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Mascara alternative

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I was reading about all the awful chemicals they use in mascara. But I love how it looks on me. Are there any natural alternatives that you know of? I wished I never started using it - I had thick, long, dark lashes (even if I do have blonde hair) but I think the chemicals got to them and they aren't nearly as thick or long.

Thanks in advance
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I use Ecco Bella Mascara or Gabriel Color Mascara (I like this one the best). I bought them at Whole Foods Market, but you could probably find them online.
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Great!!! Thanks so much
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I know people who get their eyelashes dyed at the hair salon, and they're told that the dye used is quite mild and harmless... and it lasts for weeks!

I'd so do it if I ever paid anyone to cut my hair... though I'd read the label on whatever they're using first... apparently it doesn't cost much to have done.
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Where did you read about the chemicals? I'm interested in finding out more about what's in cosmetics and alternatives to them.
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My sister doesn't use any products w/ parabens in them and she bought a couple non-paraben mascaras at WF and online and they all ran, and under her eyes ended up always being black.

I told her to go dye them! :LOL But, I didn't know people really did it! :LOL
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I've never tried it, but I've heard good things about Aveda's rose mascara:

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Check out the no more mascara thread here.

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I was unable to locate the discussion
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after you log in, it is under tips and tricks
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Ah, got it!

These knot-free lashes sound tempting, but the whole point of me not wanting to use mascara is the chemicals involved. I don't think the glue used for the lashes would be any better.
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what an intriguing subject and question! i'd never thought to wonder about natural mascara! i have almost invisible eyelashes and just haven't used mascara for years. i wouldn't mind finding something light and natural. i have strawberry blonde hair, eyelashes and brows.

i believe i've heard of henna being used to dye eyelashes. surely that qualifies as natural? just finding someone to do it.

i imagine that after so many years of going mascara-free, my eyes might be sensitive to any of the harsh commercial chemical-laden products, and perhaps even to anything applied to my eyelashes.

it would be nice if it were a breeze to have them dyed and it would last about a year
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Ah, using henna as dye is a great idea! I wonder where you would find that?
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I know the glue does have chemicals but I was thinking it might be better as you wouldn't use nearly as much glue as you do mascara. Plus you wouldn't put any on lower lashes. When you use the knot free, it sounds like they stay on a long time and don't even have to apply more every day.
There is a henna forum at www.hennaforhair.com You might ask there. I henna my hair on a regular basis and love it. I tried to do my eyebrows and they didn't take. Don't know about eye lashes. Haven't heard of anyone doing this but I have my doubts about whether it would work. Though I really love henna for my hair.
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I bought Aveda rose mascara after reading about it here and I am in love with it!
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That's exciting!

It doesn't give you raccoon eyes?
Almost every mascara I've tried has left me with dark circles under my eyes... (why is that?)
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I have been using Ecco Bella mascara and really like it. No raccoon eyes.
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Originally Posted by milk4two
I bought Aveda rose mascara after reading about it here and I am in love with it!
me too!It smells sooooo nice
Aveda products are natural and completely wonderful.
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my freind at university once dyed my lashes for the summer.She had a cosmetology liscence.She didn't use anythingh natural though!lol.I'm sure there has to be a somewhat natural way of doing this?
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my eyelashes are already black, but if I want them to look more ... noteable, I just put a dab of salve on the tips and a brush to pull them out

or curling brush to curl them out.

Just don't get too much on! Just a dab!
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