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cobblestoning in throat?

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my 10yo ds has this. the ent says it is caused by allergies. not "may be caused", but is for sure. anyway, he had the RAST at age 5, and it was all neg. the cobblestones appeared at around age 7 or 8. now a new doc had him do a RAST again, and its all neg, again. what now?

his PCP said a food elim would be a good idea, and he wanted me to get the immunolabs bloodprint for ds, but we cant afford it and the doc wont help us by talking to the ins co. i asked the PCP to help supervise the elim, and he said "i'll get out my pom poms and cheer, but i dont know what else to do. you're on your own" i have elim wheat, corn and casein b4, but i have some health issues of my own now that make everything hard for me and just dont know where to start w/ds.

we see the ent again next week, and i plan to ask him about non IgE allergy tests and food elim, but his nurse already told me they refer the hard cases to the allergy guy who couldnt help us b4. if the bumps are made by allergies, but the RAST is neg, what do the doc's do? take back their statment about allergy as the cause, and call it something else? :LOL

can anyone help me? tia!
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I'm trying to find links between cobblestoning and food allergies and there's nothing. It's usually tied more to environmental allergies. I realize that, particularly with non-IgE-mediated food allergies, the symptoms vary greatly and can criss-cross with symptoms typically caused by environmental allergies, but there should be some other indications that it's caused by a food allergy. Does he have *any* other symptoms? Even with the environmental allergies, it sounds like there would be excessive or chronic coughing.

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thanks missy!

yes, he coughs nonstop, even in his sleep. last week he coughed so hard he puked. that wasnt the 1st time of course, just the first time at night like that. removing casein used to clear it up completely. every 6 mos i would challenge it, and he would snore so badly at night and have such bad apnea i would stop again right away.

as far as evironmental allergies go...of course i dont use toxic cleaners anymore. stopped that years ago. biokleen for clothes, bs and vinegar for most everything else, organic stuff for body care. i dont even buy
the newspaper anymore b/c the ink would make me cough and give me a headache for hours. and no one smokes. but...we were hit hard by the Big Four last year. well, hit hard by 2 of them and not so hard by one, but sill had alot of damage. the front and back walls of my apt were soaked and got moldy, and also under the carpet along the walls. it took 4 mos for a new carpet (i cut away the bad parts imm. and we lived with concrete for that time) and when they came to do the walls, the stupid guys just spray painted over some of it, and the rest they scraped away. so mold spores are prolly floating all over my apt.

now, ds's sniffly issues started long b4 the hurricanes, but its just info i'm throwing out there. and my ducts prolly need cleaning too, but i'm hesitant to call the landlord b/c she didnt do anything about the spray painting over the mold b4.
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Hmmm...any airborne mold could, of course, be a problem. When I said environmental, I probably should have said seasonal--was he tested for trees, grasses, etc...? You mentioned the hurricanes--are you in Florida? I've read that Florida can be really harsh.

Any food could cause any reaction, but I've heard that dairy and wheat are the two most likely allergens to cause cold-like symptoms. You've already found that casein does it. Is it at all possible that one of his staple foods has recently changed ingredients and now contains dairy?

Is it possible for you to see a different allergist? A really good one will know that reaction trumps test and will work with you from the reaction, regardless of a negative test. Also, have you ever tried SPT? For a lot of people, that's a more sensitive test. I know it's hard; the medical world is so hung up on tests and measurable results and allergies don't always work like that.

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went back to the ENT today to discuss the neg results. now he says the cs'ing is maybe caused by silent reflux. so we are doing a GI work up. not sure how i feel about that...but, the ENT is also sending ds to a new allergist, so maybe i can get the immunolabs test done.

see, if this new allergist wont help "officially" supervise a food elim, my xh will refuse to cooperate with me. meaning, every other weekend, he will be lazy and sabotage my efforts. he will only go along with it if a doc is in charge, telling his brainless ass how to care for his own child. and the drama continues...
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