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January mamas?

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Anyone out there? I'm 27 weeks now. I was really enjoying this pregnancy, but it is starting to wear on me now. I probably have 3 months left! I just feel soooooo exhausted all the time and really cranky too. I don't feel like *me* anymore. My son is now 31/2. He's been so easy and fun since he turned three but now lately it seems like he's regressing.

How's everyone else doing?

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I'm at 33 weeks today, so not too far off of where you are, and did notice an increase in crankiness and irritability over the past month. My ds is 3.5 too, and i could never tell if it was more he or me, but it seemed like all of the sudden he became more difficult. he's such a complete sweetie, but seemed to cry over little things, and just generally seemed more intense and needing constant attention. I think it's kind of a rough time because at month 7 or so you certainly are very big, having to deal with people's stupid comments all of the time, might be feeling more uncomfortable, yet you know how far off you most likely are from the actual date, so for me that just make me cranky. emotional too. i live in MN and we're dealing with the death of our beloved liberal senator and i just baul all the time, and while i think i would normally be upset, i think i'm a little more over the edge than usual. i found that doing a few things for me, things that are fun (like just had a real date with dh, had a babysitter and everything) helped to take the edge off, as did starting to actually prepare for the new babe, prepare her space, get stuff ready, etc (i'm so insane, i call the baby her even though we have no actual data to back that up, we just all think it's a she, mostly because that's what ds always refers to her as...) take care
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Originally posted by zacsmama
all of the sudden he became more difficult. he's such a complete sweetie, but seemed to cry over little things, and just generally seemed more intense and needing constant attention.

Yes, that's EXACTLY how my son is acting! Glad we're not the only ones going through this
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hi there... I am due mid-late jan (according to midwife...jan 20, according to ultrasound jan 27)...so somewhere around there.

I would be around 27 weeks by now. I dont know weeks...just say in 2.5 months. Time flies, amazing isnt it??

I have a 31 month old toddler who is teething 2 years molar...so that is keeping me on my toes, plus got a stiff neck from her nursing marathon due to teething.

Been doing labour breathing when I pull the inflamed muscles. So funny to do that now...still a while to go. But reality is starting to hit... soon I will have two little ones.

Am now searching for tandem stroller (contemplating on it) or using a scooter to attach to stroller. (we do have a sling too but it will be winter as well so lots to think about).

Also looking for an armchair that will be comfortable to tandem nurse in.

PRegnancy wise...am ok. Better this round than first time. I have lots of energy, eating healthier (helps being vegetarian too as am more creative), doing lots of crafts with my lil one etc.

Take care and hope everyone else is doing well.

mother to 31 month old an due mid-end jan 03
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I was feeling great until just this week when I hit 28 weeks and how I feel like an elephant with aches and pains everywhere. I'm sure it didn't help that I just too the Bradley Teacher Training last week, which required basically sitting on the floor for the seminar for four days, 14 hours a day! I was aching so much, plus not getting any exercise in those days didn't help.

My belly is HUGE this time and even my hubbie (who knows what not to say to pregnant women) had to admit that I look at least 8 months pg, if not more. Great, what will I look like before it's all over.

This is really my first pg rant, as it's been great so far and I love freaking people out by telling them that I feel fantastic. Hopefully I can start saying that again soon. : )

We're working on the baby's room this weekend, although s/he will sleep with us of course. Just a place to keep 'stuff.' We finally told our 2 1/2 yo ds last night that I was pg. He was nursing at the time on my bare belly and it went in one ear and out the other, which is what I expected, but he will tell you that there is a baby growing in mommy's tummy now. At least we've laid the groundwork to start preparing him. I watched his birth video last night and think it would just scare him if I showed it to him. I was really loud with him and the screams don't really sound productive -- more like horrifying (hoping to be better this time in water at home).

Okay, I'm jabbering now. Talk to you all soon!

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moving thread up.

Calling all January mamas... how is everyone doing??

Please lets stay in touch and keep posted.

mother of nursing toddler 2.5 and due end of jan 03
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Hey all! I was just thinking about all the January mamas as well. I'm 31 weeks now and am definitely feeling it! I'm huge!!!! The past couple of weeks have brought on tons more aches and pains, even some strange ones that I called my mw about, but all is well in pregnant-ville. We finally told ds (2 1/2, nursing babe) which has worked out well. He isn't intersted in watching any birth videos, but tells everyone that there is a baby in my tummy and talks about babies a lot. We've started setting up the baby's room (not that he/she'll sleep there or anything) which has helped ds comprehend that there is going to be a baby in the house. We've talked about how the baby will nurse too and for now he seems okay with it, but only time will tell!

My dh has suddenly decided that he really wants to have the u/s to determine the sex, but I'm still adamently against it and he's not pushing : ) Until recently my mw didn't even have an u/s machine, so it wasn't an option, but she shared an office with a holistic peditrician and a really great, naturalist OB, so now there is one. When he saw it, it just made him want to know. Thankfully we're entering the home stretch. Otherwise it might be hard to hold my ground.

Oh, and we're still totally nameless. We've thrown out all the names we started with and have pretty much nothing. I can't believe how relaxed I am about the whole thing either. With ds I needed everything to be perfect and in order. This time it's great to just focus on my healthy babe!

Weight update: It's hard to tell if I'm coming or going! I've stopped looking at the scale in my mw's office and just let dh weigh me. I think I've gained about 40 lbs. But I'm not giving up my peanut butter sandwiches : )

Can't wait to hear how you are all doing!

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Hiya! We are 30 weeks now and feeling pretty good! I had two practice contractions last week, which was surprising but also encouraging! All systems are go, right? I can't wait to meet my baby! I am so excited but as GB's mom said, so relaxed at the same time! I love the security of knowing we have the things we need and it's comforting to be able to envision life with this baby more realistically than with our first.

My DH really wanted to get an ultrasound so we had one a week and a half ago. We didn't want to know the sex, just to make sure the baby had all the requisite parts for birth and life outside of mama. Well, I think I saw a little something something when we were looking at the thigh bones... so maybe it's a boy? All I could think at the time was I KNEW WE SHOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN AN U/S! But it made DH feel better about having the baby at home, which is good. He doesn't want to be irresponsible, which I can respect... we do try really hard to make the right decisions for our family and he thought this was one of them.

Anyway, good health to all! May the pillows of your bed ease the achings of your bellies!
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Glad to hear from everyone else!
Due Jan. 9, it's been a fairly easy pg, till just a few days ago.
Suddenly, heartburn, rib and hip pain are keeping me up most of the night, and I get a bit light-headed when driving, etc.
Trying to work as long as possible, 40 min. commute to sit at a desk all day, nothing strenuous, but just the getting there before 8am, and getting home after 5:30pm is a challenge, kwim?
I called in today after being up half the night.
How do the other moms at the office work until the day they give birth?! ARGH!
Geesh, I'm going to bed as soon as dd turns off the d*#n vacuum!

Hang in there, everyone!

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We are doing well here. I can't believe it's 31 weeks already. She is definately getting bigger and stronger as I feel her more and more often. DD #1 just turned 4 and is becoming very clingy and demanding of my attention--I guess the birth of her friend's brother helped her realize what is going to happen here--at least a little bit. The amnio part of the pregnancy seems so long ago already, but I am glad I had it and have been able to enjoy what will probably be my last pg with one less concern.

We are 99.9% sure the babies name will be Jacqueline Olivia (I don't think Joyce would go along with a different name at this point)

Have to go--dd is calling.
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hi check in with jan mamas!

How is everyone doing?

I am doing ok. Just dont like this flu season. Cant figure out if its pregnancy related or due to the viruses going around. Last week was suffering from terrible indigestion felt like a mini volcanoe and it was so bad at one point that I even threw up from it. I then read in pregnancy book to avoid yeast and breast...so I did and actually helped. But have been eating bread again and its ok. So perhaps I had a bit of a virus then? or uterus was moving up and pressing too much on my stomach muscle?

Lately its ok whew. Two more months of that would have been awful. Am keeping away from the acidic food though.

Am now 32 weeks along...due end of Jan. Last Sunday Dh finally painted a globe on my belly (like seen in bellyart.com) and we took some fun pics. For first pregnancy painted a happy dragon due to child being born in chinese year of dragon.

My friend is going to do belly casting. Was supposed to be today but forgot car was in for repair and she lives out of the way to go by bus. We will reschedule. I want to do it before the holiday starts and before I get too uncomfortable in Jan.

Otherwise things going well. Toddler is crying more and more clingy these days. Strange...where did my independent toddler go? We are doing lots of crafts too and sleeps lots too (since I am so tired I crash when she does too).

Take care and hope everyone is doing well. Looks like we have a small group of Jan mamas here. Which is unusual thought Jan mamas were normally the largest groups (spring conception)

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Yup. The aches and rib pains are keeping me up too. Some days I feel great and others are really difficult. I'm 33 weeks now and getting very excited. My belly is really big and my 2 1/2 yo ds loves rubbing and kissing it. Too cute! Although, he too has become even more 'mommie-oriented' lately and has started night-waking a lot more. I have several other friends who are due around the same time and have toddlers and they are all going through the same thing. Aren't their intutions amazing???

I'm very much looking forward to our home waterbirth, but must admit that I'm remembering how nervous I was during our first birth, so I couldn't relax. As a result, it was much more painful that I ever imagined. I never just let go and let my body do it's stuff, thus making the labor much more difficult, I believe. I'm really focusing on surrendering this time, but still can't shake the fear/pain I had last time. I WANT to surrender so badly. DH is so super-supportive, and I think that being at home is going to make all the difference in the world, plus we have a great mw and doula/friend.

How are you other mamas feeling about the upcoming birth?

Stephanie: the belly cast sounds so fun. If I could paint or knew someone who could, I'd do one too!

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I'm right there with you guys. I'm 34 weeks tomorrow. I feel like I can't believe that I'm already at that point. I am having a homebirth and am excited about that. GB's Mom I felt really out of control in my first (hospital) birth, and I am dealing with the same feelings as you. Have you been practicing relaxing? I must admit that I have procrastinated and have not. What are you guys doing to prepare for the birth in the last few weeks? I plan to begin perineal massage if I can figure out how, am trying to remember to drink rrl tea. I still have some supplies to get before the birth. I haven't got the baby stuff ready yet but I have started to worry about it :

Good luck everyone!!

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Actually, we are relaxing much more than we did during our first pregnancy. DH knows how important it is and doesn't want me to go through the panic I did in the hospital. I know it will be different and much better at home, but there is still that fear factor in the back of my head. We even re-took Bradley classes and I've just completed the academic work to become an instructor, so you'd think we'd be okay! My DH knows that the hardest thing for me to relax is my brain, so we are just always trying to have good positive thoughts and continue our excitement, focusing on 'surrender' and knowing that we learned a lot during our first birth and will use that to make this one even better (hopefully . . . )

I'm trying not to panic about things out of my control, such as when I'll go into labor and what that will mean for my 2 1/2 yo ds. He still wakes at night to nurse and only nurses to sleep, so that's my primary concern. If things are happening during the day, we'll be fine, as my mom is here and they are best-buddies. Otherwise, I don't know. He LOVES his mommie and I don't think he'll be able to handle me not being able to give him my full attention. Plus, I can't even stomach the thought of being in active labor and hearing him cry for me. ******************see how easy it is to start worrying??????******************* Right now I'm biting the crap out of the inside of my mouth!

Okay, enough of that. It's out of my control. Positive thoughts to everyone. The birth will be as it should be and no matter what it will be beautiful.

That's better.


Oh, Rebeccca, we didn't do perineal massage prior labor, but did while pushing -- no tears or cuts. I've been drinking 'pregnancy tea' and some RRL, but I really prefer the pregnancy one. I just washed all of our new diapers yesterday so I feel like things are progressing. Try not to stress. All you really need for your babe is a breast and a blanket : ) How old is your first babe?
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Quick note-
Try mixing the RRL with spearmint or peppermint, much more palatable!
I also throw in some nettle leaf or other leaf from time to time.

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Hi again!

Tori, my son is a month older than yours. He will be 3 on February 21st. We'll have to stay in touch once our new ones arrive. How have you been preparing your son? Will he be at the birth? I think Mackenzie will be there unless I'm having difficulty with that. My aunt will come to help with him. We are considering a water labor/birth with a kiddie pool, which could be difficult because Mackenzie would want to play in it I'm sure. We have talked alot with Mackenzie about the baby. He seems to get the idea and asks constantly about if the baby is coming out. Who knows though.

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Hi january moms! All the sudden there's all these posts. Guess I haven't checked in in a while.

I'm 32 weeks now. Yay!!!! I went through this huge negative phase from about 24-30 weeks where I just felt yucky and wanted to not be pregnant anymore. I'm feeling a little more postive now, although I am uncomfortable. Feel like I'm carrying around a bowling ball.

My ds is 3 1/2 and he's been sooooo clingy lately. Also, this is his first year of preschool and he has been sick for a month!!! It's been really tough on all of us. Seems like I keep thinking he's getting better, then there comes the green stuff out of his nose again. On a happy note, he is making progress with potty training! He has pretty much refused to have anything to do with a potty, and I haven't pressed it but I was getting a little worried. But he is starting to use it and I *do* think he'll being using a toilet by the time he's 4 LOL!! Also, I think he is finally weaned, which is a huge relief. I didn't have much interest in tandem nursing. He's been going to sleep at night and naps without having to nurse first. These are huge milestones and are probably partly the reason why he has been so clingy.

Take care everyone!

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Yes, we'll definitely have to keep tabs on each other! We just told Griffin about the baby about a month ago. He was really starting to stare at my belly anyway, but we didn't want to start talking about too early. Now, we talk about it all the time, especially the fact that the baby will nurse too. I'm really afraid that he's going to freak when he sees that! What has really helped is that we set up the cradle and put things in the 'baby's room' (although she/he'll sleep with us). I think it's helping him comprehend that the baby will be a part of our family. When he's nursing he loves to rub my belly, but lately he's started saying "I want to see it." I just tell him that the baby is still growing, but will be here soon. He points out babies wherever we go and sometimes pretends to be a little baby, which is pretty funny.

We are having a water birth too. My mom is in charge of Griffin, so if he doesn't want to be here they can leave. I do not think he will want to be here. Knowing his temperment, it will be too different for him to really process. I have a zillion birth tapes that I've tried to get him to watch, but no dice. And again, I worry about the night time thing, but it is out of my control.

I'm also feeling very excited and anxious about Christmas, since it will be our last holiday as a threesome, you know?

It's nice to know there is someone out there moving along just about the same path!

Stephanie: How long has your son been in preschool? Did he start at 3? My DH is pushing for this, but I'm really apprehensive. I'm thinking next fall might be better, when he'll be almost 3 1/2. And congratulations on the milestones you mentioned! They ARE huge!

Talk to you soon-
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I am 34 wks pg, due on the 17th, and have a 15 mo son who has also been unusually clingy and nursing more than usual... I had been blaming his new molars, but having read all your posts, I guess not. He is also fascinated w/ the belly, but prefers rasberries to kisses, lol. He has a hard time being gentle with it, too, which is trying. He kicks in his sleep, ouch. She (fetus) has started to respond to his external jabs -- already fighting back!

I am learning to drive so as to take a vacation (3 days to the coast) before its too late and vacation opportunities disappear forever.... Does anyone think I'm crazy for wanting to drive for 3 hours as a 9 m pg novice driver to get to a place as inhospitable as the pacific NW coastline in winter? My midwife gave me the go-ahead up to 38 wks (she wants to check me before I leave), but my dp is nervous.

Am doing a waterbirth in a birth center. Woohoo! My last was a hospital birth, and the worst thing (well, not the _worst_) was having to get out of the tub just when it was getting bad. The only thing I don't like about the birthing center is these idiotic pictures of cherubs on the walls -- I hope no one will be offended if I turn them to the wall during labor; I just can't stand the idea of those baroque, Anne Geddes- esque, precious little twerps staring up my yoni! ;-)

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I say if you feel like sitting in a car for 3 hours, go for it! As for me, DH and I went to a movie last weekend and I was miserably uncomfortable the entire time, long car rides are out of the question. Just make sure you make a few stops to stretch your legs.

Oh, and definitely, definitely cover up those Anne Geddes pics! Gak! : ) Sorry if any of you other January mamas are fans, but frankly, her pics just freak me out.

And ditto on the pg belly raspberries. I get at least five a day!

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