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Good Lord... do you know what's IN Desitin? Want to? - Page 2

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And it's JMBS creme here but I will be giving the MS stuff a try.

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It's the fragrance I'm most afraid of. That's why we can't use most of the "natural" rash ointments, either. And why is lavender always in them? What doesn't irritate baby's skin, causes DH terrible sinus problems! Why does my baby's butt have to be perfumed, anyway? :

mostly I make my own ointments, but with a recent (food allergy?) bleeding rash, had to go out and get some zinc oxide. Could only find one in the entire store that didn't have "fragrance" on the list of ingredients.
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Yikes. How does Triple Paste compare? I just looked and none of those ingredients you listed are there, but there are others I don't know.
White Petrolatum
Polysorbate 80
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Yup pretty nasty stuff to put on a sweet baby bum. I use a cream I make myself that is mostly beeswax, alvacado oil and comfry leaf. Works great and so much safer. I even found a source for organic beeswax when I was making it
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Yikes! I used tons of that stuff on ds when he was a newborn in sposies. Why do they even sell that!?!
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Omg! That's awful!

We use Jack's Rash Magic Cream...does anyone know what's in it?
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I think the sodium borate is used as a thickener... and then there's the petroleum products too, mineral oil and petrolatum. yuck.

we like to use pure shea butter because it is non-staining and is very good for healing sore little bums.

someone mentioned lavender...it isnt' just for scent that people add essential oils. many of them have very important properties for the skin and/or they have antifungal/antibacterial qualities that are helpful. lavender is just one of the ones that can be used.
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I posted to this thread earlier, and I have to say...after posting I used it for a day or so once...and my ENTIRE DIAPER STASH stank of fish. Bad. Like, very very bad. I had to wash it all twice with vinigar and baking soda and 209384029 rinses : NEVER AGAIN!!!

Besdies, I found the most awesomest diaper balm evah! It's made by The Soap Deck and smells like Lavendar! Ever since I started using it even the smallest hint of redness is gone, gone, gone.
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According to the Poison Control Center, it's safe to eat and will just act like a laxative.

Yes, I learned that when my ds, then 2, ate some of it. He also ate some Chapstick once. And sprayed Fabreeze in his mouth (even though I had it up high, he found it.)

Yeah ---> :Puke
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How gross uke
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My first and only experience with Desitin ended with my daughter in the ER. Started out as a mild diaper rash and ended up with an horrible allergic reaction
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Blech...I hated the Desitin (not sure why, guess now I know) so I used vascaline (sp?) and it worked soooo well thats what I've used ever since (course that was with 'sposies...will it stain my cloth?)
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They give free samples and coupons for desitin at my pediatrician's office

And I remeber seeing a tv commercial for a baby shower and they show that Desitin is THE thing to give
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