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Hillary Anne- Have you considered nannying? I don't know if you have any experience with this type of thing but many people who need full or part time in home child care are open to other peopl bringing a babyas long as they apear able to manage it.

I worked at my job for five years before i got pregnant both full time and part time depending on wether or not I was in school. Before I even got pregnant i asked my boss if she would be open to the idea of me dropping down to 20 hours a week and bringing a baby. She was very supportive. It has been a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. I never pictured having a high needs baby. I thought my baby would nurse once in the 4 hour period that we are at work and take at least one long nap :LOL That is actually funny looking back on it. Now that we are into thew fifth month it is getting better. my main concern now is if i will have a job next year. i want to be a SAHM but Dh and I need my piddly salary

I have thought about looking else where. For a job with children i am less emotionally involved in. Maybe something where I meet older kids when they get home from school or something...I don't know just rambling at this point.
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I was thinking that nannying might be good as well. Also, if you are in school, you might be able to do something through that. The college where I did my M.S. used to maintain a list of tutors that they would give out to interested high school students or college students. I had a couple of other part time jobs, but I stuck my name on a list as a math tutor, and couldn't keep up with all the work I got. Check out your school for ideas like grading papers, etc. as well.
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swebster - it sounds like you've got a good plan there, and I'd bet that if you have the profs. you work for on your side the higher ups will probably go for it. My little guy is now a bit over 6 months, and I think he'd be comfortable spending the day with dh if our situtaiton allowed. (dh works in a lab, so while he brings ds into his office when I need to go to a meeting or something, he can't watch him all day)
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Hello everyone!

I'm really excited because I met a mom on the bus who is a freelance graphist and who works from home with her baby and brings him to visit clients. She said "it is possible" to work with a baby, and with time and experience you learn tricks and tips. My work would be similar as I use the computer to model molecular structures.

I was wondering what you all thought of using a playpen. On the one hand, it seems that it would be too confining for a baby, but on the other hand, if I used it for twenty minutes a few times a day, I could watch Leigh play and get some work done.

Do any of you use or have you used a playpen (outside or inside the home) when you work with baby? If so, what age was your baby when you started using it and what age when you thought he/she was too old for it?

Have a nice weekend!
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We just got a playpen, and it's at the house right now, but we may take it to work. I got it becase although ds isn't exactly crawling yet, he covers a lot of ground and it gives me a place that's safe when I need to go to the bathroom, cook dinner, etc.
We've only been using it for a few days, though, so I don't know how it's going to work. II'll report back more.
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I wandered over here from a link ahtansor posted in another thread. I'm so glad I'm here, though! I'm due in three weeks, and am planning on bringing my baby to work with me, for the most part, but also to work a bit from home and to have grandma watch the little one maybe once or twice a week.

I'm in a very unique situation, though, in that DH and I own our own business, so I basically set the rules and regulations :LOL I know, it sounds like a great set up, but really, sometimes I think it's harder than working for a regular boss. When I worked in a regular office, I didn't have to go home and make dinner for my boss, KWIM? :LOL

So, the working with baby thing will be a big experiment for us. I know that I have a tendency to get sidetracked with things I WANT to do, as opposed to things I HAVE to get done; but luckily, DH generally keeps me on track with his annoying nagging questions :LOL ("did you call this guy yet?" "do you have those numbers?" "have you heard from...?" )

Thanks everyone for the tips so far. I'm so excited to get started!
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Just wanted to chime in and say YES It can work. I brought Gigi to work with me part time (2 days a week) from about 1 month old until she was almost 18 months. My bosses originally suggested it, but then backed down when I was about 7 months pg. Bad idea! Don't mess with the pg lady! After a couple tearful meetings (hormones) they agreed to give it a try.

Productivity seems to be the main issue for most bosses. I was in the office about 7 hours most days, and really busted out the work while Gigi was napping, eating or playing quietly. Then when she was fussy, I could spend more time interacting with her without falling behind on deadlines.

Our office is open plan, no cubicles or walls at all. I used a small floorspace next to my desk and put a foam bumper pad around it until she was walking (late at 15 months), then gated it. I nursed at my desk or in the conference area. I didn't use a swing or playpen, but I can see that those would be useful. I just didn't have the space. I did buy (ebay) a folding cardboard portacrib thing that is basically a cardboard box about 8" tall and 24 x 36 with a mattress inside it. I made a plushy cover for the whole thing and she napped under my desk no problem at all, usually 2 hours at a time.

When Gigi got to be about 6 months old, I started taking her to a daycare center about 1 mile from work for 1/2 day per week. I chose the most active part of her day for that (it switched between a.m. and p.m. as she grew). Eventually I worked up to 2 half days per week, then at 18 months, 2 full days. My mom also watches her 1 day a week. It would be harder to be at work 40 hours with a toddler, but I really think it can work out for most people on part time or flexible schedules.

I wish I had this tribe when I was bringing her because it is so nice to share tips!
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Hi there...seeing lots of familiar faces here, no surprise, and it's really good to see this thread! I am going to bring baby #2 to work in a few months (it's sneaking up on me!) and really can use the support. I brought dd to work regularly until she was about 8 months old. I could have tried to keep doing it, but she was so active and social that it would have been hard on both of us, so she was in a little preschool two mornings a week.

Tips I have...wow, I could write a book...

Use whatever is necessary...sling, bouncy seat, swing, any "tools" you can, to help your babe and you have a good day. This varies by the day, of course, so it's good to have a variety of stuff at your office. I like the playpen idea for an older baby, because I was always having to stop dd from rolling into the boiler room (not as bad as it sounds...I just worked in the back of a church).

Get your policy in writing. I wrote a letter to Mothering and it got published in this last issue about this...I almost had to quit because I was given an ultimatum about finding day care for my kid after they had hired me knowing I would bring her to work. This was in a church, so it can happen to anybody, unfortunately.

Have good nursing clothes or a blanket. I don't like blankets, but I used one to nurse if I had to nurse her in a meeting or something until we got better at it (Geo, this might help with the older man thing!). It made me not so self-conscious doing it.

Know when to say when. When dd was 7-8 months, we were both miserable with the arrangement, so I set up that part-time care and did the rest while she napped. I got really really good at getting TONS of stuff done in three hours! :LOL With some toddlers, it might work, for me and dd, it's pretty much impossible. But if anybody has any tips there I'd appreciate it!

Thanks for starting this thread!
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Hiya mamas!

I am a dance academy owner that brings all three kiddies with me.

Glad to have a tribe. I find it really difficult IRL because I don't fit in with mamas.

I do stay at home with them during the day....I will be homeschooling.

I do the business end of the academy from home WAHM

And I work out of the home....but take my three kids.

I feel very isolated from moms IRL because they don't think I fit into there groups (mostlt SAHM and WOHM)
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Hi everyone,
It's great to hear about everyone's different situations, and all the great ideas! We're starting to settle into a bit of a routine (at least for now, it changes pretty quick). Ds wakes up around 5:30 am, and is up until we leave for work. He often falls asleep on the drive in, but wakes up when we take him out of the carseat. For the first two hours or so at work, he's usually awake, and I alternate between nursing him at my desk, letting him play on the floor and work on his crawling, the exersaucer, etc. If he falls asleep nursing, I'll put him in a little swing that he likes for sleeping, if he's more restless, I put him in the sling and take a walk around the building, go meet with co-workers, fill the water bottle, etc. Then he sleeps until lunchtime in the sling or swing.
We go outdoors for lunch, either to a play area at a park or just under a shady tree.
After lunch, he's usually up for about an hour, then takes another nap. When he wakes up, if time permits, I put him in the jogger and we go out for a jog. Then it's back to eating and playing until the end of the day.

Two other tips that have worked for me (or will, in the future )
I've just started either playing a CD or listening to an online music station while at work. I keep it pretty low, and ds enjoys it, (usually classical, middle eastern or folk music). I also seem to be a bit more focused with it on.

I also keep a change of clothes for me in the office. Right now I just have some workout clothes (there's no dress code where I work) but I think I should start bringing things that look a bit more professional. Now that ds is eating a few solids, things are getting even messier!
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No time to post much right now, but I wanted to join up with the new tribe, and look forward to more discussion and tips...maybe this weekend.
DS is 8 months old next week and has been going to work with me since 1 mo. I work from my aunt's home office in a consulting business, so it is very laid back/flexible, and not your typical "office" setting. But I find myself very stressed with deadlines lately, especially now that he is mobile (full-out crawling and pulling up) and needing more play/interaction (not as satisfied with just being along for the ride in sling) and definitely more supervision. Also, naps are getting shorter.
I'm so thankful that I will have a place to go for support and ideas. Thanks!
To chime in re: playpens. I have one right in front of my desk and am able to use it for about 15 min. at a time a couple of times a day. It is helpful, but not somewhere I can put him to play for an hour or anything (like I would do that! LOL).

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I'm going to be starting my job on the 16th. I'll be living at a boy's summer camp with dh and ds. I'll be able to bring ds to work with me at the health center but when there is an emergency, there will be a sitter available. I'm just wondering how to keep him occupied during the times when I'm doing the busy work. Also, a boys camp is a pretty noisy place so I'm trying to figure out how he is going to get nap time...
Anyways, I'm glad there are other mamas out there going through similar situations, I'll be checking bach throughout the summer for support and to post any helpful hints I discover.
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Just wanted to join the tribe!

I just started back to work with 2-month old ds in tow...I'm the part-time pastor of a small church and my office is very laid back -- just me and our part-time secretary. Luckily I've got my own office, which now has his bouncy seat and pack n' play in it. The best thing so far has been the boppy -- I don't use it at home anymore, but now I can nurse and type with both hands.

Right now I'm going to try four mornings a week, doing the rest of my work from home in the afternoon and evening. I'm hoping this will be enough time to get my work done. We had our first meeting this morning with a community group and he slept right through it in his sling.

It's so encouraging to hear others have done it! Look forward to more tips, too.
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Hi Leanne! At first, I thought I had written your post...I am also the part-time pastor of a small church and actually tried to start a tribe a few weeks ago, but thought I was the only one. Obviously not! Welcome and we will have a lot to talk about, I bet. I will PM you as not to hijack the thread, but it's just so great to see another pastor mama on the board.
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Hi everyone, and hi to the new folks!
Things are going well here, but I think I'm discovering that when ds sleeps well at the office, and has two full naps, it means a late bedtime! But, he's doing well, and sleeping right now in the sling as I type this. He was a bit restless this morning, so after he ate, I let him play for a bit in his exersaucer, but that didn't do the trick, so I put him in the sling and we took a walk around outside. My office is actually right near the campus golf course, so we walked by the water hazards and saw some giant bullfrogs. In about 5 minutes he was asleep, so now I'm off to get some work done...just as soon as I finish here
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Do any of you cloth diaper at work? How do you manage? It's only been a week and I'm already tiring of packing, unpacking, re-packing the diaper bag everyday! Plus cds are so bulky...I'm thinking of getting some more diapers so I can keep a stash at work! Would love to hear your ideas...
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I see a few other nannies on here

I actually found my job through the FYT local group here on MDC It's worked out really well for us, my daughter is about 8 months younger then the girl I watch, and it's been great for her to have a playmate and someone to learn from. I don't think she'd be as advanced socially or verbally if she didn't have that interaction.

Granted, it's not easy. It's hard to find a balance between wanting to give my daughter extra attention and realizing that the other girl is my job, and she needs my care too! They also have some problems with hitting and biting, but we're working on it. Luckily she's a sweet girl and we've all becaome buddies over the past (almost) year, so it's alot of fun

I'd definitly recommend nannying to anyone who wants to bring thier dc to work. I don't know how those of you in an office do it! You have my admiration!

Oh yes, and I do use cloth at work, as does the mom I work for
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Hi All! I hope this becomes a new tribe When DD was baby, not that she still isn't a baby now!, I worked from home with exception of one day I was in the office. DH and I work for the same company and DD would say with him in his office. I am fortunate enough that my boss allows me to make my own schedule. DD is 14mos now so whole days with dh can become pretty miserable so I work half of the day in the office and other half from home, which works out really well. I tend to average 7 hrs a day and like athansor said, I, too, work at night after DD go to bed and on weekends as well. It is hard sometimes having to work odd hours, but I love being able to spend a lot of with her.

QUOTE=hannahmom]Hi all,
I was just wondering how you all proposed bringing your baby/toddler to work with your respective bosses?

I just asked my Boss about a month before I came back from maternity leave. He knows my work ethic so it was not a problem at all. It was that simple. Of course that I is not to say that I was not worried about that reaction I was going to get!
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I CD at work. I just only the bring the exact amount I need and I pack everynight right after I get home to make it easy on myself. i also have a wet bag and a wipe bag that make managing the dirty diapers easy b/c they don't go into the diaper bag making it bulky and then all I have to do is open it up and dump it our when we get home.
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