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Welcome Lori I'm Laura and my baby is the preemie of the group.

Great pics Annie and Karen that pic of V chomping on the hand, priceless!

Andy-my in laws are moving out to the Albany area, she just got accepted a position at a college there. They were looking into towns around the area to move to. There main priority is a good school system.

Kathy- don't feel so bad. It happens. I've found myself snapping at Kaitlyn at times and i'm not like that at all. It gets stressful some days. I always feel guilty afterwords but just end up giving her lots of hugs after i calm down

Just a couple words to sum up my day- spent w/MIL It always amazes me how she always comments on my parenting techinique whatever! I had a stressful morning, i was snapping at my poor dh. He said in the car ride on the way up "you need a vacation" hmm you think? then my temporary crown broke on the way up, ugh. Of course it's a holiday weekend so my dentist won't be in till tuesday. But we did talk a nice walk in a cemetary. It was a gorgeous one I couldn't believe the trees! I told him we need to go back so I can take some pics of them, they were unbelievable.
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Originally Posted by mamabeca
Az - would you consider driving out to the great escape one day later this summer? we could meet you there and let the kids tear ass all over while we try stay cool...during the week the crowds aren't too brutal. lmk.
ohh road trip. I have no idea what the great escape is though, but I ewould be intetrested

ooo someopne's no very happy about nsk'ing more tomorrow
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So it has been a really long day here. I got a call about 10 am from my brother. He is sitting in jail right now. He has 4 warrants for his arrest, not sure what for, but one of them is a do not release, so there he sits. Ugh, and the bail is well over 10K so I don't know if I could help him anyway. I have called my folks, but they are out of town on vacation, so really not sure what to do. I have called them so they can come home, but they are a good 5 hours away.

Will has had a good day. We got the stuff for DH for fathers day. With Em, I made a cast of her hand for fathers day, so I am doing the same for Will.

I took Will out to the mall in the mei tai, and the looks that I got. I saw tons of strollers(Yuck) and snuglis(which are better than nothing) but there was only one other mama with a sling, so I was the odd ball. Nothing new there.

Will rolled to his stomach from today. It was a horrible sleep night, but at least he is rolling. I think he is a bit constipated, but not sure. He has not poo'd since Friday around lunch. He has been a once a day guy.

Tiger - you asked how much he has been getting? Well, if it is cereal, about a tablespoon mixed the bm. If it is peas, then about 1/2-3/4 of a container. I think, a bit too much, considering the constipation. However, he does get most of it, because there is very little on the bib.

Well, the DDDDcs were not me, even thhough I live in a warm climate. So that must leave, maybe Heather?

Better get going! See ya later. Keep my brother in your thoughts, please and send happy get out of jail vibes.
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Nope, I never got ddddc'ed. But I maintain that it wasn't me. I hate paypal. :LOL

Wow, you're way the heck up there. Well, lmk if you travel southerly.

Nicole: eek! Do you have any idea whether your brother might be into something unsavory, or is it maybe like unpaid parking tickets or whatever?

So last week, I cleaned the house cause MIL was going to pop over and never did. Then today, we were supposed to go over there, but didn't cause they're all sick, and then they decided to stop over here to pick up and drop off stuff. So I went nutzo cleaning again and MIL decided they were too germy to even get out of the car and come in the house, Mike and FIL just hung out and talked on the porch, and I brought the baby out so they could at least look at her. I mean, I'm definately glad that people don't want to germ up my baby, I'm just annoyed that I cleaned. :
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:LOL Lisa I like your title

So I think we've totally lost it over here. We have that drive to OH coming up and dh desided we should take the dogs

We got some huge belly laughs fomr Miss E today in the swing it was great I just her so much
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Nicole- sorry about your brother. BTDT w/mine, had to bail him out a few times myself

Az- did I read that right you are driving to OH w/your dogs? if so, sounds like fun, hehe ok not really

So Larry tells me as that he's going to do everything tomorrow for me and I don't have to do nothing, wanna take bets on how long he'll last? :
hmm wonder if he'll pump some milk for me also
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Thanks Lisa! Nicole - bummer about your brother. BUMMER! What a way to kill the holiday. Well, jail probably won't kill him, hopefully it's very short term.

SPM - why do you go aNYwhere to see this woman who has done nothing but make your life miserable!? Honestly, you must be a saint. I'd be saying forGET it! I'm notorious for just not up and getting when I just don't feel the juice is worth the squeeze. Give yourself a lot of credit for keeping her inside the fold of your family, when she's really been nothing but mean (IMO).

Lisa - CONGRATS on the 6oz! I didn't mean to forget that. That's more milk from one boob than I EVER got (from both)! You are omm (that's zen for one milky mama!) :LOL

Nicole - that's a great idea for a father's day gift. I think we're going to actually spend a little $$ on dad and get him some boy bling. He wants one of those nitrogen fed rc cars. They go like 50mph and can turn super sharp turns and make neat-o noise. The rc we got him for x-mas got run over when beca left it sitting in the driveway last weekend; and it wasn't ever very good to start with (top speed was about 7mph). I gotta say, we def. spend less on dad than on me or beca for toys (or clothes, or crap in general). They ain't cheap, tho!

Ok, have a great night mamas! Get out of jail thoughts... xxx andy
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Paq - so you have to have paypal to give someone a title like mamaplatypus? Geesh. Couldn't be me 'cause I didn't even KNOW how to do it! I think it's good you cleaned, 'cause now you get to have a clean apt., but it IS annoying to do it for someone who doesn't even bother to notice the efforts. sorry 'bout that.

Az - cool 'bout the belly laughs. W/Ori it sounds like he's kinda gasping but he's really laughing so hard he has to take a deep breath (with a great big smile and sparkley eyes)! Too cute! How fun are these babies, these days!!! Great Escape is a horrific amusement park that also has a swimming thing. The one by us has a wave pool, a pirate ship that has a HUUUUUUGE bucket at the top and every 15 min. this bell goes off and the bucket tips over and GUSHES of water come cascading down. All the kids run down from wherever they are on the boat and get drenched. Lots of slides etc. The park itself is expensive (I think adult tix are +/-40$, kids are $33? Price Chopper sells tix in advance, I think, or maybe just special tix? I dunno. Anyway, you can get tix there on the day you go, it's just a big major amusement park. The one in Mass is off Exit 4 or 5, which is kind of a Loooooong way for you guys. If dh had a day off during the week it'd be worth going all together.It does make for a long day, but I'll tell ya, Mr. C. will sleep like the proverbial baby that night! Maybe something less bling-ey would be better?

anyone have any recs on a bread machine? I'm thinking of the 2lb size...
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Thanks for all the warm welcomes

You are making me feel like this could be a home

Tiger ~ I found MDC from my friend JCEMommy. I love your children's pics

Op ~ Beautiful pics

Is anyone getting excited about summer coming??? How about babies & pools??? Currently looking for a small wading pool thingy so Ethan can sit (hopefully) in it when he's around 6 months or so.

I am so inexpierenced with babies since my first passed by this time, so I have absolutley no expierence with teething, solids & such........SIGH
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Lori - I'm so sorry about Kale! You are one strong mama! Two among us almost lost theirs (Laura's preemie who was so so tiny, and Nicole's Will, who had heart surgery (and did VERY well, but still - so scary). You are certainly among friends here, and lots of mamas who are going through this for the first time, or the first time again!Well, the teething is SO much fun - whining, sore babies who bite everything, drool like they're lubricating a tanker, not to mention the myriad other possible things gone wrong that all get chocked up to teething (fever, the runs, rashes in every possible placesleeping, not sleeping, eating, not eating, etc.). The only good news is that it's not YOU that get's it all, just you that has to resolve it! Poor little people. So hard. Today we tried a frozen washcloth but he hated it. Made his hands too cold (dh was in charge of this experiment while I got some exercise in). We're still looking for the perfect teether (other than our own fingers! those seem to be the best so far).

Wading pools are cool, but before you make a big investment (some can cost 50+$), see what you can beg or borrow for a weekend first. Even sitting he won't be stable alone in the pool, you'll have to be w/him (which is fun, esp when it's HOT!). The type that mamas use to birth in (soft plastic air-filled) worked the best for us, 'cause they were deep enough for a bigger person to get into. But see if you can't get invited over to some friend's houses to try different kinds (. Solids ... now THERE'S a kettle of salmon! I think Will is eating solids (cereal and peas) and maybe Kaia (catnip's chica)? She was talking about it, anyway. I offered Ori food again today, a smidge of our baked Lentil dish (oooh, Lisa - it was really good!), but he had ZERO interest. Cool w/me! W/ dd we went straight to sweet potatoes (they are super nutritous, easy to digest, and fun to play with!). She STILL like to play with them. Bad habits. Oh well, time for bed over here. Bye! Andy
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Lori - Welcome! And, so sorry about your first baby!

Loved the pics of Annie and Karen and the kids too! Soooo cute! That's cool that you got to meet. Anyone coming to Alaska any time soon?? Somehow I doubt it!

Sorry about the dh's that are not being understanding. I know its tough to do all of the work and then, also add more stress and blame to that. I've found some good couselors in my time and some that were terrible.

Work wasn't so bad this week for me. So far, I've been lucky the past 3 weeks. I can't believe I've been back for 3 weeks already! I sure miss Torin when I'm gone. dh still brings him to see me each day and I love it! They had a really smooth weekend which is good because dh needed it after working insane hours last week. Plus, I think its really rewarding for him to be able to soothe Torin and make him smile and laugh while I'm not around.

Hi to everyone! gotta run...... Torin is waking from his nap. He seems a little off today. I think he is teething as well
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I'm having an annoying crafting day today : First, I was about to finish up on my craft swaps and of course, my sewing machine completely kaputzes (sp?) So, I try and finish crocheting a soaker I was working on, and did- but its waaaay too small for Violet. I can't even fit it over her thighs :LOL (If anybody would like it, LMK, its girly colors though.) So, now I'm trying to finish a Waldorf doll for my neice, whose b-day is thurs. and of course I can't find my doll needle. AHHHHHHH!!!!

How far apart are Laura, Sheri and Andy? Seems like you all live fairly close, yes? I know those eastern states are pretty tiny. You can't be that far apart!

Nicole - ACk! Yikes! At least with bail, you won't have to put up the full 10K, just 10% or so. Still sucks though.

I completely forgot about father's day. Is that awful or what? We'll actually be out of town, so dh will be spending the day by himself. Which, in all honestly is probably the best present we could have given him. Getting to sleep in (and alone) for a whole week - the lucky ba***rd. Really, though, I'm getting him a bunch of stuff while we're on the mainland. AND, I'll get to see my dad, who is all bummed because my sister ran off to Costa Rica and got married, so now he has only one daughter left on the mainland -the one isn't speaking to him. My bro lives in Progue, I'm in Hawaii, and of course, my sis is now in CR. If I was him, I'd be stoked. Now he has three really cool places to stay for free. Anyways, I'm sure it will cheer him up to have a nice visit with some of the grandkids.

Lori - I'm glad we didn't scare you off!!! :LOL You must be an amazing person to have gone through what you've been through. Lots of hugs, and angel kisses to you, my friend . This parenting thing, its a journey - I'm on my third and I'm still trying to figure out teething and solids and the whole bit. Each child is completely different. Go with your instincts. One of the plus factors of attachment parenting is that you are so intune with your baby, that your intuition is usually right. So, go with the flow, girl!

My Violet has been teething a whole bunch today. The chamomila seems to work really well on her. She usually falls asleep right after I give it to her. Haven't tried the washcloth yet. You know what works really well, also. Frozen bagels. They used to give em out just for teething babies, at the bagel house in Arcata. Awesome stuff, right there. Of course, you could use a frozen carrot or something too. Just take it away when it starts to thaw. We also have a vibrating star thingy - you know, the kind where when you bite down, it vibes and massages the gums? V likes to zone out on that here.

Swimming - well, we have summer all year round in these parts. We go in the ocean, the pool, the kiddie pool. Baby loves it all. Have you thought about doing an infant swim class? They usually have them at the YMCA..basically just splashing around in the water with mom or dad and singing songs, stuff like that. Its important to ask if they dunk the babies and how they do it. Dunking is fine - blowing in the face before dunking is not cool. Its better if they use a cue like 1-2-3, or have their chin touch the water first.

Whew! I just wrote a novel! Gotta jet!
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Hi- just a quicky here!

So sorry, KAthy for the rough day.

Jeni, hugs for the on going struggles wiht DH.

Lisa, cool with Grandma and good luck with the crib.

Lori, we are a chatty chatty bunch!

Az, if you are considering the snip, look up Mirena IUD good 5 year birth control wiht good return to fertilty, so you can delay the choice to make the big snip.

: So cool to see KAren and Annie, Violet and Luka together! I love the pics! :

And Babies Carmen and David are looking cute.

Cool on the weigh gain, Pam. Iris just weighed in a 16 lbs 4 ounces- she'll be 15 weeks tomorrow.

nicole, so sorry you have to deal with your brother! i hope he's okay.

Andy, we dh is gluten free. Try asian bean threads and rice sticks to replace angel hair- cheaper and better than fancy gluten free rice noodles. And don't put quinoa shells in soup- they dissolve. And Gluten free pantry makes bread machine mixes. I just bought one to try friday- maybe I'll go set it up. It cost $4. 37!! For a friggin loaf of bread! Whe nI get the hang of the mix, I'll try it fro m scratch with the gluten free mix of rice, potatoe, tapicoca flours that all gluten free sites and magazines quote. I have an awesome choclate torte recipe, too. A lotta rice cakes consumed around here by dh.

I'm glad work is going well bunches.

i did another birth this weekend, #2 this week. I was the assistant. I left at 4 am after nursing Iris, and came home at 11:30 am. She took her first bottle while I was gone- 2 of two ounces. She was in total melt down about for 20-30 mintues before I came home. DH called to see where I was and I was just leaving. She was sooo happy to see me when I came home, she stopped crying and didn't need to nurse, just loved on me.

We have been swimming lots and today dh and I tried the toss the baby under water thing. We'd just been cueing her as Annie said and doing the 1-2-2-3 dunk, and I was pulling her toward me occasionally face under and belly down. Today we let go and let her swim between us. It is a bit scary at first, but she likes it and its fun for us, too! She's been in the water most days the last two weeks, pools or ocean and she loves it. I think it makes her stronger, too.

And Az, love those baby laughs, huh? Nothing like it....

laura, good lucko n your day off Hope he pulls through for ya.

i hope you enjoy your celan house, paq, even if MIL is not there to appreciate it!

Nite all, Heidi

oh- PS on Trades/e-bay stuff- it was a great place to buy maternity clothes, bad place to sell. I barely made my fees back. Not worth the hassle. On dipaering stuff folks went crazy and paid lots for some so-so stuff, so it's seems like a great plac eto sell dipes. And I did sell a piece of equipment for a ver y good price on e-bay, that was cool. I did Mat reverse swap and got paired wit hour own fromscatteredtribe- I am geting bunches of new Ikea toys from her and I am mailing some baby/mama massage and nice soaps out to someone else. Its fun! fromscatteredtribe says hi, too! i also got a great price for my wool plus a mei tei on the trading post. So i've been having fun in the traders world. thought I would share what my expereinces were, in case anyone cares or can learn from it!
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Phew mamas. I'm home from a ONE night trip and I swear it took me 40 minutes (while nursing) to read through your posts! and I'm a FAST reader!

We had an overall nice time, if a little harried. You all heard about our GREAT visit with Annie and kids. Violet was even more juicy in person. Seriously juicy. I love all babies, and no offense to the skinnier ones, but I esp love chubby babies. Putting Luka next to Violet reminded me how un-chubby he is- though I him plenty!
I got similar pics as Annie (we were so original and took pictures at the same time, lol), but here's a close-up of the babies. Now I see why everyone says he looks so old....
and since I'm showing pics already..... here are my monkey boyshttp://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y18...aammonkey2.jpghttp://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y18...Noammonkey.jpgand this one is them at the Waikiki aquarium, looking at the moon jellieshttp://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y18...Rjellyfish.jpg

anyhow, so we met with Annie, went to the aquarium and then attended the Hawaii Student Film Fest where GB (dh) got an award for working with HI youth on film stuff. They showed a bunch of his work and it was great. The thing was a 3 hour ceremony though (showed lots of student films) and it was loud there. Luka didn't love it, and Ra'am and Noam were so extremely exhausted by the end. THey got to bed after 11pm and were up early watching cartoons at the hotel (because they're tv deprived at home). Noam was not looking to hot this am but they wanted to go to the zoo and so we did and Noam was seriously melting down from fatigue there and then we realized he had a fever poor thing had to walk through the zoo, to the car, in the airport, etc... all while getting sick. Bummer for him (and I hope he didn't expose your kids to more stuff, Annie!).
Luka was great- spent 2 days in the sling- so hopefully tomorrow he can get some good naps in the bed and I can rest my body. since GB has a broken rib he's not doing a whole lotta baby carrying.
phew.... writing a tome here.

Annie- I did want to tell you- esp since you guys were talking about Violet. I don't know WHAT that ped was talking about with the social interaction stuff he was saying. Violet interated just like any other baby I've encountered. She smiled at me when I smiled at her and smiled when I tickled her belly, etc.... I thought she turned to me when I was talking to her too- yk, responding to my voice. anyhow, you keep following your mama instincts- but beware of weird labelling (like you said). she's a beautiful little one! Didn't really get to know Makai, but Kobe is a sweetie. I love his lisp and he seemed to fit in great with the big kids. It was .
Oh,, and I was just bragging to someone about Los Bagels in Arcata and the frozen bagels. Was that COOL or what?!?!?

I couldn't possibly respond to all of what you all wrote.
Joyce- David and Carmen are so delicious. What chubby babies!!! yummm whatever you're doing mama? keep doing it!

Heidi- woo hoo on another birth. if you can fit midwifery into your new life as a mama, then more power to you!

Welcome Lori! you'll have to post some pics so we can put a face with your name. not that everyone has..... or maybe everyone has.... hmmm. at least we've seen all the babies.

Jeni on the relationship stuff. we've been through all kinds of stuff over the years too. Having a baby makes it really hard. I think the first year with a babe is very stressful on a relationship. I hope you guys can find some peace!

Nicole- so sorry to hear about your bro. what a bummer thing to have to deal with.
I can make you guys another mei tai, but can't promise I can do it quickly. things just seem to be sitting there in my sewing room...... pm me and we can chat about it

Az- you wanna take the dogs on a road trip to OH? Crazy!!!! or is it just dh who''s crazy?? And doesn't Lisa live in OH? gonna visit her?

Lisa- I love to hear that you're eating other foods!! woo hoo!
I am thinking Luka has some kind of allergy. He has bumps on his forehead and under his eyes. I showed Annie and she said Kobe (who has lots of allergies) had the same. I might try and cut out wheat in the next few weeks and see if there's anything there.

Ok, so WHO did the DDCs, or whatever they're called? come out come out whereever your are!!! it was such a sweet thing to do- doncha wanna be aknowledged??? maybe 2 different people did them?

I better go to bed. it was a long weekend. sorry for the tome!
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Lori- sorry about the loss of your first baby
as for pools, I wouldn't go all out at first. maybe just a small cheapo one would be good. I know with my first dd, she absolutely hated the pool the first summer. She would scream and cry if you put her in water but funny thing now is she loves the water.

Mary- wow 3 weeks already? glad things are going well, you got one great dh there I have always wanted to go to Alaska someday in my lifetime but don't foresee that happening anytime soon :LOL

Annie-sorry about your sewing machine, thats such a bummer. Hope it's fixable. Yeah all these eastern states are just so tiny :LOL I'm probably at least an hour away from Sheri, not sure about Andy though

Nice pics Karen!

So far operation daddy do it all is doing ok. He woke up no problem w/Megan last night and now he's gotten first dd up and diap changed and now she's running circles around him :LOL I think I might just run out to Joanns and get me some fabric to make that sling
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Morning Mamas! My wee Baby Bee woke me up at 5am this morning with all of her silliness, cooing and rolling around. She is darn cute & smiley, though....

Lots of posts yesterday (surprise, surprise!) So what's up with all of these interesting little titles in the margins? What are ddddc's? Someone has been very busy around here, but it hasn't been I. I'd have no idea where to start!

Karen, lovely pics! I think Luka and Violet are equally scrumptious... having had both a wee and a big babe, I can attest to the fact that they are both completely adorable It sounds like it was a busy trip for you guys, but lots of fun meeting and hanging out with Annie & her gang.

Lisa, Brynn has had a bit of flaky skin above the eyebrows before and I found that rubbing a little almond oil in cleared it up in a day or two. I've read that it can be related to the same skin condition as cradle cap?

Nicole, so sorry about your brother. What is it with brothers? Mine has also had some rather, um, interesting experiences with the boys in blue. Nothing really serious, but he used to get into his share of mischief. I hope it's nothing too serious.

Thanks everyone for the understanding & thoughts about our tough night. Yesterday was a really great day, and I'm chocking this up to a chance to learn how to deal better next time. I think my expectations around bedtime are touching the sky some days, particularly if it's been a hectic or challenging day, then I'm SO ready for everyone to be sleeping so I can have some p&q. As anyone who's had a toddler knows, this isn't always in the cards! She usually goes to bed right around 7-7:30, so by 9 I was just frazzled. Shoulda seen the signs and spent some quiet time in the living room. Then she could have played quietly and I could have watched a movie or poked around the 'net or something. Oh well, life goes on.

Yesterday we went out to these Gardens and spent the day walking around and enjoying a refreshingly cooler day. Tess was thrilled by some turtles that we saw, and honestly I think the most fun she had was playing in the red sand (dirt is very often red here... weird!) Brynn hung out in the Moby all day, and was just her sweet pumpkin self. She "talked" to people who came by to see her, and had a long conversation with an adorable 10 year old girl who sat beside us during a birds of prey show. Nicole, you mentioned strange looks with the mei tai, and I sure got them with the Moby too! I also brought the maya, and wore it later in the day and a woman came up and asked if I minded if she took our picture because she thought the sling was so wonderful and wanted to try to make one for her daughter. How cool is that? I actually find people in AL are remarkably MORE positive and curious about babywearing than I found in Toronto! I guess because it is such a rarity here (besides the bjorns), and they are just plain intrigued! In Toronto, I did get questions and positive remarks, but there also seemed to be an "us vs them" mentality and I'd get tonnes of glares from mamas with strollers.

Brynn's back to snoozing now... hmmmm. maybe now it's *my* turn to roll around and coo adorably?? Nah, a sleeping baby is a wonderful thing. Not gonna mess with that!

Ahhh, I'm just loving my french press. I got it a few weeks ago, and the coffee is just 10X better! Of course, you get all of those oils that are supposedly bad for you, but hey I live on the edge I haven't tried Karen's coffee yet in it, but I think I will later on when DH is up.

a couple of pics from our last few days

I *love* this one of Brynn & her daddy! It so captures her curious little personality.

here's my Moby babe

and, speaking of pool fun, here's my oldest girl. She LOVES her pool!
Brynn got her toes wet, but I'm sure that this summer will see her sitting and splashing in the water. She seems intrigued by it all, and squealed with delight each time Tess plunged into the water!

speaking of my big girl, she's awake now so I'll check back later!
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Laura, maybe he can hold the pump for you, and then wash it out when you are done? Let us know how the day goes...

Nicole, yikes, btdt too, my brother has a bad habit of doing stupid things.

Andy, hahaha, after my big cow experience yesterday, I've barely got 2 oz. from BOTH sides this morning. And to think I was going to try and get 6 oz again today. HAHAHAHA

Andy, we have a "corner bakery" machine, was the only one they carried at the dept. store we registered for the wedding. Is ok, haven't ruined bread yet, at least, and lotsa settings. Personally, I don't think Cuisinart (and probably Kitchenaid) makes a bad machine for ANYTHING, but I honestly don't know if they have bread makers.

Mary, I'd LOVE to come and visit. But yah, I doubt not anytime soon!

Annie, do you EVER stop? Crafty mama!

Annie, explain why blowing is bad... I get the 1-2-3 bit, we did that with all the kids when I taught lessons, but what's blowing do besides piss off Lauren?

Lori, hugs and enjoy this new babe!

Teeth: last night I wrapped some ice in a washcloth and that worked for a few minutes. Need to find the teether toys we have SOMEWHERE.

Heidi, how does babe fare with the chlorine? Dry or itchy? Or just fine?

Karen, I think it's that long graceful neck that Luka has, getting the chin off the babe makes them age quickly!

Laura, sounds like the day is going pretty well!

Karen, yah, just an idea, eggs, wheat, corn for starters, those seem to make skin problems while dairy, soy, make bum rash... we're backing off wheat for 10 days to see if that helps.

Kathy, yah, the pedi said it was also cradle cap stuff, but the thing I've found with cc is that it's USUALLY related to dairy or another allergy! Not always, but usually. So it went away TOTALLY when I was on the turkey diet, and came back this week, after starting wheat and corn. Going to figure it out!!

And how'd you get babe on back? Is that just the regular moby carry done on back? Do you have dh help or can you do it alone? I had the gal at the grocery store tell me that I was going to suffocate Lauren when I had her in the wrap, aaah gotta love it!

Going to try and pump a bit more. Left Lauren in bed with dh, all sleepy, and then the dog had to make noise. Woke dh enough to get him to try to shh her back to sleep, and it must have worked, as it's quiet now.

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Lisa, yup it's a bit of an adapted Moby back carry. The adaption is that I make a single *tie* when I bring the wrap around my chest the first time.... clear as mud, hey? I kneel on the bed, place Brynn as high on my back as possible and bring the wrap around her. I then tie it once above my breast bone. This is a wonderful little trick that keeps the baby snug and tight in the wrap while you complete the wrap. I continue then as normal ~ throw one tail end over my left shoulder, bring it around & make sure it spreads out across her back, then hold that tail between my knees as I do the same over my right shoulder. I finish up by wrapping the ends around my waist a couple of times and tying. I wish she liked being in this carry for longer periods of time, but I shall keep trying! She loves it for the first twenty minutes or so, but unless I go for a walk or something like that then she gets bored and wants OUT! Oooooh, aren't those comments so terribly helpful?? Yes ma'am, I like to squish my baby and make her miserable! Thanks for asking! Of course, any time that your baby happens to cry while being worn, you get THOSE looks... like "oh, that poor baby is unhappy because of evil Mama & that weirdo sling!" I just gotta chuckle . I think we should work to devise some good comebacks, like "What? You mean there's a BABY on my back??? AAAAAAAAAAACCCKKKK!!" away screaming :LOL
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Sly - I got those kinds of comments when Will was in the pouch sling. "Oh he must be squished in there" Um no, he is just tired and needs to go to sleep. Now he doesn't enjoy it so much, but when he is really exhausted he does.

Well my folks are back. My brother saw the county judge at 11 last night. This incident has brought out a whole lot of past things that happened that he didn't tell us about. He got arrested for DUI in August 04 and didn't tell us. He even did 30 days in county jail and no one even knew about it. Now he wishes he had told us because it is so much worse now. Ugh what a mess. My folks are so mad at him they let him stay in jail last night so they could calm down.

Looks like we are going to do a bit of shopping today. DH is looking for a pair of pants, and I just like to look. Better go!
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