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How much time do you spending cleaning?

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I mean, seriously! I have been cleaning all week and my house is nowhere close to being clean! I finish one area and turn around to face another mess!! Yes, I have started Spring cleaning and attacking closets, etc. but what a mess!! Anyone else have their clutter multiply when they're not looking??

How much time do you spend cleaning?
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Not nearly enough. I need to get on some sort of schedule to get things as clean as I would like them to be. I probably spend less than 30 minutes a day and that doesn't include any deep cleaning or organizing. . . mainly, dishes, kitchen countertops and table, picking up family room (toys) and straightening kids' bedrooms. Once a month I deep clean and de-clutter the main living areas (I host a book club), and that takes a good portion of the day. I'd like to spread it out over time instead of killing myself all at once. Plus, the upstairs hasn't been deep cleaned since we moved here :
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WHile living here (Mlaysia) we have a maid (I know, I know, spoiled : ), but I still feel like I'm picking up constantly!

At home, I devote a couple of hours a week to cleaning and a little bit every day. But I'm anal.
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I want a maid!

Let's just say no matter how many hours I spend cleaning, no one can tell... :
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I guess it depends on what you call cleaning - do you mean toilets and dishes and laundry (household chores) or organizing? IF things are organized, I spend about 1-2 hours a day but in 10-15 minute increments. When it's nice out, less. If I only spend 1/2 hour or less, in 2 days I can't see counters, floors or out the windows. I do find that having a schedule and keeping to it really helps but I only do that every so often.
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Not enough
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Originally Posted by momto l&a
Not enough

Ilaria, those are beautiful pictures I would just like to know one thing...where are the toys??????

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Never enough.
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Not enough here either...I have no motivation...and I'm pretty much in a depressed state most of the time. I'm lucky if I can make food for myself. Of course Willow gets fed and taken care of...but I pretty much ignore me...and apparently my "duties"...
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Originally Posted by willowsmom
Not enough here either...I have no motivation...and I'm pretty much in a depressed state most of the time. I'm lucky if I can make food for myself. Of course Willow gets fed and taken care of...but I pretty much ignore me...and apparently my "duties"...

You are singing my song. I look around, feel hopeless, and don't clean.
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Originally Posted by embens
I look around, feel hopeless, and don't clean.
Sing it sister!

I've gone from zero to a little. I see changes. All Dh does is still complain.

Umm... how's underpants are over there on the floor anyway honey? :
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It depends on the day really, but I seem to have something of a pattern down. I have somethings that I do every single day like sweep the floors (we've got all hardwood), dishes, counters & stove top cleaned, and garbage out. I would say every few days there is actual cleaning of the floors, toilets, bathtub etc. Laundry is every day, and dusting is weekly (or when I can't ignore it anymore LOL).

Organization is a different matter, but one I am really getting better at. I am going through stuff to get rid of clutter and things we do not need or use. Clutter is so annoying. I like my surroundings to be simple. It must have something to do with my mother, Goddess bless her, who had knick-knacks everywhere.
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I pick up and sort of clean everyday during the week,you know,laundry,sweeping floors,etc. I'm not very good at deep cleaning. I clean bathrooms once a week,but wipe toilets down CONSTANTLY it seems.I thought I was organized at one time,but now I wonder. My children are home everyday so we are pretty messy. We have fun though. What will I do with myself when they are gone? I guess that's another thread.
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About 3 hours and my place is always a mess
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I spend about 10-15 min in the evening running around putting things(toys, shoes,etc)away, and then another 10-15 first thing in the morning for dishes, etc. The floors and bathroom, laundry folding get done once a week or every other week. That's just the way it is while the babe has to be held and fed constantly.
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Since I do work outside the home from 8 till 5 (that includes the dc run ) I spend about 15 minutes a day just keeping things tidy. That means putting things back in their place, maybe a quick vacuum - we have wood floors so its just to grab the sand and pet hair, and I always do a toilet wipedown every morning.

About once a week, I'll leave work a bit early and have Mason spend an extra 30 minutes with his favorite dcp and vacuum, mop, dust the main floor. That includes the bathroom, kitchen, living room and 2 kids rooms plus the 2 entry ways.

Every night I do at least 1 load of laundry but I don't put it away until the weekend : Now that the weather's better and I can use the clothes line, I actually only wash the cloth diapers and few other things because I like to do most of the laundry on Friday night and Saturday morning so I can hang it all out at once.

I do most of the cooking and dh will load the dishwasher and tidy the kitchen most nights. Some nights we just let it go until the next night.

Our house is never so bad that I can't have people over. I've learned to just keep up with the cleaning so it never takes more than hour to get the whole house in tip top shape

In saying that, guests aren't allowed in the basement family room or the upstairs unless I've taken another 30 minutes to an hour to get them presentable That's a lot of carpet to vacuum! We have 4 cats and 2 dogs... And my secret is to dim the lights, then no one can see the dust
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Depends upon your definition.

Seriously, I rarely spend more than 1/2 hour each day on what I call cleaning (dusting, vacuuming, cleaning toilet, cleaning bathtub, etc.).

Daily I'm washing dishes 2 or 3 times. I do 2-3 loads of laundry every day. I wipe up counters in the kitchen as I work and put away dishes as they're dried. Laundry is put away immediately after being folded, etc.

I try to vacuum 1-2 times per week and dust weekly.

DH is SUPPOSED to be in charge of cleaning the bathroom, but he never seems to keep up with it so I tend to wipe down the toilet and sink every once in a while when I'm in there. I try not to see that the tub needs cleaning.

We try to keep things picked up daily. My office is the one exception.

But the baby's toys are picked up several times/day and the living room is always kept straightened on a daily basis. Mail is taken care of as it enters the house and any purchases are put away as soon as they come into the house as well.

I rarely do heavy cleaning like washing windows and walls but I probably should. I love it when we decide to paint a room because then all the furniture gets moved and the room REALLY gets cleaned.

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It's probably about 30 minutes with dishes, counters, clothes, and picking up a little clutter. I do more when I have more time. Since class has been out, I have done a lot more. Probably about 1 hour a day these days. I'm trying to do a deep clean before I go back to school for the summer. Closets need to be organized, summer/winter clothes need to be switched out, and everything just needs a good scrub.
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Cleaning I can deal with

yeah, so it gets messy again almost immediately. Cleaning will always be better than losing weight, because

1. You can get other people to do it for you
2. Working at it for 5 hours straight actually makes a difference
3. If something tempts you and you have it, you can always just throw/give away something else to make room, try doing that with food (yes, yes, bulimia, I know, but we're trying to be healthy here)
4. Odds are, you can shove the clutter into a back room and make the living room presentable really quick.
5. and best of all, you can focus on trouble spots.
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I do the picking up and dishes as needed, laundry every day or every other day, vacuum usually daily, and once a week on Thurs I clean bathrooms, dust, mop, declutter as needed. But I am a neat freak. I can only stand a mess for a little while, then I get it cleaned up. :
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