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Lisa - We have fleece lined snap in things and the don't smell like ammonia. That usually has something to do with build-up of detergent, so even though she is washing them real good, she should rinse them with just hot water after she cleans them. If there are suds in the water, the detergent did not rinse out and they need to be rinsed until there are no more suds. Can take a while.

We had a rough night last night. Em peed on our bed so we had to change our sheets and then sleep on the comfortor so the bed would dry. It was so hot, combined with the fact that it is really hot here anyway. Will woke up at 2:30 (after sleeping through several nights) and was starving. We started him with some oatmeal and apples this morning. He has been loving the peas, and kinda like the cereal stuff, so now we are up to 2 meals. I didn't start Em this early, but he has really seemed ready. It is amazing to me to see just how totally different the 2 kids are.

We are going to a farmers market today, which should be fun, but we have to do it early so that it isn't too hot for us. It is only supposed to be 95 or so here today, so all in all it is going to be a beautiful day.

Better go and vacuum. We bought a Dyson yesterday and it is worth every penny. We have 2 dogs in addition to the kids, so we really have to be vigilant with keeping the carpets clean. As it is, they look like crap, so we are going to have to get them professionally cleaned anyway.

See ya later!
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Not gassy. moody, and his snarts stink (but it CAN'T be dairy 'cause there isn't any!), and he snarts a lot (tho less and less the more I eat less...aha!).

wheelchair row, yup. btdt when I went w/beca to see the heffalump movie. she hasn't been very good today, but well, I want to see that Madagascar movie myself, so maybe...

Jeni - if I'm going to pump more, maybe you could get me one of those super cheal medela pumps??? What's with the one that's too strong? I don't think there is a pump too strong for my breasts. seriously, nipples of steel.

no funk on the fleece liners. I don't do anything special, just regular diaper wash. I do use vinegar in the diaper wash, tho. Jessi?

Annie - did you get to the OT?

Laura - well, maybe before 18, but not much before! :LOL

Ok, time to go watch softball! bye for now, andy
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Az- I love your pics- esp the one of Mr C and Miss E. Miss E has such a distinctive and "grown-up" look- maybe because she doesn't have a super chubby face? I bet she looks like that when she's older. Ra'am has looked the same since he was a newborn.

I woke up BEFORE Luka today. What's my problem??? He had a bad night- teething, I think. I put him to sleep and he woke up 20 minutes later and then 20 minutes later again and I think one more time. then it was the usual 2-3 hours, but at 10:30 he woke up crying. I gave him some teething tabs and he went back to sleep. poor baby. he was so sleepy too. It'll be a coffee day for me for sure.
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Hi all!

We saw Madagascar last night. Its really funny, although there's a lot of adult humor in there, that's just over the kid's heads. Kobe said it was his favorite movie ever, and Makai has been walking around saying "I like to move it, move it"..... Now that is freaking hilarious.

Andy- No OT yet. Her appt. is on the 7th. I'm having mixed feelings about it. The program is through early intervention, and before they do any eval. and assesments, you have to have a home visit with 2 social workers. Then they work up something like and IEP, but for little kids - I think its called and IFSP, or something. Anyways, I'm feeling uncomfortable with county social workers up in my hair, and for Violet to be labled with anything so early on. I talked to dh about it, and I think what we'll do is after we know exactly how much hearing loss she does have- is to have her receive her therapy privately. We have insurance, so they should cover it. EI sent me a bunch of develpmental checklists, and she is right on in everything, except sounds and auditory stim.
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Andy: It's the Lansinoh Ameda pump. The medela I already had. Well, I tried the Ameda today. After figuring out that I needed to actually read the directions to put it together, and deciding that "one-handed" is stretching things a bit, it's not too bad. It fits my nipple better, but harder to get a seal on my breast, go figure. The suction's about the same, I guess. YMMV (that's Your Mammaries May Vary, in this case ). Was it you doing the nursing necklaces a while ago? I could definately use one, totally distractable now.

I was actually thinkign about Madagascar. We have a drive-in nearby, too. Double feature, but I don't want to see Monster In Law. Man, if they had HHGttG and Star Wars, I'd be ecstatic.

I noticed my wipes are getting ammonia-y, but not the dipes. I thought maybe the wipe container was getting funky, or needed more lavender oil in the solution or something.

**warning - long ranty** Yuck. I officially hate weekends. Today's screaming match was over me being gone for AN HOUR AND A HALF (let's all gasp in unison) grocery shopping and putting gas in the car. He swore she was hungry, so I cut my trip short and came home. And no, she didn't nurse for a good hour after I got home. I swear, she blinks at him and he thinks it's a hunger cue. And then of course, he was mad that I didn't get to the bank while I was out. I'm so sick of him dredging up every thing that has pissed him off over the last 7 years every time he feels like yelling at me, and insisting that it's all relevant because "that's why he feels the way he does now." I just don't see that as a justification of why he doesn't do any housework or pick up after himself. So, so sick of this. And then I finally got out that I blame him for all the crap associated with the birth, and now he thinks that "that's what all this has been about", like, every time that I've gotten pissed at him for doing nothing and leaving me struggling to keep up, that it was because of that. Um, no. How about acknowledging the fact that I can be pissed for two separate reasons? This reminds me of a few years ago, when he was worse (can you believe it? he was actually worse once) he always blamed everything on whether I'd taken my medicine or eaten properly. And yes, my irrational moods could often be chalked up to that, but if I was taking medication that would have made me not upset when he called me a lazy stupid (insert choice epithet here), I'd be selling that stuff on the street.

So yeah, not sure what I'm doing. I'm starting to wish I could be totally numb all the time, but I'm either numb or despondent. I can't even be happy when I'm playing with the baby. Can't even smile back at her. At least she's pretty much been sleeping most of the day.
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Aww Jeni, *hugs* mama, I'll trade dhs with you for a day, mine's being a big buttinski too.

Annie, yep, IFSP - individual famly services plan - and they don't lable kids under 3 with specific disabilities, they just call everyone delayed, which I think is pretty lame, but better than calling one retarded and the other hearing impaired, I suppose. County isn't all bad, I worked at a county preschool (it went 0-6 but I was in 0-3), maybe there is a way around the home visits? If she qualifies for EI, she can go to county school 0-3 and then prek-whatever in your local school district. Even if you don't WANT EI in a school setting, I say go for the home services, private or county, whichever makes you most comfortable.

So buttinski helped me move the crib from Lauren's room to ours and then started bitching about how messy the house is and how we have no space and why I'm making even less space and blah blah blah and then stomped around slamming doors for a while. He just doesn't get it. You'd think he'd be smart enough to ask about space BEFORE helping me carry the darn crib into the room!!

I need to figure out how to get the crib mattress higher, I'm thinking our sleeping bags folded flat might be enough to do that, and then I need to figure out how to wedge the crib mattress over against ours, probably pillows stuffed between the far side of the crib and the mattress. I'm not even sure why I'm so obsessed with doing this today, but I miss having him in bed with me, and I need a little more space.

So he's actually working on a "worthy" project right now - putting our screen door up - it was on the front of the porch - the previous owners had screened the entire porch eons ago, and we unscreened it this year because Zoe had broken almost every screen. So the door is actually the screen door to the house, and it fits right, but the hinges are messed up and won't let the door close. He's working on making it all fit again, I think there are just 10000 layers too many of paint on the door frame and the door under the hinges.

Going to eat some lunch and then clean up Lauren's room, it rained and stormed and got REALLY cold here a little bit ago.

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Oh Poor Jeni. I'm so sorry. I REALLY know what it's all about, feeling so down and out. Dh's do have a special knack for gettin gus there quick! Please, try to smile at that beautiful little Bea...she's too cute for all saddy. Have you seen anyone to help w/these sad feelings? Not the mad ones, 'cause I believe that fighting and feeling misunderstood are valid and real. Just the persistent sadness shouldn't be there... you should sometimes feel :LOL and sometimes and sometimes . Lots of big hugs, mama. And I picked up a punp on sale at K-Mart (hey, it's better than Wal-Mart!) today. So no worries.

Lisa - weird on the bad weather. We're supposed to have rainy and storms, but it's all sun and humidity. I hiked to the park w/Ori in the backpack (still kinda weeny, but I put him in a little suit and put a folded diaper on each side to kinda wedge him in. He loved being in it! Also loved the softball game. Everyone just adores him there, all the mamas w/bigger kids elbow each other to be the one to hold him... very .

Well, I'm feeling kinda drained and crabby. Maybe some kava and sleep are in order. Or not...I've been staying up WAY too late (like 2am) and then getting up again at 5am w/Ori, and then sleeping periodically throughout the day, and it's starting to make me crabby all day. Poor dd. She's trying to be good, and she's kinda bored and waiting for something EXCITING to happen, and it's just not happening. Tough nuggies, I say. She's not doing what she's supposed to be doing (cleaning up her stuff) so until that stuff is done I'm having a real hard time feeling sorry for her.

Ok, best move on here. Karen - I thought you were off to Oahu today?!
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Well, he's off to gaming and I still never got the litterbox cleaned today. And next thing you know it'll be my fault the cats pee on his clothes.

Nope, no one really to talk to, just you guys. All my friends live in my computer.

As if my life isn't difficult enough, she's suddenly peeing through EVERYTHING. I suppose this goes along with the eating more at a time, less often. So much for the fleece wraps. I'm ordering some PUL so the fleece can be salvaged as the insides for pockets, but I think I'm gonna get sposies to get through the week. It's either that or break out the plastic pants. Of course this happens on a holiday weekend. I'll get this figured out in time for her to fit into larges. :LOL

The weather's been funky, too. One minute it's gorgeous, the next it's raining. Blah. So now I have sinus headache/stiff neck, too. I could probably top this day off by calling my mother so she can hang up on me like I'm sure she's going to.

Boy, I'm just a ray of sunshine. Honestly, it's not all that bad now. We had a bath cause she had a big poopy plus the totally drenching pees, and she's nursing lying on the boppy here and letting me type with two hands, just like when she was tiny. I think she may be trying to cheer me up.

Hm, I wonder if we can send our husbands to like husband training camp or something. Someone with a well-behaved DH should write the program.
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Paq- so sorry he's acting like that. i agree a husband training camp is a great idea

Az- oh my that cover is just soooooooooooooooooooo cute!! I love it. What a great model you have there

It was such a nice day out for once. Forgot what the sun looked like :LOL spent most of it outdoors. Kaitlyn is so wiped she's already in bed. She discovered she loves puddles. Suppose to be out most of tomorrow too. I don't know when I'm gonna get time in to sew this weekend.
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I am new to this thread & MDC.........Ethan was born on Jan 16/05

Anyone else have teething babes???

I think my E is teething.........man oh man is he moody sometimes right outta the blue
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Woohoo, a newbie! Welcome.

Oh, definately teething here. Screaming, drooling, chomping little girl on my lap right now. And she's 12 days younger.
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Atleast I'm not alone
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Karen - DH loves the mei tai. He wants me to ask you a humongous favor. He would like one for him, in camo. If you are willing to make it, I will go and find the fabric and mail it to you.

I would volunteer my DH to write the course, but he can be a butthead too. I think it will have to be written by women. :LOL Seriously though, for all those having issues today, I hope that tomorrow is better.

Ethan's Mom - Welcome. We are a chatty bunch. Good to know you. My Will was born on the 1st of Jan and is teething quite a bit. We find that a cool wash cloth does the trick most of the time. Of course, it doesn't help with soaked clothes.

We are having odd weather today too. It was hot hot for the past week and today it is less than 100 degrees (not that I am complaining).

Well I made shredded barbecue sandwiches for dinner, so I better go and eat. Yum Yum!
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Hi Nicole..........please call me Lori........will have to try that; E didn't seem interested in the wet/frozen cloth........BUT, hey who knows now

Weather here is rainy & chance of t-storms
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Originally Posted by paquerette
Nope, no one really to talk to, just you guys. All my friends live in my computer.
Better here than talking to invisible people in your head :LOL

Hi Lori, welcome

Mmm Nicole, dinner sounds good. I sauteed some onions, garlic, red bell pepper, tossed over pasta and topped w/a little chicken. Yummy but bbq sounds better!

Lauren is having a rough afternoon, no napping, and she's SCREAMING and dh is being an ass again, he wants me to let MIL babysit (I'm ok with that, not with her not supervising 11 yr old SIL who will be "doing" the babysitting) so "we can go out or something" - he just doesn't GET IT. I'm not ready to let MIL have my baby for any amount of time. Being there at her house while she holds Lauren is more than enough for me. Maybe I'd leave her with MY mom for an hour, but that's about it!

Gotta go, it's bedtime here.

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Welcome Lori! How did you find the MDC? There are some AMAZING mamas here.

Annie--I would love the LLLI publication about the research; I'll PM you my address. Is there something I can send to YOU? I don't have much in the yarn dept, but I have a huge bead selection, if you want to embellish one of your super-cool creations? About the pub--is that something you get if you join? There is not a LLL group in my area, so I have never been to a meeting or anything. The closest are like 20-30 min away, and as much as these guys hate the car, have had no desire to go. When I was pregnant I was too roly-poly tight in my small car that I didn't really go anywhere nonessential, either.

Nicole--Sounds like Will is having fun eating! How much is he really getting into his tummy at this point, can you tell?

Hmm. Carmen's already sleeping, wow. Better settle in . . . g'nite!


Jeni--HUG to you!



If the linky no worky: blog

Time to try again . . .
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Hehehe. Davey looks bewildered by the pic taking (or maybe the preceding bath?). And I love the chubby cheekies on Carmen. *pinchpinchnibble*

Lisa: I know what you mean. My MIL is actually good with the baby (except for keeping her out in the sun that time : ) and I still can't imagine leaving her with them. In some ways, I'm lucky she didn't take to the bottle.

Well, I got bored and made some yummy sith cookies (chocolate chip cookies with the Darth Mix M&M's ) and ate a ton of dough : . I really don't like cookies after they're baked. I really should have done something with the 2 lbs of strawberries I got this morning... any strawberry ideas, anyone? I might just make a poundcake and mush the berries up with sugar for strawberry shortcake. Other thoughts are strawberry-banana muffins or a small batch of strawberry jam. Sorry if I'm tormenting with food talk.

Hyland's teething tablets and cold chewy toys or fingers seem to do the trick here. She's out now, only 2 doses of the tablets this time.

Oh, and I just realized that TODAY was the 28th, not tomorrow. So it's our 4 month day here, at least for the next hour and a half.
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Hey Mamas.

Sigh.... not my best Mama-moment tonight. I lost it with Tess when she was going to bed tonight, and I'm just feeling so crappy about it. I am so wiped, and DH was up all night & all day today working and so had crashed and so it was just me with both girls. Brynn was sleeping in bed, and I was lying beside her and keeping Tess company while she fell asleep. She was whining and going on and on and on.... an hour and a half!!! I just lost my temper ~ yelled at her to just go to sleep. Bleah. I feel drained and awful. Why does the last thing she has to see before she goes to sleep is me yelling? I'm not saying that I'm the most terrible parent on Earth, but I know that my expectations and behavior were way off tonight. sigh...

on to other stuff, I guess...

Sorry Paq and Lisa about the bum DH's today. Sometimes it seems like all of my friends live in computer land, too. All of my *really* good friends, anyway. Hang in there Mamas.

Lori, welcome! Sorry that your first impression of me will be one of a freakin-out-bedtime Mama Hey, I just noticed that you're from Southern Ontario! I'm a transplanted Canuck myself ~ DH and I grew up in Alberta, but lived in Toronto for six years before just moving to, gasp, Alabama of all places! Nice to hear that Springtime is arriving in Ontario!

Weather... hmmm, that's one thing I can't complain about Gorgeous, sunny days and warm nights. Not too hot here yet ~ mid 80's and only into the mid 90's every so often. I'm not really looking forward to the summer when we'll easily break into the 100's, but thank goodness for AC!

Teething? Oh yeah! Pink cheeks, drool & gnawing...gnawing...gnawing! She's pretty happy still, but for *her* she's had some fussy moments. I don't see any teeth appearing along the gumline yet, so maybe a ways to go here.

It's kind of funny, looking above to all the posts I see for the most part we are a bunch of crabby Mamas today! :LOL OH well, glad to have the company... even in our misery, we are united!
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oooh, just clicked to see the pics of Carmen and David! They're darling!
I was going to ask for a moment if they were identical or fraternal..... um, yeeeahhh.. Guess that shows how TIRED I am tonight, huh??
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Hi mamas! Well, the storm finally hit with the LOUDEST clap of thunder I've heard since leaving Africa! The storms there were so incredible. I do love a good storm!

Welcome Lori! We ARE a chatty bunch . Don't be intimidated - I think we usually get 40 - 50 pages a month... : but we're all going to be senior members before the babies first birthdays!!! We're teething big time too. Mostly Orin (b. Jan 20th) chews on his own or our hands. He admitedly spends the vast majority of his life in a lap or sling (or lying in bed), so there isn't much chance for him to try out other stuff. He's not terribly fussy about it, actually. Today he picked up a pen from the computer area and started chomping on the end of that. Ya. TIME TO BABYPROOF!!! Since cutting WAAAAAY down on the wheat, this boy is sleeping and behaving like a gem... kinda scary, actually...(shiver in a good way).

Lisa - the name of the sheep cheese I love is Canestrato. It's imported from Italy. Raw sheeps milk aged min. 6 months It's 14$/lb ( )

Paq - husband camp sounds GREAT!!! I think we could make a FORTUNE!!! We'd have to do wife camp, too...and maybe just to be judicious it'd have to be gender specific partner camp or something... LOL I hope the rest of the weekend is better. Does dh play d&d or some kind of derivative of it, or something else entirely?

Lisa - sorry she's being such a brute. Maybe she's frustrated 'cause both you and dh get to hang and play on the puter and she just gets the bling?! Oh, and I just noticed ('cause I want to make it tomorrow) that the baked lentil recipe is for FIFTY!!! Geesh. We're having some friends over, but not THAT many! LOL!

Well, dd finally got the basement play room cleaned up (with a little help) so we're off to Madagascar tomorrow. Good thing, 'cause this rain looks like it's here to stay for a day or so. Nothing like a movie and a bucket of popcorn on a rainy day. :

Hi Joyce - I didn't get a chance (or did I?) to say thanks for sharing more of your story with us. It's cool that your mom wants so much for you, but BOY do I know the feeling of too much pressure to BE what they want you to be. I went totally counter and had a great time, but it was difficult for a long time to NOT be who my parents wanted me to be and NOT be someone I myself didn't like. I was probly in my late 20's (grad school, maybe 24-25 ish) before I found my happy meduim. Sounds like you did a lot better than I did!

Lisa - I really can't say that having someone babysit my baby is a high priority right now. Ok, for one hour, that's one thing (and it was only 40 min.!), but for a few hrs., un uh. Not for me. Even w/ebm, I'd resist that really hard. Part of having a little babe in the house is the lack of privacy a couple shares, and part of THAT is getting creative about where and when they can sustain their intimacy. So tell him to start getting creative!!!

I'm starting to feel a little woozy about leaving Ori to the sitter at my folks house...I have a feeling he won't be asleep when we leave, although my mom offered to do a bbq so we won't have to go somewhere and leave even earlier (cough cough...not likely I'da gone w/them to dinner, anyway! ). Oooh, but I did talk mom into getting some Growler tapes for Beca for her b'day this year! They're supposed to be really cool. Maybe she'll get us the whole set? Probly not, but hey, can't but try! Anyone listen to those already?

Az - those were GREAT shots! Mr. C. looks JUST like beca when she's holding Ori - kinda scrunched in and trying not to screw it up :LOL . They look alike, to me...but maybe that's the coloring...
The moo cover is DARLING! And ... hey... I saw ROLLS on her leg! Ori gets those too (when he bends his legs :LOL ). Weighed him at the hfs coop but the scale was so sensitive and he's not stable enough - somewhere in the high 12lb or low 13lb is my best guess. Def. gaining (he feels heavier, so either that or I'm weakening...I'm melting, melting!)

Hey - does anyone know how to get the little square picture up on our personal info? I went to the screen where you put in place etc., but I couldn't figure it out (ok - need a smilie w/a dunce cap!).

'Night mamas!
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