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Andy: You gotta buy the ability to have the little pic (avatar). I'm too lazy to look up where on this site you do that or how much it costs, though.
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Jeez - it always takes me SO long to post...

Joyce - your babies are SO ADORABLE!!! I wanna just squeeze them! They LOOK like they smell decilious! :LOL They are absolutely babalicious!!! You making the kine milk, mama! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of the two together (at the dr's?) - they do resemble but you can tell david is left 'cause his face is thinner. Funny they're exactly the same length! That picture of Carmen and the onesie is frameable! What's a mama of twins to do? Personally, we are VERY into cutting the snapline off the onesies around this thread... :

Kath - I'm sorry. I've been there. I know it's such a bummer to beat yourself up over a parenting blunder. This is SUCH a hard job. What's up w/dh working nonstop on a WEEKEND!??! Time to get some damage control happening... HUGS mama, 'cause you are so wonderful for your girls, and she won't even REMEMBER that yell tomorrow... ok, and if she does, by some fluke, you just be honest and tell her how grumpy mama was and move on. She was grumpy too, she'll understand. Maybe some of Jeni's sith cookies would take your mind off the episode (no pun intended!). Get some sleep, mama.

Oh - we don't use the hyland's 'cause they have a smidge of lactose to make them sweet. Makes the boy-o puke and gives him the trots. Boiron doesn't,we use that (chamomilla). VERY effective. Also Bach Flower Rescue Remedy (I use the cream on Ori) is good, but not as good, imho.

Ok, time for bed. Seriously! Lol. andy
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Tiger -no problemo about sending you the papers. You could get them from any LLL leader, but I'd be happy to oblige. Carmen and Davey are sooooo adorable. Carmen reminds me of V with her chub! Delicious!

Welcome Lori!!!!! We are a chatty bunch, for sure. I'm sure you'll be feeling right at home around here soon enough!

Kathy -oh mama! Try not to feel too bad . Everybody's entitled to lose it with their toddler now and again. The fact that you feel so bad about it just goes to show what a loving, nurturing, considerate caring person you are. You are a fantabulous mama! Makai is really hard at night too, about a bazillion times harder than Violet, so I'm right there with ya!

Paq -I really feel for you. I went through some stuff with my dh while I was preggo, and I cannot tell you the miracles that counseling provided. Is that something that would be an option for you? I know that for us, alot of the tension came from us just being plain super exhausted, and irritable and we both weren't really the best communicators. Sometimes we would forget how to talk to each other -or sometimes we just wouldn't talk at all. Also, there is a great checklist on the pp depression board. I would check it out, and we are here for you if you need to talk s

Ok, now onto the exciting stuff! Karen and I met today!!!! Her family is very cool! They are all super nice and friendly, and well...just wonderful. Luka is beautiful - has the most gorgeous blue eyes, and her boys are great too! Kobe got along just wonderfully with them. We had a great time!!

Here's a few pics

Best friends forever

Enough of these pictures. I need to EAT!!!

Babies with Karen's boys. (Mine were being photophobic)

Annie and Karen
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AWESOME pics mamas! How fun was THAT! Everyone looks all happy and delicious! Sorry K and Mak weren't in the pics., what can ya do... I LOVE the pic of the two mamas w/babies! And the one of Luka and V. holding (eating!) hands :LOL Oh, SO cute! And IRL you two mamas are very very beautiful. And the pic of the boys w/the babies - WHAT BIG SMILES!!!

Got a talking baby squriming a lot, so I'd better go. THANKS so much for letting us in on the meet! -a.
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Oooooh the pics! Cute cute cute. The hand-nibbling is priceless. And what a couple of radiant mamas. Karen, I like the new hair.

Counselling: well, we used to have a friend that did it, but he moved away. I doubt we'd find one around here that wouldn't start blaming things that are non-negotiable (bf'ing, SAHMing, poly, although that's been just theoretical for a long time anyway). I think I'd need to move to Cali. :LOL He's been suggesting looking into that, and I said "But, I'd be NORMAL there. I'm special here!" as far as non-mainstream goes. I don't even think I'd qualify as crispy in CA. But yeah, I don't have much faith in counselling, at least not around here.

Ugh, I don't think I like the new morning routine. Up at the crack of dawn with a soaked dipe, have a little sippy, and then wakey wakey wakey until at least 9, it seems. Doesn't she realize that I need to shower and start laundry and make breakfast? I tried to get Mike to change the dipe and he growled and scared her. I don't think he was even remotely awake, but I'm still pissed.

Eek, she just sneezed on my monitor and now it's all speckled. :LOL
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Lori we are a very talkative bunch but don't letthat put you off, we have plently of members of our group that pop in now and again. I think the biggest posters get to post so much becuase they have 1. older kids (like me) or 2.just the babe and not working (like Lisa) Oh and we already have a couple of "E" babies, Elizabeth my dd (Feb 6) and Evelyn, jessitron's dd (Feb 7)

It seems like the dh's being home on the weekends tends to throw the whole house out of wack. Its like we have our own littl routine and then throwing dh and/or some school age kids into the mix totally throws things off. I know every Monday I spend a good chunk of the day doing laundry, catchingup on mdc, nursing non-stop from the change in routine, chatching up on mdc

DDs upstairs sleeping with dh, I woke to go to thebathroom and didn't feel like going back to bed. I've got the moniter on and pretty much all I can hear is dh's snores :

I all the pics. Joyce C&D are just too cute I likethe one of Carmen laughing. Ann and Karen that really cool that you got to meet up irl (Andy I have to check our driving plans to see if we'll get to meet, but it would be on the return trip)

Andy I totally think Ori and Miss E look a like. One day when I was putting her in the rainbow outfit I thought "wow she looks like Ori" she has chunked up a bit, ironicly now that she's eating less and sleeping more

baby's up
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Hehehe. Andy got DDDDC'd, too. Wasn't me, I don't do paypal. Did we ever figure out who the DDDDCer is?

Hey Andy, you're in the hudson valley, right? How near are you to Port Jervis/Milford? We should have a get-together sometime. I'm jealous of all this get-togethering.
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ok back and nak (I'm almost always nak I just never put it)

Paq it sounds like you day isn't starting too great. I doubt that a councler would say that bf and sahm are the cause of your problems. The poly maybe :LOL maybe you and dh could try going seperatly? Maybe dh isn't handling the change to fatherhood very well? Some men have hard times adjusting, heck some women do too. Its a huge change and causes stres in the best of ralationships.. I've been to many many councelors and I've never had any of them be judgemental, some of the best sessions I've had are ones where I just go in and rant away for the whole hour. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you without trying to interject with their own bs, kwim?

Babysitting, I feel alot better about it since I went out to that concert with my sister. However I don't know about leaving her for even close to that long with someone other than dh. DH wants us to go out for our anniversary next Sunday, we've gone back and forth on this. DH org wanted to go somewhere out of town for dinner which would have meant 3-4hours so that clearly wasn't going to work. Now we're thinking of going to a restaurnt down the street so like an hour. We thinking of having one of sil's babysit, honestly eith of the two oldest would be fine with me but the oldest would most likely be working. However I'm afrid this will cause problemds with mil lord know we've got enough problems there. But mil watching dd is totally out of the question. Even with out her childish behaviour, I'm not happy with the way she "watches" ds, and I haven't really been letting her take ds because of it. She s4ees nothing wrong with taking ds because she wants to see him and then leaving him with the kids whilr she does this or that : yeah if I wanted the kids to watch him I would have asked them. Plus she drives all over with him and I really don't like that, and it is just a no go with dd. So that a whole messy situation.
But I've only recently let up about people taking ds. Up until a few years ago only, me, ds's dad and nana, my sister, and mum plus the day care lady (for the year he went to day care) were the only people with very few exceptions who ever watched ds and those exceptions were people he knew very well. Even now I've only widened it to mil (*and apprently the kids : ) fil and dh's cousin once
Soryr that ended up kinda ranty
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<------someone got me too
I thought it might have been Andy until she got one now
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Babysitting. I wish! We haven't tried with a bottle in a while, but maybe once she starts some solids. I am really suffering for a break. At least with dd1, she napped well and once a day (sometimes twice - she also slept late in the am) I got time to myself. But now, it only happens a couple times a month that both kids are napping at the same time!
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Joyce, are you guys cosleeping? My friend just built little cosleepers on both sides of their bed, now their bed goes corner to corner in their 10x12 bedroom.

Kathy, you NEED some rest lol!

Andy, glad you read that recipe. 50 servings would suck!

So I got out of bed to get ready for church. And church is in exactly one hour and I'm sitting here with my hot oatmeal. And I pumped while I read, I'm feeling rather milky today, pulled 6 oz off of righty with a hand pump, but Lauren hasn't nursed that side since 1am.

Am loving the sidecarred crib, I actually made it through one sleep cycle last night. She went down at 9, I got up at 10:30, she nursed at 1, 5 (that was my sleep cycle, somewhere in that 4 hrs) and just woke now. Of course I got up at 7:30, but that makes her dh's problem this morning.

Oh YAH, cut those onesies up! Make little snapping bikini panties and throw them in the trash. :LOL

Andy, couplea more days you'll be a senior member...

Annie, oh WOW, seeing Violet next to Luka really puts her chub into perspective. MMMMMM yummy!! And I think she likes him
And then wow again, putting mommies next to babies next to eachother REALLY puts Violet into perspective. You gots strong arms mama!

Karen, lova the shorter hair for you!

Counseling - MIL gave (har) us 3 premarital sessions with the counselor she and stepfil used when they had issues. I was SO offended by the gift, but we went anyway, and it was good for us that we were REALLY able to see that we were in the same place and doing the right thing. I think we could stand a few hours again just to get back on track, but we're not horribly suffering yet.. just getting on nerves.

Ok it's 50 min. until church, so that gives me 40 min. to get breakfast, both dh and I showered, and all 3 of us dressed. HA!

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I think someone asked what the gaming is... D&D type stuff. Only it starts at 5 PM and is technically usually over by 10 or 11, and then they stay later and play other stuff sometimes. : I don't usually notice anymore what time he finally stumbled in, and honestly it's just as much aggravation to drag him out of bed at a reasonable hour whether he came in at 11 or 4.

I got her back to sleep. *happydance*

Az: What are the SIL's relationships with MIL like? Maybe they could just not tell her.

Counselling, Mike went to someone once when I had just met him, first session they started him on paxil. This was before all the negative press about it, but yeah, he took it for 6 days and was like a walking corpse. He went to someone else a few months later, just talking, no meds, but I guess they didn't click too much. He's very wary of anything resembling "PC liberal feel-good mumbo-jumbo" now. I get the feeling that his counsellor was the Happy Little Trees Guy's cousin or something. And then a couple years ago we we went together like 4 or 5 times to this lady, very $$$, and from one session to the next she couldn't remember what we'd told her, so every time was like the first session. : And she didn't really have anything to offer that I haven't read off the back cover of a self-help book.

You really think they won't tell me to wean the baby and send her to grandma's for a weekend? The thing is, bf'ing and SAHMing ARE a BIG part of the problem. Here's this huge task that he can't help do any part of, and he won't/can't do much of anything else, either. And he simply refuses to acknowledge that I can't do everything around here, and whines incessantly that I'm not WOHMing since he has to do part of my job. I mean, this is the oldest story in the book, isn't it?

Sigh. I didn't think I had that much unloading to do until I started. He has an account on here too; maybe we should go over to P.A.P and declare open season for the MDC community to shrink our heads.
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Andy: The page about avatars is here: http://www.mothering.com/mdc/natural...se.htm#avatars. They're available for a small fee. Hmm. Expecations are a real toughie. I think a lot of times my mother just doesn't know what to think. She's never really known people (especially women) to do the things that I do. This means bf-ing, and extends to all kinds of other things, too. When DH and I would go backpacking, she would tell me all kinds of stories about people getting stabbed in their tents by "mountain men" (as seen on 20/20) or falling over dead during a hike (also as seen on 20/20). It was like, uh, thanks, man, for the encouragement . . . :LOL

Mmm, backpacking. A year ago this weekend I was with DH in the Black Mountains of New Mexico, not too far from Silver City. We took the train to El Paso (sleeper car! so fun!) and then drove to the trailhead. We found a campsite way off trail and stayed there the whole weekend because we had the whole canyon to ourselves. What a blessing. It wound up being our last trip of the year.
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Originally Posted by mamabeca
That picture of Carmen and the onesie is frameable! What's a mama of twins to do? Personally, we are VERY into cutting the snapline off the onesies around this thread... :
Ha ha! I remember when everybody was doing that. I just can't. First of all, if I cut them, then I won't be able to eBay them ( ), and I think if I cut them they would still ride up over their tummies as they wiggled around. I would hate for that pretty soft skin to get scratched by my watch or by my helper's long (well, to me) nails or something like that. So we're still snappin' that crotch.

Glad everybody liked the pictures. I liked all yours, too! Good job on taking lots of good photos this weekend, mamas! I think my all-time favorite is Violet with her feet.

Karen, I really liked your hair cut, but I can see how it's still hot. Be careful about cutting it shorter, though, it's a slippery slope! My hair is about 3" at longest--mostly much shorter--but I'm still so hot and keep thinking if I could only cut my hair SHORTER I would feel so much cooler!

Is anybody else hot? I wonder if there's something hormonal about nursing and feeling hot, hot, hot. I was hot all during my pregnancy, too.

Lisa: Yes, we're cosleeping. It's a real trip! We've transitioned through various arrangements as the babies have grown and as we've realized that cosleeping would really work for us. Several weeks ago we took the plunge and went to Ikea and bought a king-size bed. We have an old house, so yeah, it pretty much takes up the whole room! For now Davey and DH still start out the night in the guest BR, because the babies don't fall asleep together and at the same time (although if anybody had any ideas . . .), but we wind up all together by morning. I don't sleep spectacularly, but we all enjoy it.

Nap is over and I still haven't showered, doh!
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Hehehe Joyce, I hear ya, the "nursery" is 9x10 and our room is 10x12... it's a tight squeeze for the king bed and a dresser, and now I've added the crib to the side of the bed. I can only imagine having a crib on both sides... but I must admit, the crib is NICE to have, even if I have to crawl around it to get off the bed... having 2 babes in with me, wow, that'd be tight.

So I finally got my shower, and we never made it to church, Lauren fell back to sleep and I did some laundry. Still doing laundry. I think we need a laundry service.

It's sunny and blue out right now, supposed to t'storm all afternoon. Finally it's sorta like spring here.
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paq, I go to a therapist every week and she has never said I should stop bf or co-sleeping even when I complain about how I feel like a slave. I even had a therapist years go when ds was 3 and still sleeping with me and she never said I should stop. I've actually never had a therapist flat out tell me I should stop something, except maybe taking things too personally. A therapist should try to help you make your life the way it is now work for you, by helping you do some changes and help you change your perspective.

The sil that we are thinking about having watch dd lives with mil so I don't think not telling her would be an option plus I wouldn't want to encourAGE lying

well I've got a turkey in the oven that jut about donr. I hope everyone is enjoyin g their sunday
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Wow, quiet day, I hope everyone is out enjoying the sun.

Dh took Lauren in the shower with him, it's always nice when she smells like baby instead of rotten milk.

I'm making turkey too, thanks for the idea Az, I've been living mostly on chicken the last week or two, haven't made turkey in a while.

And I'm bummed. Lauren is growing flaky stuff in her eyebrows again, I'm guessing wheat, but maybe the corn. Either way, I'm bummed. Time to sort it out.
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ARRRRRG! Just lost one of my famous loooong posts. I HATE that. Grrrrrrrrr.

the jist of it was - so karen, Ann and heidi were first, then Paq, Az, Lisa and me. I think the culprit is already named. I think she lives where it's warm. I think she has one baby. I think she's ...

Paq - my therapist after dd was born never questioned my decisions either. But you do need to find someone who can accept that your decisions aren't terribly negotiable. The pap forum may be a good place, tho, too.

Az - would you consider driving out to the great escape one day later this summer? we could meet you there and let the kids tear ass all over while we try stay cool...during the week the crowds aren't too brutal. lmk.

Paq - we're at the northern limit of the valley, where ithe mohawk and hudson rivers merge. Just south of there, actually. Albany is 5 miles north.

Lisa - I'm glad the crib is working for you. I'm feeling almost like I could do that again, as now he'll go to sleep on his tummy even if he's kinda still awake. Very nice. Just fusses for a couple of minutes and then out like a light.

Ok, folks over, gotta go. XXX Andy
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Oooh somebody loves me enough to tag me with a name.. I feel so special! When did that happen?

Nothing exciting to report, we just went around the block with the babe and dog, dog is wiped out, and apparently lost her brain when she was bitten.

I've had Lauren in training pants (2T) this afternoon since we're in a "poo safe" time, waiting to actually have a miss to see how much pee they hold. I suspect they hold an entire toddler pee, so it's just a matter of deciding if they are easier than dipes to use or not.

Dh picked her up earlier and said "uh oh, mommy forgot the diaper cover" which made me laugh. She actually didn't wear a cover for the first 6 weeks... I should go back to that, it was easier to catch the pees.
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We DO love you enough, tho it wasn't me...

Lisa - what is Lissi's website addy?
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