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due 1/20th and feeling enormously huge! This morning I was woken by a wicked charlie horse cramp and then found a hemmorhoid! Oh what fun! Being pregnant at 36 is not like it was in my 20's,that and maybe the haze of time makes the other pregnancy seem all earth-mama-happiness in retrospect. I'm just so grateful for my dh who has been amazingly supportive during these last few difficult weeks,without him I'd be a mess.
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Hi! We're 34 weeks now and still feeling good - although today I was SOOOOO tired. Fortunately dd aquiesed to my request to take a long nap so we slept from 1-4 this afternoon and felt much better after that.

We just got back from swimming which felt so nice, but I so wanted to crawl into the hot tub! Oh well, only a couple more months... I am proud to announce that I am finally big enough that I can wear my maternity swimsuit without looking silly! I never got to wear it before! Has anyone else been swimming during this pregnancy? I had seen and read stuff about the baby moving differently when the mom is in the water... just wondered what other people's observations were. I haven't noticed anything at all...

I am also really excited because the pregnancy is still totally healthy and normal (knock on wood) and as of this coming Monday we'll be entering "uncharted territory" since dd was born at 34.5 weeks! I am so excited to see this baby - but given our history I'll be very content to wait until it's good and ready to come out and meet us! Only a couple of weeks and we'll be good to have a home birth anytime!!! Hooray!
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OK, so I passed my drive test yesterday! I was planning on taking that trip to the coast this weekend, but am still feeling unsure. Plus, the car's in the shop.

We just put up the Xmas tree and ds is sooooooo impressed with it. I haven't enjoyed a holiday this much since I was a kid. Trying to decide what our stance on sugar intake is... tone it down, be somewhat strict? Let him go nuts, but only on Xmas day? relax and go with the flow? So far, he's actually satisfied with dried fruit, so I guess I'm just creating problems out of nothing.

How is everyone else doing?

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I had a lousy week. I got the stomach flu that was going around in my neighborhood and town. Friend thinks its the water...the only few days I drank from the tap since I ran out of bottled water. Bummer. But then again it could also be the flu too since its going around quite rapidly. Dh and dd fortunately didnt get it. Was hard for me with my diabetes though...had so many hypos...one time it went for a whole hour I was afraid that I would go into a coma (never experienced that) but it was not going up no matter how much sugar I drank, ate etc... it was the worst experience (esp after having thrown up then to feed myself so much sweet). Should be a rule that pregnant women should never get the stomach flu and let alone pregnant and diabetes women!

Anyway so that passed. Battling the hypo still which is apparently not only from the sick days but also due to my insulin intake is too much. Got that under control finally by today. Whew.

Otherwise baby is kicking rapidly in there. Had another ultrasound on Tuesday. Visited the birthing room and the afterbirth area where the mother and child goes. Seems like a nice area... nursing room for mothers who need to pump for special situations, weighing room, breakfast buffet room to brunch with other moms or with your family. Looks nice and makes me feel more at ease. Plus they have the intensive care unit right at the end of the hall (last hospital I gave birth at dd had to be transported to children hospital since the hospital couldnt give her the infusion she needed). So hopefully this baby wont have hypo but just in case...good to have everything together and not be separate from my lil one.

I am so nervous though... not having experienced being in same hospital with lil one. Am nervous about what to do when child is born and at night when we sleep. If she will sleep in my bed (which I assume is quite small) or in the crib beside me. silly things to think about. I know I will want child with me all time.

plus I have tons of christmas cards and gifts to finish and send out. So behind. What a week.

Christmas will be relaxing one for us here. Which we need.

Take care and hope everyone is doing well. Dont get too stressed out, dont want those babies too early.

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how's everyone doing?

anyone think their baby gonna makes their appearance earlier than predicted?

I sorta think that. Although I hope not over the christmas season... wait another two more weeks.

Going to start packing my suitcase and my dd suitcase (if she should need to spend the night at the neighbor or something then she has all her things.

Dont get too stressed out over the holidays and wishing you all a wonderful season.

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Oh I'm getting so excited!!! I'm 36 wks now and huge, but loving this baby more and more each day. Our doula came over this weekend and we practiced relaxation and just had a great time talking about our visions for the birth. It was so pampering! She had all this great massage stuff, plus aromatherapy and lotions. She wanted me to choose what scents I liked. She and Dh really gave me the royal treatment! She was our Bradley instructor for our first birth, so we're both really comfortable with her and excited that she'll be a part of our birth.

And we are very ready for Christmas. Our 2 1/2 yo ds sings Christmas carols all day long. It's just the most beautiful sound on earth! Last night we put him in his pajamas and went driving around looking at all the great lights and decorations. He loved it!

We decided to take it easy this holiday -- no traveling and no house guests. Just us and my parents, which will be great. The focus is all on ds anyway, and it's so much fun. Dh put together his Radio Flyer tricycle last night. It's perfect!

I hope everyone is feeling as great as can be expected! Relax and enjoy the holiday and make sure those babies are getting all their protein (mixed with a few yummie holiday treats of course!)

Oh, as far as coming early, ds was 8 days early. I'm hoping to at least hit my due date (18th), but no one thinks I will since I'm so huge. I don't really think that matters. Dh's guess is the 10th, so I'll keep you posted. Can't wait to hear all these birth stories!

Warm wishes -

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Hey Ladies! It's January and that means we're about to pop! I'm 38 wks now with no real signs of anything happening. Ds was 8 days early, so I wouldn't be surprised if this babe was too, although I know that doesn't really mean anything. I'm feeling good and hope you all are too.

We set up our birth tub this weekend and it's fantastic! Ds loved swimming in it and it's soooo relaxing. Can't wait to bring our babe into the world in a warm bath!

Can't wait to share stories!

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Went to see the Two Towers tonight and had really strong, regular Braxton Hicks throughout the first two hours. I kept on thinking, "oh no, I'll have to name her Eowin!" But they stopped; I think it was the Milk Duds. :-)

Tori, your doula sounds so cool! We're also doing a waterbirth, but at a birthing center, so ds doesn't get to swim, sadly.

I'm so nervous! I seem to remember feeling much more confident last time. I'm seeing my midwife tomorrow and am so looking forward to having my fears of a breech being allayed. Also, she's so mobile! Changes position all the time, and makes these sweeping motions that I thought they were supposed to be too cramped for this late (I'm due the 17th). I'm afraid she must be teeny to have room to dance like that!

Oh, but isn't it wonderful for all that... All the fear turns to exhilaration and the nerves to grand determination on the point of a dime! It's like looking down a ski slope before you push off (this might be a particularily apt simile if you, like me, are afraid of heights!)

Good luck to all!
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I share your nervousness this time! While I'm excited and comforted by knowing we're going to be at home and in water, I still feel apprehensive because I know how it FELT! I keep telling myself that it will be better this time, but I'm just a worry-wart at heart.

Two hours of braxton-hicks! That happened with ds when we went to a Lyle Lovette concert when I was about this pregnant (I'm due on the 18th). I though I was going to have to name him Lyle for sure!

I had a few real contractions this morning, about 25 minutes apart -- but very mild. Nothing more so I think my body is just testing it's ropes. Everyone thinks it will happen this weekend, as ds was 8 days early. Who knows. But, this baby has seriously dropped. I didn't really notice it with my first, but this time it's amazing.

We did a belly cast the other night too. Pretty funny, fun and easy. Dh had a good time. The only bad part was rubbing myself down with cold vaseline! (Although I think that was dh's favorite part . . . tee hee!)

You're right though; this is a wonderful time and we should cherish every moment.

Positive vibes to everyone!

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Hi there

I am due jan 26th... but on the 26th-27th of Dec was having cramping sensation. Thought for sure was going to be an early one...then nothing for 2 weeks and again last night cramping sensation. I think the cramping sensation is the baby being pulled more toward the pelvic area.

What is braxton hicks? How does one know they have that? I understand its like false contraction. I dont think I had it with the first or with this one...just the cramping sensation.

Last night while nursing my toddler to sleep I got the cramping sensation and I had to breathe through it for an hour since massaging the area didnt help. Not sure if its due to how I was lieing on my side and from the pressure or if it was actually mini contractions.

I am excited and can't wait till the baby comes. I have finished many of my projects. Just two more things to do... get a belly cast done (friend was gone last week...speaking of that...got to phone her to make an apt to get it done this week!).

Question with belly casting...I am very hairy (like an ape)... can I just wear my bathing suit and put jelly on that?? What about the nipples? They are soooo sensitive at this time... wouldnt it be a bit painful? I read that some people put plastic on the hairy area.

Thanks for tips.

Take care and good luck everyone and hope your babies have a safe journey into this world!

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Stephanie, Braxton Hicks are painless, "practice contractions" that help your uterus tone and prepare for labor. They don't hurt, just feel like your muscles are hugging you really tight, and your belly gets hard.
Menstrual-like cramping is probably (guessing of course) your pelvic floor muscles beginning to stretch.

Does everyone have their names list ready? My favorites change every day. Today I like Maura.

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I guess I was one of the first of us January moms to go! Caeden is doing great, he is 6 days old. I just love his smell and his sweet little sounds. His big brother is doing ok but his nose is defintely out of joint. No wonder though. Dh was home this week, I'm getting very nervous about next week with both Mackenzie and Caeden. Wish me luck!

I can't wait to hear about all the birth stories and new babies...

Rebecca - waiting for the rest of the January mama's to join her in post partum!!
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Oh Stephanie I forgot to write that I think the bathing suit thing would work ok. I used saran wrap over my hairy parts and lots of oil. I worked well. It was really fun to make. We did ours 6 days before Caeden arrived. Good thing we got to it. Now I have to decide how to decorate it!!

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Hi everyone!
I haven't posted in ages. Things were crazy here over the holidays--dh is a pastor and it is a very busy time. Anyway, I just wanted to let anyone who remembered me know that I had our little girl--Sarah Grace on Jan 6, 2003. She was 11 days early and 8lb 13 oz!!!!!!! It was a pretty easy labor, the last hour was more intense than with #1 but I only pushed for 30 minutes rather than 3 hours. Anyway, I am thrilled. It was non medicated. low intervention just like I wanted. I did hemorrage, though and will be on iron for a while.

Mom to Josiah 11-00 and Sarah Grace 1-03
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Well, I hit 37 wks. tomorrow and I'm soooo excited. I was having some really good contractions last night, I even had to leave a pampered chef party. I really thought it might be time, but then they stopped I've been having some pretty strange pains this time that I don't remember with my other 2, or maybe I wasn't paying attention. Sometimes I feel this weird burning sensation, like someone is ripping my cervix apart (ha! I guess that's exactly what she's doing) Does anyone else fee like their baby is going to pop right out of their butt!!?? Anyway, I can't wait to hear all your beautiful birth stories, and a big congrats to you mom who already gave birth this month
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Hey everybody! Congrats to the two new mamas! It's so exciting to hear everybody gearing up for(or winding down from) their births! DH had predicted that we would have this little one "between the 10th and 12th" and I'd say it's a little too late for that. I do hope he isn't right on the dates but for the wrong month! February is a long way off still... still, that is the end of our "window" since we are due the 21st of this month.

Does everyone have the weird problem of people getting all antsy and saying things like "still here, eh?" This drives me nuts! It's not even the "due date" yet! But I guess my baby bulge is getting pretty impressive! We had family pictures taken last week - can't wait to get the proofs back next week! Hope they are good.

Enjoy this time, ladies! I am trying to soak up as much time with dd (and DH of course) as I can before new baby arrives! I still think we have a week or two at least here... although my midwife reports that we are effacing nicely and that the baby's head is quite low. So... who can say? Well, I think I'm going to go enjoy some natural induction with DH... can't hurt, right?
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I'm definitely tired of the 'still pregnant' thing too. I look "super-pregnant", but it's just so annoying. I'm feeling great now that the baby has dropped, so why won't people just let me enjoy this time and quit rushing us? Oh, I know . . . because most people don't recognize how wonderful pregnancy can be. They view it as a burden, a pain, an illness that you want over as soon as possible. If I wasn't feeling so good, I might be a little more rushed, but right now I'm just soaking up these last days as much as possible.

I've started telling people who ask when I'm due - "soon, so it could be today, tomorrow or two weeks from now. who knows?"

Ds loves my tummy and dh is being such a doll.

I'm due on the 18th and feel like this babe is happy to hang out for a while. I was 8 days early with ds -- water broke and contractions started immediately, so it there was never the anticipation of 'is this it?' I've had a few contractions over the last few days and am enjoying just relaxing and wondering if it's time and imagining how it's all going to unfold. With our birth tub set up and ready to be filled right in our dining room, I feel totally relaxed and prepared.

Hope you mamas with babes are feeling great and for the rest of us 'in waiting' just enjoy this time!

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hi everyone...I am 38 weeks. Discovered I have high blood pressure and water retention. Been a bit stressful with that (you might have read my other posts on that).

Midwife came last night and did acupuncture and already baby has dropped. I do hope that I can have this one early...(thought it was going to be an early one but its still snuggled safe and sound inside me). We just started to have snow so its probably warmer inside me. ALthough my body is ready and would like to welcome this bundle of joy.

(Dr doesnt want me to go beyond due date and due to hbp may have to intevene more than I had hoped). Will try the natural methods of 'sex' and the oil my midwife recommended for me to try.

Both dh and dd is ready and want the baby to come now.

Hugs and wishing everyone a safe birthing journey with your little one.

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Hi! I gave birth on Jan 14th! I used variety of natural induction due to high blood pressure. It worked! Baby came two weeks early of due date. Not sure what triggered it.

I did acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, sex, moved furnitures.

I had a wonderful waterbirth too!! I am so happy I didnt need any induction and that I was able to have my dream of waterbirth. So nice to give birth in a Germany hospital and yet feel like its a natural birth!! No intervention due to my diabetes. yay!

DS is so cute. My DD looks so big now compared to her lil brother.

I am home after 4 days. We had a rocky start to nursing as ds is not a strong latcher.

Will write more later.

Glad to be home though.

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You should be so proud of yourself for sticking it out in the face of so many interventions. You did great and now you just get to enjoy your new babe and beautiful waterbirth experience.

Way to go!!!

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