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Does anyone out there have experience with home hypnosis programs for natural birth? I've had a look on Amazon, and it looks like there are quite a few out there, and opinions differ on what is good or not. Recommendations from doulas or midwives would be especially welcome.

Regarding my particulars:
1) I need to prepare for a VBAC. Andrej's surgical birth was planned and although it wasn't what I would have preferred, we both gratefully owe our lives to this technology and I don't feel "robbed" or "traumatized." My greatest fear for this time is of hospital staff freaking out over a normal mid-labor glitch and hauling us off to surgery rather than "letting" us "risk it."
2) midwives/doulas/assisted homebirth are not an option in this country
3) I'm going to try my best to birth this baby in the only "alternative" clinic in the CzR, which is some 4 hours to the north of where we live. We will have to drive through all kinds of crazy winter weather to get to this place which is located in the Giant Mountains range, near the Polish border.
4) I don't respond well to super squishy "new-agey" stuff and I don't believe in God. It seems from the reviews on Amazon that some of the programs rest a lot on god or other supernatural beings, and I'd prefer to avoid this.

Thanks so much for any advice you can offer.