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bread making question

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I just got a bread maker at a yard sale and want to make some wholewheat bread. Every recipe I'm finding has either honey or mollasses in it...and I don't have either. I do have Maple syrup and Dark Karo syrup though...can those be used instead?
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NO. NEVER ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever

EVER, mess with the directions or ingredients on a bread machine recipe. Instead look for a recipe that calls for what you'd rather use. Substituting will only end in disaster. Trust me. I've done this many times knowing full well what would happend but wanting to try anyway. It always ruins the bread.

I love honey wheat bread!
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She knows what she is talking about. Same thing has happened to me. If it calls for 1/2 a cup of water plus 1 teaspoon of water you better put that one teaspoon in or you will regret it!!!
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I know you can substitute with hand made bread, but the only experience I've had with a bread maker wasn't a very happy one! Suffice it to say, there was fire involved :LOL . So I'd have to agree with everyone else, don't substitute!!
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Darn guess I'm going to the store to get some honey....I did find one maple syrup recipe might try that tomorrow
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I always substitute with my bread maker. I'd say go for it. The only issues I ever had was making batches too big for the machine (boy, that was a mess....)

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Try this:


It's a free program for creating your own bread machine recipes, lets you plug in the ingredients you want to use and the size loaf.
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I always subsituted with my bread maker too and it turned out fine. I always read that you can use any recipe that only makes 1 loaf in a bread maker.

Go to www.bobsredmill.com They have some whole wheat bread recipes that you can do in a bread machine. Also, I ALWAYS use vital wheat gluten in my bread (100% ww). It makes the bread softer and yummier
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I substitute ingredients a lot. The thing is I don't bake in the bread machine any more, only use it to mix the dough. So I have a lot of control on the final product. The only time I changed recipe and baked inside the breadmaker it rose too high and bumped the lid open. I ended up with a loaf with some dough on top.
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I think it depends on the machine. Some are better than others. I have the breadman pro. It's the stainless steel looking one. It is far better than the one my mom has. Can't remember what hers is though. My machine bakes excellent. I adore it.

FWIW, I also add vital wheat gluten to every loaf because I don't use bread flour.
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