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~Updated EDD List~Nov.2005

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Well, here it is! the list of all lists.. i hope i have everything right.. if not pm me or post it wow!.. we sure were a busy bunch in February and March! :LOL

Memory Maker - oct.31-Nov.1
Astrological sign-Taurus
childrens names, ages, birthdays and birth and astrological signs.. Parker (1-2000) Emma (6-2003)
partners name David
location Iowa
gender prediction....boy...we will find out on the 9th what the baby is! ITS A GIRL!!

meagen - Oct.31-Nov.1

Kel - Oct.31- Nov.10
Due: Oct. 31st, but I'm guessing Nov. 10th
Kids: 4yr-old Sagittarius, 5yr-old Cancer, 9yr-old Leo (boy, girl, boy)
Births: 1 hospital, 1 birthing center, 1 home (and this one will be a homebirth)
Dh: Gemini
Locale: Olympia, WA
Gender: girl!!

Oetien - Oct. 30 - Nov.5th
First baby!

2tolove - Nov.1
Laura...expecting a boy, & naming him Charlie
planning a Hospital Birth with a MW...

sbstarfisg - Nov.3

laisett - Nov.3
baby #2
gender prediction - girl!

mamabear21lilcub - Nov.4

deathbygodiva - Nov.5 (#6)

Ryver - Nov. 5
Name: Chris
Birthday: 9-19-78
Astrological sign: Virgo
Our First!
location: VA
gender prediction....Girl

barbee - Nov.6
Name Barbara
Birthday March, 24, 1970
Astrological sign Aries
childrens names, ages, birthdays and birth and astrological signs..this is my first child.. either Charlotte or Hunter
birth Homebirth
partners name Sean
location California
gender prediction Girl, but I go back and forth. We will find out on the 21st if baby cooperates

Zach419 - Nov. 7

Cynotgirl - Nov.7 its a Girl!

SoggyGranolaMomma - Nov.7
Name (or name you go by) Kristina
Birthday 10-28-73
Astrological sign Scorpio
childrens names, ages, birthdays and birth and astrological signs..(gender if you want to clarify) Aidyn, 9yrs-Girl
Maison, 7 yrs-Girl
Jordyn, 3.5 yrs-Girl
Jonathan, 2.5 yrs-Boy
partners name John
location CT
gender prediction.... I predict BOY!

brookermans - Nov.7

NicoleyWoley - Nov.8

Loraeileen - Nov.8
Birthdate & Such: 1975, Virgo/libra cusp
Child: daughter born Jan 2000, aquarius, very medicalized birth due to Pre-E (hoping for HB this time)
Partner: Guy I married in 2001 (we like to do things "backwards" in our house)
Location: RainCity!
Gender Prediction: boy. maybe girl. very, very active. we'll find out next week Friday. 'cos I'm a box-shaker at christmas too.

momoen1 - Nov.8

trmpetplaya - Nov.8
Name: Betsy
Birthday: 4-14-83
Astrological sign: Aries
This'll be our first.
partner's name: Fred
location: Bainbridge Island, WA
gender prediction: The Chinese calendar accurately predicted 11 of 12 of one of my friend's kids and it says GIRL! And the old wives heartbeat tale says girl too I'd be happy either way though

babygrant - Nov.9

Kroonkles- Nov.9

baby will be a surprise!
I have a girl , 4.5 and a boy who turned 2 today!

Mrs.dotdotmilf - nov.10

first boy

plagio - Nov.10

nataliekat - Nov.10
Name: Natalie
Birthday: 11-17-1975 I'll be 30 this year!
Children: Margaret Kathryn (goes by Maisie) 10-19-2002 she's 2 1/2 & a
Libra like her Daddy
Partner: Tim
Location: West Des Moines, Iowa
Gender Prediction: Boy. Why? because I want one.

Brenda2005 - Nov.10

MrsMoe - Nov.10

brandybehr - Nov 10th
Birthdayec 1977
Astrological sign:Sagitarius
childrens names, ages, birthdays and birth and astrological signs..(gender if you want to clarify)
Sydney - 11/30/99 - hosp birth - Sagitarius (girl)
Addison - 07-03-01 - hosp birth with a doula - Cancer (boy)
Kiera - 12/10/02 - home waterbirth with midwife - Sagitarius (girl)
partners name:Husband - Kirk
location:Alberta, Canada
gender prediction....:boy - planned homebirth - unassisted

Feathere - Nov.11

BeTheEarth - Nov.11
Name -- Teresa
Birthday -- December 20, 1977
Astrological sign -- Sagitarius, on the cusp of Capricorn, and under an Aries moon (don't ask me what that means, though)
childrens names -- this will be my first
partners name -- Joshua
location -- Florida
gender prediction -- no intuition yet, but Chinese calendar says girl and 3 psychic friends and my own mother say BOY

keja - Nov.11

baby #2.. she's a girl!

MamaFern - Nov.11
Name: Fern
Birthday: March 1, 1981 ( im 24..)
Astrological sign: Pisces
Child's name: Elwynn Noam Sage.. born dec.26th 2002 (He is 2 1/2)
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Birth: born at home, medication free
Partner: im a single momma
Location: Vancouver (west coast of Canada)
gender prediction of new baby: Girl!

BelleWeather - Nov.12

emomama - Nov.13

pajara2 - Nov.13-16..?

coleyjo - Nov.13-15

dancingmoma - Nov.14

spughy - Nov.14 Its a girl!

KatetheWonderful - Nov.14

gratefulbambina- Nov.14

mellie-lynn - Nov.14th

flapjack - Nov.14

Name: Helen
DOB: 21st April, 1977
Star sign: Taurus, with Capricorn rising.
Children: Alexander David, born at home on the 24th November, 1998 at 14 lb 2 oz, who is a Sagittarius.
Isaac Linden Marwood, born at home on the 23rd August at 8 lb 9oz, who is a Leo.
Partner: Steve, 30, another Leo- he shares a birthday with Isaac. He's my second husband, and the bump is his first kid.
Location: England.
Prediction: hmm. I was certain that this is another boy, but I'm no longer quite so sure- only time will tell. (Unless, of course, I spend the money on an ultrasound- it's quite tempting.) I do think hes going to be smaller than my others, though...

GatorNNP - Nov.15

MTNmama1327 - sometime Mid november!
its a BOY!

gonnabeamom - Nov.15

s kristina - Nov.15

BensMom - Nov.15
Astrological sign-Aquarius
childrens names, ages, birthdays and birth:Ben (3/1/01) Hospital induction, all the bells and whistles. Planning a HB this time!
partners name- Russ
location- GA
gender prediction - Girl!

Kavita - Nov.15

southerngul - Nov.16 *TWINS*
Name: Melissa
Birthday: Feb 28, 1976
Astrological sign: Pisces
childrens names, ages, birthdays and birth and astrological signs..
DS age 6- Jacob Nathanial 6-24-98 Cancer (hospital- vag birth), DD age 4- Lyberty Reed Soliel 12-13-00 Sagittarius (UC homebirth), DD age 2- Ryleigh Grace 4-9-03 Aries (planned UC turned emergency, preemie, C-section footling breech, NICU 7 wks)
partners name: Bobby- Scorpio
location: South Alabama
gender prediction....we're hoping there's at least one boy in there
And We're planning a HBAC for the twins

3 for me - Nov.17

NEWUC'ER - Nov.17

I am due with girl #3 on my dh's b-day. I already have 2 girls. Victoria (Tori) 4, born 2/2/01, and Madilyn (Madi) 20mo., born 12/23/03.

beachbaby - Nov.18
Astrological sign:Aries
childrens names, ages, birthdays and birth and astrological signs :None
location:East Coast
gender prediction GIRL

bex80 - Nov.18

neveryoumindthere - Nov.18

Gossamer - Nov.18

maybemomof5 - Nov.18

BethHG - Nov.18

jamie19 - Nov.18

hypatia - Nov.19

Dalva - Nov.19

gingerstar- Nov.19

spiritmomma - Nov.19

Name: Jaymi (spiritmomma)
Birthday/ Astrological Sign: 2/23/1978, Pisces
Due Date: November 19
Gender: we've kept it a surprise
baby's name: Isa Clara Lucia or Esa Lucas

jacqulyn - Nov.20

Kootenay mum - Nov.20

DreamsInDigital - Nov.20

Name: Ashe
Birthday: June 13th (10 days!)
Astrological sign: Gemini
childrens names, ages, birthdays and astrological signs:
Gabriel, 6, April 21st, Taurus, boy
Kolaiah, 21 months, September 9th, Virgo, boy
partners name: Jim, 37, May 28th, Gemini
location: Vancouver, WA
gender prediction: Girl (hoping, hoping) name choice is Delilah Rebecca

Zjande - Nov.20-23rd..?
Name: Aubrey
Birthdate: 1/16/74, Capricorn
Children: Daughter Tazja, age 13, born 8-1-91
Son Inde, age 7, born 5-9-98
(hence my username, it's the last 3 letters of my 2 kids names )
Partner: Timothy
Location: Oakland, Ca
Gender prediction: I predict girl soo strongly it's weird! We won't find out 'til the birth.

Jellyfish - Nov.20-23

averymybaby - Nov.21

Mamahorton - Nov.21

baby #5!

crsta33 - Nov.21
Name (or name you go by): Christa
Birthday: 8/23
childrens names, ages, birthdays: Kenna Grace, 20 months, 10/10/03
birth: freestanding birth center (all natural)
partners name: Matthew
location: Mississippi
gender prediction: boy, I also think there may be twins

bluebottle - Nov.22

cjbeach - Nov.22
Name: Kathy
Birthday: 5/70 (35)
Astrological sign: Taurus
Child's name: Cam (4) Juliette (2)
Birth: 2 natural, med free births
Partner: Dh John
Location: Daytona Beach, FL
gender prediction of new baby: Green team

BodogGirl - Nov.23 Twins.. Boy/Girl

snugglebutter - Nov.23

samsmamma - Nov.23
EDD: Somewhere around 11/23/05
One son: Sam, born 12/29/01, a capricorn
DH is a Scorpio
Location: New York City
Gender prediction of the turkey: girl!

*Amy*- Nov.24
Name: Amy
Birthday: June 12, '73
Astrological sign: Gemini
Child's name: We'll see in November!
Birth: hope for waterbirth in birth center, with Hypnobabies
Partner: Jason
DH's Astrological sign: Scorpio
Location: Ohio
Gender prediction of new baby: boy!
Brynn Amelia is a ... GIRL!

Sarahcecile - Nov.24
Name: Sarah
Birthday: April 25th
Sign: Taurus
Kids: This will be our first!
Dh's name: Benjamin
Location: Georgia
Gender prediction: I was thinking girl (as was everyone but DH) but now I don't know, and we don't plan to find out.

Chi-Chi Mama - Nov.24

Frigga - Nov.24
baby #3 its a Girl! named Anya Marie

AmyGirl28 - Nov.25
Name: Amy
Birthday: June 5, 1976
Sign: Gemini
Kids: Alyssa Rose 10/1/03 (Libra), Hospital Birth- Induced for Pre-E, Ended up with Cesarean.
DH's Name: Jacob
Location: California
Gender Prediction: Boy (I am waiting until the Birthday to find out).
I am planning a VBAC

Gunter - Nov.25
Birthday: Jan. 30th, 1978
My First babe!
location: NC
EDD: Nov. 25th
sex prediction....male (but we don't buy into gender stereotyping)
Planning a homebirth.

itsybitsy25 - Nov.27
Name- Mary
Due date- 11/25-27 (my son was 3-4 wks early so I'm expecting anytime in Nov.)
birthday- 6/25
location- MD
other Children- Ethan, born 12/02 (I see we have boys the same age, Fern!)
fast, wonderful hypnobirth in a birth center
Gender prediction- Girl!

Baby Hopes - Nov.27

Queen Of Cups - Nov.27

rsjamison47 - I'm due Nov. 27th with my first, and we're expecting a girl.

chancemilomia - Nov.27 its a BOY!

dziejen - Nov.28

Name: Jenn
Birthday: 3-30-77
Astrological sign: Aries
2 dd's 8/96 and 8/01
location: MA
gender prediction....Girl

Daffodil - Nov.29

Bloomingmom - Nov.29

our second babe -- we've a daughter who is 2. we'll find out our next babe's flavor on the big day.
we're planning a hospital birth with midwife and doula.

bec - Nov.30

crunchyOcapi - Nov.30 (mommas birthday!)

williesmama - Nov..? whenever baby is ready!
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Thanks Mamafern!

Technically, I ovulated in March. Something about my 1st daughter's birthday that really gets my motor running! :LOL

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looks good for me! Thanks for putting it together!
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Wow, we sure are a big group! Thanks for doing this! My due date is technically the 27th now not the 26th but I don't think it matters- I am just saying 'end of November'.

I was just thinking today how COOL it will be come October when the birth stories start rolling in!! Can't wait!
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thanks for updating the list for us! could we maybe make it sticky (and then we could update it when the babes start arriving?!)

oh, and I can't believe I'm second from the top! Eeek! :LOL
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add me please! i'm due november 13th.

i agree with making this a sticky! it'd be fun to see who arrives when.
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you are so welcome.. it was fun doing it and now i remember who is who and when they are due better as well.. eek! the time is going to go soo fast.!

and i pm'd the mod to ask her about making it a sticky..

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I don't see myself on the list, but I'm due November 11.
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BeTheEarth, you are added!
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OooOOooOoO! Thank you for making that list mamafern!! I had been thinking that we needed one. It is SO fun to see us all on a list. And I totally agree we need to make it a sticky.

I've been given the due date of the 19th,20th,21st,22nd AND 23rd. :LOL Whatever, I just say "around Thanksgiving". I'm hoping this baby won't choose the 19th as it's birthday because that's the day I met my ex-dh AND our wedding anniversary AND we decided to divorce only a few days before. It's not my favorite date. :LOL

I read the current due date clubs all the time to see who's delivering & read their birth stories. I can't BELIEVE that someday that is going to be all of us! I can already predict that when the babies all start arriving I'm going to be giddy & then anxious & whiny because I'm due at the *end* of the month & will probaby be one of the last to deliver & be all jealous of everyone else!! :LOL

Come November 1st can we all start officially freaking out?? :LOL
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My due date is either Oct 31 or Nov 1. The midwife says Oct 31, but due to when I ovulated I say Nov 1
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I am missing from the list. Can you please add me back on?


I am due Nov 10th.
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you were never on the original list, so i cant add you back on but i did add you! thanks for letting me know
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Thanks for making up the list. Could you add me on Nov 15th, please?
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My EDD has been changed to Nov. 20th. Thanks!
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I don't think I was ever on the list either. My official due date is Oct. 31st, but I'm guessing Nov. 10th... - Kelly
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EDD Nov. 25th

Would you please add me? My EDD is Nov. 25th, aka "thanksgiving day". Thanks!
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Thanks MamaFern! What a great idea!
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My EDD is Nov 22

That's a LOT of November babies.... sorta erie...
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you are added!
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