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tomato paste

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Help me out! I have 4 small cans of tomato paste (8oz) and 4 big cans (14 oz). What in the world can I use these for. I bought them thinking I needed them for pizza, found out I neede tomato Sauce.

Anyway give me your ideas.
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you can use tomato paste to make a tomato soup base.

you really do have a lot of tomato paste, though!
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LOL I know it. It is one of those things I think "Oh I need more tomato sauce." I walk to the shelf see the word tomato, grab a few cans, and get home and realize it is paste! Grrr drives me crazy!

I will try tomato soup, never even thought of that one.
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I will add it to thicken homemade spaghetti sauce. I saute a bunch of onions and garlic in olive oil, add cans of diced tomato, red wine and spices and let it simmer for an hour or so. Then I will add a can of paste and cook for about half an hour more.
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I am pretty sure you can make it into tomato sauce by just adding enough water. So if you want to make pizza sauce and only have paste, warm it with enough water to make it saucy and simmer with seasonings.

You can make sloppy joes with tomato paste, too. I use TVP, fried onion and pepper, tomato paste, water, brown sugar.

You could probably make some yummy, saucy tortilla filling with tomato paste and meat or tvp and the right spices.

Not just plain tomato soup, but tomato soup with macaroni and beans - pasta e fagioli.
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VERY good ideas. I will give them a try. I did use it as pizza sauce last week and it was wonderful. Actually a lot better than tomato sauce, it wasnt as runny so the crust wasnt quite as soggy. (for lack of better word.)
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I have the same problem sometimes and I've found a few uses for tomato paste. You can used the tomato paste (a small can) in chili. I've also added it to a cabbage soup and I second that spaghetti sauce idea.
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