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oooh, that's bad Lisa. But i did sign up :
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Hey - we do two books at once here too. Ori's current fave to munch on is What is God's Name (very unitarian). So I'm pretty sure that Ori is wheat sensitive (probably dd is too), and that's been hurting his sleep. So I've been weaning off it and I'm down to like 3xweek now (oh, that last push is SO hard), but WHAT TO DO with all the great putney pasta?!? Tonight we're going to have it w/on sale Eden sauce (fire roasted toms!) and quinoa/corn spag. Maybe dh will eat it. Maybe he'll pick out the raviolis...who cares. I've just GOT to finish it up and get the reast out of my system.

Does anyone know the best place to get hemp inserts? I want a dozen 6 or 8 layer ones, and then about 6 of the fleece topped. I saw that ecobunz has a pretty good price, just wondering if anyone (read: Jessi!)knows about a secret location...

Oh! my Usborne books just came in! Yea! And we went to the library and got a TON of stuff on signing w/babies and children, inc. a video made FOR children to teach them to sign. Cool! I'll let folks know what's really good/easy, if you're interested. Just mention it. Ok, time to get something done around here. hugs, andy
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I'm interested in the signing stuff. Was looking around Amazon last night to see what was recommended so I could get it from the library. People bashed the "Baby Signs" one, and recommended highly one by someone Garcia. His uses ASL, whereas some of the others make up their own signs. Let me know what you like best.

Are you looking for inserts for a pocket diaper? or lay ins? the ones I have I got from the fuzzibunz store, to put insidet the FB. I have laid some just sitting in a diaper too. but frankly, Luka isn't a heavy wetter, so as long as I don't leave him too many hours in a diaper, it seems ok.

OK, I'm doing bills and just HAVE to check email every few minutes. Bills are boring
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Karen, if you want to reduce toddler screaming and increase communication, making your own signs is the ok thing to do, so long as you can remember them! But if you want Luka to have a skill beyond, ASL is the way to go. We started with "milk" and "potty" this week, I'm trying to come up with a list of things to use now, babes need concrete, so milk, potty, maybe diaper (for wet/change), mom, dad, eat, are on my short list.

Going to sign up for the diaper thing too, the question becomes do I have enough time to go through the sites to find the little pics.
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I figure I can look at those sites when I'm otherwise distracted- i.e. nursing. I should NOT look at them while baby is alseep!!! 100 sites isn't too much in a month, but I did see on there that the little icon you're supposed to find is 4 clicks from the homepage on each site :
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signing.... LOVE it! We started with Tess when she was 7 months old, and it was absolutely amazing how she picked it up and how she could communicate with us.

We started with "milk" and "mama" with Brynn, pretty much from birth!
I have a couple of web sites to recommend. We never did go with any course/book (although I did pick up an ASL dictionary when Tess was about a year old, but mainly for those obscure things)

http://commtechlab.msu.edu/sites/aslweb/browser.htm ASL Browser
http://www.signwithme.com/main_signs.asp?ID=1 Sign with Me
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oooh, meant to mention that Brynn already reacts to just the sign for milk. Pretty cool!!
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I signed up too. Who knows if I'll actually do it, but hey worse thing is that I'd have something differnt to look at.

Lisa glad to hear the lunch went well.

Andy you sound like you always have a million things going on at once. Just reding your post tires me out some days.

Jessi I got your huge box today ds was dissapointed it wasn't for him :LOL but he had fun looking at all the diapers. Miss E has on the sugar peas one right now. DH put it on and I asked if it fit and he said "yeah but its a little snug" when I checked its on the tightest snap setting I'll have to take some pictures of her in some of the diapers and share.

Lisa I totally believe it about the hospital birth class. I took one with ds and everything was iv-this, epidural-that rack up your insurance.

Our tie dye diapers came out pretty god. I'll take some pictures later to share. DS ended up having the best looking one, but I didn't do too bad. I think I'm going to get some more dyes and stuff and we're going to do up the preimum's. DH seemed kinda dissapointed that he didn't get to do any. He's must have mentiond a dz times how he's never done tie dye. HA! all my mum's hippie-ness and her hippie friends weren't so bad were they :LOL We were always doing crafty things growing up
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Kathy- thanks for those websites- very cool. no need to buy books when there are things like that! there's a "kit" for sale on amazon for like $46!!! and people sell them on ebay for less, but most are VHS, and we have no more VHS here.
Smart Brynn!

Luka's been all fussy. Put him down on the bed on his tummy and he's happy as a clam. go figure.
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Andy- I'd probably be interested in whatever ASL stuff you could find.

I took a year of ASL in college, so I have lots of videos and text books. I would say the boys knew about 15 signs when they were babies. They don't use it much anymore, except Makai uses the "more" sign for please, yes, more, have some and food. Why learn them all, when you can use just one? :LOL

We had a good time at the beach. It sunned up very ncely and then we noticed dead fish were washing up on the beach and man o wars in the water. Needless to say we got out ASAP.
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Yeah! I just talked to Karen IRL, everybody!!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

Ok, gotta go. Kobe is standing on the kitchen counter looking for something!
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Oooh, you beat me to it. I was gonna post the same thing, :LOL. great minds think alike, I guess

I was gonna ask you- I know you've said Kobe has allergies- any food we should NOT bring, so that he's not tempted? I'm sure it happens often, but i want him to feel good
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wow you gals are gonna meet tomorrow! cool have fun

Lisa you evil girl you. i signed up also, could be dangerous

Ya know I never took a birthing class. I refused to. My logic was why the heck would I want to go to a class on giving birth when women have been birthing for thousands of years without classes. Just didn't seem natural to me. I just went with the flow of it.

Well after having a nice quiet morning the girls decided to pay me back big time in the afternoon. Megan just didn't want to nap and was cranky as ever. Kaitlyn proceeded to annoy me like crazy, I want this I want that. First thing she said when she woke was I want popcorn. Sorry but no popcorn for breakfast, then all hell broke loose. So when do the terrible two's end?
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hear ya on what to do. we're going to go through the tapes tonight (I hope). There are 3 different ones. None by Garcia, but none called Baby Signs, either. It's getting late, and we haven't even started the first one, so maybe tomorrow... time to post this (only two and a half hrs. later!) and see what people are up to tonight.
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now Kaitlyn is throwing fits w/dada. Think I'll just stay here and pump all night :
i could use a big drink right now
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I joined the hunt too! Ought to be fun. Too bad I never did buy the computer (KIDDING!) but it would be convenient to be wireless. Oh well. I've enlisted Beca to help w/the hunt. She can go meandering around while I cook or whatever. 100 is 3-4 a day every day. Yikes! Is there a list of sites? There's only 60 or so sponsors listed. I think I'm already confused. Maybe I'm multi-tasked out...

I FINALLY found some wonderful looking and smelling organic lavendar plants. It took like 3 months of searching! I kept missing the shipments by a day or so everywhere I looked, and it would just be gone so fast! I guess lavendar plants are kinda hyena! anyway, it'll get put in by the front door tomorrow, thank goodness. It's looking somewhat barren and ugly there. Dd has agreed to help me clean up tomorrow. In exchange for madagascar (nothing free in NY!). I wanted to see it anyway. maybe dh will join in, a real family adventure. he's so tall that sitting in theater chairs isn't very comfy for him, so usually he passes.

Joined the June swap...hopefully something we actually want / need will magic itself to our door! yea!!

Have a GREAT IRL meet annie and karen!!! Take pics and post them when you can! How FUN!!! There's a big MDC mama meet up in NYC on the 12th June, but I'm going to have a backyard full of brownies tie dyeing their shirts. Very unlikely I'll be going (unless it's with the little monsters! :LOL ), oh well. I think they're meeting in the Sheep's Meadow, which has many fond memories for me. I slept there for a week one spring (when I ran away from home. I think I was 14?) and saw the dead there once a couple of yrs later, and saw the free clapton show there and ... those bushes are pretty private :LOL .

Does anyone know if I can use non-wheat flours in a bread machine? Or do the recipes HAVE to be bread machine recipes? Something finickey about them, I remember, but I've never used one. ** edit** Ok, I just read some of the recipes Lisa sent me,and they give me the bread machine info I wanted. thanks anyway

We took an 'alternative' birthing class with dd, but w/ds we opted for an evening meeting that the midwives put together once a month. It was informal, just a way to chat up about people's experiences. If ya'll remember, it was foul weather like 3 times in a row and we had a private tutorial, which was awesome! I never once entered a hospital for this one, thank goodness . Both dh and I have real aversions to them.

Lisa - I'm glad Zoe is in recovery : . My one true love-pup Casey (she's gone now) had to have the cone when she got broken (why do they call it 'fixed'?). She was most upset with me. But no hot spots and she was a happy puppy when she was finally free! I'd give her time off it every hour I was home for a few minutes, so she could lick herself (tmi?). I made sure she stayed away from the incision site. It's so hard with puppykids. they just don't ever really understand why they should have to wear such a silly looking thing. I KNOW she was embarrased in public. She'd only poop in the backyard and wouldn't go for walks wearing it. She was a VERY smart pooch.

Anyway, my new thought is this: I am willing to cut out wheat entirely, and even elim. the little tiny bit of dairy (parm cheese - nothing can replace it and don't even MENTION that rice/veggie stuff eeeeuwwww), BUT the milk I pumped...what do I do??? If I toss it I won't have any for the June night out. If I don't toss it he's just going to get the wheat back into his system! So...

1. how long does it take to get wheat BACK out of his body from say 6-8 oz of milk?
2. do I just save enough for that one event? I was REEEEEEALY hoping to see starwars this weekend
3. that's all I can remember.

Laura - I read through your birthing story ( , more comments there). I want to say here that Mama, if it's been said once, it's worth saying a thousand times. You are TRULY an inspiration. You have been so incredibly strong and dedicated. Numb, grief stricken, exhausted, rejected, sick, stretched, stressed, you have managed somehow to keep your children intact, and pulled your family together under the most incredible circumstances. Thank you so much for sharing it all.

Time to finish cutting fleece liners. I cut Jessi's last week (I think) and still have the rest of the fabric just sitting on the side couch. waiting. for elija??? Hope you ladies all have a good night.
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I liked :
Baby Signs: How to Talk with Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk, New Edition
by Linda Acredolo, Susan Goodwyn, Douglas Abrams
(Linda also has a great book called "Baby minds")

Geneva was 13 lbs 14.5 oz at her 4 month checkup!

That's a crazy hunt! I don't think I'll sign up... not enough time
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Andy: if it's for June, can you pump more by then? For this weekend, you haven't totally cut the wheat out yet anyway right? So just push that back to Monday? I'd save the stuff already pumped for absolute dire emergencies or else donate it if there's a lot and someone would take it.

We were thinking about doing the signing, but I didn't think it was worthwhile to start yet. Hm.

Off to get something breakfasty and hit the Joann's sale.
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picture spamming

Just some pictures for your enjoyment

This is the picture I ws takign when she rolled over. She's in my favorite cover

tie dye diapers

more tie dye diapers

these are the two favorites I did the yellow and green and Christopher did the rainbow

I took this 10 minutes ago, Miss E is wearing one of Jessi's diapers which she peed in before wearing it 5 minutes
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G'mornin mamas... I've decided that I can't really blame dh for waking me up at night and all the bad sleep, as he has slept across the hall all week and I'm still getting bad sleep. Oh well. Lauren HAD to nurse at 10, 12, 1, 3:30, 5:30, 8:30 and now.

Andy, what are your symptoms with wheat?

Oooh Annie and Karen, you'll have to come back and give us a report about how cool you really are
Andy is threatening to come over to Cleveland this summer.. and dh says "why would anyone want to visit CLEVELAND? Don't they know they call this place the mistake on the lake?" :LOL

Laura, I don't think the terrible 2's end until kids move out of the house.

Andy, sit back in the wheelchair row at the theater - they put those seats a bit back from the row in front so that the legrests of the wheelchair next to the seat doesn't crash into the row in front. Kind of like the bulkhead on a plane

Yah Andy, you can use the machine, and I think there are non-wheat bread machine mixes out there too. I want those cherry chocolate muffins!

Childbirth classes - we took the Bradley class with a very pro ncb doula/nurse teaching it. Of course we promptly forgot everything once I hit real labor.

Yep, my conehead won't go out with it on either, but on walks she's too busy to lick, so it's ok. Actually right now she's curled up in dh's chair sleeping, I think she knows better than to lick now, at least when we're in the same room. If she wanders off, I threaten her with the cone and she either comes back and sits down or gets the hat. She doesn't like the hat. Last night I tossed her a few pieces of lettuce and she missed a few of them and they landed in the cone, she looked like a walking salad bar.

Andy, I vote you use the milk this weekend, and save the rest for fixing burns and cuts and such with the kids and you. I know it takes 2-4 weeks to clear dairy from your blood, and another 2 weeks to clear him completely, but I have no idea about wheat. I think it's quicker than dairy, but I really can't say. So use what you have now for now, and start pumping now for soon, and then that will have less % wheat in it, and then when you get to the June thing, you'll have very low % wheat and it'll be ok. Better to feed the boy-o a little wheat than to give him canned food

Ugh I wasn't paying attention while I ate and typed, and just dropped a huge spoon of hot oatmeal on my boob.

Fleece liners - do y'all get funky smells from them? My friend who uses waddlehoppers says that they reek of ammonia no matter how good she washes them out.

Az, nice cow! And great dipes! I like the bullseye one.

So does wheat make you gassy? I've also had some onion and bell pepper this week, which I know can cause gas, but man, babe and I are both making dh proud in the gas department. :

Going to eat some fruit (peaches maybe?) and find out where dh went. He was on baby duty while I ate and he left her under the gym and headed off somewhere.

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