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toddler split lip

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Actually it's split on the inside, at the crease where the upper and lower lips meet. At the University daycare he fell off the monkey bars and hit his lip on the handle of a bicycle. They apparently didn't think it was serious enough to call me. It hurt so much that he wouldn't eat all day. By the time he came home he was very teary and crabby, probably more from low blood sugar than from the mouth cut. It took a lot of coaxing and a 15 min temper tantrum before he could finally drink the "milkshake" (yogurt smoothie) that I made. After he got some food in him, his mood improved dramatically.
I'm a bit annoyed that they didn't call me to at least check on him since he wasn't eating all day.
Anyway, the cut does look deep to me, but only about 1/4 inch wide. My husband says that they don't put stitches in mouth cuts like that and that it will heal up quickly. I feel like he should have at least seen a doc, but am willing to trust dh on this one. In your experience- do bad mouth cuts like that heal up quickly in toddlers? He'll be 3 next month.
Is there anything else I can do for him to help it heal up faster? Do mouth lacerations in general stay clean and heal quickly?
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I can tell you that both of my kids have had some mouth doozies, and they've both healed quickly from them. Matter of fact, my dd just split her lip on Friday and it's already healed. A few weeks ago she bit her tongue deeply and it healed within a matter of days. My ds split the little flap of skin between the upper gum and upper lip when he was one and it healed in about a week. As I said, we have lots of mouth injuries. Not sure what we're doing wrong. : I say, if it makes you feel better, take him to the doctor. If you're okay with it, just watch for a few days. I totally empathize with you being irritated about the daycare not calling. I could give you tons of personal stories about that. I think a well placed conversation with the director should fix it right up though.
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Thanks for your reply. I think I just needed reassurance, from another mother. You and dh were right. The cut looks much better this morning.
I'm sure with my little jumper, we'll be having plenty more mouth injuries. I'll talk to the daycare director about it too.
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I'm glad it looks better.
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