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It's happening already......

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Dd's stepmom and bio-dad just had their first child together. As soon as I heard it was going to be a girl, I was afraid that now that they had their "own" dd, they'd start neglecting mine, but I had really really hoped I was just being paranoid. Unfortunately, it looks like I may not have been far off.

Baby C was born last Monday. I swallowed my jealousy (I really want another baby, dh is dragging his feet), bought presents, took dd to the hospital to see M (stepmom) and baby. She IS an awful cute little thing! :LOL

So far R (bio-dad) has already missed Margaret's class play. I mostly understand that, it was only 2 days after Baby C was born. I think M could have handled it, seeing as the hospital has a nursery that she nonchantly sent the baby off to at her whim, but that's another story. Tonight is Margaret's very first gymnastics "meet". It's really just a performance, kids this young aren't scored or anything, but she's SO excited. She has a new leotard, we are going to do her hair up nice, all the grandparents are coming, etc. But guess who just called and said he isn't coming?? Margaret is crushed. She's pretending she's not, but she's moping around with her hair over her face so we won't see her crying.

His excuse is that his other child (also C) hasn't met Baby C yet, and is supposed to tonight, because it's his weekend. Ok, you know what? It's not my fault and it's REALLY not dd's fault that you were too chicken to tell C's mother that M had the baby, thereby making this the first chance C has to see the baby. I am furious. I just want to the out of this rat .
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I'm so sorry. I hope he realizes this soon. And stops this.**HUG**
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A similar thing is happening with my step-son. His biomom had a baby this past February. All during her pregnancy, she started stepping up, and actually calling/visiting regualrly (my SO has full custody of step-son), she was for the first time paying regualr child support, and we actually thought she was finally ready to help parent him.

Well, the baby was born, and although the changes weren't immediate, things did start changing quickly. She started paying less and less child support, (which she was already paying $200 under what was court ordered to begin with, but we were more concerned with her having a relationship with step-son anyway!), she started 'forgetting' to call him.. She would frequently have to change plans with him, and lately brings him home early from visits...

It's such a sad thing to watch my step-son go through this...He desperately wants to be a constant part of his biomother's life, and now his new half-brother, but it's just not happening.

I'm so sorry this is happening to your daughter too...
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I'm so sorry you and your dd are going thru this. Its sooo not fair to her (or you!)

I hope he gets his head...."unstuck" asap.
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