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Book club: Non-fiction - Vote and sign up here!

Poll Results: What Non-fiction book would you like to read and discuss here?

Poll expired: Jan 4, 2002  
  • 0% (0)
    Daughter of the Queen of Sheba
  • 10% (2)
    Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television
  • 57% (11)
    Magical Child
  • 15% (3)
    Our Babies Ourselves
  • 15% (3)
    None of the above - let's make a new list!
19 Total Votes  
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Here are the links to Barnes n' Noble synopses of the listed books.

Shall we give this one week to get all votes in and then begin?

Daughter of the Queen of Sheba

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television by Jerry Mander

Magical Child

Our Babies Ourselves
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Yes,let's. Should we vote here on this thread?
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Duh. I see NOW that the thread name has 'vote' in it. I vote for Magical Child as I am currently reading it and finding it pretty tough going in parts, other perspectives would be great.
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Right now I'm one incredibly busy gal, and I'm sure I'm not alone. If I might make a suggestion, I was thinking No More Prisons would be great!

I read this book once before (in another book club), and I'm craving to read it again and would love to hear more perspectives. It is a really interesting book.

No More Prisons also has the benefit of really being a quick read. I read it in just a couple (or maybe a few?) short sittings, and I think I'm a slow reader.

I was just thinking this is a good time of the year to do a short, quick read. And this book is well worth it. I will see if I can find a description or review to post here. Hang on.
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Okay, well, I couldn't find what I wanted, so I'll just direct you to Amazon's No More Prisons page (just do a search for No More Prisons under "books") because you can look at the back cover, the index, and some excerpts from Amazon. Course, I know ya'll would buy it from the little guy. Um, also there is a weird, and fun, and interesting site on the net (that I just discovered, so hopefully my description is accurate) called www.nomoreprisons.net.

The book is by William Upski Wimsatt. I just read on Amazon that it might be out of print, so there is probably limited availability. But I have a copy I could loan to someone too, and I think you might be able download it off the net as well.

IMO, the book is not well written (in terms of grammar, etc....sorry, I'm a grammar freak...though you'd never be able to tell from my posts LOL), but it is inspirational and ground-breaking and thought-provoking, even where I disagree. It is so worth reading!

Anyway, just another option.
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Bomb the Suburbs by the same author could be another option. I've never read it, but I heard it was pretty good, and I'd love to read something else by this author. Sorry to make this more confusing. I hate choices myself.
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I've heard good things about Magical Child, so would like to try that.

I've already read Our Babies Ourselves (very good BTW)
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I voted for Four Reasons not to Watch TV because we got rid of our TV recently, and it would be nice to feel validated! I guess second choice would be The Magical Child. We own that one and I've been meaning to read it for about 8 years! (Dh read it.)
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Okay I am going out on a limb here but how about something entertaining that doesn't require thought. I am going to start a good mystery. Mary Higgins Clark. I know we don't all have the same taste but how about something fun. I know I should give a list of suggestions but my brain is not at its best at the end of the day. (my hubby is working half days through the holidays and we just moved so my brain is over worked)
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There is a fiction list going too. It is on another thread in this forum (with a similar title). Take a peek.
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My vote was for the tv book, but I really don't care. I am just interested in the idea of reading a book and having others to discuss it with. What a NOVEL idea! yuk yuk
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Okay, okay, I'll go for Magical Child. It seems to be a very popular book, and it was on my to-read list. (But we should read No More Prisons or Bomb the Suburbs together sometime, especially if we hit another especially busy time of the year because they are such great quick reads.)
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I've read most of Magical Child (skipped some middle parts where he talks about older children) but would LOVE to read it again and discuss it with you all. - A fascinating book - esp. the last chapter!!
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I voted for Magical Child, sounds like a pretty interesting book. I read Our Babies, Ourselves already, enjoyed reading it too. So how does this work? When does the poll end and when does the discussion begin? BTW, this will be my very first bookclub!
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This will be my first book club too! I am very excited and curious to see if I can actually keep up with my 5 wo baby and part time work (bringing him with). If I suddenly disappear, you'll know why.

So Question:

I was going to order my book on line and wonder when we'll know what the outcome is and will I have enough time to get it do you think?

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That's a good point, mamakarata. I plan to get my books at the library, but if they're unavailable, I might try a used book website or store rather than buy new. Perhaps there should be a time allottment to find the books.
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Sounds like magical child is the winner.
I just got a copy (old 1977 ed. ) from the library.

Are we going to save discussion till we finish the whole thing or go a chpter at a time or what?

This will be my first book club too!
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I suggest we do a chapter or two at a time, since the book can get quite weighty.

When do we start??' (I still have to get my copy back from a friend.... )
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Magical Child - the clear winner!

So shall we give everyone a week to get their hands on a copy and then start a new thread for discussion?

My copy won't be here for probaly another week and a half to 2 weeks but I don't want to hold anyone back and I'm sure I can catch up.

I agree about going a chapter or 2 at a time. Is that ok with everyone?
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That sounds good to me. Today, I'll start digging through our bookcases to find my copy.
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