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Hi all. I tried to keep up today... but failing miserably

Vaxes: We're insisting on the merc free vaccines, but vaxing.

Sex: I had no tearing or bruising from birth, and DH and I have always been very physical, sex being my favorite remedy for overwhelming stress, insomnia or grief. THUSLY (thank you cat for hitting the capslock key for the 5th time) I was wanting sex a few days post partum. Lube helps indescribably.

Annie: big hugs, mama. How scary. I'm sending good thoughts and vibes your way.

Solids: I'm considering trying them. Kaia is grabbing at food all the time. Got half a slice of bread off of my sandwich the other day. She is also grabbing at books, hair, glasses and everything else, though so who knows. Once she sits up, we'll see. I would like to have her on solids so that we can stop upping her formula supplements as she grows.

My LC wants to write my case up for the journal of human lactation as an example of what can be acheived if you do everything right. Thought that was kinda cool.
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Well, I had a bunch of things I wanted to respond to. let's see...

Paq, a bug hug for you! It sounds like you are having a rough time. I have days like that too, when I feel like I just want to take off.

3 opihi, I really hope Violet's tests work out.

I really liked the story about the dolphin rainbow conception...

vaxes: check this out

Dispelling Vaccination Myths


geneva is now 13 ;bs 14.5 oz!

and someone mentioned frothy green poops. we've got those and it's not fm/hm imbalance, cuz there's curds could be teeth...

she's almost sitting up too!
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Thanks, Pam, that article had citations in it for nerds like me. Wish I had seen the article while I was preggo. It would have been interesting reading, and I would have been able to make the time. I'll have to bookmark it for the next set of twins, I guess.

(Poor DH keeps having dreams that I'm preggo with a #3, or a #3&4 . . .)

Don't know what the deal is with C & D. C is all talky and the girl just won't go to bed. She's been up late the past 3 or 4 nights in a row, and talks in the dark and stamps her right foot like a horsey to make her point. D is asleep with DH, but DH reports that he's been getting super wiggly with his legs, lately, flopping them around at night. Both sleep great in arms, of course, and that's the only way I've gotten them to nap the past week. Crazy.

Carmen's expecting an answer. I hate to ignore her but it's time to sleeeeeep, girly. I hope if I ignore her she'll get bored and listen to her (yawning, sleepy-looking) body. Silly, silly.

Anyway . . .

Annie, when is the test?

Andy, DH fell for a scam like the one you received. He's brilliant but fell right into the trap (despite the typos in the e-mail . . . he was in a hurry). Gave some hacker in Korea our bank information. Dumb, dumb, dumb. On Christmas Day. Dumber, dumber, dumber. We couldn't put a hold on our account right away because of the holliday, and they took a couple thousand bucks from an ATM in Korea and then took our credit card informmation (from our online bank statements) and charged up a bunch of things at Saks 5th Ave. Doh. Well, it happens. But like somebody said, a real banker wouldn't just up and ask for that kind of information from a simple link.

Speaking of poo, I have a question for all of you and the poopooguru: Mucousy with specks of blood. Have had it since she was, what, 9 weeks. Been to the doc twice about it; insists it's nothing. No correlation with anything I'm eating, that I can tell. Any guesses? Time for a new pedi?

Ohhh, she's maaaaaadd . . .
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hey mamas! checking in again......
Jessi - i put the diapers in the mail to you with a little something extra...... its not a diaper...... it has to do with beer drinking!! I liked the cherry bomb diaper... pretty soft.... wow.... i CANNOT believe the collection you have..... it was cool.
Annie - on Violet's visit to the ped. I second the fact that she looks very ALERT in her photos. I will be thinking of you and hoping for the best.
Michelle - congrats on your perseverence and Kaia's weight gain. That's so cool.
Paq - hugs to you too! Hope things get better.
Heidi - I also love the story about the origin of Iris's name. LOVE the photo too, of course! She's beautiful.
sex - hhhmmm....... it has taken me a LONG time to heal. I think things have really improved over the past week tho. dh has been really patient and wonderful about it. My level is desire is LOW even though I find him absolutely attractive and lust after him. Its something I really want to work on because I miss the closeness and I feel bad for dh on some level. I feel its mostly my issue since I was in pain for a while and not healed even a few weeks ago. Our relationship is so great - I love our friendship.... we love to just "be" together. I am glad for that.
Right now, Torin is cooing and talking and kicking and rolling around the floor! Its soooo cute. He keeps smiling up at me. He looks like he is having a blast!
I'm sorry if I missed anyone. Its hard to catch up during the day. I've been avoiding pumping in the middle of the night lately.
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Mary, something to do with beer drinking! I'm excited! Thanks for getting those in the mail. Glad you found one you liked, too. The Cherry Bomb Baby is a neat diaper; I love the variety of snap colors. Too bad it's a medium instead of a large.

You guys are making me feel lucky that I've been on a no-sex order for the last three weeks. :LOL
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I never really love sex while breastfeeding . This has been the main reason Luka didn't join our family sooner. Seriously. As it is dh has a higher drive than me and really seeks love in physical contact. Add a nursling in there and I'm just not into it. But I make an effort because I do love to be close to him, and our relationship and his happiness is important to me. And then once nursing slows way down (like maybe in a couple of years it's fun again. until then.....

Joyce- saint Joyce. It's amazing to hear you talk about life with twins. My LLL co-Leader has twins, and another friend does too. They are such a joy and blessing. But I can't imagine what it's like to have to put 2 babies to sleep and care for. Sometimes it just takes me a long time to get Luka to sleep and if there were 2 of him WOW! You rock!

Michelle- I didn't comment earlier on the weight gain I can certainly understand you wanting to begin solids and chuck the formula. You're her mama and will do the right thing

Luka and I took a long walk instead of cook dinner . So we're getting pizza. we live in the country and there's really nothing out here, but there happens to be a pizza place nearby, near a touristy stop for a big waterfall. go figure.
so I'm a sweaty mama and should go shower.
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Ok, get over your trepidation Andy. You'll have to try selling on e-bay, esp diaper stuff. I cleared out my diaper stash recently. I kept some favorites worthy of a baby #2, gave away a bunch of so-so stuff to a mama scraping by -(thin fitted dipes, worn out well passed around wraps like prowraps, and a bunch of boring but useful newborn all in ones) There was some good stuff, and it will make good stash extenders, and it felt important to keep the karma in balance for stuff that was given to me for free. Then I put some nice wool items up on the trading post here, Hardly a bite, I'm either way over priced or not cool enough for the finicky dipe-y connisuer. Then the stuff I considered just pitching I put on ebay- Gerber wraps that I got free as hand me downs- 6 ok ones, nine that are pretty used up and flawed, and 15 plastic gerber pants I wouldn't use if you paid me. And they are going for $20 Bucks!!! Way to capitilize on my junk. If some one LOVES those plastic pants, they are getting a deal, but gheesh, I started bidding at a quarter, I never thought I'd get twenty bucks outta it! Jessica, my sellers name is highdhi, I linked to my crazy diaper auction that will be closed by the time most of you read this. i also put up the maternity clothes that aren't worth saving, and they aren't selling as hot, but hey, its been fun. I guess it's true what they say- one person trash is anothers treasure. I think I'll move the trading post stuff to ebay soon if it doesn't move along...

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Michelle - Way to go!!!! That is sooo cool that she's thriving. It makes me really happy to hear it, and how awesome that you are a case study of doing everything right!!! Kudos to you! I can totally see how you want to get her on solids instead of formula. If you'd like, I could send you some poi. Its great for chubbering up little ones.

Tiger- Violet's hearing test is all set for next Wed. I'll get to stay with her for the full two hours and she'll just be sleeping and nursing.

I'm putting the whole thing out of my mind until then.

Jessi - can you recommend any more cute fitteds? I like the print ones, like LHC. I can't seem to find any that are instock though.

I had a fairly productive day. Got my hair trimmed. Chickened out and only cut an inch off.
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Annie- Tykie Diapers has some instock fitteds with prints on them. I love the ones I got. They are $$ more than LHC though.

I have a loud and unhappy? baby. He's just screaming all evening. He's not ready to sleep and he's nursed and he's dry and all the rest. Gave teething tabs. He's just wanting to speak?
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Hola - insomnia mama... me and Mary, I guess. It's been the last few nights...

Michelle! WTG!!! That's great that you will be able to help out COUNTLESS other mamas and show how to 'do it right'!!! That's so awesome!

Karen - I'm trying the soup tomorrow. Do you think I could try it w/red lentils, instead of split peas? excellent on the fb's - it sounds like you'll make it all back, at least! woohoo! Oh, as much as I think malama is a great name, I'm in favor of rebaptising in seniorhood. maybe something whimsical?

Thanks Heidi - I'm going to go check out your tp woolies. maybe there's something that we could use - we're all about the wool and have lots that are old and someone else's junk. I LOVE 'em! (ok, not as much as my aio's, but ALMOST as much! ) aak! They're all too small for us . oh well - probly you'll get more for them on ebay anyway! People hound for wool on ebay, too.

Can anyone tell me how to get a link into text to another web site? I know it's embedded or something, but HOW do I do it??? Thanks...

Paq - better day today?

Joyce - my babe is doing that staying up late and talking thing too. VERY verbal recently (we called grandpa so the boys could talk. It was so sweet), although not so easy at a brownie meeting. He will sit and talk to his hands, a waterbottle, the mobile, the dog, me, his sister, not so much his dad... what a funny baby. Favorite activity...ripping up the phone book! VERY fun! I gave him a tiny sip of water today, it wasn't too cold (no ice). He didn't seem to love it, but he did lick his lips a lot. Maybe the water felt good but tasted not so good?

Back to Michelle - Beca was about 5 mos when we started her on sweet pots. She was ready and I wanted to stop the formula big time. Intuition has been kind to you, so don't worry that you will do this too fast. You are VERY in tune w/Kaia and will be fine!

Ok, I've rehydrated and now maybe I can get back to sleep... We had to turn the heat on today, it was so chilly here. But that always dries out the upstairs and makes it kind of too warm there for me...I really like to sleep cool... not great for summer, but then I usually just crank on the fans. Oh, did I mention my boy slept FIVE hours last night!!?!???!!!???!!!???!!! I wasted some of it not sleeping (ahem, not unlike tonight), but WOW WOW WOW am I impressed. He'll only do it on his tummy, which makes me nervous because I'm not right in there w/him (maybe that's why I'm not sleeping? I have checked on him 2x) and he doesn't breathe all that well at night (snorts, snores a bit), but he's SLEEPING!!!!! YEA! I'm going to try to get to the hfs on Fri. and weigh him. YIPPEE!!!

dh spent the night on the puter, so no ebay for us, but I'll do it tomorrow. silly not to, w/the good stuff we've got. ok, take care mamas! Andy
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Hmm...I musta lost a post in there? Its not there. I dunno what happened?

Jessi- I was saying I really loved your story. Eerily similar to my first labor, and brought up lots of feelings for me. I'm glad you are on the road to healing and/or making peace with it. (And you are one tough cookie! Good for you for standing up to the peeheaded dr.!!!) Anywhoo, when you share a story like that, you not only help heal yourself, but all the mamas who have been there and read it, and feel like they aren't so alone. Hard to explain, but you probably get what I mean.


**~* !feet!*~**
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yummalicious Annie! she's very clearly checking us out - ori reached to grab her feet too! must be HER feet, 'cause he's not going for his own feet at all, tho he seems to move them around quite a bit. hmmmmm jessi - going now to read. I had a super hard first birth w/dd...posterior w/brow presentation. lotsa feelings there. so I think I've avoided looking for that reason...squirmilicious over here! caio!
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oh, and a bit of blood in baby stool IS (weirdly enough) normal.
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a quick good morning to the insomniacs of the group! Torin went to bed at 9:30pm last night! the earliest in a long time!!!
Jessi - i liked some of the other diapes but honestly, I can't even remember the names there were so many!! I liked that tie-dyed looking one
Andy - Torin isn't grabbing his toes yet either..... maybe its a boy thing!
Karen- the walk sounds nice...... its so good to clear the mind in nature, isn't it??? we had pizza last night too. busy day here mostly running errands. And, I got a haircut and my eyebrows waxed. They were unruly!
btw, Torin was born 5 months ago today!!!!!!!
I'll try to check in again later!!
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Happy 5-month day Torin! (and Luka, for yesterday!)
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catnip that awesome that your lc wants to write up your story. I hope she does, you're really dedicated and maybe your story would inspire others to do the same. I know it's helped me keep going, you and Laura both.

Pam thats cool that geneva is almost sitting up. I'll put Miss E up with the boppy and she ends up with her head on her toes after a couple of minutes

Ann Calico Baby has some really cute prints and it looks like shes going to open for customs tomorrow, I'm thinking of getting a couple. Violet looks like she needs some teeth in the grin she's so cute and she always looks happy in her pictures

Andy I think I may have to turn the heat on here too. Its very freezy outside and it was 59 upstairs this am when I checked the thermometer.
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Morning Mamas! Woooo wheeeee, chatta-licious bunch you are!

Andy, I got it!! Thank you so much, and you are awesome with the fast shipping! Brynns' bum is happy!! Yeah, I got one of those spoof emails a while back, and like Jess I sent it on to paypal. Gotta hate that. I'm sorry you're having to go through all that hassle. GREAT pics of the family! Tiny tushie on your boy, huh? Reminds me of my Tess ~ still can't hold up size 18M pants!

Paq, I love the name Beatrice. It's one that we were considering for Brynn actually, but she just wasn't a "Beatrice".... a "bee", yes, but not a Beatice.

Jessi, you crack me up with your diaper <strike>obsession</strike> affection How do you store them all? E must have the best dressed tushie in town! I'm looking forward to reading E's birth story during my next coffee break

Karen, WTG, our Senior Member! Love your title.

Az, I buy online all the time too. In this town, it's pretty much a must! I have to admit that I go over the top sometimes ( : coffee syrups.... ), but DH just takes it in stride with a head shake. My Dad is the same as your DH though, and when he and my Mom were visiting after Brynn's birth he came charging out of the bedroom in great fear when I was showing her how amazon works! :LOL

Michelle, welcome back!! It sounds like you & Kaia are doing fantastic with the bf'ing. Go Mama!!!

Vax... ugh, the dreaded issue. We haven't vaxed yet and up to our eyeballs in research & discussion. With Tess, we selectively vax'ed, a couple of months delayed due to her size. With Brynn, we still plan to selectively vax, but are leaning towards waiting until she is a year old. Believe me, in good ol' AL, this isn't an easy thing to explain to anyone in medical authority. Oh well, good thing we're a tough bunch of nuts around here!

Annie, big . I'm hopeful that everything is ok for sweet Violet, and that the testing (if you go that route) will be as easy as possible for you both.

Heidi, welcome back! Loved your post, and the name story. Very meant to be, no?

Pam, I'll be reading that vax article during my NEXT coffee break (the one after Jessi's birth story.. :LOL)

Oh dear, no where near done responding but Brynn grows weary of her little blanket on the floor under the mobile. Oh well, she gave me half an hour so I've no complaints!

Later Mamas
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Jess - What a wonderful story. I am so glad that you had the presence of mind during labor to insist on the things that you wanted. Evelyn is lucky to have you as a mom.

Will is sleeping well again. We are just getting used to having some good sleep and catching up on what we missed. Will's 5 month day is coming up next week. I can't beleive it! He is getting so big. I promise that we will have more pics, and one of us in the beautiful mei tai. People at work commented that it was his formal carrier. :LOL

Dipes - I did get 6 more dipes. They are beautiful colors and they are onesizes, so they should last until he is done with dipes. I got them on ebay, they are brand new and they only cost me just over 30 bucks. Gotta love a deal. I also found a skirt that I have been looking for from Ann Taylor. I have one just like it, only it is too small. I have some sentimental attachment to this skirt. It is the one that I had to have and went to the mall to get on New Year's Eve. I went into labor at the mall! I figure that I will sell the one that I have and keep the one that I just bought.

Gotta go and get kiddos ready to leave for work and school. See you later!
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Quick question: Are they too young for a nursing strike? Or maybe like a partial strike. Yesterday, and looks like it's goign to be today too, she would not nurse unless exhausted and starving. She's laying in bed by herself chattering, not really aggravated yet, right now cause I'm so frustrated with this, so sick of lying next to her and every time I flip her towards me she turns away. I really think I made her hate me by screaming at everyone and telling Mike I couldn't stand to be around her all the time. What do I do?
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Michelle- Thats awesome she wants you to write it up. WTG momma. Glad Kaia is doing well. I did the same with Kaitlyn, started her on solids because I dreaded the formula. She was defnitely ready at 4 mths. She was drinking so much at the time it was crazy.

Karen- love your title! So does Hawaii sell Hawaii pizza w/ham and pineapple? thats what they call it around here, just curious if they call it the same in Hawaii?

Annie- oh my gosh shes so cute and found her feet. She's so cute I could just eat her up! (wonder how that phase came about anyhow?)

Kathy- thanks for sharing your pics and I thought I took a lot

Az- so how were things there w/the storm and all? have any flooding? We have tons of branches down around here, neighbor lost a big branch on such a beautiful tree too luckily it's almost over and I hear 70 degree temps are on its way

Yeah I've had no interest in sex ever since my first dd was born. It's been an issue w/him as of lates and I keep telling him to be patient with me.

I went and made a small order on LHC so if my dh complains i'll tell you all made me do it stop talking diaps! I just had to have that unicorn print I'm babysitting today for my cousins 15 mth old, should be interesting. He hates leaving momma.
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