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photographing twins....

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I don't have twins but I am just starting out my photography business and am doing my first paid photo shoot this weekend (yeah me!) and it happens to be 3 month old twins. I was hoping some of you moms of twins might be able to give me some suggestions for posing the babies or perhaps would be willing to share pics of your twins at around that age to give me some ideas. I am actually going to 'borrow' my friends baby tommorrow to do some pratice shots with my son as pretend 'twins' LOL - but I would love any ideas you have to share. And you want to peek at my website to see that I really am a photographer it is http://www.gracephotographystudio.com Thanks mommas!
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Hi there - I don't have a digital camera so most all my cute pics are not avail for me to show you. But here is the pic for their birth announcement. They were 4 days old in it.


Also here is a Anne Geddes pic I had found on web while preg with my girls and I always thought it would be cute to do a pic like this.


I've also done pics with my girls looking at each other (either on tummies or sitting). On tummies next to each other. Head to head shots. Cute ones of them sleeping and snuggled up to each other. Pics of them sucking on each others hand, foot, arm, etc.

Hope that helps.

ps. I peeked a bit at your site. Great pictures!!
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Hey Cinya, I don't have any advice for you, I just wanted to say how much I wish I had any money to get you out here to photograph my twins when they are here...
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Hey Diana! You know I would do it in a heartbeat if I could! Take care of yourself this weekend : )
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We didn't attempt professional pictures until my girls were around 6 mo, but for those pictures the photographer used a beanbag w/ a throw over it. The beanbag worked great because you could kind of mold it however you needed to support them.

The professional pics we've had taken (except for this year's Christmas one & their 2 yr pictures that i haven't even had taken LOL) are all here if you want to look at them for ideas http://2sweetpeas.net/ProffPictures.htm

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Great pics! thanks so much for sharing....I have my friends coming over today so I can do my fake twins pratice shooting
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We didn't do professional infant pictures. But based on how every sitting has gone, I'd recommend lots of patience, and figure it will take at least twice as long as you think it would. It wasn't until the girls last sitting (at 4yo) that they didn't cry.
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here's some we did when they were a couple of months old - probably three months



LOL from the same photo session

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I love the yin yang one- so cute and classy in black and white!
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Thanks mommas! Here are some hightlights of how the shoot turned out

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I do too! This is what I'm looking forward to!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Christy S inTX
Due Nov 2005
1st time momma to B/G twins
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awesome pictures!! the one of their hands is amazing!!!
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Very cute, love the mama & baby shots...great job

Here are some of my recent shots - but our twins are older, in case you ever take twin toddlers

Some of our younger ones are here
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When my twins were little I liked to pose them in their positions in Utero. I always had Emma on the left higher then liz.
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