat it like the haoles do!

Ok, so, ped appt. went not as well as I had hoped. She definitely isn't responding to noise. The doctor doesn't think she's responding as much to visual stimulation as much as she should either - I'm not so sure I agree with that. "Decreased social interaction" he's calling it. So, we're meeting with an occupational therapist on thurs. or fri. for further eval. She's also scheduled for a hearing test. Apparently the hospital didn't do one, or it got lost somewhere because there is no record of her having one. We're most likely going to have pay out of pocket for a private company to do the hearing eval, because the hosp. won't do it before 7 months - really stupid imo, since it seems like the sooner they catch this sort of thing the better.

I dunno, I'm sorta in shock right now. I was hoping to go in and get some reassurance, and the ol' worried mom bit, but instead there are more questions and more concerns. Its a lot to process.

Ugh, and Kobe has been such a butt today. He tried to fold up Makai in the baby bassinett and it smashed 6 of KAi's fingers to the point where they are cut and bruised. So that was an add on trip to the ped. Then he unbuckled Violet's car seat while I was driving and it tipped over!!! At the doctors office he was jumping around, couldn't sit still and was yelling, fighting with makai. I'm so mad at him right now.

The kids are watching a movie and I'm going to buy a few more diapers to make myself feel better.

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I missed you guys! Haven't peeked in here since... Sunday? Saturday? It's been a rough weekend. Mike and I pretty much alternately screamed at, ignored, and muttered bitterly at each other since Friday night. He got me started when my mom was here, and I ended up pissed at both of them, and I got super nasty at everyone in the house -- didn't want to hold the baby, told him to go get formula cause I was done, I was leaving. It wasn't pretty. I dunno if I actually have PPD, or if I just hate my life this much. He's just so totally helpless and clueless, and then he gets mean about it when I complain that I have to do everything for him on top of having to do everything for the baby, and I'm like futilely trying to take care of my mother/get her to take better care of herself... and I can only do it for so long before I meltdown. Well, now he's being nice to me again, probably because he wants sex. I suppose that's better than the usual whining for it and complaining. : I think it may have gotten through to him tonight when I tried explaining once again that I can't feel anything, I'm broken, and he could at least go out and have good sex with someone else. I'll never be able to again. He thinks I should post here (like on Birth and Beyond, probably) and see if anyone can suggest anything. I'm like, what are they going to tell me? I'm pretty sure there's some nerve damage there. It's not like I can drink herbal tea and make it go away.

Um, now that that's off my chest, happy thoughts. Beatrice is 14 lbs 7 oz and 26" as of yesterday. I thought for sure she was at least 16 lbs. If I figured this right, she's been gaining just over 5 oz a week since the 2 mo visit. Is that good? They didn't seem concerned. Then again, they totally filled out the chart wrong, put her down as 26 cm! Whoa, she shrunk! :LOL

Our doc is cool. We talked about solids, and he said that they recommend waiting until 6 mo, longer if there are allergies, and he's had patients who waited until about 8 and it was fine. And he complimented the sling. Love having a ped who's married to a LLLLeader.

Definately teething baby here. Drool city, with occasional frantic chewing and crying. The Hylands seem to be working for us. 2 one hour and then 2 more an hour later knock her out, but then she spits up huge amounts when she wakes up. Then I gave her 2 the one morning and she spit up almost immediately, but calmed down. We did 1 at a time today and it maybe took the edge off a little bit, but no spit up. I dunno, I think when she's in that much pain, she's better off with the puking. I told Mike she's purging the bad humours or something (he was about homeopathy being like one step above medieval humoural theory). Does anyone think it might be harmful? I seriously think it's not just the tablets, it's also the crying and getting worked up and just the stress it is on her system. Oh, and last night we had thick stinky yellow poo, after about 48 hours of no poo. Pooguru? I thought drooling/teething poo was green and frothy.

I'm afraid to look at diaper sites. I looked at A Cut Above before, and that was bad enough. oooh, I could make such cute covers for so cheap though! I really want some PUL ones again; it's nice not to have that fleecy bulk. And I could make matching dresses!

Crap. I read everything like 3 hours ago and now I can't remember what else was going on. : I wish my baby would let me NAK more often.
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s paq.
I'm sorry things are rough, for you. It took me a really long time to want to have sex after dd1. And even longer to enjoy it. Give yourself sometime and tell you husband...well, whatever. Take good care of yourself!

Andy- Ruby was at school today and if I try to pick her up early she's sad to leave her friends. It's a little sad that she no longer runs to greet me. It's like "busy Mom, come back later"

Annie I'm sorry the ped appt didn't go so well.

YAY michelle on the weight gain!

Thanks for the info on iron and bfing.

The problem with the mothering articles is that most of the issue is with the mercury in vaccines and according to my fp it's not in any of the new vaccines. I was curious about something someone said the other day about concerns about the live/dead viruses being injected. I did a ton of reading tonight and the only thing that made me nervous was that childen given the MMR vaccine can expose non vaccincated kids. It's a small risk but with Isabelle in daycare...oh and fp told me to go to the cdc website. It's so lame...we think you should vaccinate 'cause one time this girl got measles and DIED. I hate scare tactics- makes it seem so not credible.

Sorry for the rambling...I still plan to wait til Isabelle is 6 mo and then one at a time and maybe not all of them. I thought Hep B was a sexually transmitted disease. Why would my children need this?

Going to bed now.
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Hi all- I haven't posted since I put up the St. Louis-I-tron pics with Jess-i-tron, partly cause at 3 months postpartum I finally feel like being in the real world- I've been getting exercise and sunshine, partly cause I spent computer time figuring out and selling e-bay, and partly cause I am just trying to unplug form TV and computer in general cause I have been a screen addict since my babe was born. So I just kicked back and tried to catch up....

ANNIE & VIOLET You must be freaking right now. Chill and watch those anxiety levels. You are such a smart and in tune mama. And Vi looks pretty "on" in those latest pics, besides being super cute, she looks like her being is fully in her body, yk? Try to just take it super easy until you find out what is really going on.

Jeni, to you too, sounds like a crappy weekend. On PP sex, its hormones sister, the sex drive is gone for most women PP (not all, we've heard from a few of you who are lucky ) and you need really lube if you are gonna do it when you are breastfeeding. (I have never felt anything so weird, kinda yuck even, as sex PP with no lube. Who KNEW I made lube that far back? Weird...) And about the nerve damage, its possible. But give yourself a break you just had a baby- it took 9-10 months to get this way and it'll take that long to get a groove back. St. Johns wort homeopathically (Hypericum) as tablets (read instructions or ask more on how to take homeos properly) will help if it is nerves. So will Oatstraw tea- for nerves and sex drive- if you drink some every day - after 4-6 weeks you'll see the difference. But- if you are in a funny place with the relationship it's prolly more that than anything. When you are that pissed, and feeling that unsupported, who wants to get it on?! A Peter Gabriel song says "I feel it in my sex...that's the place it goes...." if there's no connection, then, um, ya can't connect! Hugs, mama, hang in there.

Andy- the e-bay thing- my account was verified years ago as a buyer so when I started selling last week there was nothing I had to do or fees I had to pay above the selling fees. I am having a blast watching the stuff, I can't wait to see if it sells. I also put my wool up on the trading post since I have to admit we don't use it. I bought it all when I was pregnant and we only used one of them once. : I just got a bunch of PUL covers and am quite please. I am no hyena, to ANY tune!! We've been buying new dipes, but I'm all about the discount. We're into hand me down Kissaluvs seconds, thirds, and fourths and what ever mama made fitteds I can get cheap. We using lots of prefolds laid flat in covers, as I am snappi impaired. Also, Iris is using her potty tons, that EC works! It saves us a lot of diapers. At night she kicks me until I get her up to pee.

Michelle- you rock on the milkies! Iris is starting to roll and get the volume thing down, too. Ever since she let loose and screamed her head off for 1/2 hr on the airplane to st. louis she's been LOUD when she's upset. If she'd cried like this when she first came out we would have flipped!

And Laura- WTF on the mother in law on the milk- its like the dumb comment people make about homebirth transfers- like see I knew it wouldn't work anyway. It sucks to get their still bad ideas mixed in with their false sense of "I told you so?!" But cool on the teeth. And good luck on your sling.

Lisa- you've become such the informed mama activist- it's cool as a midwife to see a mama taking the issues on! You rock. And I am still so impressed by the commitment you've shown to Lauren. I missed how the chocolate thing turned out....but glad you got to expand the diet a bit this weekend. And when my dog had a cone thing like that, I used to call her "Radar Love" like the song, cause she was like a satellite dish head. I would joke it was just to enhance our owner-pet telepathy.

I have no pets now. life too busy as midwife to feed animal, we were too unreliable for pets so we had a baby. All or nothing here! I do have a gecko that we let live in our pantry to eat the moths that sometimes come out if we buy bulk food. Perhaps that's gross, but we have come to accept, even love, our little gecko. I first saw him when we had a bad moth problem from buying lots of bulk foods. We battled the moths a long time. After he came, the moth problem stopped. I only see him occ. when I move a box or get up late at night to get water. Weird- I never told anyone about the gecko, or realized we have come to cohabitate in peace. There's also a frog that lives in our bamboo windchime, if that counts as a pet.

Karen- you're husband's a hottie! Those sensitive boys of yours are gonna be good catches- raised by you in Hawaii, super cool, and with good handsome man genes to boot. Your babe in the soaker is looking purty cute, too. And I loved the mountain view too. Will you see the friends that he did the insemination with on your trip? My friends were gonna do an insemination the same time, but "the sperm got stuck in Ohio!?" funny. She did finally get it and is waiting to hear if she's preggers now. So I wondered if yer dh's trip to CA was fruitful?

Pam, hope you enjoyed the night out, even if it wasn't the first choice place!

Jess-get Aviva Romm's guide to vaccines. Its the most complete, it will really address all your issues. Plus, my ped told me the mercury was replaced with Aluminum. Well that's just another metal, and linked to Alzheimer's. It can't be much better than mercury! She acknowledges that we don't know what effect it will have- why must they use another generation to experiment and see what havoc that with wreck? : Other reasons people don't do vacs are that you keep a low grade illness in the body in some way (that way oversimplified, but I'm trying to be brief) so it can suppress the immune system- like if you've got measles brewing in your lymph all the time, its less energy the body has to fight of other stuff. That's my fear- that I'd suppress the immune system and get weird autoimmune problems later. Really, its a big complex issue- get Avivas book fro Amazon if you are going to go out of normal protocols. Its important to be fully informed if you are deviating form community standards! And yes, Hep B is a body fluid disease- I love quoting a family doc here that had this exchange with one of the families I serve :

family: ...so we don't really need it if it's for a blood borne disease...
doc, with dead pan humor: "well, if you get it, your baby could have sex with Asian prostitutes "

(no offense meant- he was referring to prostitution rings, I quoted this when we were in the pregnancy forum and someone with an Asian husband was a bit miffed)

Jessi- so cool to hear about the birth validation! It feels good to think it brought good to someone else! BTW, after lunch, Martin and I walked to the Vegetarian deli across the street from the restaurant. It was vegan soul food deli, and I got curious cause I used to eat vegan soul food in Tallahassee when I was in college and it was THE BEST! . Anyway, we started talking to the guy, it turned out the Tallahassee folks are his cousins, and it is the same recipes I used to love- greens, vegan mac n no cheese (mad with nutritional yeast),and vegan ice cream, too (You can order their cook book on-line , Kathy- next party you could make some vegan Alabama food that will impress any local!!) Since we'd just ate, we got some to take as a picnic lunch the next day and ate it under the arch. But anyway, he was oooing and ahhing over the baby saying he has 4 and his friend that was there had 9. We used to do homebirths for his cousins friends in Tallahassee so I asked if they have their babies at home. He said no but they should he's tired of all the hospital crap. I told him about you, and said I'd have you call or stop by to tell him about home birth in St. Louis and give him a midwife's name. He's part of a black spiritual community that acts as health educators for the community- they are perfect homebirthers, it would be awesome for your midwife to get hooked up with them! The contact info is: Eternity Vegetarian Deli & Juice Bar 11 South Euclid (in the Central W. End) (314) 454-1851. The guy I spoke with was the owner, but he ask for him but that you could talk to anyone there, it's family owned.

bunches, So glad Torin's sitter thing went well!

And Az, sorry bout your grandma, and the MIL issues.

Well, when I got back from our trip I started teaching the water prenatal-AquaNAtal classes again. Its working out well- except its early for us, but Iris can be in a bouncy seat for the first half until she gets and bored and then comes in with me. Its in a therapy pool, so its really warm. Its the YMCA- way too chlorinated for a young baby, I am afraid, but we are doing it anyway. The mamas appreciate having me back, and I can use the exercise as pp therapy for my hips, too.

Me and DH are both Virgos. I am Virgo with cancer rising and a Capricorn moon- healthy oriented and uptight, but to others seem maternal and a but crabby with a moon that means I am really handling the logistics and taking care of business!

So yesterday my horoscope was something about how I'd feel the classic dilemma of career vs. family, but career would win. I thought well, I guess means the that birth will happen today. So indeed, last night on the full moon the mama I've been on call for had her baby. This was a "test" birth to see how it would go for me being midwife with a baby. This family was a perfect experiment- they really, really wanted ME at their birth, and they have 2 older girls experienced with little babies, so I could bring Iris if I needed. But I wanted to leave her with dh if possible, so I pumped and crossed my fingers. Well, it couldn't have gone better. Her water broke at 3pm, no contractions. I took Iris over and we checked on the mama, then we went home and got dh to come home and got everything ready- I nursed her up and loved her up all afternoon in anticipation of the separation. DH's schedule has been really hectic, and it was getting late enough that it was clear he wasn't gonna have to miss work to be with Iris. Perfect. Plus, she'd slept tons the night before and was in a generally good mood. I was gonna go to the house of birth at 7, but my partner got there first and called and said don't come-nothing much going on, so she was going to hang out an hour and see where it went, mama was only 2cm. So I took Iris to bed and nursed her to sleep, and Martin went to sleep too. At 9pm I was drifting off my boob still in Iris's mouth but she was fast asleep, dressed in my birth gear, when the dad called and said " she said call you- it's time". My partner had left the house to go get her stuff, and was gonna go back soon. I got there and the momma was transition-y and 8cm, from 2 cm just 2 hrs before! She has quick pushing usually, so we were all surprised it took a while from there, but at 10:34 pm she pushed out a 9lb girl- 1- 1/2 lbs bigger than any of her others. It was her 5th girl. It all went swell- actually there were lots of minor things that needed help- the babe needed to be resuscitated and her old epis scar tore like it does every time, so I stitched her up, but it was all sooo smooth working with my midwife friend that it was like nothing had happened! They were so glad and grateful I was there. I went to the car to get my camera in the after glow, and I was thinking it was a fortune cookie birth- like it was foretelling my future as a midwife. If it had been crappy I was gonna want to hang it up. I went back in thinking how telling this birth was, feeling gratitude for the nice birth and perfect timing, and took a pic of her. I think how it turned out was an auspicious sign that bodes well for my future as a midwife with a baby:


So, she made this peace sign for me! I was tempted to take another pic, but thought, no, leave a perfect moment alone! it felt like a sign that all was well, and being a midwife would be fine. Yeah!

And DH just got a new computer contract, that will help the super tight finances around here. But get this- he's doing three projects for this company- one is security bracelets, one is a pet toy, and the other is ~~~a sex toy activated remotely by phone~~~ So yes, MY DH is gonna help you put your partner on "vibrate" from afar!!! :

On another note....Iris is good.
Teething=drool=chewing everything. Iris is teething- I took this this morning of her chowing the breakfast table:


And we also found out a crazy thing....background- we had this ceremony before Iris's conception with our magical midwife friend Marina, during a camping trip at the beach where she has a pod of dolphin friends she knows from 10 years of swimming with them. We camped a week at the beach and did ceremony to open for conception. It was trippy. At the camp site we had a flag flying of a gorgeous mermaid with wings, and a rainbow, coming out of a sea of dolphins. I had bought it on a whim driving back from the Florida Keys, when I had made a trip Jan 2004 to visit Marina, when we did a bunch of ceremony to start cleansing/ preparing my body to be ready for a baby. So, when we went to actually conceive we hung it up, cause it seemed apropos for a camp of merwives.

SO fast forward to pregnancy. When pregnant, we hid the potential names from everyone. But my family knew a bit about the conception trip, and they all thought we were naming the baby after Marina if we had a girl. I had thought about calling a girl Marina, but wasn't moved to actually do it. I was actually gonna name the babe Astrid, a good Swedish name. Plus Astrid goes well with Celeste which I was settled on as a middle name, and Astrid comes from latin for star, so a star-celestial name seemed cool. But I JUST COULDN"T bring myself to name my girl a name that started with "ASS" --so I changed it to Iris. At 36 weeks, after having the girl name picked out since 14 weeks, I learned "Iris" is the winged goddess of the rainbow. In Greek mythology she is the goddess of communication between human and spiritual worlds- when a rainbow appears it is Iris traveling between worlds. So, anyway- I had a winged rainbow goddess hanging at the May camp site when we conceived her!!! That I got after a Jan 2004 ceremony to prepare me for conception! So before she was born I realized how perfect the name Iris was, and wanted her to be a girl so bad! When she was born it seemed so perfect- Iris Celeste- Rainbow and Celestial name, a baby of the firmament. I was happy to feel there was serendipity to it, like IRIS is who she truly is. Like she picked the name.

So, anyway- I just found out another cool twist to the story- Marina does sacred dance, and has a "shaman"/ dancer name----and it's Iris!!!! So we did, on total accident, name her after Marina afterall!!
So I took this pic of Iris in front of the flag from her conception trip to send Marina:


OK- I was gonna say more, but this is long enough, I'll leave you with the cool magic story about my little winged goddess of the rainbow cherub!

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Paq- oh, I'm sorry you're having a rough time. this mama trip can be really hard sometimes. I think we're all entitled to a little breakdown now and again. s. My dh acts like a real tool a lot also, so I can really sympathise with you on that one.

So, the doctor called and yelled at the hospital and they are now going to do the hearing test. We have to withhold sleeping and food for three hours prior and then she'll be in a soundproof booth for about 2 hours. I guess they want her to be sleeping for some of it? I have to find out if I can be in there with her - because if I'm not she's just going to cry the whole time and I'm going to freak out!
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Heidi!!!! I LOVE those pictures!!!!!!

Good to hear from you too!
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Annie- I thought of you and Violet all day, and rushed to the puter when I got home to see what the doctor said (but had guests, so I couldn't respond til now). I agree with Heidi that from her pictures she seems very present and responsive- esp the last one you sent of her on her belly. I'm sending much LOVE your way for you and her adn the whole family. I'm glad that your Ped is being responsive.

Jeni- to you TOO! I think most parents have had a similar fight that you have. Funny, this time, I just expected our roles to be exactly as they are, so I'm not disapointed/ upset about how I'm always on with baby and that stuff. I second the Lube suggestion for sex. Dh just found some organic lube. He said it was $$ but isn't it important to put chemical free stuff on our genitals???

Heidi- wow. You don't write very often, but when you do, woo hoo! It sounds like things are going great there. Congrats on your first birth PP. It seems like signs are telling you that you're doing the right thing. And I love the peace sign baby.
that's funny you have A gecko in your house. We have tons. There is definitely one very large one in our kitchen, but more all over the house. They are all over Hawaii, and they're great for controlling bugs (even if they do poop a lot).
Dh's trip to CA was not fruitful However, he sent a donation through the mail (in a container for canine sperm, :LOL). so we have another 2 weeks to hear. We will see these friends on our trip, but who knows if they'll be ovulating. Wacky cycles over there. But :
I love that pic of Iris on the flag. Looks like the wings are coming out of her back. She's a sweetie!

I want to second or third or whatever the yucky rice cereal. When we had Noam I got WIC and they gave us that. It's really blah. And that iron in it- YUCK. It's probably ferrous sulphate, which is not well absorbed. At the end of my pregnancy I bought some cream of wheat (comfort food, my mom made it for me). It is all iron-fortified- even the hfs stuff. anyhow, after eating it for a few days in a row, my poops were horrible (sorry, TMI)- black and tarry. I do not think that stuff is good. I do know there is some organic baby cereal. I've seen it. would definitely be a better choice, IMO

Jeni- Hylands teething tabs are very UNharmful. Homeopathic medicines have a teeny eensy bit of the herb or whatever it is in them. The analogy i've heard is like a drop of something in a swimming pool. If you tested one of those tabs, you wouldn't find the substance.

Andy- dunno what you're talking about re:ebay. maybe like Heidi i've been there so long they didn't ask?
And I love the pics of the family! your kids together make such the look-alike pair! and Orin is so well dressed :LOL

Laura- those are some pretty insensitive comments you got! I don't know why people take such satisfaction of seeing a baby take in formula. I just can't figure it out! Oh, and that pattern for the ABC carrier is the one I've been using. It's pretty easy!

Pam, I loved your song!

I should be asleep. We had a long day. We went to the beach, but left so late because Luka was sleeping and then Ra'am was having math issues again. damn fractions.
oh, I also got my hair cut the rest of the way. woo hoo for a lighter head and hair OFF my neck. I'm happy. Dh didn't even notice (not his forte).
I saw a mama bottle feeding a baby at the beach- a baby of maybe 1 month. I got so sad and was feeling all judgemental and my friend who was there said, "maybe it's breastmilk". Well after a bit i decided that I wasn't being fair and then thinking about Laura, I thought, well Maybe it IS breastmilk. Or, like Michelle (BTW on the weight gain) maybe she needs to supplement (though michelle uses SNS, right?). anyhow, a good lesson in non-judgement.

The moon is full. Luka was born on a full moon 4 months ago- on a tuesday as well..... amazing how much my life has changed since then!
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Why? you ask? because I just was looking at my post and saw that it was #1000. Am I cool now, or WHAT?
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Oh you ARE cool, mama! Ug, fussy baby in lap. caio!
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s everybody. Thanks. :

Iris is adorable! I wanna nibble the cheeks! That's way too cool about the naming. We just wanted to pick an unusual, classic name without any pop culture references, and then people have told us about two or three since she was born. Still not too bad. A boy was possibly going to be Holden, and now there are Holdens everywhere.

I have a severe moth problem, too. I have tons of wool in the house, the good stuff is packed in lavender and sandalwood, but there's always some lying out, too. I should get a gecko. We don't have them wild here or anything. I wonder how the cats would react to that.

Annie, I hope that they'll let you stay with Violet for the test. They want her to not eat for 3 hours before, and then it's going to last for 2 hours?! That's terrible. If they do find a problem, what are the options at this age?

Yeah, I tried to explain to him how homeopathy works, and he thinks it's bunk. I dunno what to think about the puking, though. I know the base of the tablet is lactose, but what if there's some milk protein in there too? She doesn't have any of the other stuff she usually gets from dairy, though.

WooHOO! Senior Member Party for Karen! Now, what's your title gonna be?

I'm on a big cleaning out the house spree. Nesting way too late? I finally decorated the walls in the bedroom... hung up a painting i bought two years ago, plus some other stuff. If I only had more bookcases, this place wouldn't look cluttered at all. I want to get serious about feng shui-ing it up. I recently cleared a bunch of boxes out of the hallway and the difference in how I felt was incredible. Just so cheery every time I walk through that nice clear hallway. So I really want to get the bedroom feeling better, since I spend most of the day in there and it really needs it! So I think my next big goal is to make some curtains. I want to get rid of all the mini blinds before she gets mobile, anyway. Those things scare me.

Anyone need a manual pump? I got a Lansinoh ameda one-handed for $4.92 last night, on clearance at the supermarket. They have more on the shelf, if anyone wants.

Wow, I got to type a whole post and she only woke up once.
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