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The cafe is called Cafe Moka. I loved that place. We used to have a girls night out every Fri. and my girlfriends and I would all go do a finnish sauna. So, everytime I go back, of course we all have to do that. Although, there's only a couple of us left.

Well, we were supposed to go to watch the Japanese lantern floating tonight, but instead spent the evening with Kobe in the ER, who was having hives and swelling. Can't figure out for the life of me what he ate, my guess is he got some egg in something. Alot of the Asian foods have hidden egg in them. We'll have to be more careful. Poor little guy. He's all doped up on benadryl right now and he still has lots of hives.

I think I might be one of those double ovulators. With all of my pregnancies, dh and I have only done it like once in the whole month (or longer) and we just got lucky. I must be super fertile? And with Makai, I had something like a miscarriage, but was still pregnant. (Actually, Idid with V too - but for different reasons) My midwife said I probably miscarried a twin - they run very strong in my family - great- great granddad was a twin, great granddad was one, and my great grandmother had two sets!!! Yikes! Nobody has had them for two generations. It'll probably be one of my sisters .

Sorry that Luka is being a fusser, Karen. Hopefully he'll get it all out and sleep like a rock.

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Morning! :LOL
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I might have taken you up on the Pampered Chef offer, except I'm having my own party this weekend for my birthday. I'm trying to switch from Baker's secret cookware to their stoneware.

not much going on here...
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weeeeeeell, 5 1/2 hours of sleep ain't half bad....

(uh oh..had to edit because I couldn't do my math... !!)

back after b'fast
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Lisa I forgot to comment on the sidecarred crib. To make the crib and bed level-sih we put wooden blocks under our bed legs. Now we have areally high bed but it was the only way with our crib that they would match up.

Annie, thanks for pointing out that the yarn was cotton. I didn't even see that. I went to yarn, wool then searched for handpainted. Weird how people list things wrong like that. I already have bid in on two of the yarns from mcy :LOL
Bummer about Kobe in th er. Eggs has got to be a tough one to be allergic to. I hope the hives have gone away today and he's feeling better

Karen does Ra'am still play soccer after that? Poor guy. THanks for sharing the meaning behind your ds's names. I've been wondering for ages. Beautiful names fir beautiful boys

Andy six flags would have to be in July we have that crazy drive to OH (dogs and all) 23june-27/28. I talked to dh if he could get a day off during the week and he said np, just after the wedding. And that seasons pass thing you have to buy it online.

Mary cool that Torin's rolling and its good to hear that going back to work is going smoothly for you.

Dads can be absolutly terrible at dressing babies. DH tend to stick with dresses or onepiece outfits. He's done the diaper without a cover a few times too. We got a lot of backwards and insides out in the beg also. I odn't know how they manage to do that. I woudl think its harder to put on that way He's really good at the diapers now though, good thing since he's the diaper laundry guy most of the time

Miss e's up
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Andy your pampered chef link isn't working, not that I really should be looking :
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Oh, I forgot to comment on the daddy dressing antics... too funny, and oh how we can relate over here! If Brynn is changed by DH, she'll always come back with sleeper/romper unsnapped & hanging, and loads of cloth sticking outta the sides of her wrap!

When I told DH about the funny entry from yesterday, he just stared blankly at me - - completely deadpan. That was almost as funny as anything else! :LOL
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Morning Ladies -

Brother Update - He goes to court today. He has been in jail (tent city) since Sunday. Mom and Dad, although pissed, were going to bail him out, but he has a do no release order on him. Found some papers in his house which indicate that he missed a payment for his fine (which has now doubled) and that is considered failure to show up in court. So, theoretically, he will be released today. Not sure if he will stay out, but at least for a while he will be out.

Dressing - With Em, DH used to rip (not cut) the tags out of her outfits. Now, I agree that there should not be tags, they scratch delicate skin, but when he would rip them out, he would also tear holes in her clothes. It took me months : to get him to stop that! With Will, he constantly insists that the dipes are too tight, so he puts them on the loosest setting. There has been many a time that we have gotten soaked because the dipe has fallen off and he has peed. :LOL

Shopping - Andy, got the coolest stuff. We went all over, but I think my favorite thing was the onsie that is all black with red trim. There is a picture of darth vaders helmet in red trim and in big black letters above the helmet, it reads "Who's Your Daddy" : :LOL I love love love it! We spent too much, but we did get a new computer. DH's bonus is coming this month, so we are fine, but it is hard to see those huge numbers on the register. Oh and if anyone likes to shop and The Children's Place, they are having one smoking sale right now. Some things are an additional 30% off and some are an additional 50% of the reduced prices.

Well, Em just got up. Gotta go.
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Annie- sorry to hear about Kobe and the allergies

Hope you are getting some sleep now Karen
Sorry to hear he was punched, thats just so depressing to hear that going on in sports. You'd think w/having kids participate in sports that the parents would be a bit more health conscious too but seems like there's just too much sugar crap out there and it's the norm.

Mary- congrats on Torin rolling! Interesting not sure what to think about that. I guess the only way you would of known if you were getting regular hcg level checks and maybe an u/s at the time. I know mine was definitely a new pregnancy as I had 3 u/s in the beginning so I got to see what was going on. But he's here healthy and happy as can be
yeah my wonderoos leaked in the beginning also. I do find them bulky when they are smaller but as they get bigger, they seem to fit better. I know they didn't fit up to 35 pds with my first dd thats for sure.

Andy- he was doing that because I had a rough day Sunday and he said to me later that day that he'd do everything for me Monday. Yes my brother was the deaf one and he was from birth. Wasn't diagnosed till he was about 3, even had one doctor tell my mom that he was probably just "retarded"
I would so love to meet up w/you gals at six flags but my dh isn't into those types of places and I don't think there'd me much there for a 2 year old, although I love the rides myself :LOL I know we are going to go to the Big E but thats not till the fall anyways.
Glad you enjoyed the movie and got to see star wars!

Speaking of discounts if anyone wants a discount from TheStoryteller.com I could hook ya up

So much for my day off yesterday I ended up pretty much caring for Megan. He sat down to eat his lunch that he was able to cook and then K started whining that she wanted him to read her a book and she started crying so he called me out and said "well can't I just eat" I looked at him and said "what do you think I have to do when I'm alone, hmmm" kids come first, I eat on their schedule. So Megan started fussing and I said "why don't you try rocking with her" and he said "how do I do that?" THE ROCKING CHAIR????? aaaahhhhhh I swear he had a mental breakdown or something yesterday. So around both of their nap time I ended up stepping in cuz he just couldn't hack it. He can take care of Kaitlyn fairly well but when it comes to Megan he freaks out or something, thinks she's gonna break. Then Kaitlyn had a tick in her head and he's freaking out big time and I tell him to chill out, go get the tweezers and we'll pull it out. *sighing* well at least I had the morning pretty much to myself
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My dh had a habit of snapping onesies OUTside dd1's pants when she was little. Of course, cutting the bottoms off the onesies has eliminated that!
Also, dh always threatens with those little buttons that if they take more than five second to undo, they become snaps. I threaten back that I will simply hand him a needle and thread so he can fix it!
Oh, and we started dd2 on water! That sounds funny, but it's our way of entertaining her interest in solids till she's 6 mos. We spoonfeed her water. It's good practice, but we started Sunday and now she expects a bowl and spoon every time we sit down for a family meal! We started at my Dad and Stepmom's place, because she was after our food, and dh decided he'd let her "smell" his dessert, not realizing how cruel it would be to place his bowl of cake, ice cream and sauce in her face. When she opened wide and tried to eat it, he pulled it back, and she started at him, smacking her lips! Poor thing!
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Andy, wrong feet - the cute little decal things were on the inside ankles instead of the outside.

Are those chocolate bars like the grown up version of baseball cards with bubblegum in them?

I guess cheating on the diaper thing ON mdc might get us caught. BUT if y'all find the link and PM it to me, I'll put it on my website and we can list them there! :LOL

Mary, my dh thinks that white pants and a white shirt and white socks makes "a matching outfit" which just cracks me up. She looks like a little baker or something.

Hmmm on the babe.. I know we concieved on April 11, and Lauren was due 1/3, but came 1/18!

Karen, pampered chef, it's like toys for moms and kitchens. Good quality stuff, and like tupperware or LLBean, guaranteed forever.

Annie, poor Kobe baby!

Az, yah we have the opposite issue, the crib is at the highest setting and the bed is still a good 6" taller! I think I'm going to get some of that uber thick foam at the fabric store and put it between the springs and mattress on the crib, I'd put blocks but I'd be afraid to knock it all over, since the crib isn't exactly heavy like our iron bed.

Laura, aaah the day didn't quite last, but you did get a lot done in the morning!

Pam, lol on the water for food. Maybe she can play with her spoon and bowl at meals?

Ooooh tomorrow is JUNE! Amazing.

Lauren was SO tired yesterday, she slept all of 15 min. at dinnertime in SILs bed, after I nursed her there for like 30 min. and then she catnapped in the sling after dinner. Somehow she has a big scrape on her pinky finger, I think the nail that I broke might have done it, but I'm not sure. She slept SO well last night though, 10-3:30, and then 4-8, and she's sleeping now, but we have chiro at 10:30 so I best be getting in the shower soon, or we'll be late.

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Hey Andy, pm me with your email addy, will ya? I have an article to send you about wheat and dairy and autoimmune stuff.
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Originally Posted by lisa2976
Az, yah we have the opposite issue, the crib is at the highest setting and the bed is still a good 6" taller! I think I'm going to get some of that uber thick foam at the fabric store and put it between the springs and mattress on the crib, I'd put blocks but I'd be afraid to knock it all over, since the crib isn't exactly heavy like our iron bed
Nope you don't that was the problem we had (we even have an iron bed too :LOL ) anyways we put our crib on the middle setting and then raised the bed

oops someone is needing me
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Jessi, weren't you looking for a sugarpeas fleece covers? Here's a cute set. The t-shirt is big but....

Also speaking of diapers, anyone seen any strawberry ones around? DS wants me to find a strawberry one
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Gone four days and like ten pages!

Just stopping by to say hi!

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend!

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<---- DDDDC!!!!

Has anyone considered the possibility that we all have a secret admirer?

Woohoo, chatty mamas! Mike is also inept at dressing the baby, unless I give him super easy clothes. He says it's because they're "girl clothes" he doesn't understand them.

We went to my mom's yesterday. We have the super healthy method of getting over fights of waiting a few days and then pretending nothing happened. I really have to do something about that. At least it's all okay now.

So Mike barbecued, and Bea and I walked to the parade in the mei tai. Okay, I should have brought the stroller, but I was being a show-off. : I had to change her laying in the grass on a pf, and she was playing with her cloth book and ended up tossing grass into her mouth in the process. She was pretty good, only got a little upset when they fired off the guns. She got really crabby later in the afternoon, though. Hardly slept at all.

Our conception day was May 5... I had the temp spike on the morning of the 6th. She was born at 40w1d, though, and we were the end of the month. I was completely convinced she'd be a February babe, that's why I didn't come meet you all in the pg forum.

I think she's catching up on sleep today. *happydance*

I have laundry coming out my ears here. Mike vented a little frustration the other day in the process of fixing the washing machine, and re-dirtied a whole bunch of clean stuff by throwing it around the bathroom. I'm not being too pissy about it because I don't imagine it's fun to gut the washing machine and try to fix it. But venting in a method that doesn't create days and days of laundry backlog would be nice. Why not throw the DIRTY clothes?

I think I'd be interested in the article too, Lisa. We're autoimmune up, down, and sideways in this family, and I've only cut dairy, not wheat.

I think I'm going to get some of the mesh feeder things and put ebm icecubes in them. She's majorly reaching for food, but we're going to be extremely cautious with solids.

Oh hey Az, are you taking 84-81-80 on your trip? You'd be coming through here. I'm a few miles from the 81-84 junction. If so, we'll have to work out getting together.

I went to Hancocks and got patterns Sunday. I'm gonna do some Civil War era civvies for Mike for blacksmithing. And I got the pattern for the little girls' dresses too, but they start at size 3. I have a huge pattern hoard already; when I worked there and we were supposed to throw out discontinued ones, we just picked through and took them home. (Not my decision, the manager's.)

OMG! Only 30 more to go 'till Senior Member.

Have a good day, mamas.
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Paq, hurry up and post and get that senior title! And pm me your email and I'll fwd it to you too.
Andy, it's on the way.

BTW it's from some australian allergy site that I *think* is way for-profit, so it's probably not the most legit allergy article, but it was interesting to read anyway.

Went to the chiro, Lauren is SO much better being there, I guess it must be less tense when she is adjusted, because she's not fussing as much.

Nothing else going on, dh is *seriously* talking about limiting internet access in the house to like 30 min. in the morning and 30 min. in the afternoon for a week to see what our lives are really like when we can't mindlessly sit online. I think it's a fine idea BUT how am I going to win the diaper contest when I'm not online?!!?!?


We're going to hit the beach this afternoon. Whee!
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Originally Posted by paquerette
Oh hey Az, are you taking 84-81-80 on your trip? You'd be coming through here. I'm a few miles from the 81-84 junction. If so, we'll
have to work out getting together.
hmm I'm not really sure we're going to be down by Huntington WV

Your mum's and my mum's fight resolution sound the same. DH tells me its unhealthy but its worked for us for so long

Sorry about all the laundry sounds like someone needs to get his anger under control or at the very least clen up after his temper tantrums

Karen and Andy you're both awefully quite today. Karen I hope you're actually getting some sleep past 5am. Andy I think I sense trouble.... (kinda like when your kids are quiet, you know something is going on)
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Morning mamaas- no such luck on a long night's sleep. Luka didn't crash out until 11 (ok that smilie says blush, but looks more like a shocked look to me), and then up at 6:20. sigh..... he sleeps a lot in the day and I think that's where he's getting most of it. took a 3 hour and 2 hour nap yesterday and also a catnap.
but he wakes up happy as a clam and cooing and all. so cute....

Az- glad you're worried about me. I'm quiet because it's early here- 7:12 right now. We're 6 hours behind you. don't worry about me, I'll probably post on this thread at least 5 times before the day is done because we're not going out today. thanks for caring though

Lisa- 30 minutes in the morn and 30 in the eve???!?!? you'll barely be able to keep up with us if you do that:LOL i know it's pathetic how much time I spend online since Luka was born. I just spend so much time sitting around with him and since he's still little, we don't interact all the time or anything.

Jeni- better get posting mama!!! you could be a senior member within the day if you get busy!

Az- I think I might have seen some strawberry fabric at Lucy's Hope Chest. check there.

Laura- sorry your day off didn't last as long as you deserved! one day Megan will be a big girl and you'll all forget that she was once so fragile.

Annie- oh no on Kobe's allergies- poor little man!!!! eggs are everywhere.... such a bummer for him.

Nicole- your bro is at tent city? wow. when I was visiting dh's grandma in Az, we saw a documentary on that place. pretty harsh. glad it's not the height of summer yet- the heat must be unbearable then.

Luka's starting to fuss and I'm losing my train of thought. I'm watchiung my friend's 3 year old this am. she is so entertaining and delish. can't wait.
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