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A line is a line, right?

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Could it be? Could I possible be pg?? I took a test this morning, and got a faint line. But it was very clear. I'll be taking another one in a few days. If I am, then I'll be due Jan 19th. (But we'll just say sometime in Jan.) Yes, I can't quite believe it yet...
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Hi. You probably are pg. I got a faint line a couple of days ago, and a stronger one today. Last month I thought I was pg, took about 5 tests, and NOTHING showed up, so I'm assuming that a faint line is a pretty sure thing!
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Yup, a line is a line! False positives are VERY rare.. your hcg levels double every two days so it should get darker quicker at time goes by.
Good luck!!
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As long as you aren't taking any meds that can give you false postives (and you would KNOW, your DR. and you pharmacist would tell you), and as long as you checked within the allotted time, then YES, a line is a line! my first PG + was so light pink that my color blind husband couldn't see it! However, my doula could, and the more sensitive test I took showed up with a darker BLUE line that everyone could see .

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Yay for you!!!

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Yay for faint lines!!! Congrats too!

I got a very faint one several days ago and a nice dark line immediately today!
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Congratulations and welcome to the January 2006 Mamas! My first test had a line so faint that I thought it was a negative. It was only when I emptied my bathroom garbage can a few days later that I realized it was positive. And, several tests later , they kept getting darker.
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If you want something to compare it to, go to http://www.peeonastick.com/ and the 'pregnancy test' section lists a bunch of different tests and links to samples.
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