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whew - turn head for a second and WHAMMO! half a dozen posts! *how cool is that!?*

Just did an actual TRADE on the mamabarter site. So far it's all been paypal on it, so this is my first actual total trade (shipping and all). She's getting organic gardening books (3), I'm getting a HUGE bag of duplos. Gee, I hope the boy likes duplos... not that I was using the books anyway, but...

NICOLE!!! Diapers!??! You! Woah. I thought I was dreaming there for a sec... you sure got a good price! WTG mama! Funny about the mt - my neighbor is always wondering how I'm going to be wearing the baby for our thrice-daily constitutional around the block...sling (blue), sling (puppies), MT, backpack (only tried that once), stroller (regular), stroller (high tech), wrap... she told me she took bets w/her dh one time :LOL ! Funny, people are (says Yoda).

Kathy - I have to figure out how to upgrade to cc on paypal, so you won't see charges yet. Never enough time from one nap to read, respond, AND get to do something else, eh? My boy DOES have a tiny tushie. It's the sweetest little tushie I EVER seen! I love that little tush... but yup, not a whole lot there to love! Just a pinch either side :LOL . You are most welcome for the fast ship - how could I leave a weeny tush in need?! Glad B. is a happy camper once again (tho I didn't think she was REALLY needing it, just happy to have it, right?). Funny that you were thinking of Beatrice...we were thinking of Torin! (and Harrison, and Isaac, and Nolan...)

Az - Brrrrrr, eh?! Sucks. Another week of this, I guess. Brrrrrr. the down duvets are back on the beds, now (except for Beca's who just tosses it on the floor and comes into our bed, little stinker!). Ori also eats toes when he's sitting. Or pillows on one side or the othe...doesn't last too long even propped. Top heavy, I think :LOL !

Man - last night the little poopiehead pooped at 3am! WTF? He hasn't done that in ages. oh well, he's up and I gotta get going. bye!
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Laura no real flooding here, its must been done by the beachs, our usual spots. We did lose power yesterday for a bit, but thats nothing unusual around here. Last summer we lost power for a few hours on a warm (not even hot) clear day. DH says it must have been too sunny :LOL seriously we lose power all the time in Gloucester. 70s sounds nice, I'm actually going to put the heat on when I finish this, I'm freezing and have goose bumps, so I think its time the heat should not be on in May especially the end of May, if it wasn't for Miss E I'd prob just leave it off on principal

Andy, we've got two down comforters on our bed, dh is even using both of them, and he's forever hot, so that's how I know its cold. DS sleeps with his down comforter and a quilt all year round. Oh and feety pjs too. He'll come out of his room on an 80 degree night dripping in sweat and telling us he needs ac in his room :LOL yeah why don't you try taking off the winter pjs
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Hey Jeni - don't blame yourself. A lot of options on what is going on. How often is she nursing? If she's still nursing 6 -8 times a day, she's fine. If less than that, she *could* get dehydrated. Keep the air kind of moist and offer offer offer.

One thing is for SURE. Your 4 month old daughter does NOT know what you said - about her, yourself, dh or anything else. Nicole just went through this with Will - it's part of their 'thing', some kids. Other kids NEVER GET OFF the nipple (read Lisa and Lauren). It's not too young for a strike (actually right on target: 4 - 10 mos is prime time). It's nothing you did, ate, said, thought, felt or wrote. Ok? You are a TERRIFIC mama. You are human and sensitive and vulnerable, and you take such good care of your family, REALLY you do. Don't work your brain in a knot over feelings of frustration, let the feeling go. They are ok to have and it's ok to let them go. Your baby loves you and needs you. Don't give up on her. She doesn't even know she's rejecting you! Extra hugs today mama, andy

ps - I thought about the pump...have you tried it? I need SERIOUS suction to get milk. The medela big pump was on full suction, full speed and I still didn't get like what Jessi gets - but I have a nice little stash for sneaking away...maybe star wars this weekend (I opted not to do it w/Ori because this one is SUCH a violent one).
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Kathy - he's back asleep (ahhh, gotta love it!) so I upgraded my pay pal...so NOW you've been charged! Thanks! Andy

Az - Beca insists on sleeping in this teeny weeny little summer negligee I got for her like two years ago - it's half way to her stomach and has these spaghetti straps and lace...(but it's lavendar and violet w/flowers ) so w/these krazy kids!
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Oh, Az - just wondering what you are planning to do w/Mr. C. for his b'day. Do you do parties? Class or just a few friends? Always such an ISSUE!!! Maybe it's easier w/boys?
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Originally Posted by mamabeca
Oh, Az - just wondering what you are planning to do w/Mr. C. for his b'day. Do you do parties? Class or just a few friends? Always such an ISSUE!!! Maybe it's easier w/boys?
I'm ashamed to admit it but I've only half planned his party his birthday is in 6 days : It was definatly easier before he was in school. I don't know what to do so it seems like by default nothing will get done. We're going to have a small party the 4th but so far we've invited my sister and dh's cousin. I'd like to invite a couple of kids fomr his class but I don't know how to go about it. I really should get on the ball. We can't invite tons of people becuase we live in an apartment, while we do have a small yard I don't know what we'd do if it rains or is cold.
I think its hard no matter what, does Becca still have mixed parties? I know they're the same age but she's in 1st grade right? DS is only in kindergarten (again)
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Originally Posted by mamabeca
Kathy - he's back asleep (ahhh, gotta love it!) so I upgraded my pay pal...so NOW you've been charged! Thanks! Andy

Az - Beca insists on sleeping in this teeny weeny little summer negligee I got for her like two years ago - it's half way to her stomach and has these spaghetti straps and lace...(but it's lavendar and violet w/flowers ) so w/these krazy kids!
Oh I know all about too small clothes. DS is forever trying to wear things he likes but don't fit. He comes down in pants that look like capris, cause of course the waist fits so there for they're fine to wear right t-shirts with his belly button showing, he'd be looking like a pre-teen girl if I left it all up to him
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She had a snackie and is now all wide awake and kicking my keyboard. Now for the catching up.

On the poo issue... the only thing unusual was Wendy's bacon cheeseburger and fries. : God only knows what's really in that. Same poo yesterday afternoon, too. Maybe it is hydration, I don't always keep good track of that.

Sex... lube hasn't been a problem, just no feeling. I guess part of it's probably that I'd rather kill him most of the time Even when he's not being an all I can think about was the last time he was. But it's not just him, doesn't work for me, either. And I was pretty badly manhandled post-birth. If I'd known the sOB was going to treat me like he was stitching a roast together or something, I'd have told him not to stitch the tear, I'd slap some super glue on when I got home. Basically, he managed to bruise everything else in the general vicinity. Dude, those are not handles! I swear, if I ever see that man walking down the street, I'm running him over.

My mom almost fell for the ebay/paypal thingie last week. I don't have paypal, so I'd have to really be asleep at the switch.

He does take her for at least 1/2 hour a night, sometimes more if she'll put up with it. It's just never enough time to do everything and get my head screwed back on. And sometimes she's super nursey. I can't think of anyone else to ask over on a regular basis. MIL is good with her, but Mike whines about having to censor the bookshelves when she comes over (he's in the broom closet).

Bookshelves: I already have one of the little cheapo ones, so they would match. I'm worried about them being tippy, though. I think I'm better off fastening something to the wall.

Woohoo, piggies! We're all about grabbing the piggies here. Can only get them to the mouth with help, though.

Yesterday was better, except the not wanting to nurse all afternoon. And I had every pan in the house dirty, so I couldn't even boil the pump, so I still haven't tried it. I have a medela harmony and it sucks too hard, plus I don't think it fits right, so I kinda hope this sucks less. :LOL I'd like to start pumping every night, get some in the freezer, plus some as ice cubes to put in the mesh feeder thingies. We got a swing at a yard sale Saturday, against my better judgement, so she spent a good 10-15 minutes in that, which I squandered on mdc. : I can see this spiralling downward fast. I knew this would happen. But she can almost squirm out of the boppy now, so it's not safe to leave her in that to go pee.

We get the bloody mucusy with dairy. I thought it always indicated an allergy. Same symtoms for an adult for ulcerative colitis, so it really freaks me out (Mike has UC).

Was there a storm somewhere? I never watch the news anymore so I have no clue what's going on in the world. : Glad no one got washed away.

She's sleeping on my arm now, and smiling in her sleep. So peaceful.
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Holy moly mamas, I go away yesterday afternoon and now there are 2 more pages to read. I guess the lull mid-day yesterday was taken care of?

Joyce, is your husband Hispanic? And where is your family from?

Michelle, cool on being a case study

Pam, we're at frothy and yellow, Lauren is SO distracted during the day, I wonder if it isn't a little imbalance, plus the slobber factor, at least for us.

Joyce, mucous with blood = allergy, usually dairy. Could be soy. The proteins stick around in your body for 2 weeks, so it wouldn't just match with a food.

Sex, hehe, after all the chatting we've been doing, I looked at dh and said "Do you miss having sex" and he was "oh yah I guess I do" but no biggie to him. He did kiss my other nipple last night WHILE I was nursing and that totally was YUCKY. I had to swat him away. He didn't even get the token birthday sex the other day.

Andy, to make a link, click the little globe with the chain link on it below COLOR on the reply box.
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Paq, do you have a car? maybe he could take her out for a drive. Thats what my dh does alot, or you dd doesn't like the car though right? hmmm does she like the bath? or maybe a walk in a carrier? or stoller? DH can do any of those things with her without you. The swing can be good, especially when your stressed. Who cares if you spent your baby free time on mdc I do it all the time. It helps me to relax and hey its my time right? Do what you want with it.
Maybe you could just tell mil that the books re yours? That way you could get some help

on the sex issues Are you still healing? It took ages for me to heal up after ds, which did not make sex enjoyable at all. I feel like a therapy pusher here but it really can help. Are there any mothers groups in you area? My therapist is always suggesting that to me, but I haven't made it yet :LOL

No there wasn't a big storm just a nor'eastern over here in MA that just won't seem to go away, plus all the wet raw cold weather we've been having here
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Aaah I'm back, had to run to care for babe.

Annie, I love Violet's pics. They always make me smile. Lauren has no idea what her feet are. I think part of it is that she's always wearing socks, it's been so darn cold here.

She's been trying to suck on her thumb too, which is great for me, BUT she has my hands - looooong pianist fingers, and she keeps gagging because her thumb is just too long!

Kathy, oooh yah, taking on the Old Suthurn docs! Go mama!

Nicole, what kind of one size? I really like some of them.

Jeni, I'm right there with you. Lauren nurses 1/2 a meal at night, so I've been waking and putting boob in her mouth a few extra times just to get some food in. I don't think it's a strike, it's just SUDDENLY there is a whole world out there to see and watch and listen to. Lauren will munch a few bites and then roll away, wiggle upside down if she's on my lap, fuss to sit up, try to locate EVERY noise in the room, etc. Yesterday she nursed in bed in the morning, then took MAYBE 3 sucks from 9-2 (scary!) and then nursed because she was STARVING. Nursed down to sleep when we got home at 3, nursed 1/2 a meal when she woke, and 1/2 a meal in the evening and then nursed to sleep. Strangely I'm not engorged, or even full feeling, so maybe she's gotten more efficient suddenly too.

Andy, like 8 posts in a row, are you trying to hurry up to the senior member?

Wow I just read all the way to the end... what a lot of reading! And Lauren is napping, yaay!

Jeni again, yah I hear ya on pain too. My midwife did a nice job putting me back together, but I had a vag wall tear too, and it's just not cool yet.

Andy, Lauren isn't so super sucky now. It's amazing, I honestly think she feels better and then add to it being distractable.. well, it's NICE to have a boobie break.

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wish I could post...... wakes sleeping baby..... reading instead.... luckily, many posts to read!

Jessi, WOW. Amazing birth story. I admire the heck outta you, Mama. You were so present, and so tremendously strong and assertive. I admit that I teared up reading at times, and also laughed right out loud sometimes (mostly about Eric and something he'd do/say) All *three* of you did awesome. What a family!!

Ok, pushing my luck.... back to reading....
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wow. I can't believe how many posts there are. OMG!

Andy- last night i was gonna write and tell you that Luka's been taking sips of my water too. He's mostly interested in the cup, but likes the water too. I only let him sip drops, because as it is he doesn't nurse a WHOLE lot, and I don't want his little tummy filling with water.

Annie- can you say ROLLS! I seriously cannot wait to squish Violet!!!! Luka just doesn't have those rolls like the other boys did. He's not skinny, but not fat either. I guess he's just right

Jeni- I saw that Bea did nurse. I hope the not nursing is over.... but no, it's not too early for a strike. someone mentioned that Will also did that and they figured he had a sore throat. teething can do it too. Just be with her, lots of skin-to-skin and keep offering. she's most likely to take it when she's sleepy- esp when she's just wakiung up from sleeping.

I can't believe that Az has to turn on the heat! it's the end of MAY for goodness sakes! it's HOT here too.
and my kids wear clothes that are too small all the time- well Noam does anyways. I think I wrote here already that he doesn't think pants are too small until they are ABOVE the knee :LOL

Laura- I'm sure they have "Hawaiian" pizza here. We're pretty much vegetarian, so I wouldn't really know. But it's not really hawaiian....

What else. We shop mostlty online too, like Kathy. I live in a small town on an island. we're forced to do it. Sometimes I think it's easier, and sometimes I can't believ e how much time it takes!

Luka screamed and screamed and screamed last night. couldn't figure out what was up! He went to sleep finally at 9:30- late for us, but then : he slept 7 hours!!!! woo hoo. Why can't he do that EVERY night? of course I was awake part of that time. our neighbors are camping and one of their dogs was barking barking barking. In their owld house he ran free and they are recent here and he has to be tied up and can't stand it.

Lisa- woo hoo on Lauren not being so sucky. You deserve a break!!! (started to type breast, lol!)

those calico diapers are cute too. bad mommies we are!
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<-------- Hey.... who did that?

Hey, I just posted my eloquent post and saw that.
Must be Annie? who else knows what poi is?

Thanks. i feel so special
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Those of you with family members worried about buying online: get an MBNA credit card. They have this really cool thing called ShopSafe. Upon request, it generates an alternate credit card number with a credit limit that you set, valid for a time period you specify (2-12 months). You can safely use this to buy something online, because even if someone got it, they'd hit the credit limit immediately. AND the program fills out forms for you, with address and phone number and blah blah blah all the stuff you get sick of typing in. It is excellent.

Paq, on the bookshelves - just put the heaviest stuff (textbooks, dictionaries) on the bottom shelf, and they won't be tippy.
And tell DH to stop his whining and put the dirty books in an out-of-the-way spot permanently.
Half an hour without the baby all day is not very much. I'd get nutty, too. Working isn't so bad sometimes.
Even if lube isn't the problem, it still feels better with some extra. I tried it because the girls here went on about it, even though I thought I had plenty, and it made a big difference. But not as big a difference as a little romance and a lot of treating you decently would make.
Nothing wrong with 10-15 min in the swing a couple times per day.
Oh and ITA about the cleanup and whatever-the-heck they do after the birth being the worst. I didn't even need stitches and it hacked me off.

All you people with storms and cold... it has been gorgeous here, in the 70s and sunny, for weeks.

Lisa, no birthday sex? Bummer! DH has less of a sex drive than I do, so he seems fine with the decrease in mine. Once a week is plenty for him, and I have to ask for that.

If your babe hasn't found his or her feet yet - have you tried spotted socks? Evelyn noticed hers when she wore blue socks with big white spots. Now she has lots of pairs of spotted socks, because she likes them so much. That's my baby! Colorful socks.

One-size dipes: when pregnant, I thought, "I don't want one-size dipes with a mediocre fit for many sizes; I want diapers in multiple sizes so they'll fit just right." It turns out that the one-size dipes have been an excellent fit on Evelyn, even when none of the more-size-specific dipes have been. SOS is the best (those are hyena), and then Cuddlebuns and Muttaqin. Wonderoos are just okay. Changing Babies are pretty good too. Now, I really like the 2-size dipes like Little Fishy and Little Beetle.

Lisa, Evelyn is doing the same thing with the rolling and looking and being distracted. She's also gotten more efficient. I think, "Well that was a short munch" and then notice that the boob is completely empty.

Wow, 25 pages and this is our second thread this month. Crazy! You'd think we liked each other or something!

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Jessie- OMG! you are one strong mama! I"m sorry you had such an ordeal. At least you got a really nice baby out of it

Annie-Violet is just beautiful. And I aggree with everyone lese that she certainly seems to be very aware in her pics. want to kiss those big gorgeous cheeks!

Jeni- Nursing strikes do happen at this age. Just be patient and gently persistant (sp?). They get so excited to look around at the world and all that's happening and well they've been staring at Mom for the last few months :LOL With Ruby I had to go to a dark room to get her to focus. And forget about nursing gracefully in public :LOL

Lisa Sounds like you're diet really helped Lauren. WTG!!

Pam- Thanks so much for the link to the article on vax. I'm still just plain confused. Honestly, dh has been really suportive although he complained that sometimes he would like to have one of those wives that just did what the dr said. Only 'cause I get so worked up when I start reading...darn edcuated women He also wisely said that if I chicken out and don't have her vaxed starting at 6mo I'm gonna have to find a new fp. She's very young and smart but kind of blind on this issue.

Diapers: you all are confusing me. I was very happy with my plain white fuzzibunz but now I see al these other cool diapers and I need to make a decision soon, 'cause Isabelle's about to bust out of our current dipes. Argh...

I'm glad it's Thursday. Ruby didn't want me to leave her at school today. Isabelle fell asleep while nursing when I dropped her off. I miss my girls. Oh and I have to celebrate 'cause yesterday Ruby got made at me for changing her diaper (we're never going to potty train at this rate). Instead of hitting me she yelled "I'm MAD!!!" I gave her a big hug and said I was sorry I made her mad but she really did need to change her diaper. Then we went outside to ride bikes. She's getting so big....sigh : ...It all goes so fast (cliche as that sounds).

Well back to work. Meeting with big-wig at noon - yuck.

(I feel little blue today)
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Good for Ruby for expressing her feelings!

Take the plunge! Tykie is calling to you! Or, at least get some multicolored fuzzi bunz. Cotton babies has colors with free inserts and a sale. Natural Babies has color combos and they're on sale too!

Are any of the mamas with two kids planning a third? I'm wondering if we have any middle babies in our group.
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woo hoo for Ruby. changing diapers is alright, but when you're not doing it anymore :
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Ruby sounds so cute and sweet! Makai is alot like that too.

Kobe "graduates" from preschool today. That's a weird feeling. He's not a little kid anymore! I'll post a pic later.

I'm really bummed. I missed the Calico Baby stocking. I can't seem to find any more cute fitteds It seems like the TP doesn't even really have anything. I did get one of those cherry bomb covers though. CUTE!!
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Still asleep. She semi-woke a bit ago and got a good-sized lunch in there. I wonder if there's a sleeping pattern shift going on, too. Maybe she wants to be up in the morning and then sleep all afternoon now.

She's okay with car rides now. He's actually got a bit of a limp, sciatica from minor spine/pelvis malformation, so excessive walking isn't good. She likes baths with me, but I think he's nervous about it. That might work better once she can sit up on her own. She outgrew the bath seat, so she either gets in the big tub with me, or in the sink for a quick scrub-down. I have some credit at TRU/BRU so I might look at other bath options. He used to read to her quite a bit, and hasn't for a while. I think I should encourage that. He mostly tries to drape her across his lap while he's on the computer. I think he's really resentful that that works better for me than it does for him. I don't know if he ignores her more or if she just doesn't like the way he sits or what it is. But it's not like I'm super interactive with her when she's sitting on the boppy watching me type. Maybe she likes MDC for the smilies. :LOL

I luuuurve Hawaiian pizza. I've been trying to avoid ham and bacon and all that other yummy good nitrate stuff. I can smell the difference in her dipe when I eat it, and that's scary.

We have the heat on at night here too, and a few days this week. If it wasn't for her, I'd put more clothes on and suck it up probably. Drafty old house, it's not like the heat stays in anyway.

I'll bet those rattly socks would help, too. I think the big box stores have 'em. We had some basketball ones but I passed them on. Not sporty people here.

Hehe. It's not dirty books, it's pagan books. His parents still think we're lapsed Christians who are going to find our way back to the church any day now. They'd probably think it's all my fault. He found paganism about 5 years ago and I gradually got into it a bit, but it never really stuck. So he's actually the heathen and I'm the crisis-of-faith agnostic. So I think we'd fit in at UU, but he's iffy. I think it would be nice to at least have a christening/baby blessing kind of thing that doesn't mention any specific believes, kwim? The IL's only nagged us about that once, but I think it's still bothering them. My family tends toward atheist and agnostic, with my mother exploring hinduism, and one fervent catholic aunt-in-law. So we're a bit more relaxed.

Nah, I don't think the 15 min. in the swing will be bad. I think the 15 min will turn into 1/2 hour, then 1 hr, then.... next thing you know, I'm turning on the tv and propping bottles in there so I can go wax my legs or something.

Mmm. I have bread in the bread machine smelling yummy, two kitties and one baby all sleeping peacefully. Let's see how long this can last. :LOL

to all.
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