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those of you with OBs

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How many people are generally in the room while you're being examined, especially during an internal exam?

I have a male doc, and both times i've been examined (both times internally), there was a female nurse, and a female med student in there with us. I wonder if it's because he's a male doc, and most women are more comfortable with another woman in the room? When i had a female doc, we were always alone.
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I've never been alone with a doc. Always a nurse present, and I think (at least around here) it is either required or highly recommended for the docs - it's a liability issue or something...
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I have noticed that too. I have had 2 male dr.s look at me and they ALWAYS have a nurse present. The numerous female nurse practioners and OB/GYNs (even one GP) that examined me, did it alone. Don't know if it is a comfort issue, or liability. i personally felt comfortable with all my gyn- related women (NOT my GP, but that is another issue) that examined me alone.
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the only times that my male OB didn't have a female nurse or NP in the room when doing an internal were times that my dh was there. if it was just a regular listen to the heart beat type appointment, he wouldn't have anyone come in. The female NPs have never had anyone in there. I would imagine it's a mix between CYA and ensuring the comfort of the patient.
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My male GP (who I am also seeing for this pregnancy) has his nurse come in when he is doing paps etc. But when I was spotting early on, he did do a quick internal exam without the nurse present. I have been seeing this doctor since I was 14 (now 31) and feel very safe and comfortable with him, so I didn't think anything of it, but other patients may not have been that comfortable.
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i have a female dr and it has always just been me and her. during my last pregnancy i had the same dr and even when i saw her associates (all female) it was just me and the dr.
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I've got a female oB-Gyn, Female GP, female dentist and female hygienist and had a female PT. There was never anyone else with me. The PT did an internal exam- long story, she was highly specialized and treating me for pregnancy-related problems. And she asked if I felt comfortable with her doing it.
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Every time I've had an internal exam by a male doc, there was a female also present (unless dh was there) for the actual exam. We would talk, when it was time for the exam- doc would flip a light switch or something- female wouldcome in and when exam was over, female would leave so we could talk more.
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I was pretty sure it was a lliability issue. My word against his-- kind of thing if we happened to be going to court or something...but I don't know for sure.
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I have a female doctor, she's alone unless she has to do something such as an internal exam or check. I often wondered the same thing myself. I always thought it was a liability thing and there had to be a nurse present. [My doctor is a lesbian, I don't know if that'd make a difference though.]
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my female doctors have always been alone, as have the female nurse practitioners. i had to see their creepy partner once and while I wanted someone else in the room, he was so quick to the internal exam that I didn't have a chance to ask. eeew.
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I've always had someone else in the room (usually a nurse) if it was just a male doc. Female docs usually do it alone. I think it's just a safety precaution, to be above repproach. Our pastor does the same thing. If he is alone with a woman other than his wife the door is wide open and a secretary or another pastor is in the hall right outside. Just to be safe and accountable.

I work in the ER and am asked all the time "can I borrow your uterus?" - meaning they need a female witness for a pelvic exam. Some nights I'm the only female there, so it's all pelvic exams. (We jokingly call the back hall with the gyn rooms "Bush Gardens").
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I have a male OB/GYN, and everytime he begins an examination (internal) he brings a female nurse/med. assist. in the room. I think it may be a law, or maybe it's just for liability reasons. Either way, I've been seeing my doctor for 11+ years, and feel very comfortable with him. During my OB appointments (no internal) there is no one else in the room.
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I had a male ob-gym for my first 2 children and he always had a nurse come in when he did an internal exam.
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I've got a male OB and I've never had a nurse present for any exams. I never thought twice about it, but I guess I can understand the precaution.
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As far as I know it is required for a nurse to present during exams if you have a male dr. As far as the med student I think they are supposed to ask you first. I had a girl studying to be a EMT at my birth and my midwife asked if she could be there.
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With a female ob it is just me and her. Male ob there was always a female nurse attending.
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