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American Idol Top 3 -- Who will it be? Bo, Carrie or Vonzell?

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Thought this momentous occasion deserved a new thread...

Bo is yummy.

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ooh off to scramble... I can't believe I don't have th t.v. on... or maybe it starts at 9 p.m.??? :
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my dh has competion.... is anyone else just in love with that acapella performance?!?!!?
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The final 3: Bo, Vee and Scarrie! Really amazing show tonight.

Is Ryan wearing pumps? He looks taller than his usual hobbit self.

Clive Davis, is he like 100? Paula with the cleavage!

Clive’s picks:

Vonzell, I’ll never love this way again. She was great. Love my baby Vee. Can I just say wow??? Judges, shut up.

sings Don’t let the sun go down on me. Hair a little frizzy, he forgot the VO5 hot oil tonight. He rocked it. I liked it better than Clay’s rendition. And he gets a tongue bath from the judges!

Carrie is Crying. I swear Ryan said Carrie Underwear instead of Underwood. Oh, sorry, I dozed off during her song. She sang it pretty well. She almost squeezed out a little emotion there. Performance a little wooden? Simon speaks the truth.

Contestants’ picks:

Vonzell chooses Chain of Fools. Love that song. Did she sing you treated me mean, you treated me cruel, to Simon? :LOL That’s a Scotty move. She was fantastic!

Why is Ryan repeating the numbers for Vonzell? Did he screw that up?

Bo selects what song? Without the band? I lurve him so. He will so win this. Period. Now I know who he reminds me of with the long hair and piercing eyes. He looks like Jesus. : Now there's a religion I can get my head around: Worshipping in the House of Bo

Carrie sings an Air Supply song? Oh holy mother. Air Supply sucks in so many ways, where to begin? She has been learning the jumpy and the dancy from Pauler. Get ready for a tongue bath from the judges.

My man George Huff in da house!!

Judges’ picks:

Vonzell sings On the Radio, picked by Simon. Great, great song. She sounded a lot like Donna Summer! I like her pink sparkly top. Loved it. Judges loved it.

Bo sings Satisfaction, picked by Pauler. Oh. My. God. He was fantasic! He rocked da house. Hot. Hottie. Hot. Simon called it fluff? He just sucks. Bo’s grandma is so gonna kick his ass.

sings Man, I feel like a woman, selected by Randy. Hate that song. She’s singing it too low at the beginning. Yeah, you feel like a woman, but you dance like a geek. You feel like a woman, but you look like a Barbie doll. Yuck, hated it. And Simon, STFU, K?

Oh my god, I am mad-voting for Bo and when you dial his numbers you get him saying thanks for voting for me!!

This isn’t nearly as funny as usual because Anthony, Scotty and Constantine Mascara aren’t around anymore. Not that I'm complaining.
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grrrrrrrrrr... i'm on the east coast at my parents so no tivo and my son decides to wake up half an hour after i put him to bed asleep and i miss bo's pick, carrie's pick and all of the judges' picks. grrrrrrrrr..... have to wait til i get home next tuesday to hear bo's song... what did he sing for his pick? don't forget to spoiler it!!!

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I don't know the song he sang.

Now I am mad-voting for my baby Vee because she needs the votes more than Bo. I just want Scarrie to go home, K?
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ok, Bo's second song was totally. totally. amazing.
all three of his songs were fabulous.

and i agree, we need to vote for V because Bo is a for-sure, imo.

carrie even had songs I like and I still didn't like here much

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My man George Huff in da house!!
thanks, I was trying to figure out who that was.

IMO V is going. The difference between her and Carrie is that Carrie can sing a little better, V has stage presence that Carrie still cannot get. Though Carrie may have messed her last song up enough to get her sent home. I swear she said she forgot or messed the words up, hell I hate country and I could sing that song. It'll be between Carrie and V. I'd be shocked if Bo went home, but stranger things have happened. IF he gets through IMO he is winning, when it comes down to it most people have that rock side of them that they gravitate to when it is sung.

I think Ryan did mess up V's numbers.

So Clive recorded cd's for all of the AI winners and Clay, notice nothing is ever said about the other 2nd place contestants.

Notice since the accusations that Paula is on drugs she has cleaned her act up.
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what are the voting numbers again?

you'd think such a fanatic would have memorized these numbers by now but i can never remember. i want to vote for bo and i know his numbers were 02 and 05? i think? arrgggg! help! i can't remember past 1-866-???-5702
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i love love love me some Bo wow.. drool

i think the numbers are 1-866-IDO-LS02 for bo
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My dh has competion to!!!! LMAO... I so love Bo... He will not be voted off, esp after tonights performance!!!!
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I read somewhere that Bo's second song was In A Dream, but who is that by?
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Great show last night....

I dont think V did that great. I mean, shes got a great voice....but she sounds like a million other people on the radio.....or she sounds like whomever the song was previously done by....Houston, Summer, Warwick....thats a compliment in some ways....but not in selling records. Sorry, I think she is the lesser of the 3.

Carrie was really great tonight. Didnt like the song choice she chose, but I think she'll be putting out a nice country vocal record no matter what happens.


The song he sang acapella put him over everyone else tonight. I liked the first song he did too........WOW........lookin good too!
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Oh Bo.... Oh Bo, Oh Bo, Oh Bo...
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Originally Posted by Cranberry
I read somewhere that Bo's second song was In A Dream, but who is that by?

After last night.... lets just say it's by Bo...

Oh Bo...
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I think Bo's gonna win. yep.

I also think Vonzell will go home tonight, but I think she has more... everything, then Carrie.

I too would actually buy a cd put out by Bo... can't say that for the other two.
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Originally Posted by MamaRBH
Oh Bo.... Oh Bo, Oh Bo, Oh Bo...
Back off, girl. He is so mine.
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I believe the song is "In A Dream" by Badlands.


Yes, indeedy. Leave it to Bo to pull out the Jake E. Lee. Smoochy woochy baby. I'm so crushing on some Bo right now.

Had he sung "Dreams In The Dark" by the same band, I would have imploded. For real.
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