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Stress and BF

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I'm a little worried. My ds is 14 months old. I bf at home and pump 3x a day whils at work Usually I get about 3oz each time I pump with the PIS, sometimes more. I'm doing everything the same but I am now only getting about 2oz each time I pump. This has been going on for at least the last 3-5 days. Ds still nurses like a champ. AF is due tomorrow but my milk supply has never dropped like this. The only other variable is a very stressfull situation in my life right now. Could this be causing the signifigant drop in my supply? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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I can vouch for the stress factor decreasing supply. With my first dd my dh was out of town for eight weeks and my supply dropped dramatically. I remember waking up one night to nurse her and she'd latch on and then pull off and cry. It finally dawned on me that nothing was coming out. Luckily I had some EBM in the fridge to feed her. I spent the rest of the night up and pumping. It was horrible. Stress absolutely affects you. It's a vicious cycle too since after your supply decreases you start stressing about that! :
Take some time to relax and breathe and think milky thoughts. Also, mother's milk tea worked wonders at that point for me. I worked part-time so I'd pump extra at work to try and build supply back up too.
Good luck mama.
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I started taking fenugreek to help. I feel so bad for him. The last few nights he has nursed almost non stop, sometimes popping off and just crying, poor baby. Unfortunately I've used up all the frozen milk. I've thought about letting him have a little soy milk if he spends another night popping off and crying. What do you think?
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Are you sure it's low supply that's causing him to nurse all night? Could he have an ear infection or be getting teeth? Has your milk started in increase again yet? You must be completely exhausted, which also doesn't help milk production much. Are you drinking lots of fluids? This weekend can you just spend a mellow time hanging out and nursing? Not worrying about taking care of everything you can't get to during the week? Can someone help?
Since your ds is 14 months I don't think it would be a big deal to try giving him some soy milk if you both are at wits end.
I think with me it only took a day or two before my supply was back up. Of course, they were the LONGEST days of my life. I drank the Mother's Milk tea 3 or so times a day... which I think has fenugreek in it.
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I would definatly try the Mother's Milk tea. It has lots of different galatogogues in it, and drinking at least 3 cup a day will also make sure you are getting the fluids you need as well. Hang in there mamma, you are doing such a great job with pumping at work and co-sleeping. You could try something like passionflower itncture to relax during the day and help you deal with the stress. It is OK'd for nursing and pregnant women. Maybe if you drank the tea, and took the passion flower half hour before you pump, the combination will help get your milk supply back up. Good luck!
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I think there are many reasons that he is nursing all night. he is getting his top molars, using hylands teething tablets, and there is lots of stress in our lives. I am a soon to be single mom, posted in single parents. I'm trying to release the stress as best I can but the supply has not started to increase yet. I'm srinking the tea and taking fenugreek. He does take a little soy milk during the day to keep his fluids up and he drinks some h20 too. Thanks for teh suggestions and advice.
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