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FM Stocked

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I bombed, what did you get?

ETA- Oh, oh, oh!! I have one in my cart, but when I try to check out it says the account has been suspended, what does that mean?!!!
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Well, that sucked. The site crashed on me.

ETA: There's still a lot of 0's in stock but it's taking several minutes for each page to load so there's no chance in hades I'll get one.
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I'm still seeing alot of stuff there...
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I got a size 1 envelope before the site went down! Yay!
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I got a hot pink size 2. but now it's going buggy and won't let me finish checking out
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The site just crased while I was checking out! Grrr.......
I really thought I might score!!
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ah crap!
"This Account Has Been Suspended"

What does that mean???

I got a LC1 AIO for someone here

I have been on the wagon but still love to visit the boards and help someone stalk b/c I have had a sweet mama help me before
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It crashed right after I got 2 size 1 LC's
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Can't see anything... site crashed?
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OMG, I had 4 in my cart and then it crashed. I'm gonna cry!!!!!
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WTH??? I had 2 in my cart or so I thought but I keep getting this error message that says "this account has been suspended."
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grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrr
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Noooooo! I had two adorable size 2 AIO's in my cart and the site crashed!
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still down...arghhh...
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Me too, uh oh, big problems ahead, I hope it saved what was in our carts!!
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Their host suspended their account b/c we made them go over their bandwidth limits. First time EVER I had two dipes in my cart. Boo hoo!
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wow, the site was so loaded!

beautiful dipes, btw, FM mamas!

i had a size 2 sage FCB in my cart but the site crashed before checkout. hopefully it works out!

and keeping my : for a custom spot
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Poor Amy and Carli - this cannot be fun for them!!! I had 3 in my cart
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This is what it's saying when I try to access the site:

This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

weird, huh?! what did we hyenas do to their site this time?! :LOL
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do you think it will save what is in the carts?
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