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Originally Posted by LizaBear
Still reading - I'm loving this thread.
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Hi everyone!

Man, it is so nice to see so many of you still kickin'. I think of so many of the "old folks" often, but can't manage to wade thru the "I Heart my SUV" type mainstream threads that seem to occur here to find you all... many thanks to those sirens that pointed me here (and you know who you are!). I remember lurking here, then after the crash I worked up the nerve to join, although I never did get the nerve to post in Activism (come on, you guys were way scary!). I never imagining that I would make some of my closest, dearest freinds ever right here on (not so little now) MDC!

Sunmountain, your PM box is full. Email me (oops, is that still allowed to be said? Ah well) please!
Pie, I am so glad to hear that Spanky is doing better. Hi PM! LaraLou, where did you go? How are those adorable kids?
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Originally Posted by PM
Hey Mandy, where'd ya put your pjs? Har, har.
I didnt see this before, My PJ's are still warm and comfy, thanks

I should prolly go get in them now, its pretty chilly in here.
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What a blast from the past.
I used to be jasandjakesmama many moons ago, but I can't figure out my old sign on.
I remember the old, old boards back in 2000.
Remember getting into it with Greaseball over a troll. Is she still here? I ended up liking her posts, but by then I no longer posted here.
When the boards came back up after the crash everything seemed different. Bigger, more diverse, but less tolerant. Someone else said it stopped having a small town feel. Seems apt.
I remember being scared when the Hip Mamas came. I had some crazy notion they were going to create a ruckus. I ate crow for that one.
Despite the changes, my memories are good. I learned so much from this place. I used to spend hours here in the early days of nursing. This site helped shaped the parent I have become. I've been inspired, taught, and moved by the mamas here. Laughed, cried, all that.
But I like my intimacy on a smaller scale so I'm elsewhere nowadays...all snuggly in my PJ's...
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Originally Posted by sunmountain
I will forever remember shoshana's mom, as our dds shared a common female *ahem* adhesion. And I remember how the candles I made her were unethically kept by the woman gathering her gifts when her dh was deployed.

hey sweetie! It's me. Same mama, different username.

I wish I could remember who the hussy was who stole my gifts.

Hubby is deployed right now and will be going to Iraq this Fall. PM me and I'll give you my email.
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Is that you K?

Hi Jen and Laura
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yep, just another lazy woman in her pjs! :LOL
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Originally Posted by Elphaba
I wish I could remember who the hussy was who stole my gifts.
I think there are more than a few that remember.
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Hello saige my darling :

And I hear that Elphaba woman IS lazy, never cooks for her poor DH or anything. :LOL

Yeah Mom2six, I think you are right. And Congratulations on your new addition to come!! How exciting!
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Heck, I'll post too. I have been a member since 2001 & I lurked before that... I loved it here so much when it was smaller, it really felt like a cozy home... Now, to me, it is just too big to have that same feeling of hominess. I stick to a few cozy forums & that is it.

I am more comfy in MY pj's, safe at home!

It has been really cool, though, to read this, & see everyone from the "old" days!
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Jenny, since your a little gay, can I kiss you on the mouth?
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Such fun seeing all these familiar names! I'm glad a little bird told me about this thread.

Every time there's an MDC old-timer thread I trot out this old story, because I think it's one of the highlights of MDC history--and I apologize if someone already mentioned it, but I have dial-up and it takes ages to download each page, so I haven't read every single page.

Anyway. Remember when Hilary Briss first started posting and we thought he was a bitter housewife from Minnesota and then it turned out he was Marg of Arabia's husband and no one knew it, not even Marg?

and MUCH less fluff
Yes--for me this is one of the major differences between the old MDC and MDC of today. There were no posting party, "let's-get-our- post-count-up-by-posting-nothing-but-smilies" for pages and pages threads.
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Holy cow...I usually only post in Queer Parenting...sorry I don't have my gay sig up to day but I do have a tribute to my partner in it, does that count??!!

I left here when I got grief for being a working mom...WHATEVER...I'm comfy in my PJs now too... I usually posted in TAO, Activism, and now Queer Parenting

Lots of familiar names here...hey all!
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Originally Posted by saige
Jenny, since your a little gay, can I kiss you on the mouth?

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today's MDC bears very little resemblance to then in both content and community.

It used to feel like all the different corners of the world coming together for discussion and diplomacy - now it feels like the state of the union, divisive, oppressive and fascistic.

I've been in the gulag a long time now..
Wish me farewell ladies & gents! My friend El got banned for this. It's the last straw for me.
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sigh. *shaking head*
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I will miss you both tremendously.
I don't blame you a bit.

Wow. What a difference between now and then...

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Originally Posted by PM
Wish me farewell ladies & gents! My friend El got banned for this. It's the last straw for me.
I think that just proves what has changed over time.
I will miss you, even though I just found you again.
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Originally Posted by burritomama
Hey SG! Justice is a constant struggle, ain't it?

Hey pie! We sold our lovely "home" last year pending the park's takeover - so we can no longer refer to ourselves lovingly as "trailer trash" - instead we have acquired a house (!), a mortgage and lost our ocean but gained the lovely foothills and canyons - another wild place on the outskirts of the county -- and gained space! Enough of three living in 600 square feet! Our new house has spoiled us in that way. the babe is no longer a babe - he's three! he has a banjo! and I think our your little guy's vaca every time we visit the ocean - I think it's having a good life under the sea...and you? Still living in what Marc Cooper calls the last honest place in America?

Some party here. :

yep, still a lost vegan. Let me try some Espanol. Si, me nene still misses un vaca. how's that I could cuss at you all day or tell you to hurry or get over here, all the rude things. E has done me little justice in teaching me his language :

I'm glad you have more room. THREE??? Wow. Well, mine's going to be six in August. I think he was three when we met. Time flies too fast.

As for the rest of it, I'm sorry to see anyone hurt or banned by this thread, but the UA covers EVERYTHING. Subversive behaviour will not be tolerated here. If they want to find a reason, they can. I'm not sure what purpose this serves, but it's a fact of life.

I'll see yall at the next reunion. :
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oh and hey serenetabbie! I remember you!! How are you? It is so sweet you remember that I called him Spanky. He looks more like Alfalfa now though. Almost four feet tall and not that fat little breastfed chubba that he was.
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