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how are all the october gestating and breastfeeding mommas doing these days?

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We're doing alright, I suppose. I'm officially no longer tandem nursing through this pregnancy. It has been 2 months since Liam has nursed, and he even told dh the other day that he didn't nurse anymore because "four year old people don't need nummies anymore." it was enough to make my hormonal self want to :cry. Rhiannon is still nursing about 3 times a day - wake up, nap time, and bedtime. Every now and then, she'll nurse other times, but not very often. We just got over thrush, which sucked. I though my breasts were just hurting so much because of pregnancy, but then I noticed Rhiannon's fuzzy white tounge. So, with a treatment of gentian violet, lots of garlic and probiotics, it's done. Nursing is no longer painful, except a few seconds at latch on, and if she decides she wants to turn her head the other way while still latched :LOL.

I'm happy to say that this time I still have plenty of milk. When I was pregnant with dd, I had no more milk as of 16 weeks, so ds dry nursed for the rest of the pregnancy. (he would tell me that the nummies were empty and I needed to go to the store to buy more milk for them :LOL ). I don't know how long it will last, but I'm happy about it!
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Well, I think I may be making colostrum now. Not sure...it looks a little different, and it tastes salty. Most of the time I cannot squeeze anything out manually, but once in a while a drop or two comes out. Jakob is nursing for naps and for bed, and nurses at night too. But sometimes at night I've been saying no, because my nipples hurt really bad. He is just sucking really hard to get something, and there's not enough. If he is half asleep still I can pretty easily rub his back and he'll fall asleep. But sometimes he will wake up and get mad if I don't give him milk. Sometimes he will ask for water right after nursing too.

So it seems complete weaning may be in the works, but I'm not sure. I'm torn as to wether I want to lead the way in completely weaning him. Somedays I really want to, other days I feel sad about it and also just too lazy and tired to try to get him back to sleep without milk. My DH really thinks we should just completely wean now. If we do that, I just want to make sure it is a gentle process.
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I am around a month away from when Grace weaned during my pregnancy with Lily, and Lily is still nursing at least first thing in the morning and right before bed, and sometimes to sleep if she naps. I cant comprehend that there is anything more than milk drops left, but she still wants to. It doesnt hurt yet, but once the milk is all gone, she will need to change her suck to just like a pacifier suck, different than bringing milk down. Thats what Grace did, and Lily may well wean altogether, I dont know. I expected her to wean before this just because nursing is not her LIFE like it was with Grace. But she may surprise me and talk me into tandeming.
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my dd weaned about 2 weeks ago. I'm both sad and relieved as I wasn't ready to tandem nurse. I'm just know I'm not a tandem nurser, if she asks after baby is born I'll let her try. But for about the last month she was just mouthing my breast, not really sucking anyhow.
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I'm weaning Lochy. The milk dried up a week or two ago. He still wants to nurse even though there is none there, but I've done the tandem thing twice and really don't want to do it again.

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I don't think there's anything in there. But she asks from time to time and I let her. Mostly, she nurses to sleep for bed and naptimes, but other than that, not so much. For awhile there, she was only nursing briefly, but we were out of town with family, and I think they were a big distraction for her. Now that we're home, she nurses 2-4 times a day, but I don't know if there's anything in there, I can't express even a drop!
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Asher has nursed a couple of times, but just a mouthing thing too, like he's forgotten how to nurse...

Attie is still going strong! I suspect he'll not wean anytime soon, but he's only 19 months, so I am totally fine with that. I'm more comfy with him nursing at least a year.
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well I thought Sophia was going to stop night nursing...she was no longer nursing to sleep for 4 nights in a row..then she caught a cold so we are nursing to sleep again except for last night...she wouldnt sleep, daddy brought her back downstairs and she fell asleep.
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Anthony is down to just one nursing a day, the bed time one. I'm either shortening it or trying to distract him out of it. As we get ready for bed, he still gleefully calls out "Noke" (his word for mama milk).

I'd like for him to begin going nighty-night without nursing. I just don't know how I'm going to juggle it with two Monkeys needing to be nursed to sleep.
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My 26 month old is soo funny. She only nurses for about 30 seconds every third day! I'm pretty sure there is little to nothing in there for her. And just yesterday she popped right off and said "Ewww". lol I think she will wean soon. But actually this short every once in awhile nursing has been going on for a month or two.... she's probably to checking to see if anything has changed!

I'm kinda hoping she stops. It hurts lol and I'm not sure I want to tandem again. I did it for a few months with my first two, but they are 20 months apart. These two will be 32ish apart. I have no problem with people nursing until 3,4,5+ years, I just don't know if I want to ! But we shall see what happens.
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My dd hasn't nursed since Saturday morning. I'm thinking she is weaned/weaning! She had only been nursing sporadically before that and there were a couple of times I thought she was done. I don't think I have milk anymore. I haven't been able to express anything for awhile. One time after she was done nursing I tried to express and she yelled "no milk no milk no milk" like she didn't want any!!

I have such mixed feelings. On one hand, I am happy that she decided when to stop nursing on her own. I wasn't really looking forward to trying to tandem nurse although I was willing! On the other hand, I'm sad to lose that although she does seem to be substituting it with other kinds of cuddles. It's just such a big milestone!
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Sounds like we've all lost our milk at about the same time. I can squeeze out a drop or two (and it does look a bit yellowish like the beginning of colostrum) but I haven't heard my dd do much swollowing during nursing for about 3 weeks or so. My dd is only 11 months old, so I have started giving her some other milk to make up for it. I gave her whole cows milk for the last week or so but she got really bad diariaha and diaper rash so yesterday I bought some goats milk. The first few days of the cows milk she gulped it down and drank a lot, but then after a few days stopped doing that and now won't do that with the goats milk, either. She takes a few sips and has it in her morning cereal but that's about it. She luckily does eat a lot of solid food (even though she has no teeth yet), which is a solace to me since she is so young and I have no milk. I nurse her about 4 to 6 times a day/night and feel good that maybe she can accumulate at least an ounce of breastmilk in that 24 hour period...I hope it's at least that much. I really hate it though, that she is not able to have breastmilk as her main food.........it's of course so much better for her and also just so much easier!!!!!! Oh well! I do look forward to tandem nursing since she will only be 15 months when the new baby arrives. So far she is happy to dry nurse, although there have been a few times where she gets mad that there is nothing there. Hopefullly she will not attempt to wean herself!
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We're all done! Abby last nursed on her third birthday a few weeks ago. I'm sad to give up our nursing relationship but very proud of how it all went and how natural the transition was. And I'm glad to have a break before I start nursing a newborn again.
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Still nursing here, but I'm more like a human pacifier than anything :LOL .

I'm still nursing him mostly just for nap, bed and night time. He wanted to nurse a lot last night and at 5am I had to make him stop because it was hurting too much. He got mad and wanted his dad and went out to the couch where DH had fallen asleep the night before. Anyway, he ended up waking up and staying up at 5:30am. I ended up falling asleep on the couch with him while he watched PBS.

I still go back and forth on whether to wean completely or tandem when the baby comes. Lately I feel like I want my breasts back just for a little bit before the baby arrives.
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well, my milk has totally dried up too. Rhiannon is still nursing for nap and bedtime, and sometimes first thing in the morning as well. She has lost 2.5 lbs in the past month, even though she's been eating a lot of foods to try to make up for the milk. She's not a tiny girl, so I'm not going to worry too much right now about it - just keep an eye on her. She turns 2 in a week and a half - I can't believe it!
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At 20 weeks I thought I was down to nothing but colostrum, but now (23w4d) I'm not so sure. Possibly it increased again because Isaac (15 months) has been nursing a lot more often. It was basically just down for naps and down for the night, plus once or twice in the night, for a couple of weeks there. But then we had a cold and a bout of teething, and now he's back to 3-5 times a day and off and on all night long.

The good news is, the horribly nipple sensitivity has been gone, for me, since my first month.

The bad news is, he bites when he falls asleep latched on now, and it leaves me sore for hours!
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It has become almost excruciating to nurse. I am quite sure my milk is gone, yet the 3x a day or so that Lily nurses, she is still trying to bring milk down with her amazing vaccuum suck. Im concerned shes gonna get blood from my milk ducts. I hve tried to explain to her that I need for her to nurse differently, but she's of course not understanding that. We may have to cut back or stop if she doesnt figure out to change her suck. It's enough to make my toes curl.

She does a sweet thing though, when I yelp in pain. She pops off the breast, puts her cheek on my nipple, and hugs my breast, like she is comforting the hurt breast. what a cutie.
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emomom - that is adorable
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My son is down to nusing for just a few minutes before bedtime and then not necessarily everynight. It is terribly painful and he knows he will be allowed to do so for just a minute or two and that is how he asks: 'Mama, ba-pa please, just a little' and holds his thumb and index finger together in a way to indicate small. Its so cute I just can't say no.

ANd while overall it is going smoothly, the other day he just came up to me from out of nowhere and bit my breast (through my shirt) and ran away. Nothing too bad but enough to make me yelp. Maybe some repressed anger at not having enough milk in there?? Poor guy.
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I can still squeeze out a little bit of milk, but it's nearly gone. (I didn't dry up completely during my last pregnancy either.) Linda nurses as much as I will let her. Has to have her nipple upon waking, before her nap, after her nap, before her bed, and touch-and-go throughout the day. My nipples have mostly stopped hurting now too, thankfully.
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