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Recurring clogged duct

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I have been getting a clogged duct two times a week or so ever since I had my baby. Is there any way to prevent this? It is always in the exact same place and it is quite painful until I can work it out. It hurts during and after feedings. Could this be a sign of a larger problem? Thanks!
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When my baby was 3 weeks old I got mastitis and I learned a lot about plugged ducts.
One thing it may be from is if you nurse in the same position. I was told to position the baby so their chin is pointing towards the duct and it will help drain it better. I never had much luck with that though, because my plugged duct was at the top of my breast
You can also try gently massaging the plugged duct when your baby nurses to break it up.
One other thing may be that you are doing too much right now and this is a sign from your body that you need to rest.
I hope this helps
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Yes, what the PP said about pointing baby's chin towards the plug can help. If its in an awkward spot, you can try "dangle feeding" - get on all fours, and lay baby on his or her back below you. The gravity can help too.

In general, try out a variety of positions if you can, so that milk is efficiently draining from many different ducts.

Any chance that you have a bra, top, baby carrier, etc, that is pressing on the plugged duct?
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Some women have had results using lecithin to prevent recurring plugged ducts. There are also some effective homeopathic remedies. This link gives a great summary of all that, as well as more traditional approaches:

Good luck! I bet you can get better with some of those treatments.

Griffin 2/04
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