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Originally Posted by Mom2six
Yup. More shocking, if I'm not mistaken she was looking to the infamous Pearls (the woodshed folks) for advice.
the Pearls and woodshed folks are different. The Pearls website is nogreaterjoy.org and the woodshed folks have changed their site to raisinggodlytomatoes.com . Ironically, the woodshed folks are anti-Ezzo.
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As always MsMom, very eloquently said!

You are still my hero!

Originally Posted by Ms. Mom
Wow, it's nice to be remembered I do miss so many of you 'old timers :LOL '.

There were some really nice things about being a smaller group. I did enjoy the chit-chat with like minded mamma's and I remember SO well on 9/11 how valuable the connection was to the outside world. We were all in shock and we held each other up.

I leared a great deal from modding GD. I still use a lot of the skills I gained on my spirited 7 year old and whitty 10 year old. I also learned from some of the TCS stuff - I took what felt right and respectfully left the rest behind. Larcy (aka susan) and I emaild for a while and I have to say, she was a sweet mama. Though we didn't always agree, we found some common bonds and I think we found some resect for each others parenting choices. I guess I learned that you don't have to agree with everyone. By talking openly, you can learn a lot and gain understanding.

There have been a lot of changes over the years here at MDC. Sometimes it's hard to embrace change, but in the end, it's a part of life and we adjust. I do like the boards now. I still find the info I'm looking for when I need it. Also, I've found a BEAUTIFUL group of women in my area in FYT. Many of them I'm forming strong bonds too - we're meeting for Coffee tomorrow night and I can't wait to hang out with like minded mammas! It's like MDC comes to life.

Hilary, I think I'm good if I never see those tattoo/piercing photos again . Now you know there was NO hitting from me only a few tongue lashings And yeah, there was some pleading But in the end, I had a wonderful friend

Now where's Keltz? I talked to her on the phone a few months ago -I'll have to let her know about this thread. My foundest memory is her thread on what we all look like. I can still see the photo's in my mind - and I still think Lala looks like she's 16 :LOL
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you know TCS Susan actually taught me a whole heck of a lot. I am not a big TCSer by any stretch, but her advice was much needed at the time I got it. I took alot of what she said and applied it my own parenting style in a way that worked out quite well.
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Hey Mandy, where'd ya put your pjs? Har, har.
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Originally Posted by Momtezuma Tuatara
By the way, yes, its red tent time, and I've had a terrible week...
Your posts last night really explained a lot. I'm really sorry that things got ugly around here, but I guess it's no surprise (people getting reported to CPS, etc.). But I can't imagine how violating that must have felt.

The old days do sound wonderful, but everything changes. As a newbie, though, I really feel like I missed out on some amazing wisdom. But I do believe that legacy still exists--if you look for it hard enough.

Sorry you've had a bad week.
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Mamadawg, its okay. I think when you get to old grey nag status, and the hormones were probably supposed to have changed way before.... PMS is a lot less manageable, because its so unpredictable.Minerals and vitamins are the key, but as you get older, it seems your needs swing more wildly. You can't just do "something" and expect it to work long term.At least with the minerals and stuff, I was able to knock the hot flashes and other things, and I'm still reasonably regular, but they do knock you more.

It's not something I can talk to family about because they all had hysterectomies when they were 10 years younger than I am now :shock:

Every board has ugly spells. It goes with the autistic nature of the forum. But I have to admit I have not got over the fact that a mother could welch on another mother. And it didn't just happen once. I feel what is said on a board should stay on a board, no matter what.

We mothers should stick together, and support each other in times of crisis, because but by the Grace of God, I could have been that mother tearing my hair out, and railing against a wrong diagnosis, or having trouble with an uncontrollable child.

Moongirl, I know what you are saying about TCS. The trick is to know when the pendulum hangs straight down in balance. Who needs the whack the, "children should be seen and not heard approach"? But equally so, who needs the "very young children who play their parents like marionettes"? And I've seen an awful lot of those come out of the unbalanced TCS approach, just as I've seen wrecks come out of the former system. There is some basic fundamental common sense that can come out of TCS if people would tap into their emotional intelligence, but IMO, what was written here, and proposed had not come to the point of balance. That was what so galled me, and it annoyed me that while I, from a "victorian generation", could see the flaws in the system I was brought up in, the TCS people could not see the very real dangers in what they were pushing so hard at the time.

I often rail against the demise of common sense in the medical profession, because the world now only acknowledges "experts" as the ones who have relevance. But the same can be said of education, and child-rearing. And even business. Everyone thinks everyone else knows better, instead of trusting their own instincts and listening to that voice inside that says "Yes, this is right" or "No, that's wrong"

The sooner we regain trust and faith in ourselves as mothers, the better we will do in all areas of life, the less traction any "experts" will have over us, and the better our children will come out. For a start, we won't live in permanent fear of doing everything wrong! Instinct is there for a reason.... I prattle, so I must depart.

Mustn't be accused of another tome of old, otherwise Queen Bee will give me another lashing too...

MsMom, I swear, the scars are there today : ....

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No way!Lisa i so wish you would come back and play.I miss you and your sister's voices
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Pump!!! Is that really you????
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"Mustn't be accused of another tome of old, otherwise Queen Bee will give me another lashing too..."

Lashing, eh? Are you confusing me with someone else?

I love your tomes. Always have.
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Hey there Pump!
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Originally Posted by queen bee
"Mustn't be accused of another tome of old, otherwise Queen Bee will give me another lashing too..."

Lashing, eh? Are you confusing me with someone else?

I love your tomes. Always have.
Nah... just stirring the pot, you know....

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they paid $100 for a iaper then too - remember the honeyboys??
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Very good then, JW...(or MT)

Hey there Mommy2Max !!!! Howya been!?

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Originally Posted by merpk

... and while I remember willow and Yammer leaving, I never knew why either. Would be eternally grateful for one of those pm's, too, if anyone is sending them ...

Ditto although I don't rmember them leaving. Just nosey :
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Pinch me, I must be dreaming!!!

It's old MMB week!

This thread has really warmed my heart.

You momma's were my first online mentors in this realm. I landed very late 99' or early 00' in vax and it wasn't until mid-yr that I discovered TAO and Activism. JW, you help me find my answers and showed me what I needed to be confident in my vax decisions. And Holistic Momma.

I keep hoping she'll pop in.....................................

When I found Acti and TAO I was just astounded at the commune feel of it all - here in cyberspace!!!

I think about so many of you from time to time - all of you, really. No calling out names 'cuz I'd be sure to forget someone!!!

Today's MDC bears very little resemblance to then in both content and community.

It used to feel like all the different corners of the world coming together for discussion and diplomacy - now it feels like the state of the union, divisive, oppressive and fascistic.

I've been in the gulag a long time now...........................
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Ok, where is the fainting smiley??????? We so need it!! This will have to do for now.... :

Nice to see you Els' 3!!!
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pump and m2m!!!
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Originally Posted by Pumpernickle

Waves hand. Love you girl
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