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Breastfeeding/Baby Dreams

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I keep having BFing dreams. I'm not at all concerned about caring for this baby or BFing "him" but I keep having dreams about the baby really not being interested in feeding at all.

Two weeks ago I had a dream that I fed him for a minute or two after he was born and then the whole day went by and when I woke up in my dream the next morning, I realized the baby had slept all night and hadn't eaten since right after birth. He was happy and seemed fine otherwise, but it freaked me out, during the dream as well as when I woke up.

Then last night I had a dream about the baby latching on well for a minute, getting quite a few good gulps down, and then letting go and acting satisfied and happy and disinterested. So a few minutes later I would try it again, and he would latch on again well, but then let go again like he was done and wasn't interested.

I'm not big on interpreting dreams or anything, but I really don't feel like I'm concerned about it consciously. I sat this morning and meditated on it for a while, but I really feel good about how things will go. So why am I having these dreams?
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maybe it is your way of working through things on a subconscious level. i had quite a few of those dreams before dd was born (even a dream where I was nursing my cat??), despite the fact that I had done tons of reading, joined lll, had a good support system, etc. I had done all *I* could do to prepare, the rest was up to the baby and me when she was born.

we had no issues, she nursed until she self weaned at 20 mo when my milk dried up
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wi9th my first i had a lot of baby-won't-nurse dreams. this time i'm having all these baby-was-thrust-upon-me-and-has-no clothes-and-is-poopy dreams. the baby is totally planned, so i don't know where the anxiety is coming from
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Yep - dreaming

When I was pregnant with my first, I had a lot of disturbing forgot-to-feed-the-baby dreams. I think this is normal and nothing to worry about. BELIEVE me, you won't forget.

I had a dream this week that I gave birth to a 4 year old girl. Now, what's up with that? It wasn't a dream about the birth, but the surprised reactions from my friends. Weird.
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I had a dream a little while ago that I gave birth at home in my bedroom! Now, I know that isn't all that unusual here on MDC but we've planned a hospital birth with a MW since I'll be anticoagulated through the rest of my pregnancy. So, it was this incredibly *vivid* dream - it was like I was awake and actually laboring and delivering...the baby presented OP and slid right out with a few good pushes...I had to give her to my friend (who is an OB nurse and there in my bedroom with me and my DH..and who is coincidentally going to come and stay with me the last week of my pregnancy) to give her some blowby oxygen since she was a little purplish. She pinked right up and I breastfed.

Again, not a very unusual scenario here on MDC, but we are unexpectedly moving to another state next month......I had to find a new provider (no MWs where I am going, within 500 miles) and the closest hospital is >100 miles from us.......

I think this dream was a way of working out in my head the unexpected scenario and my *self*telling me that it really was going to be all right...even if I do deliver at home....even if I am not in the ideal situation for me.....

Coincidentally, my best friend (the one who gave blowby in my dream) called me up the other day and told me she dreamed I had a unassisted homebirth. All of the details were the same, except I had a boy in her dream.

I think our dreams do help us work out the things we can't cognitively put into words in our conscious minds....
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Wow Hopeful, that's pretty interesting, both your dream and your friend's! Maybe Baby is trying to tell you something. Of course I'm HBing and extremely into natural living, so I'm a bit biased.

In good news, in last night's dream the baby breastfed perfectly! On the downside, I was giving "him" a bath, and he suddenly disappeared *poof*
Couldn't find him anywhere. But I'm excited that the breastfeeding issue worked itself out! I woke up with the hugest leak spot from my right breast. I've been leaking for a few weeks now, especially at night, but this time the spot was ginormous!
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The incredible elusive baby!
((Got the BFing down...but just where *is* that little guy??))

I'm glad the BFing worked itself out. And how fun to wake up to a ginormous spot. (I think it might be, anyway. Our bodies are so cool.) Is this your first baby? Or has this happened in your previous pregnancies?
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