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I was so close. How disappointing.
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holy moly I can't believe I got one! I'm NEVER EVER around for these stockings! It's my 1st one! Woohoo!!!! I got a size 1 LC in red w/yellow stitching. I just happened to go to the site and wanted to browse! lol!
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Originally Posted by HoosierDiaperinMama
WTH??? I had 2 in my cart or so I thought but I keep getting this error message that says "this account has been suspended."
they exceeded thier bandwidth allowance, most likely
so much for my 2 dipes
lol, its one thing to compete w/ other shoppers, but to compete with the site is jut too much!
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so what happens now?
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I had one but got the account suspanded. Are they all gone?
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If anyone can get a GN or boyish size 1 for me, please do! I'm a FM virgin and am dying to try one! I actually thought I had a chance until the site crashed...

Please, please, please... (begging here) LOL!

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I'm sure that if it was in your cart they will know who got what.I don't think our carts were lost.I got 2 size 1's and a size 2.I had 3 size 1's but it was not in my cart for some reason.
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Originally Posted by radish
"This Account Has Been Suspended"

What does that mean???
It says the same thing to me.
I can't even view any pages!
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This must be so frustrating for the FM Mamas, as bad as I feel for myself, I feel twice as bad for them trying to sort this mess out!!
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What a mess. I couldn't even get to the login page (but I was logged in from earlier this morning) so I have no idea if what I got landed in my cart or not.

If anyone got any size 0's, I'll give you my house. :LOL
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Crape, I want to see what happens but I have to go get the kid from school argh.
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i have some in my cart and my cart still open. What do i do?!?!
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they're prob gonna need to restock at another time - who knows how long it will be until they get their acct up again - and then it might crash again :LOL
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhh! I actually had 2 in my cart! I was on the site before the announcement and saw them for the first time ever! This is a bad dream and I'm going to wake up.

Pinch me
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I had one in my cart too. I hope I still get it.
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Dang it! I actually went in out of sheer chance and had a couple in my cart when the account was suspended! What are the odds that this pathetic Hyena-wanna-be would actually wander in at the right time! That'll never happen again!
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I got the account suspended page as well. I even had something in my cart and I got the email before I even got to the site. Does anyone else have a problem with the pages loading really slow even when there is not a lot of traffic, like when they aren't stocked? I don't remember it being this slow for me with the other cart they had before. I guess it is probably because I have dial up. :
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I can't believe this

First time I was ever there during the stocking and the freakin site crashes. They should just use Hyenacart.
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So do we get to keep what was in our carts? What if you weren't logged in yet? I ran there so fast I forgot to log in!
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Omgosh, you guys, you have got to get off the site. Your dipes will still be in the cart when it comes back up. The traffic made them go over their bandwidth limits so their host suspended the account (probably automatic).
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