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I miss Dad........

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I look at my newborn son and it sometimes is very bittersweet. He will never know his grandpa. He will never know how much his grandpa would have adored him. He will never be tickled by Dads bushy beard.

When we found out we were having another son my first thought was that he would look like his grandpa. DH and his Dad didn't really look much alike. DH favors his mothers side of the family. I was more right than i thought i would be. DS looks nothing like his daddy and looks just like his grandpa. He even has his grandpas grumpy look.

I miss Dad....my FIL SOOOOOO much. He was the daddy i never had. He was the perfect grandpa to all his grandchildren. He was a grouchy old man with a heart the size of Texas that was made of gold.

I am MAD!!! It is unfair that he isn't here with us anymore. He was the best person. WHY did he have to be the one to go? I want him here. I want to hear his voice and watch him play with the grandbabies like he is a big kid himself.

I only knew him for 3 years. Such a short time. Such a HUGE impact on my life he made. 3 years wasn't enough. 30 years wouldn't have been enough.
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My dad passed away in October. I know how you feel when you talk about playing with his grandbabies. My dad would have loved our little one and I know the baby would have loved him too.

Hang in there and hang onto those happy thoughts of your dear FIL.
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I am sorry that you have lost your FIL. We all die, sadly enough, but it is good that he left behind children. Who knows? Maybe your little guy will inherit something from him that will make you all smile and shake your heads in silent agreement in a few years.

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With Father's Day just around the corner and w/Mother's Day, just over, its so hard not to have those feelings. All the "what if's" and "if only" and yes, IT ISN'T FAIR!

Just tonight, I was over at my dear Dad's house and we were also talking about how my Mom would have enjoyed my dd. Luckily, she got to spend so much time w/my ds while he was a baby, toddler and little boy. But sadly, she never got to do as much w/my dd.

I try to really share my Mom's memory w/my dd, even though she just turned 2 yo. I want her to remember hearing stories about her and so she also knows how much her Nana loved her.


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