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yeah Jessica- didn't think abotu the fact that we could "cheat" on the scavenger hunt! woo hoo. maybe one of us will win!
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Weird. I'm not getting emails either. What's up with that?

I'm going to trya nd subscribe to the thread and see if that works.

Andy- did you see Madagascar yet?
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Originally Posted by lisa2976
Joyce, yaay! no blood is a good thing. Did you have a big glass of oj with that egg supreme?

Karen, peanuts (and peas) are different allergy than tree nuts/seeds. I've been eating sunflower butter here, it's not *that* bad, and very safe as far as allergies are concerned.

Don't remember about the OJ. Don't drink juice every day, but she's had the same poo every time but twice (when it was normal). Tuesday she actually got a rash from super-toxic poo (& brow dermatitis flared up). Feel really bad about it, now. Should have done something earlier. :

Pumpkinseed butter is another butter--but it's GREEN. Couldn't finish my tub of it; taste, color, & texture were too weird!
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I think theres something wrong with the e-mail notifactions. I'm not getting any either and haven't been for a couple of days. Plus there's a thread in questions and suggestions about how something was switched and they're working on the problem and it should be fixed by Tuesday.

I've got a question for Annie, would light bulky weight wool be ok for a soaker? I'm thinking of this
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Az- yes you could use bulky yarn. Any weight will work, but worsted or bulky is the best. But you couldn't use THAT, because its cotton. She has some good stuff in her store though.
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ooh, that yarn is PRETTY. would be lovely for something.

I finally got some notifications. guess it's fixed now
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pumpkin seed butter doesn't sound that appealing, for some reason- maybe the green??? but pumpkin seeds are good for you- esp for parasites.
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Luka just woke up from a 3 hour nap. I think he had a Honolulu Hangover :LOL
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Ooh Az, I hope my reply didn't come off as harsh. Reading it back , it sounds kinda snubby - not how I meant it at all.

That yarn is scrum-diddly-umptious Az. It would look really nice with one of these patterns -http://www.littleturtleknits.com/kidspatterns.htm

This Is the stuff I used for the shorts. Like buttah, that stuff is.

I did a search for handpainted wool: Found some cool stuff here The places from Uruguay have the softest wool I've ever felt in my life. That's what I used for Luka's soaker. I think I would make myself a pair of underwear out of that -except that would be sort of weird :LOL
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Yeah, Honolulu hangover is right!!! That was his first taste of the city life, eh? Poor little over-stimulated Luka!!!
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Hey now mamas! Glad everyone's back home (or on their way home) and enjoyed their weekends. We had a good hang this weekend. We did go see Madagascar, Loved it! Beca laughed and laughed, and dh and I also chuckled quite a bit. Ori was a DOLL and watched, ate, slept, watched and then poof! It was over! Today I got to sneak away for a few hrs. and see star wars (good day for it - he spent from 10am - 2pm fussing and not happy - not howling too much, just fussing and sad ). I always want to see these kinds of movies on the big screen. This one was the least wonderful of the new ones, for sure. And nothing on the old ones, imo.

Thank you for the bread machine rec! I'm going to look and see what Target has tomorrow (while I'm at Joanne's getting faux fur!).

Az - Six Flags - that's right - sounds great! I highly rec. doing this w/the dh's (if your's is into the rides), 'cause there are some the kids won't beable to go on w/out an adult. Maybe the guys will bond, too?! Let me know a date the first two weeks of July that would work for you and I'll have dh schedule it off. I think that family plan is worth it if we all go. Can we get it online? I'll repeat, the place is PACKED on weekends. NOT WORTH GOING! Can dh schedule a day off? We could also do the last week of June (from the 28th on).

Karen - bummer bout Noam. I'm glad he's a HAPPY sick kid! : Sounds like a crazy trip, but you got it all done and enjoyed it, eh! Love your climbing monkeys! Great pics - thanks for sharing! Noam looks like a little soccer player, do you think they're not into sports because they don't have too many teams around to join? I'm just guessing at that, actually, because you're kinda out in the sticks on an island with a fairly small population. They sure look like athletic little people!

Lisa - how can you put socks on the wrong feet? . If it's possible, dh's are the ones to figure out a way! WTG on getting the problem foods down to 2! Now you're in the target area. I sure hope it's corn, 'cause wheat is a lot harder to live w/o, imo. But either is a tough one to lose...

Nicole - didja get anything good on your shopping journey? My dh is SUCH a bad shopper, I always just send him on his way and he's back in like 30 min. with whatever he was looking for, just never the best price, or kinda ugly colors. whatever... I hope you had more fun than THAT! Are you out by the coast? That's the other place we were thinking of going this summer for a break, but at $1000/wk it's too rich for our blood!

Laura - he he he on dh. My dh read that and said - what a slacker! What's he been doing for 4 months? Good point. What HAS he been doing for 4 months. Meanwhile, mine still puts diapers on backwards, forgets the wrap, and USUALLY (but not every single time) puts the few remaining onesies w/snaps on over the pants :LOL! Was today your birthday??? Did I miss the WHY part of why dh is doing this for you?

Hi Joyce! No blood is good. Still goopy - many of these allergens take a while to get out of your milk, and also out of her body. You are AWESOME for catching this and trying to get it under control. Not easy. I had the yummiest spelt french toast today! It's really got me thinking I'm going to survive no dairy and no wheat. Probably. And loving a chocolate Art bar (come w/a card about an artist and it's SOOOOO yummmmm). This one had coconut...

Kathy - hope you got some coffee injected and enjoyed the day! I always try to get a couple of extra hrs. in the am while Ori sleeps. I'm grumpy otherwise. I go and mess up someone else's bed, usually, so he and I can both sleep. That's great that you get her on your back so well. Everytime I try Ori slips down to low, or he falls off and cries, or he falls off and doesn't cry but I cry... it's kinda mucky. I had him at the Memorial Day parade today in our little town here and he had a GREAT time! Watched the cgo-carts, the karate kids (who stop each block and break boards), the clowns (no reaction at all), his sister and daddy (yeaaa!!) and the BIIIIIIG aquaduck w/all the quackers...what fun! Then he fussed, ate, and satched till the end. What a great kid!

Ann - Life of Pi was great. Say hi to the tiger for me! YEA on the new sewing machine! What inspired the gift? late birthday? It's so great to hear another voice confirm that V. is otherwise in GREAT shape. She really looks like a sharp little cookie... just a very quiet one. Profound deafness is sometimes easier to deal with because the person compensates so quickly. By 2 or 3 she'll probably a fluent lip reader. Was it Laura who's brother is deaf? Was he from birth?

Oh, one more thing - how did you know the yarn Az found was cotton? It didn't say...so one must assume it's cotton if it doesn't say?

Karen - skin rashes are rarely dairy, they are almost always intestinal.. It could be either nut or peanut, or wheat or corn or egg, possibly cirtus. Trying to get the wheat out first would tell you if it was/wasn't that...kwim? Kinda reverse elim. diet psychology... wishing you luck!

Jessi - Beca is a platypus in her school play next month, so I have to come up w/a costume...YIKES! I've got a plan, but it's kinda sketchy still. Got any platypus diapers? I seeee you've been ddddc'd too! Ha! You stalker, you!

Kinda funny that noone has figured it out. My guess is Heidi (not sure why...except she just sold some stuff and has $$ in her paypal acc't just burning a hole in her cyber pocket!).

CAN we cheat on the hunt? Maybe we need to have a hunt thread...or is this exclusive to the Babylicious girls? Sure is a lot of time to get to looking through at LEAST 400 pages of internet stuff ... whew! I'm tired just thinking about it! Starts tomorrow, right? Has anyone figured out where the list of sites to visit is???

Ok, feeling slightly caught up. Two baskets of laundry need folding, the dishes are piled in the sink (tho dh emptied the washer, so that's something!), and dh and I still haven't had dinner. sigh. Have a good night - if I can I'll check in later. xxx andy
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Andy - you amaze me with those long posts!!!
Torin is taking a 3 hour nap as well, Karen. I think after his 2 days with dh, he usually needs to catch up on his sleep. He doesn't take long naps with him.
Laura, speaking of dh's dressing the little ones - dh brought Torin to see me at work with these crazy skull and crossbones striped pants (black and white) a blue, white and orange striped shirt, and then a pastel green little jacket. It was hilarious. But....... I didn't care because Torin was happy and having a great day. He said he kept trying different outfits on him but he had outgrown them so after a while he gave up because Torin was so mad from being changed so many times!
I love the photos Annie and Karen! They are so great! Did you both live in Arcata?????
I bought Wonderoos and they keep leaking. What's up with that?? I've washed them a few times. Maybe I need to wash them a few more times. I'm not so sure I like the Wonderoos fit. The fbs have been great tho, I must add!
Jessi - glad you are having fun. How long are you going to be there?
Sorry about the food allergies. It can be tough to figure it all out, I'm sure.
Gotta start some diiner!! Thai coconut shrimp with broccoli and carrots tonight.......
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so there was a ped at my house a little bit ago (kids are editing a video w/ dh's help). i showed her luka's rash- which was looking very benign at the time and she said it looked more like from heat or sweat. hmmm. maybe, maybe not.

i wanna see madagascar too. should go soon before all the kids are outta school so it's quieter there.

andy- the boys are athletic- well R anyways. they have both played soccer, hence the uniform. the last year they played, Ra'am was punched on the field by another kid- punched in the face. horrible. and nothing happened. I was livid. his parents (who had been his coach before) did nothing and they had just had a new baby..... it was a drama. anyhow it was so upsetting to us all. Ra'am, you see, is not a very agressive player either, so I can't imagine why this kid got all agro on him. lame.
noam played soccer to get the candy. all the parents give huge bags of candy for after the games here. that pisses me off too/. when we were kids it was water and oranges. what happened???

:LOL on the dh's and dressing their babies! how funny! I've seen some other posts on MDC with dads snapping onsies on the outside of pants! why are they so inept when it comes to stuff like that? We make it easy here- both my HI born kids wore a t-shirt or a onsie- not too much to mess up!

yes mary, both annie and I lived in Arcata. Not at the same time, of course- I'm way older than her, but same town and then both came here. many people go between arcata and here and also alaska and here.
My wonderoos leaked for awhile too- before I read they needed to be washed a bunch. they don't have the great trim fit of the FB- there's always a bubble butt. Violet's looked like it fit her better, but Annie says she's growing out of hers (and they're supposed to be one size!).

I think I was gonna say more but I forgot already.
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mary- please excuse my nosiness.... but I see in your siggie that you have an angel 4/11/04. did you miscarry and then conceive torin right away? I know we al got pregnant sometime in april. or did torin have a twin? everyone's stories are so interesting.....
and... can I come over for dinner :
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yes...... i conceived him right away. But, my MIL had a "feeling" all along that I was going to have twins. My first due date was December 15th. Torin's was supposed to be January 18th but he showed up the 26th. My Hcg levels had dropped off tho - and they were always really low. What do you think?? I think anything is possible. The only reason I took a preg test was because I was doing FAM and trying to figure out getting back on track. I figured I'd wait a month or so before we'd try. But.... we weren't using protection anyway. :
oh.......btw, Torin just rolled from his stomach to his back - TWICE!!!! I can't believe how exciting these milestones are. I missed the first roll but then put him on his belly again and sure enough, he rolled!!!! yay!
I think I already told you I had a friend who lived in Arcata. Actually, her brother still lives there. She lives in Norway. she used to work at the cafe with the hot tubs........
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Interesting story, Mary. who knows. if your HCG levels were always low though.... main thing is that the miracle named Torin is with you!

ah, we used to go to the cafe with the hottubs- can't think of the name- all the time. it was cool. arcata's an awesome town. if it wasn't so darned cold and gray there all year-round we would still BE there!
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Hot tubs...mmmmmm. Well, kitchen is clean (enlisted some help w/that), dog is walked, all the laundry is folded, and most is put away.

Hey EVERYONE: my friend Chris is offering 20% off pampered chef stuff to make her vaca. quote by tomorrow night (EST). If you want anything lmk. I'll send it to ya as cheap as I can. Her website is www.pamperedchef.biz.crooney and you can email her at crooney@nycap.rr.com . Or just lmk. Obviously! there's no pressure, I thought if anyone wants the stuff, 20% might be a good deal.

Mary -CONGRATS on Torin rolling! Orin did it twice and that's it. I read an article on how women double ovulate WAY more often than doc's think we do. Like one third of women double ovulate at least 6 months of the year (that's a LOT!). So maybe it was a single month, double ovulation, which wouldn't technically be twins, but not a month in between, either. And if the miscarry happened after your second fertilization, they would have been sharing a womb but not twins(ie: ovulate on the 5th, ovulate on the 15, terminate on the 25th (after uterine implantation) kind of thing)! I'm sorry about the baby that didn't make it... all these inspiring mamas! Wow. Sounds like you and dh have a GREAT thing going keeping Torin fed, happy and, well, interestingly! dressed . That's so wonderful. Is the hospital close to where you live? I have a friend here who is working weekends so her dh can sit for the kids while she works, but the hospital is pretty far, like 40 min. each way. Luckily she's past the nursing stage and it's actually easier to not have them around... Oh, and the only one size diapes that I like the way they fit (aio's or not) are the mother ease. I haven't tried their aio's, though, just the one size. I really like the way they fit Ori, and they fit Beca well, too. She was a little bigger (not bigger, fatter).

Karen - this has been bugging the heck outta me, too. Big deal after softball is popsicles (which is possibly somewhat better than large bags of candy, but...). And at the last game, one mom brought a big box of DONUTS and gave them out during the game to the girls. I try telling beca that the junk will just make her crash, but it's a hard sell. ALL the other girls are eating them, and NONE of the other parents are saying anything. Sucks. what's a mama to do??? Total drag about R. getting PUNCHED?!!!? what's that about? How can they NOT call it? Anything in the face is illegal in almost all the sports (boxing and rugby notable exceptions). Seems to me that the ref. blew it big time. I'm sorry.

Ok, time for bed for me. caio mamas! Andy
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andy- when R got punched it was an unfortunate thing in that 1, there were no guidelines for that type of behavior for the age group (i.e. it's very rare) and 2, the ref was one of the teen refs- i.e. didn't know what his role was. it was lame. I did complain about the lack of protocol though to the head guy, and the offending kid had to write a note (which was 2 lines) to R.

don't even know what pampered chef is.... is it a TV thing that I'm missing out on?? I'll check your friend's website.
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Why oh why am I still awake? Crazy Mama I am... I've been on the phone with a friend in BC, and lo & behold it's after midnight. Keeping my fingers crossed for a bit of a sleep in tomorrow! Perhaps a little Kona coffee in the french press will be in order.

Today was wonderfully relaxed ~ a go nowhere kind of day. We've been blessed with a bit of cooler, drizzly weather the last day or two and I'm LOVING it! Nice to just stay indoors and do fun stuff. Tessa's been super content and really into her imagination games, so it's been so fun to watch her and see where her creativity leads. Brynn is teething big time, but relatively mellow ~ just sleeping lots and enjoying cuddles.

I feel like I need some kind of Spring project. Hopefully decluttering (always my favorite thing to do, much to DH's dismay!) I think tomorrow the girls and I will drop off some stuff at the Goodwill and maybe sort through some of the closets. It's another rainy day for tomorrow, so it sounds like a perfect cool weather activity. Maybe pair the drop off with a trip to the bookstore with the cool train table and the yummy cafe? Then both Mama and Tess are happy. Brynn still is along for the ride

Yawn.... time to hit the hay. I'm not feeling all that tired, but I have a feeling that the morning me is not going to be so pleased with the midnight me if I don't!
'night, Mamas!
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Kathy- I hope you HAD a wonderful night's sleep!

It's 10pm here and Luka is wide awake, being serenaded by his papa on guitar. He cried through dinner and he took a bath with Ra'am. I struggled with him, but had him asleep at 8:30 or so. But when I went to the bathroom after that, he woke up and he's still awake. WHen will I get to sleep?? wah
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