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Lemon Juice as birthcontrol

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I was just reading the following article. Has anyone tried this? How does it work? and does it sting?


(use the link for the rest of the article)

After investigating traditional contraceptive techniques, an eminent Australian-based scientist has proved that lemon juice diluted five to one with water kills HIV and sperm within seconds.

Roger Short's findings will be made public in a scientific paper read at The Ninth International Symposium on Spermatology at the University of the Western Cape next week.

Symposium convener Professor Gerhard van der Horst is excited by the discovery of a cheap, universally available, non-technical way to block HIV transmission, and describes Short's paper as "a milestone".

A woman whose husband insists on "nyama to nyama" can protect herself against HIV transmission with a small sponge and watered-down lemon juice, perhaps leaving him none the wiser. Men may also anoint themselves with the acidic juice to prevent transmission.

The abstract of the paper says: "Historically, lemon juice on a sponge, or half a lemon placed over the cervix, was widely used as an effective contraceptive. We have shown that 20% lemon juice (final concentration) in human semen irreversibly immobilises 100% of sperm in less than 30 seconds. A similar concentration also rapidly inactivates HIV. Thus intra-vaginal lemon juice might provide a cheap, readily available and extremely effective way of stopping the sexual transmission of HIV, whilst also providing contraception."
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I used lemon juice with my cervical cap. It did not sting.
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we were talking about this a few weeks ago....

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Thanks guys. Hey Carla, did it work? I was thinking about using it with my diaphragm.
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I honestly do not think it will stay in the diaphragm! I used lemon juice as an alternative to Nonoxyl-9 spermicide. The feminist center that I first got fitted for a cap recommended it in their literature. I hated my diaphragm. Dang thing was always poppin out.
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